Will Gators get it done?


I’ve been pondering this prediction for weeks (even before LSU looked very average at Auburn and against Towson), and wondering: will I make the same mistake I made a year ago?

To refresh your memory, I ventured out on quite a limb and picked the Gators to beat Alabama. Insane, right. But at the time, it didn’t seem all that far-fetched. UF was 4-0, John Brantley was playing well, Charlie Weis seemed to really know what he was doing and the Gators had great momentum heading into a huge SEC game in The Swamp.

Picking Florida felt right.

By halftime, of course, it looked like a really dumb pick.

So, am I ready to go there again — pick 4-0 Florida to upset LSU in The Swamp?

Well, yes.

The situation looks similar on the surface, but it is not. This is a much better Florida team than a year ago — stronger, tougher, deeper, more experienced, better coached on offense, more driven to succeed. And LSU has looked vulnerable.

I’m sure the Tigers will not look anything like they did in their struggle against Towson. They will come to Florida Field focused and ready to play their best game of the season. Given their past two shaky performance, the Tigers will be looking at this as a statement game for them.

But I see this being a statement game for Will Muschamp and the Gators, who have risen back into the top 10 nationally and plan to stay there.

LSU’s defense is an offensive coordinator’s nightmare. But I think Brent Pease really likes this challenge, and will rise to it with a great game plan that will keep Jeff Driskel on his feet and the offense moving the chains.

Defensively, UF will load the box with eight men to stop the run and try to get LSU in some obvious passing situations, where LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger has had problems with turnovers and negative plays.

I think The Swamp will rise to the challenge as well. The energy will be back, so will the noise and the great homefield advantage the Gators used to enjoy.

Call me crazy, but. … Florida 17, LSU 13.


  1. good pick, I could have sworn a few weeks ago you wrote an article bashing the gators and saying you would not be fooled again? am I wrong? it’s funny how when we start winning and looking good again.. you want to jump back on the bandwagon… tsk tsk. GATORS 4 LIFE.

  2. Some people confuse “honest assessment” with “bashing”. Please grow up people.
    1. I LOVE the FLORIDA GATORS. I graduated from UF.
    2. FLORIDA has to PROVE they are a TOP TEN team by beating teams in the TOP TEN. Up to this point, FLA has proven that they deserve their #10 ranking (not that they are are a true top ten team), and they deserve to be considered at potential for more.
    3. FLORIDA has not beaten a top ten team in a long time (I don’t think they did in Meyers last yr ’10, I don’t think they did last year ’11, and they haven’t yet this year). So, now comes the test.

    IF FLA can beat LSU, then they PROVE they are a TOP TEN team.

    So, when I say I don’t believe that FLA will win Saturday, it’s the most natural and commond sense thing to say based on both teams performances on the field for the last couple of years, and weighing all the factors: Coaching (LSU +), QB (even), RB (LSU+), WR (LSU+), OL (even), DL (LSU+), LB (LSU+), CB/Safetys(even), Special Teams (even).

    Sorry to the HOMERS, but I think LSU wins 33-16.

  3. @Dave

    The only issue I have with your honest assessment is trying to base what will happen in this game on prior years performances. It just doesn’t pan out that way in college football. You have to look at this years performance. So far, UF has looked and performed like the more consistent, better team against overall better competition.

    I’m not convinced LSU has better coaching and I’d give UF a slight nod at QB because Mettenberger has not shown anything near what Driskle has. I also believe our CB/Safeties are better as LSU has less experience and we have just as much talent.

    I think this game will be much closer, more like 21-17 or 24-21, and I’ll put the Gators on the winning side because of home field and motivation.

  4. I think the Gators will get it done on Saturday and take back the swamp!! I think our defense will sack the LSU quarterback quite a few times Saturday and win 24 to 10. This will be the first LSU game I have missed in the swamp since 1976 I will be yelling and screaming in front of the television and I kow the swamp will be rocking again like it did when we clobbered LSU in 2008. GO Gators!!

  5. Dave, based on PERFORMANCE(which you correctly state is all that matters) THIS year, I’d say LSU has an edge at DL, and maybe LB, also at RB. OL’s are about even, UF’s secondary is a little better with Matthieu gone imo, though LSU’s is good. At the all important QB position, only ONE of these two inexperienced QB’s has played well, and we both know who that is. As for coaching, I expect, as Robbie stated, that Pease will show today why UF brought him here. UF 20-17 in a classic game. LSU certainly could win, but NO WAY do they romp as you predicted. If they throw enough to score 33, Mettenberger will throw a couple picks.

  6. A close one, on a muddy gridiron. Ball security huge, pass rush slowed on a sloppy field? I say Gators down at the half, make adjustments, and squeak one out 17-13. Metttenberger fumbles two times with a wet ball. Not too may gadget plays in the mud.
    Geaux Gators!

  7. Dave, I can appreciate your honesty; however, I do not agree with your assessments. Driskell is a much better QB and has progressed much faster, with less talented RB’s and WR’s. I believe Gilly is as good as any RB LSU has – it’s the depth that gives LSU the edge at RB. LSU’s OL is very good at run blocking and they will succeed in opening some holes. They are a little susceptible to the pass rush and that’s where we can make them one-dimensional. We will shut down the run, by shutting down the pass. Our LB’s are as good as LSU’s; especially with Jenkins back. We have the better secondary, lead by Elam. Our DL is very close, if not even with LSU, when they are all healthy. LSU may have a slightly better Punter – slightly – but, we have the best kicker in the country and that will pay dividends, today. I hope that we get a clean shot on their Punter, after hie disrespected us, last year. As for coaching – having Pease gives us the edge. I really believe that he is the next great offensive mind, to hit college football. Having Muschamp and Quinn, managing the defense, we have the edge there, too.

    These aren’t “homer” assessments – they are based on what I have seem thus far. I have studied both teams, quite a bit and formed my opinion, based on the things I have seen.

    Gators, by 10!

  8. I think we can win this game. No question. I worry that we are at a very similar place to where Tennessee was before the game with us. Essentially if we lose this game Gator Nation will be devastated even though this team has not quite proven it’s a top 10 team just yet. That being said…..if we get beat lets not jump of a cliff like the Volunqueer fans….fortunately I don’t think it will be a problem. UF 24 LSU 21.

  9. Now I’m hearing the usual excuses…”oh LSU sucks” but I could have sworn 3 hours before ther game yall said we were gonna get pounded by LSU and how good they are…yeah right explain that arse whooping properly while I go celebrate lol