Wuerffel may have a long wait


It is inevitable that former Florida quarterback Danny Wuerffel will be voted into the College Football Hall of Fame. But the question now is when? It could take several years, maybe longer.

For some strange, inexplicable reason, this is the way it works with the college HOF. In the NFL, the elite players usually get voted into the HOF the year they become eligible (like, say, Emmitt Smith, pro football’s all-time leading rusher). That never seems to happen with the college version of the HOF. The elite players sometimes have to wait decades (like, say, Deion Sanders, who had to wait 23 years after his FSU career ended).

Wuerffel became eligible for the HOF in 2006, 10 years after his UF career ended, but he did not make it on the ballot for the first time until this year (how in the world does that happen?). He, of course, was passed over in the voting that was announced Tuesday.

Wuerffel automatically goes on to next year’s ballot, but that guarantees nothing, as former Nebraska quarterback Tommie Frazier found out Tuesday. He somehow was passed over for the second year in a row, while two of the three quarterbacks who were voted in (Steve Bartkowski and Tommy Kramer) had college careers that did not even come close to Frazier’s.

It’s pretty obvious Wuerffel might have to wait a while before he gets that call from the HOF.

The College Football Hall of Fame has a track record of shunning some of the game’s greatest players for years before welcoming them into the club.

Here are a few examples: Steve Spurrier, who won the Heisman Trophy in 1966, did not go into the HOF until 1986; Georgia All-America defensive end Bill Stanfill had to wait 30 years; Roger Staubach, who won the Heisman in 1963, didn’t make it in until 1981; Herschel Walker didn’t get the Hall call until 17 years after he last carried the football for the Georgia Bulldogs.

It makes no sense.

When Wuerffel was passed over Tuesday, some reasoned that it’s because players usually don’t get voted in the first time they’re on the ballot. That’s not true. Former UF All-America wide receiver Carlos Alvarez was on the ballot for the first time last year and he was voted in.

Wuerffel was one of the greatest college quarterbacks to ever play the game. He won the Heisman. He led the Gators to the national championship his senior season (1996). He should not have been voted into the College Football Hall of Fame on Tuesday. That should have happened in 2006, the year he became eligible.

The way the College Football Hall of Fame votes in members makes no sense, no sense at all.


  1. Im A Gator!!!! I remember every game!!!!!! Ask me if I care of some group of old farts puts him in or not….Ive got him on tape of the 52-20 N Champ game over FSU and every other major game….Same with Tim Tebow! Every National champ game and major game….They are our heros
    They dont have the feelings we do!!!!!
    Bob in Jupiter—Go Gators

  2. It doesn’t matter to me if they ever put him in because every year they don’t is just another year they prove their foolishness. There may be some residual belief, because he didn’t also have a long successful, pro career, that he wasn’t anything more than a “system” QB. Remember, there was talk about that when he played for us. While that misconception may carry weight with the voters at the HOF, the voters who really count – Gator fans – know that Danny will always be a Hall of Famer in our hearts and minds.

  3. College HOF, I don’t even know where it is, is it even relevant. I think I’m going to start a college beer drinking HOF and I’m going to vote myself in and I will make sure you know where it is. Chin up Danny you got your chicken dinner and everyone will forget about the College Football HOF by 6pm tonight.

  4. The last I heard, The Doobie Brothers aren’t in the Rock And Roll HOF either. Just goes to show that there are at least 2 HOF’s run by complete idiots. Danny was a GREAT college QB. He threw the fade as well as it could be thrown and there’s no telling how many passes he threw to a spot while his receiver still had his back to him before making his break. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another college QB with his sense of timing and accuracy. He deserves to be in.

  5. I agree with Bob, 52-20 says it all! Danny deserves the C.F.H.O.F. indction. Not many Q.B.s won 4 S.E.C. Championships in a row, played in 2 National Championship games, and beat as many ranked teams as Danny did in the 90’s! Some of us will never forget the greatest years of Florida Gator football history to date, even if the incompetent selection committee has!

  6. And I agree with Gatorgi70x7…..I have the tape of the Tennessee game where we rang up 42 points in the second half!!! 6 absolute smart bombs dropping into the receivers hands for 6 Td.s!!!!!
    it still gives me chills as Spurrier narrates and says it is the most incredible performance he had ever seen!!!!!!
    Go Danny Go Gators! Bob in Jupiter

  7. If a Florida player was voted in last year, it cannot have another player voted in this year. Putting him on the ballot was pointless. Same reason TF from Nebraska wasn’t voted in. They had a player voted in last year.

  8. Here’s the class…..Not to be bitter, but it seems to me there’s also a bias towards inducting recognizable NFL careers regardless of their college days, such as Dave Casper.

    Casper’s career stats at Notre Dame……

    21 receptions for 335 yards and 4 touchdowns.

    Here’s the entire class.

    Jimmy Johnson, Phil Fulmer, Steve Bartkowski, Art Monk of Syracuse; tight end Dave Casper of Notre Dame; tackle Jonathan Ogden of UCLA; running backs Charles Alexander of LSU and Otis Armstrong of Purdue; quarterback Tommy Kramer of Rice; defensive backs Scott Thomas of Air Force and Greg Myers of Colorado State; split end Hal Bedsole of Southern California; defensive end Gabe Rivera of Texas Tech; linebacker Mark Simoneau of Kansas State; and guard John Wooten of Colorado.

  9. As a follow up to my earlier comment on Casper’s college stats of 21 receptions for 335 yards and 4 TD’s, I looked up Ben Troupe’s while at UF, and I don’t see him getting the HOF.

    Troupe had 958 yards, (3x’s as much as Casper), 64 receptions (again 3x’s Casper) and 7 TD’s, again more

  10. College Football Total HOF # Inductees

    21 Minnesota
    21 Princeton
    21 Yale
    19 Navy
    17 Harvard
    99 Total

    22 Penn State
    22 Oklahoma
    20 Tennessee
    18 Alabama
    17 Texas
    99 Total

    43 Notre Dame


  11. So, a player could finish his NFL career, become an NFL HOF inductee, and then still wait to maybe get elected to the college HOF?

    Makes as much sense as those football factory Ivy league teams Princeton and Yale having more college HOF inductees than Texas or Alabama.


  12. ….or Notre Dame with 43 inductees (arroooggmph, excuse me I gagged a little), which is more than Oklahoma and Alabama combined.

    Our Danny, one of the top 10 college QB’s in history, is in good company.

    How to fix:
    1. have reasonable criteria that allows small school and small conferences access, without shunning deserving players from power schools or being Irish-centric
    2. put in 50 players from pre-1980 all at one time to catch up, it’ll be fun
    3. so you can then focus on more recent players while they and their families and fans are still alive
    4. make this a fun, relevant, BIG EVENT that strengthens the brand