One system stays, another goes

At a press conference Wednesday where Will Muschamp formally announced that Brent Pease was his new offensive coordinator, the Florida coach also took the time to talk about his new strength and conditioning coordinator, Jeff Dillman, whom he hired last week.
With Pease, the Florida offense will not be much different schematically than it was under Charlie Weis. But the strength program under Dillman is going to be much different than it was under Mickey Marotti. There’s going to be a different philosophy in the weight room, Muschamp said.

“He brings a lot of passion and energy and great expertise in the weight room. We’re going to go to more of an Olympic-style lifting, what I was exposed to at LSU, so I’m very excited about what he brings to the table,” Muschamp said.

A few years ago, Urban Meyer told Marotti to make the Gators the fastest team in the nation. Muschamp wants Dillman to make the Gators the fastest — and the strongest. There will be a lot more power-lifting under Dillman.

“I’m really excited about Jeff,” Muschamp said. “We were together at LSU, won a national championship together. He left and went to Appalachian State for three years and won two national championships in ‘06 and ‘07. Jerry Moore (the coach at Appalachian State), a man that I’ve got tremendous respect for, I called.

“I already knew Jeff and knew what I was getting and I asked him about Jeff, and he had nothing but good things to say. He’s been working at IMG, preparing a lot of guys for the NFL Draft. And then the NFL players that are coming back and training underneath him. He brings a lot of passion.”

Whether he’s talking about Dillman or Pease, you can tell Muschamp is excited about both new coaches and what they bring to the program. And he’s clearly pumped about the future of the program, maybe more now than when  he took the job a little more than a year ago.

Muschamp and the Gators have some momentum to carry into the offseason.


  1. well, which is it, Olympic lifting or powerlifting? O-lifting and powerlifting are different. Or are they doing both? Olympic lifts are snatch, clean-n-jerk, power clean, front squat, etc. Power lifting lifts are squat, dead lift, bench, which they Gators were doing under Mariotti.

  2. Too bad Johnny B. is the only QB I’ve ever seen throw three INT’s in three drives. Too Bad Johnny B. has a negative TD:INT Ratio if you take away the FAU’s, UAB’s, and Furman’s of the world. Too bad that is 100% on the QB reading the defense and making the right decision. Too Bad Johnny B’s parents can’t pay the NCAA enough for another year. Too Bad Johnny B isn’t a leader. Too bad Johnny B could not have been benched no matter how horrid he played. Too bad Johnny B is “going to the NFL”. Just too too bad Davido. You sound like a comedian, Devitio, Danny.

  3. I don’t just want to become an LSU or Auburn. Power offense big and bulky. What made UF so unique over the last 20 years was our speed. Something Spurrier and Meyer really emphasized. I just hope we keep our Florida stamp of speed and don’t lose our unique brand that has brought us championships. Let’s be Gators not Tigers.

  4. I agree 100% on the speed! We won in 96, 06,08 with speed and power……I think the 96 era and the 08 team were incredibly exciting Teams to watch!!!! Spurrier from 02-07 was awsome witht he points scored!!!! Same with Meyer from 07-09….Just tons of speed and misdirection…..I will take those teams over the boring LSU and Bama teams that made the SEC look like 30 years ago!!!!
    Bama is Boring Boring boring……I like that gator brand name…Lets make it happen with an O that looks like the Patriots!
    Notice how we are recruiting bid tight ends and fast WR’s and QB’s that can throw and pass??/ I notice Pease like to distribute the ball!
    We should be exciting next year!!!!! Go Gators in Jupiter

  5. Bob, Spurrier wasnt here 02-07, but im sure thats just a typo, right??
    Only problem i have is that this isnt the Olympics!! Its NCAA football!
    Yes Im sure they have developed things specific to the sport but we dont need guys squatting 800lbs and not being able to move in pads…

  6. What part of, “the fastest-and the strongest” didn’t you guys understand. Maybe you didn’t watch the “speedy” LB’s of both LSU AND ‘Bama run down our speedy little running backs even when they went to the outside. This are both excellent choices for the OC and the strength/conditioning coordinator(s). Kudos to WM and his staff. Looking forward to getting back to Atlanta/NC’s in the NEAR future. Go Gators.