Ohio State prediction time


After being around Will Muschamp and the Gators all week in Jacksonville, I’m very tempted to say that Florida’s football turnaround will begin in the Gator Bowl. But there’s one thing preventing me from going that far. That lousy offense than cannot sustain drives or score points.

I do think that the Gators will be a much better team in 2012. We’re just going to have to wait until September to see the improvement.

This 2011 team is what it is, regardless who calls the plays or who the Gators are playing or where they’re playing.

UF certainly is good enough to beat an Ohio State team whose offense is every bit as inept as the Gators. The big difference is OSU quarterback Braxton Miller. He’s a true freshman who has struggled at times, but he can be a game-changer with his ability to turn negative plays into big plays with his athletic ability and strong (if not always accurate) arm.

The Gators really don’t have a game changer on offense, and it’s one of the reasons the offense has been mired in a slump since the fifth game of the season.

Florida’s defense has gotten better over the course of the season and has a great deal of confidence after holding Florida State to less than 100 total yards in the season finale. The defense will keep the Gators in this game.

The offense, however, is not good enough to win it. It’s been the story of this six-loss season.

Prediction: Ohio State 13, Florida 10.


  1. Jack-the-quack! You guys have had to take advantage of UF hurting themselves! UF beat FSU 6 in a row, I believe and it was beat downs in most of them! UF’s down time is over and things will start getting back to Gator dominance. You will need to save the video from those 2 games, because Brantley won’t be there to help you guys. You won’t want to see the video from the future games.