UF has chance to flip October


As the Gators head into their usual meat-grinder October schedule, I would like to offer these thoughts with LSU looming large on Saturday in The Swamp:

* After watching hours of college football Saturday, I’ve come to the conclusion that Florida’s rugged October schedule is much more doable for the Gators than it appeared just a few weeks ago. I know it’s going to be tough, but the Gators can play with, and can beat, every team remaining on their schedule. Sweeping October may seem unthinkable, but like the former head ball coach used to say, the Gators have a chance. They really do. LSU has not played well the past two games, especially on offense, and quarterback Zach Mettenberger has not been the elite player many were predicting he’d be. He’s turned the ball over and looked very shaky when defenses pressure him. South Carolina showed some flaws in its win at Kentucky, and UF matches up well against USC. The Gators had a good chance to win in Columbia last season, and this Florida team is much better than that one. Georgia is scoring all kinds of points, but the Bulldogs have been surprisingly vulnerable on defense. The other October game is at Vanderbilt, and, well, Vanderbilt appears back to being Vanderbilt. There’s no question Florida is going to have a chance in all four of those October games. I don’t think anyone would have said that earlier in the season.

* Based on what we’re hearing from the coaches, true freshman D.J. Humphries is going to play a lot — maybe even start — at left offensive tackle against LSU. Humphries is still somewhat light at 275 pounds, but he’s got great feet, is very quick and athletic, and may be the best option at left tackle to handle the Tigers’ speed rushers. Humphries is by no means a road grader (at least not at this early stage of his career), but he’s an athletic big body who can matchup with LSU’s defensive ends.

* I have a feeling offensive coordinator Brent Pease has drawn up an excellent game plan for Saturday’s game — maybe similar to the one Boise State executed so well in its win over a fast, physical Georgia in a win in Atlanta early last season. In that game, Pease kept the Bulldogs on their heels much of the night with a balanced offense that featured a lot of passes (many of them short, on first down) and some reverses and end arounds that burned the over aggressive ‘Dogs. The LSU game could be a signature game for Pease and his improving UF offense.

* Getting Jelani Jenkins back this week is going to be a huge lift for the UF defense. The Gators played well without their starting weakside linebacker the past two games, but he’s one of UF’s best defensive players and a team leader, and his great speed will be vital against a very fast and athletic LSU offense. His return also brings some depth at linebacker, where the Gators were paper-thin during the win over Kentucky. UF coach Will Muschamp said he does not expect Jenkins to be limited Saturday in any way. He will play with a cast on his right hand.


  1. Regarding the depth at LB: what is happening w/ Ball & Kitchens. It seems they played quite a bit the first two games, but not as much since. Glad to see JJ back…even w/ a cast.

    Agree we look better this go around. I’m waiting to see how we match up vs. LSU before I get too excited about the rest of the month!

  2. I agree, Pease might be the best offensive mind since Spurrier and we need to keep him since we see a shift to offensive prowess in the SEC with UGA using 5-wide sets for the first time ever. (btw, take Tebow from Meyer and what would be the results, as offensive minds go?) Still, I don’t think we’ll ever see the SEC go away from huge defensive line fronts, and LSU has a terrific one. If our O-line and running backs can control the line, we will win this game. It will be bloody and close, and if ESPN were carrying it instead of CBS, we would be, once again, the Game Day location this Saturday. Go GATORS! Drink more brr-bon. 😉

  3. I hate people from the Gator Nation that continuously bash Meyer’s stay at Florida. For all of Spurrier’s coaching ability, how many national championships did he win? And in how many years? Meyer won his first national championship with Chris Leak at the helm, and Tebow playing a small role in short yardage situations. So no, the offense wasn’t all Tebow. He is a phenomenal coach that did a lot for the Gator Nation, no matter what he did after those times. Please stop complaining about the Meyer era, thanks.

  4. @Roll Tide:
    Really Ma’am,at the risk of being labeled a cad, your insistence on posting the same thing over and over again has led me to the conclusion you are not very lady like. I am beginning to think you are really a Yankee, like maybe from New York City? Did you have a bad experience at the debutante’s ball? I’m sure you were a vision in your chiffon dress and all, but really, this obsession is not very lady like at all. Your sorority sisters will be very disappointed when you are found out, you may want to consider being a little more discreet. (discreet, an adjective, it means to be careful what one says or does.)
    Go Gators! Whup up on them tigers!

  5. Linemen are not normal humans. “He is pretty light at 275 pounds.” Amazing brr-bon is right. These whoppers have made it a new game out there. Roll Tide gets confused. Give him something shiny and he’ll be okay.

  6. I dont care how many games the Tide wins!
    They are still Boring and the fans are worse!
    As a Gator I never want to have a team that looks like the Tide!
    I will take what we are growing into now or i will take the Tim Tebow years and the fun and gun and the spread over any of that run run run nonsence…..Bama-LSU 9-6!!!!!! who cares
    Bob in Jupiter Go gators…..

  7. Gators defense has just step it up with do.j Coming in as left takle and jenkins as line backer we should be able to match the explosive offense. Its just up to Bristol n now which i dont see him having a problem stepping up to the plate

  8. you have drunk the koolaid robbie.. the gators will lose to all the ranked teams remaining on their schedule and will look pathetic doing so.. can’t wait for the excuses you will have for losing badly to LSU.. also, do you think UF can actually score more than a touchdown against FSU? You’ll be crying just like old people and white males when Obama kicks Romney’s ass.. go on talk radio and whine to relieve your pain

  9. snowprint…I agree with the Obama comment but overhyped FSU sucks. I saw the Clemson game. You all with not survive this year even with home field advantage. You think your team is good until they play someone.

  10. @Roll Tide: When we are playing for the SEC Title, you can then come in and talk about the Tide. But right now, you aren’t on the schedule, and you aren’t in our division. You aren’t relevant to us. Go talk to the LSU people or the Auburn people or even the Texas A&M people. You are relevant to them and they are relevant to you. What you need to do, as far as UF goes, is leave until you become relevant.

    @Snowprint: Feeling stupid yet? UF is ranked ahead of FSU, and is obviously the far superior team, so things are back to the way they are supposed to be. You should be happy now, you can go back to being jealous of our success, which is the normal emotion for Nolies.