Some media day leftovers


After going through the notebook (and tape recorder), here are some leftover tidbits from Thursday’s media day in the Touchdown Terrace:

* The coaches have made a  position switch that many UF followers have wanted dating back to lack season. And it makes a lot of sense. Sharrif Floyd is moving from defensive end to defensive tackle, while Dominique Easley is making the move from nose tackle to defensive end.

The coaches never really wanted to put Floyd at end last season, but the Gators were so short of players there that they felt they had to do it for the good of the team.

Floyd’s move back inside (where he played as a true freshman) is good for him and good for the Gators. Tackle is his more natural position (and certainly fits his body type better) and he showed in 2010 as a true freshman that he has the size, strength and athletic ability to blow up a lot of plays inside. He was a good run stopper at end last season, but he failed to generate much of a pass rush.

Which brings us to Easley. Even though he made a bunch of plays at nose tackle last season, he figures to make even more at defensive end, where his explosive first step could make him a devastating pass rusher. He also has the size and strength to be a run stopper on the outside.

It’s a great move for both players — and for the Gators.

* Those who follow the UF players on Twitter may have noticed a lack of activity from the Gators recently. No, Will Muschamp has not banned his players from Twitter, like Jimbo Fisher has done at Florida State.

With some urging from the coaches, the veteran players have come up with some Twitter rules for the Gators to follow during the season.

“The first thing is don’t put anything out there that would embarrass you or the University of Florida,” junior linebacker Jelani Jenkins.

The second thing is: players won’t be posting any UF football-related items during the season. What happens within the teams stays there — and does not make it to Twitter.

So, for you fans who follow the Gators on Twitter, don’t expect a whole lot of tweets from the players this season. No inside scoops, either.


  1. Benjamine Franklin said three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead. Gator players may not Tweet info, but they will talk to their family and friends, who may Tweet out some drama. You can’t stop social media or cynics.