Will the Gators bounce back?


I had a strong feeling going into the Georgia game that Florida’ struggling offense would make the Bulldogs’ struggling defense look good, and that’s exactly what happened. Throw in six turnovers to go along with the overall lack of offensive production and the Gators had to stomach a 17-9 loss that prevented UF from clinching the SEC’s Eastern Division.  Take away the takeaways and the Gators would be sitting at 8-0 right now and making plans for Atlanta.

But we’re not supposed to be letting that Georgia loss linger. So we won’t. We’re ready to move on to Missouri, in what really is a huge game for Florida. Not only does it keep the Gators in the race (no matter how slightly), but a win pretty much assures that this team will be 10-1 heading into the FSU game — which would be a tremendous accomplishment for a team that barely became bowl eligible a year ago.

Just like every SEC game for the Gators, this is not going to be an easy one. It’s going to be painful to watch at times, especially when the UF offense has the ball. Which brings me to my first prediction: the Gators will fall behind early, the offense will look like it’s incapable of scoring and some boo birds will emerge in what will be yet another frustrating first half for the Gators.

The difference this week is the Gators will take care of the football and eventually find some things that work offensively — kind of the game plan that worked during the 7-0 start to the season.

I’m not an offensive coordinator, but if I’m calling plays for this offense, I’d let Jeff Driskel start taking some shots down the field on first down. This seems to be UF’s only hope of making something happen in the downfield-passing game. The Gators have been running the ball on first down almost 80 percent of the time, and opposing defenses are now wise to that stat and are stacking the line of scrimmage. In obvious passing situations, it’s been almost hopeless for the offense. Teams have brought the heat and Driskel has had no time to throw.  I say let Driskel air it out on first down and see if he can’t hit some big passes early that would open some opportunities in the running game.

The bottom line is, Florida is better than Missouri, a team whose only SEC win is against hapless Kentucky. But the Gators better get back to taking care of the ball or the potential is there for a miserable day in The Swamp, and a crushing loss for the second week in a row.

It’s going to be close, it’s going to be ugly, but the Gators will find a way to come out of this game with a W — and that’s all that matters.

Prediction: Florida 14, Missouri 10.


  1. this game will not be close… umm hello? have you watched Mizzou play at all this year? They aren’t very good. This game may be a close one for uhh maybe 15 minutes. I expect the offense to roll easily tomorrow and Gators win by 14+, I doubt Mizzou can score a lot of points on this defense.

  2. Missouri came into this football season with greater hopes than what has showed up on the field, kinda like Georgia before it beat Florida. Thus is a possible trap game for the Gators as they come off a loss. Hope I am wrong!! Would love to end the regular season 11-1 and Ole Miss did go into Razorback terriority and came out with a win over ain improved Arkansas team, which is looking a little bit like the team everyone thought before their coach messed things up!! Go Gators and Go Ole Miss!!

  3. Roll Tide – Did you not see the facts I posted a week or so ago that showed Bamer only has 5 NC’s, at the most? The rest of them exist in the heads of Bamer fans, only. So, save you BS for so other place – Gator fans are a little to smart to believe anything you toothless, in-bred fools say!

  4. Roll Tide, let me post this again and maybe you will get it, this time. Facts are facts! Anyone can claim anything they wish; however, sane people know the truth. As for you “Gay” cracks – I haven’t heard of any Gator fans Tea Bagging another male! If it’s not stump-breaking donkeys, it’s Tea Bagging passed out guys. Bamer fans and their program are a disgrace to college football and eventually, the “pay-for-play” will catch up to Bamer, as it has, many times! No school signs multiple 5-star players, at the same position, where they know they won’t get playing time, like they would at other schools, without some kind of incentive. Miami did it and we, later, found out how. The good thing – the NCAA passed the new punishments for cheating and Bamer will pay dearly One of the Boosters will get carried away and slip.

    Now, face reality!

    Here’s their 14 (I mean 5) national title breakdown…

    1925 National Championship- Alabama claims they share this one with Dartmouth. Who awarded the NC? Houlgate and Helms. Houlgate started his system in 1927. So Bama won their 1925 NC using a formula that didn’t exist until 1927? Helms Athletic Foundation started in 1941. Another incredible retroactive NC.
    The Associated Press Poll has been active since 1936. The AP took their final poll prior to bowl games from 1936 – 1964 and in 1966 and 1967. They took their final poll after the bowl games in 1965 and from 1968 – Current.
    1926 National Championship- Alabama claims they share this one with 3 other teams with equal or better records! Once again it is the Helms Athletic Foundation in 1941 that awards it!
    1930 National Championship- The Davis poll says that Bama tied Notre Dame for NC this year. This was the only one to award it to Bama. Notre Dame was named NC in 6 polls! Parke Davis is another retroactive system! He (an individual, not an organization) did his in 1933!
    1934 National Championship- Alabama says they share this with two other teams. The awarders are Dunkel, Williamson, and Football Thesaurus. Dunkel was an individual who came up with his own system. Williamson was a geologist who came up with his own system. Football Thesaurus first appeared in 1946!
    1941 National Championship- This is a complete joke. The AP ranked Alabama 20th in the nation with 14 teams with better records in the top 20. Once again it is the Football Thesaurus that retroactively awards it. Alabama finished 3rd in the SEC that year. Mississippi State won the SEC title..yet Bama claims a National title!
    1961 National Championship- Finally a legitimate NC. .
    1964 National Championship- While the AP did award the NC to Bama (10-1-0), Arkansas had the better record, 11-0. Alabama played Texas in their bowl and LOST. The AP final poll was before the bowl.
    1965 National Championship- The AP gave this to Bama. That year there were three teams with better records than Bama. Bama 9-1-1, Michigan St 10-1-0, Arkansas 10-1-0, Nebraska 10-1-0.
    1973 National Championship- AP puts Bama 4th after their bowl game loss. Bama claims a NC from the UPI poll that was taken before they met Notre Dame in the bowl game and lost. There were 3 teams with better records than Bama that year. The embarrassment of naming Alabama number one caused the UPI to name champions after bowl games. Yet Bammer has no shame in claiming it of course.
    1978 National Championship- AP gives this to Alabama(11-1-0) even though USC (12-1-0) had the better record Guess who Alabama lost to that year? USC!!!!!!!!!. UPI gave the NC to USC.
    1979 National Championship- Their second legitimate NC. Their first Unanimous NC.
    1992 National Championship- Their third legitimate NC. Their second Unanimous NC.
    by GI-Gator

  5. I am driving up to Gainesville to see if I can get a ticket. I like the earlier games because I can drive back to Tampa before it gets dark. I think the Gators will play slppy in the first half, but will come out smoking in the second half and win 24 to 10. Go Gators and go Ole Miss.

  6. You all owe Robbie apologies. He predicted it exactly as it played out.

    We will be the worst 2-loss team in the country after losing to FSU, but we should be ranked highly.

    This is an awful team to watch offensively. I think we need to start recruiting a new quarterback (along with good offensive-line players), because Driskel still has the mind of a high school quarterback. He’s just very slow thinking.

  7. Roll Tide, I asked how many NC’s you actually watched with your own eyes. At your age, you have seen 3. 1992, 2009 and 2011. Coincidentally the SAME number of National Titles I have watched the Gators win. Though I have watched many more SEC titles for UF than you have watched bama win.

  8. @alcavman,
    We do not need a new QB. We need better O lineman and , for crying out loud, WRs that can actually catch the ball. Most of them ate really CBs and safeties lining up on offense. That is, the ones that can actually start in this weak sister group of WRs. Don’t get me started on AD.
    Go Gators, beat the Louzianna whatcha-call-its!

  9. GI Gator, Just found two other interesting facts.

    Undefeated seasons: Alabama 13 – Florida 1 (in 1911 LOL)
    Ten win seasons: Alabama 32 – Florida 12

    “I don’t always drink tears, but when I do, I prefer Tim Tebow tears”