Tennessee prediction time


The other day, I went on the Internet to check and see what’s going on in Knoxville and I came across an article that many might find quite amusing. It was about the Knoxville police warning Tennessee fans not to storm the field after Saturday night’s game. They issued the warning because there has been so much talk all week about the fans coming out of the stands to celebrate snapping Florida’s seven-game winning streak in the rivalry.

This begs the question: Don’t you have to win the game first?

Apparently up on Rocky Top there is no doubt that the Vols are going to slap the Gators around pretty good Saturday. It’s all over talk radio, so it must be true. They’re saying this is the weakest Florida team in years and that the Vols are going to take out seven years of frustration by pounding the Gators. It won’t even be close.

This begs another question: Isn’t this basically the same Tennessee team that lost to Kentucky less than 10 months ago?

I’ve been telling people all summer Florida and Tennessee were both going to be better this season than many were predicting. That assessment appears to be accurate. But the folks up in Knoxville seem to be getting a little too carried away based on victories over a weak North Carolina State team and an even weaker Georgia State team. All those big offensive numbers look great, and yes, Tyler Bray and those receivers can be pretty awesome, but let’s wait and see what happens against a good SEC defense.

Certainly, UT has a chance to win this game and give the fans the option of celebrating in the stands or going on the field and getting arrested.

My feeling is the only sound at the end of the night will be coming from the Florida side, with the playing of alma mater and the fight song.

The Vols have scary potential with their downfield passing game, and their running game appears better than a year ago. But I think the Gators match up well with the UT offense. They’re going to have a good game plan to make Bray uncomfortable in the pocket and then come up with some sacks and turnovers to turn the game in UF’s favor.

It won’t be easy, and the game is going to be close, but the Gators are going to win the fourth quarter (and the game) for the second week in a row.

Prediction: Florida 21, Tennessee 20


  1. Welcome Back Robbie!
    Glad to have you back from the dark side. A&M over UF – HA!

    I think UF lives in UT fans and players head. 7 is a big number, but the fear of 8 is already messing with them.

    UT will played scared, early miscues will send them into a bit of a panic. Bray will get flustered, throw 2 INT’s, 3+ sacks and will continue the Happy Feet tradition at UT.

    UF will remain cool even if we fall behind, control the clock, run downhill and make just enough plays at QB/WR.
    The difference however will be special teams. Return yards and long FG’s will lift the Gators

    UF – 23
    UT – 20

  2. UF wins 24-17 because their defense will harass the UT offense all game and UT’s defense won’t hold up. I expect Driskel to make some big plays in the passing game because UT is going to sell out in order to stop the UF rushing attack.

  3. UT Dline is licking its chops thinking that they are going to get a bunch of sacks because TAMU had a bunch last week. Couple points to ponder, though: Driskel gave away 3 or 4 sacks by running out of bounds instead of throwing it away; and TAMU brought back their top two pass rushers from a team that had 52 sacks and lead the nation, while UT lost it’s best Dlineman from a team that had 18 sacks and finished 100th in the country in sacks. My prediction for UT sacks: ZERO.

  4. It’s been an interesting week leading up to the game. I’m glad to see that this game finally means something again. I also have to say that it’s not as much fun anymore to hate the Gators as it was when Spurrier was the antagonist. 🙂

    Anyway, I believe UT will get some sacks, but not eight. They don’t press with the D-Line. The 3 down linemen exist primarily to eat space so that the LBs can make plays. If Lathers and Maggitt are healthy, and all indications are that they come into the game that way, there will be some big plays on the defensive side. Enough to offset the running game? We will see.

    I think the injuries on the defensive side of the ball will affect FL. Bray and his receivers will make some plays, but I believe FL will too. This is, after all, the SEC, and every team has playmakers. The question is which team will make the most.

    If it’s a close game, it favors FL. If it is high scoring, it favors TN. My heart picks the Vols, but until they get over the hump, I’m going to have to lean Gators. (Although the last time UT was favored in the game, they won, so maybe that’s a sign too.)

    All in all, I hope for a great game in a great college atmosphere. Again, I’m excited that Rocky Top v. The Swamp is meaningful this time around. I only wish I could be on the Hill this weekend to be a part of it!

  5. I can’t wait for UF to spoil UT’s night.. this happens every year.. UT plays two crappy teams and the fans get all hyped up and then they play UF and lose and go on to have a losing season.. the same thing will happen this year.. and I can’t wait for it

  6. If UF can play good aggresive defense and allow the front seven to get pressure. We have a good chance. We also need to send a message early to let their recievers know that they will not run loosely in our secondary. I am looking for either Elam or Shaw to deliver a bone crushing hit early to set the tone. I think our offense depends on if Driskell can get rid of the ball if not run effectively when pressured. i also would like to see more of PAtton on screens and short routes to get him oppen in space. Gators 34-20

  7. Agreed…they are getting way too carried away in predicting not only winning, but blowing out the Gators, storming the field, 10+ win season, SEC East champs, and on and on…not so fast rocky bottom. My money says we will make them beat us with the run and they will make us beat them with the pass. Basically, UT defense and UF offense cancel each other out with UF’s defense an edge over UT’s offense. It should be a close game like Robbie predicted, but like the Gators in the end.

  8. So far we’ve had 2 sacks per game against 2 quick passing offenses. Now we get a pocket passer and a defensive unit that gave up 400+ yards to NC State. Our defense is too deep, our offense is finding its rhythm, and our special teams are due for a return TD. I say we sack Bray 4 times and put up 500+ yards of total offense for final score of 28-10. Book it!

  9. I predicted this would be one of the games we lose this year. We are bang up on defense and we have a young quarterback and Tennessee has a better defense and powerful passing game. We have to lose to them sooner or later after beaten them seven straight years. The score will be 34 to 20 Tennessee. Relax, Gator fans we will bounce back and have a decent season stll this year and better days are ahead in years to come with the recruits we have coming in!!!

  10. If Driskel can stay with his primary receiver, we win. If he checks down needlessly, we lose. We will run the ball better, and we may be able to shut down Bray. But, we need solid play and good decisions out of Driskel to score enough to beat them. I think he will come through, but we shall see.
    Go Gators, beat the inbreds!

  11. Tennessee has really looked good and their score against NC State wasn’t really reflective of how much they out played them. This is going to be the most interesting Gator-Vol match up in quite a while. I still can’t tell about the Gators mainly because I don’t really know how good the Aggies are. My guess: Vols 31 – Gators 24

  12. It’s only the UT fans who are getting too carried away, not the team. The Vol game will be much like the A & M game, but with the Vols getting their yards passing and Gators winning a close one at the end. This is a game where our hugest asset will be Caleb Sturgis, who will win the game with a dramatic field goal.

  13. Welcomed back into the fold Robbie. Apparently last week made you a believer. I was sure you were going to go against the Gators again. Actually I’m disappointed, I was hoping they would prove you wrong again. Now I hope you are correct sir!

  14. Well, we ran the ball better, WAY better than I could have dreamed. Jeff Driskel looks like a solid QB, even better than the recruiting/HS hype. We need to eliminate the fumbles, develop a power running formation that can score on the goal line, and continue to improved with our quality position coaching. I am really impressed with depth, especially on the lines and LB & DB.
    Go Gators, beat the Blue Grass Moonshiners!

    PS to FSU: Get ready to strap in on tight!

  15. @ Roll Tide – Save your check writing for the end of the year or you may write one your Bamer can’t cash! Don’t forget, it wasn’t that long ago, you were a bottom feeder, in the conference, while UF was winning SEC and NC’s. Satan, I mean Saban will not be there much longer and you guys will return to the bottom. Muschamp, on the other hand, will be winning at UF for many years to come. We are climbing back up that ladder and are very close to that top step. If we return all or most of the team, next year, we will be back in the driver’s seat. Saban sees this coming and he will get, while the getting is good. If Bamer wins it all this year, you can kiss your man goodbye!

  16. Roll Tide would rather remember the last 3 times they have played us rather than the 31-20 beat down they were given by Tim Tebow! Even saban cried after that game…count your blessings now because its changing..even Bear bryant said it…..
    “Bear Bryant once told some of his assistant coaches that if Florida ever figured out what they have they were going to be dangerous,” Barnhart said.

  17. Rooferman- we only had one fumble this year so what are you talking about??? but anyhow…the defense needs to start setting the one when the game starts..not waiting until the second half, this is 3 games straight…and my personal opinion?…stop playing matt jones and start giving Hines more carries in relief for Mike G….jones is scared and is not ready…hines needs to touch the ball a little more or let burton run the ball out of the i formation in relief for Mike….mack brown and Jones isn’t getting it done yet.

  18. Gottaproveme-
    I remember two fumbles in the Tenn. game, if I am wrong, I do apologize. I agree with your assessment of Matt Jones, he does not get low, he stays almost straight up, he almost walks to contact, and then crumples without fighting for yards. Looks like a deer in the headlights out there. Mack Brown is more advanced at this point. A buddy of mine who knows the program real well (he used to work inside) says that Matt Jones is the real deal with blazing speed, he just might have the jitters. If that is true, look for him to tote the rock a bunch against Kentucky after we are up on them by a few scores.
    Go Gators, bet them Blue Grass Moonshiners!

  19. I remember a lot of talk about a running back that ran too stright up; slow to hit the holes, etc. It wa a young Eric Dickerson.

    Give Jones a chance. Hes been on campus how long? And people are already complaining.

    Jeez guys a true freshman getting carries in the SEC and you are complainig and nitpicking. Hhe hasn’t exploded on the scene but he’s a FRFESHMAN geting carries in SEC road games and he has NOT turned the ball over, missed blocking assignemtn to get his QB hurt or any serious freshman miscues. Pretty damn good thing in my book and darn good for team depth>

    Lets keep getting him carries. You know the old saying, keep knocking on the wall and eventually you will break through. He will find a hole and break loose at some pint and then watch his speed and open filed running.

  20. Who is not giving Jones a chance? Maybe you, Applesauce. As a player, I always wanted to be coached and have my mistakes be corrected, not be compared to some All-World player like Eric D. Way to put the pressure on! As a running back, it is easy to get low, run harder, and gain experience. It is almost impossible to live up to too lofty of expectations and comparisons. Does the name Sablehouse mean anything to you?
    Go Gators! Let Matt Jones tote the rock in the second half vs. the Blue Grass Moonshiners!

  21. I think that Omarius Hines and Mike Gillislee need to get the majority of touches from here on out. They are the most dynamic playmakers that you have in the backfield. I would also like to see Debose and Dunbar get a few more touches in the screen game and also a few shots deep. We really haven’t attempted much down the field yet. Reed , Hammond, Patton and Burton have been used perfectly so far.