Gators need to close on ‘O’


With National Signing Day now only hours away, the Florida Gators are sitting in a pretty good position. They have a top-five class and it could get even better if some of the five-star studs they’re in on fall their way Wednesday.

It’s a good spot to be in. But it’s also a little bit of a scary one because there are no guarantees at this late stage (no matter what some of these kids have told the UF coaches in private).

Boom or bust. This is what the Gators are looking at on Wednesday. It could be a great day, or it could be a huge letdown.

If I’m Will Muschamp, I’d be OK if the Gators don’t get any of the defensive stars still left on their board. With commitments from 13 defensive players, UF will be fine on that side of the ball even if five-star cornerback Tracy Howard, close to a Gator lock a week ago, signs with Miami (like many are now predicting).

The big concern is on offense. As we saw on the field last season, the Gators desperately need to add some dynamic playmakers on offense. They also need linemen.

Here’s where the really scary part comes in: the Gators have secured only one wide receiver (Latroy Pittman) and two offensive linemen (Jessamen Dunker and D.J. Humphries) at this point. That’s not enough at either position of need, and this is where the Gators could end up.

They have a chance to fill the hole at wide receiver. If the Gators land Stephon Diggs and/or Nelson Agholor, this recruiting class will be a success, even though not quite complete because there’s a good chance UF will not sign any other offensive lineman.

If the Gators pull in both Diggs and Agholor (a possibility), they will have filled their biggest recruiting need in a huge way — with two of the most dynamic wide receivers in the country.

If they miss on both (another possibility), this class will be far from complete (and pretty disappointing) regardless where it ends up in the national rankings.


  1. Good perspective, Robbie! It’s hard to comprehend that as dismal as our offense was under Charlie Weiss, his departure might have set us back with some offensive recruits. In retrospect, had Will Muschamp moved faster on hiring Brent Pease or another new OC,do you think it would have made a positive difference for us with WRs and OLs?

  2. Robbie,

    Are the gators expected to get any contribution from 2011 WR Ja’Juan Story? He could be really bolster the Wide Out core with his 6’3″ 190 lb Frame. Just wondering if you have any insight on the guy.

  3. i agree we really need Diggs or Agholor, in truth we need both. If we loose out on both players and don’t get T. Howard or J.H.Clemons then this class is a total failure. We are the University Of FLORIDA schools are suppose to be afraid of us switching kids not vice versa…. Go Gators and play Mack brown we need the power back to run pro

  4. What am I missing, Robbie? Muschamp said last year how UF didn’t have ehough O-linemen to EVEN PRACTICE, and now they are only possibly signing 2!?! And to have only 2 W.R.s and ONLY 1 or 2 on thier WISH-LIST is twice as confusing?
    I think the DEFENSE was their strength and apparently that’s all they recruited, too! WOW! Hope they’re better than 6-6 and a Gator Bowl victory or the Gator Nation will be screaming!

  5. I thought Salt was being recruited to play OG, even though he was a DT in JUCO. Granted we still need more offensive linemen. It’s not like we didn’t recruit any, but for some reason, not many were interested in coming here. A lot of them were out of state and must have wanted to stay closer to home. Next year, we should get 5 OL without even trying.

  6. @ John S – Salt decommitted (and is going to Utah, I think). I’m more concerned about signing only one RB. Davis dropped off weeks ago and I’d think the staff would have found a replacement by now. I believe that Gillislee and Brown are the only RBs on the roster for next season. I know 2013 is a great year for HS RB’s in Florida, but to go into next season with 3 RBs on the roster, only one of whom has any experience, is not encouraging.

  7. PREDICTION: This class will be decent but in the end disappointing b/c critical needs will not be filled.
    THE REASON: W/M is doing a decent job at recruiting. This not a bash W/M comment. But is a kid going to ‘take a chance’ on a 6-5 program with a head coach with no head coaching resume or is he going to go with a known enity, a Spurrier, a Saban, a Miles.
    SOLUTION: Win games, not against non-descriptive ‘directional ‘ schools but against SC, Alabama, LSU, etc

  8. We hplayed last year with 2 to 3 non starting offensive lineman.
    This year we have a starting line+ chaz Green, Ian silberman, trip thurman (red shirt)+ tommy jordan (red shirt)+ 2 new recriuits+ Alijian+ back up center. That gives us a reasonable depth chart…
    Receiver wise..we have the two top Tight ends in the country and Leonard from last year+ debose and a crew of others. Everybody blamed the receivers but the truth is JB could not get the ball to anybody on a regular basis once they crossed the line of scrimmage..and his break timing was terrible on his passes..always late. Driskel can throw as hard and straight a lazer strike as anybody in college football..once they get used to his speed and zip on the ball you might be very surprised on how good our receivers will be.

  9. @EMK I’m gonna disagree with you. Out of the top 5 recruiting classes, we have th most room on signing day. The offensive guys we are (and will pick up tomorrow) are high four star and five star studs. I wont deny that Weiss leaving without notice hurt us. However, your comment doesn’t fit at this time. Saban and co will get there’s but Florida is obviously extremely attractive, nothings changed there.