Things coming into focus


With the Gators’ preseason camp now basically over, it’s time to present some observations based on interviews with coaches and players, and on what little UF revealed in its open practice this past Saturday:

* Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel both have a very good command of the offense. Driskel appears to have the stronger arm of the two, and he has the ability to make more happen with his feet. Brissett seems to have a slight edge mentally, especially in terms of composure and pocket presence. So, yes, they remain basically even.

* Mike Gillislee has had an excellent camp and the downhill running attack seems to be a perfect fit for his running style (which is strong between the tackles). The big thing is he’s stayed healthy. Will Muschamp calls him UF’s most complete tailback because he’s very smart, can catch and is excellent in pass protection. Mack Brown and true freshman Matt Jones are going to be a factor. Jones is now up to 236 pounds. Omarius Hines also will get some carries.

* Trey Burton is listed as the starting fullback, but he also lines up as a wide receiver and tight end. It’s obvious he’s going to play a major role in the receiving end of the passing game.

* The offensive line is stronger and tougher than last season. The Gators have been pounding the ball (with success) throughout camp. Now, can these guys pass protect well enough?

* True freshman Kent Taylor isn’t big enough yet to line up as a blocking tight end in the SEC, but he has a chance to contribute this season as a pass-catching tight end. The way he runs routes and catches passes, he looks like a big wide receiver.

* Several of his teammates have called true freshman Buck end/linebacker Dante Fowler a beast — and that’s what he is. He’s big, he’s powerful and he’s pushing senior starter Lerentee McCray for serious playing time this season. By all accounts, he is given the line a major upgrade in terms of an outside pass rush. Another true freshman, Jonathan Bullard, also is a big, strong kid who is going to see playing time at end behind Dominique Easley, Muschamp said Monday.

* Sharrif Floyd, Jelani Jenkins, Jon Bostic, Matt Elam and Marcus Roberson are All-SEC caliber players on defense.

* With four corners (Roberson, Cody Riggs, Jaylen Watkins and Loucheiz Purifoy) and five or six safeties (Elam, Josh Evans, De’Ante Saunders, Valdez Shower, Brian Poole and Jabari Gorman) who can play, this has a chance to be one of the best secondaries in school history, and the strength of what should be a very good defense.


  1. I am confident that our D will be top shelf. If Pease can produce any semblance of the offense that he ran at Boise (and theres no reason to think that he can’t with the talent we have in hogtown) Then we should contend for the east division and possibly even the SEC crown. The big questions are still at QB, RB and Recievers and remain to be seen if they can produce against the top 10 caliber teams. This is a very young team and may still be a year away from reaching full stride, but coach “boom” definitely has us headed in the right direction.
    “Nothin Greater than a GATOR!” chomp chomp

  2. We will know if the offense has the poise, focus and talent to win at Texas A & M. The D will definitely keep us in most games, depending if we can win the turnover part of the game. We know all about Brissett and Driskel, but what about Tyler Murphy? Howz he doin’?

  3. Trey Burton and Hunter Joyer should both CONTIBUTE (if thier doing all the right stuff) because, those kids have some HEART! I hope this Offense can get 1st downs, in doing so, they will allow the Florida ‘D’ do be even better (rested) this season. I pray things come into much better ”focus” than the last game in The Swamp (F.S.U.) ’cause…damn!

    GO GATORS!!!

  4. Did anyone see the special on ESPN this week featuring Urban at Ohio State. He was followed on the practice field and in the locker room. In on scene, as he walked across the field, he turned to a guy wearing a blue golf shirt, pointed at him and shouted: “You… never let me see you wear that blue shirt on this field again.” What a guy!

  5. that all sounds fine & dandy but im like HHO and need to see it! also we need a coach who can prove he’s steady & in control of the sidelines.. we dont need this guy to off into another uncontrolled ,profanity laced tirade when something goes wrong… its the absolute horrific example of self discipline..
    but other than that ,,, GO GATORS !

  6. Totally agree with you too Sir Chomps Alot, I dont like Muschamp outbursts of emotions on the sidelines. They don’t do anything for the sport or for the team. Hope he can channel all of that energy and save it for something big like winning the SEC title or the NCG…not when scoring a TD against Vandy or getting on a player’s face after a silly penalty. He should act composed and calm, not like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch.
    Go Gators!!!