The QB battle about to end?


By early Saturday evening, we may finally know who Florida’s starting quarterback is going to be this season. If one of the two clearly outperforms the other, then the Gators likely will know who their guy is between Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel.

But, based on what’s happened in their epic and too-close-to-call battle, there’s a better chance that UF will come out of Saturday’s opener still not knowing. This intense quarterback competition could rage all season — and there’s a chance the two-quarterback system might be here to stay.

“I mean, that’s definitely something that they might do, and that’s shown in the past that it can work, so we’re both going to prepare and we’re both going to do what we can to help the team,” Driskel said Tuesday. “Obviously, that’s not the ideal situation, but if that’s what it comes down to, we’re going to have to make it work.”

Brissett was asked Tuesday if he felt that the quarterback battle was entering its final phase.

“I mean, the battle will never end,” he said. “Every day is a struggle and you’ve got to go out and compete as hard as you can and to the best of your ability.”

Both quarterbacks were asked what their plan would be if the other quarterback was named the starter after Saturday’s game.

“I better make sure I win the job the next week,” Brissett said.

“”I don’t think I’ll be competing harder (if I don’t win the job) because I think I am going as hard as I can and doing everything to help it. I’m just going to prepare the same and be ready if my name gets called, Driskel said.

Despite the intense competition between the two quarterbacks, they say they’re still friends. Brissett even said he felt bad for Driskel when he injured his shoulder a few weeks ago and missed two practices.

“I was sad,” Brissett said. “It’s like my best friend. He was hurt. Try to hurry up and get him back.”

Best friend?

“Of course,” Brissett said.

Driskel said he and Brissett have a close relationship, but that the two don’t take long walks together at night.

Brissett joked that the two go to the movies together instead and share popcorn.

Driskel said the competition has not put a strain on their friendship.

“It hasn’t changed at all,” he said. “We’ve really been professional about it and we’ve handled it really well. I mean, there’s really no reason (to have animosity) towards each other. We’re both guys out here competing and we both want to win, so there’s no reason to be like that.”


  1. Both are winners, as far as I’m concerned. One of them will emerge as the Gators’ next great quarterback. The other likely will show up somewhere else two years later. No matter who wins the job, how it turns out for the other, all UF fans should be pleased that these two young men are our guys this year. Their apparent quality as people underscores the higher direction our young head ball coach is taking our program.

  2. kinda wish WM could make a decision but i guess not.. driskell has been injured & has missed some practice. that alone should put him behind but it shows me perhaps he may be ahead… anyone think this way also?

  3. I respect these two for being 100% percent honest…its competition sometimes that can strain a friendship. But for them to be honest and say yeah we’re friends but we’re not in a “bromance” (i hate that word btw) and keep their focus on improving says alot about the Gator future. I just hope neither transfer because in weird way I’d like to see both guys lead the team

  4. The University of Florida is blessed to have them both, and I am hoping the 2 both stay in Gainesville. Regardless of who wins the title, STARTER, the other is literally one play away from ‘starting’. The SEC is so tough, and we cannot forget the ‘Bama last year (Brantley going down) and the ‘possible’ scenario that one may go down this year, too. This League demands more than 1 quality QB, and Florida is likely a 6-6 team without good QB plaay (see last year). I certainly hope they both stay healthy, but the INSURANCE of having both, makes it more favorable for successful year …GO GATORS!!!

  5. Both are talented but neither one is ready. The problem is neither one is going to get ready until he is chosen. It’s just the way it is. With two young pups sometimes you do have to wait for one to emerge. But, be careful, don’t wait too long. The season is only 12 weeks and you can do damage that will last until next year. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and take your chances.

  6. Driskell is more of a college QB with his running skills while Brisset is the drop back pocket passer. Last year we ended up with the 3rd string QB starting 2 games so we shoild get Murphy ready to go. From what I saw yesterday, the line of scrimmage is our problem, not QB. When you get stuffed on numerous occasions and get gashed too often on defense by a MAC team you’ve got problems.