On the QB battle and more


For the first time since preseason practice began last Saturday, the media was granted access to the players Thursday, and the players offered some insight into some of the things that have been transpiring on the practice field, including the QB battle between Jeff Driskel and Jacoby Brissett.

Senior wide receiver Frankie Hammond Jr. said the quarterbacks have been intense and very focused.

“It’s a battle,” he said. “They’re trying to come out there and be perfect every day. You can see it from day one, whether there’s a dropped ball or an incompletion or anything, they get pissed. They get on themselves and they get on us. They want perfection. They know it’s a position battle right now.”

Hammond said the only difference he sees in the two quarterbacks is Driskel’s speed and ability to scramble out of the pocket when things break down.

“When he gets out of the pocket, he can create more room and you can get in open spaces (as a receiver) and make more plays,” Hammond said. “Jacoby is a pocket quarterback, and he puts it right in there for you. The only difference I would say is speed and getting out of the pocket.”

Here’s some other stuff that came out of player interviews:

* Cornerbacks Jaylen Watkins and Loucheiz Purifoy said true freshman Dante Fowler is getting plenty of reps at the Buck position, where he is the backup to senior Lerentee McCray. McCray made the move from starting outside linebacker to take the place of the injured Ronald Powell. “Dante Fowler is stepping in,” Purifoy said. “He’s doing a pretty good job.”

* Watkins and Purifoy said all the motion and shifting in Brent Pease’s offense is going to cause problems for opposing defenses this season.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Watkins said. “There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s going to cause a lot of problems. You have sets that you’ve never seen before, then they shift out, and they’re snapping the ball (quickly).”

* Although we have not heard much about redshirt freshman wide receiver Ja’Juan Story, Hammond said he is in the playing rotation at wide receiver, doing some good things and working hard.

Watkins said the most impressive receiver in camp so far has been Quinton Dubar. Watkins and Purifoy both said the Gators are throwing the ball down field to the wide receivers more than they did last season.


  1. I say Jacoby Brissett beats Jeff Driskel for the starting spot at QB. That’s just my opinion based on what I saw last year. Driskel did not impress me at all as Rex Grossman and Tim Tebow did when they had their first chances. Jacoby Brissett on the other hand, showed more poised last year when he started.
    Yes Driskel can scamble better, but that’s an indication of a poor OL and the pocket collapsing, mixed with some poor second choices reading at QB.
    May the best QB win. I will support either one, because I am sure the winner will be better than any of the people giving their opinions here including Pat Dooley, Robbie Andreu, or myself, lol.

  2. I say Driskel gets the nod… yes brissett showed alittle poise but little results
    on the field. Driskel’s foot speed gives us an edge , (which we desperately need )… Brissett runs as if he is in cement shoes & was too indecisive..
    Now that we have a more capable OC/QB coach,I see both QBs developing into much more year… Weiss was an absolute failure last year,, so glad he’s gone. lets just hope that Will Muschamp heeds to the warnings he received
    last year… A coach standing on the sidelines spewing profanity is not the way THIS university should be represented !

  3. All the talk is about Purifoy, Watkins, Riggs, and Roberson at CB. What about the freshman that played so well in the spring, was it Bailey? How is he doing? He looked better than Watkins or Riggs ever has. They have experience, but have been terrible during that experience. And what about Poole? He’s a 5 start CB coming in. Is he picking up the defense and going to be able to challenge for time?
    Thanks for any updates you have on this.

  4. If Hammond says the only difference between the two is that Driskell is faster and a better runner, then the choice seems obvious. If they are the same except one guy does something better, then you go with that guy. South Carolina last year beat us solely because their QB kept scrambling for first downs. Driskell can do that. Brissett can’t.

  5. I’m behind any QB who earns the spot as they’re both better than you-know-who. I’m leaning toward Driskel though. #1 QB in the nation coming out of HS and since our O-Line is still a work in progress, we’ll need his scrambling ability. Whoever grasps the playbook first, that’s who Muschamp’ll choose. I’m pulling for a trip to ATL this year. GO GATORS!

  6. The guy who can hit the receivers consistently is the guy that should start. We need a bonfide passing game to keep the opposing defenses honest and off balance. That means we need a passing quarterback who can stick it in there. May the best man win.

    Lakeland Gatornaught
    PS: Word is that Chris Rainey is making people miss in Pittsburgh and will get major playing time at RB and slot receiver.

  7. Driskel is ok but I have a feeling Brissett will be that guy “sir chomps alot” let’s take a look at their stats Brissett passed for two TD’s and 243 yards, Driskel 0 TD’s and 148 yards. I’m not holding those stats against them but I’d have to say Brissett showed us more on the feild by actually throwing a TD. And why is this competition so close if Driskel has more experience in camp than Brissett?! Onlty thing i know is that we can win with both I’m sure

  8. Not that I have a dog in the fight but just in case some of you were unaware Brisset was a state championship POINT GAURD,you dont play point and not have some athletic ability.Dont know where everyone gets he cant run,he chooses to stay with the play rather than improvise.Attitude will win this battle.

  9. Manhattan Nole,
    Please have another MANHATTAN, because your living in the past, as Rainey is no longer on the Gator Football Team. WOW! I think as far as the Q.B. battle is concerned, Florida is in a great place -2 great Football players- wearing Orange & Blue. And, the John Brantley injury last year, in the ‘Bama game is indicative of how quickly your number can be called upon. So,I hope they’re BOTH ready for some FOOTBALL! I know I am!
    GO GATORS!!!


  10. Either way Man Hole Nole, your post is typically inappropriate, so thanks for living down to our expectations of your kind. As for our QBs, of course everyone wants the best player to take charge. I just hope we avoid the dreaded QB controversy and split of allegiances.

  11. So, Robbie, what makes you think you’re entitled to a report after every practice, and that Muschamp must tell you about every injury that occurs during private practice time? The media has become so ridiculous in their expectations!! Keep reporters out of the locker room as well!!!

  12. All that scrambling and look what happen to Driskel. We need a pocket passer that doesn’t take off when something goes wrong. Brissett can get out the pocket when he needs to not because he has to. Brissett should win the job but i will support whoever gets the nod… Go Gators!

  13. Don’t worry Brissett has an it factor about him, Driskel can be a bit Brantleyish when going through his check downs. But to give credit at least Driskel makes it to his second reciever and get the ball off if possible. JB would just hesitate and second guess himself every time he dropped back to pass unless it was a swing pass smh. (Back to the present) we’ll win with JB, OR JD! Go Gators!

  14. Typical Alabama inbred! They will only go back as many years that’s convenient for them. You didn’t want to go back just 1 more year when the Gators ‘ROLLED’ over you for the SEC title? Or the next game back when UF took you down in the Swamp (06)? Nah, couldn’t do that could you?

  15. @Brr-bon Phil…So MY post is inappropriate. LOL, Okay. Let me guess, never set foot in a classroom at UF. Became a fan with the coming of Tebow. Live in a mobile home. Love NASCAR. If the team wins 6 or fewer games this season you’ll put on your Tampa Bay Bucs gear before Thanksgiving. Oh yes, I left out foul mouthed. Good luck this year.

  16. Brisset will start at Qb in game 1 because he is ahead of Driscoll in terms of managing a prostyle offense which is what the Gators are running This offense requires the qb toutilize all other options first. Driscoll is the better athlete speed wise Brisset is more poised . The only separation is that Brisset has so far Played on bigger stages and better competition (high school level) and even though neither was lights out last year has shown that the game is not too big for him. Driscoll is coming on strong and may overtake Brisset at some pont this year. Both will be above average quarterbacks because both possess Nfl caliber qualities.

  17. Manhattan Nole – You need to take your racist comments somewhere else. I don’t think anyone on this site cares to read anything you write, because it’s childish and just pure ignorance! You, obviously, have not stopped foot in to a community college; much less, the University of Florida. Truth be told, you didn’t finish high school. If someone chooses to live in a mobile home or a tent and watch NASCAR 7 days a week, it’s none of your business and usually, those who make such comments are racists. I know many of those people and most are hard working, honest people – more than one can say about you!