A gift from Schiano?


Gator Nation has been all abuzz since the news broke Thursday that Rutgers coach Greg Schiano has taken the head coaching job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Many are assuming that Schiano’s departure has opened the door for the Gators to step in and steal five-star defensive end Darius Hamilton from the Scarlet Knights.

My advice on that is this: calm down because there’s a good chance it’s not going to happen.

Certainly, Schiano’s stunning move will give Hamilton and his family a lot to think about over the next few days, and it obviously gives the Gators a boost in their attempt to sign him next week.

But here’s one thing to remember about Hamilton’s recruitment: He’s favored the home-town school (Rutgers) for a long time for one reason and one reason only — the opportunity to stay close to home and play college football in front of his family. It’s never really been about the chance to play for Schiano.

Schiano is moving to Florida. Hamilton’s family is not.

The Gators may have a lot to offer Hamilton (big-time program, chance to play early, chance to play in the best conference in college football), but Florida is not home.

Rutgers is.


  1. Yep, I’m afraid you’re spot on with this one, Robbie. Pretty sure this kid is gonna pick a school, and not a coach. Still, we should try to show him how great it would it be for him to be a gator !