FSU prediction time


Ron Cunningham, The Sun’s editorial page editor, came by my desk Monday afternoon to let me know he has a strong feeling the Gators are going to upset the Seminoles on Saturday. In fact, I think he guaranteed it. I like Ron, enjoy talking football (and politics) with him and certainly respect his opinion. But I just don’t agree with him on this one.

After watching the mighty Gators get pushed around on both lines of scrimmage by Furman (are you kidding me, Furman?) last Saturday, the Gators will be fortunate to even stay in this game. The biggest mismatch on the field will be FSU’s defensive front against a UF offensive line that can’t seem to block anybody (even Furman, which is still hard to fathom). John Brantley’s ankle is close to 100 percent and he’ll be able to line up under center for the first time since his injury, so that should help some. But how long will he keep his health in this game, especially if the Gators get stuffed in the running game (likely to happen) and Brantley has to throw on almost every down. This could turn into a real sackfest — and a painful final game in The Swamp for Brantley, the life-long Gator.

As for the Florida defense, well, the Gators gave up more than 400 yards to Furman (are you kidding me, Furman?), including a 77-yard TD run right up the middle in the second half. FSU has really struggled in the running game this season, but then everybody has success on the ground against the Gators. I’m sure E.J. Manuel has enjoyed watching tape this week of South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw run around and through the Gators a few weeks ago. Manuel is going to have the chance to make a lot of plays in this game with his arm and his legs.

Overall, I don’t think the Seminoles are that much better than the Gators. But they do have a considerable edge on the line of scrimmage, and that will be the difference in this one.

Prediction: Florida State 28, Florida 17.


  1. I totally agree with you, Robbie. The once mighty Gators…look now more like the little lizards out on my window-ledge, and that WILL PROVE COSTLY for FLA… AGAIN!!! I can’t understand why the lizards can’t REACH DOWN DEEP and give a team -comparable to them- A GOOD FIGHT!!! These little lizards get DOMINATED at the line-of-scrimmage every game!!! And even though JOYER AND GILLISLIE have proven their worth -POUND FOR POUND- in GOLD, Coach Weiss doesn’t want TO SIGN-OFF on them just yet… and I WOULD LOVE FOR SOMEBODY IN THE MEDIA TO ASK Mr. Weiss, ‘WHY????” I think the CLOSENESS of this game might be fun to watch, but until the LITTLE LIZARDS grow-up and get off the breast-milk….THEY WILL ALWAYS LOOSE CLOSE GAMES!!!
    GO BILLY-BALL!!!!! FINAL-4…Now -that’s more REALISTIC than thinking these LIZARDS will be -GATORS -AGAIN, SOON!!!

  2. Let’s see. FSU’s defense is ranked #7 and has only played two top 50 offenses all year, who they lost to? They’ve lost to two unranked teams? They haven;tbeaten a ranked team all year, and the only team with a winning record they beat was a 5 – 4 Miami team that still nearly beat them? I’ll be willing to say it right here Robbie… FSU has played NO ONE this year, and their five game win streak before losing the unranked UVA? Four unranked teams with losing records, then a Miami team that was 5 – 4. FSu has been unableto run the ball all season, UF can run it. Btw, their OL is about as much a sieve as UF’s is, and a matter of fact, they’re overall smaller and less athletically talented there. Furman goes out the window considering they switched up their entire offense before playing us. Now, here’s how UF can win this game… don;t turn the ball over and use Sturgis for KO’s to keep FSU pinned back and don;t give FSU easy starting field position. If UF does that, Florida wins. Come on Robbie, FSU isn’t any better than Uf this year. At least UF has played a REAL schedule and is more battle tested a team.

  3. I also meant to add that FSU’s offense has scored only 3 FG’s combined in the second half of their last two games, at home, against Miami (2 FG’s), and against Virginia (1 FG). FSU has been abysmal on third downs and in the red zone too. UF’s John Brantley is also the better passer, can read defenses better than Manuel, spreads the ball around better, and UF has the better RB’s. Not to mention that FSU’s biggest weakness on D? Is their secondary. Now, a couple of turnovers could quickly shift the game by a couple of TD’s, but honestly, if UF protects the ball and plays a good field position game, they beat FSU by 2 TD’s.

  4. Florida might have FSU’s record or a win or two more if they played FSU’s schedule. FSU on the other hand might have Florida’s record or worse if they played in the SEC. Food for thought at least!

    The Gators are playing at home on Senior day. If we are going to get a quality win, of sorts, this is it. No one other than the Gator players and coaches believe they can win including FSU! That sets FSU up for an unexpected loss!!

    Gators 23 FSU 20

  5. I hope that the Crimonoles spank us to the tune of 60-0. Then maybe someone will wake up and realize that this coaching staff needs to be terminated asap. We are just going to be stuck in the mud here until we get a decent Heach Coach.

    Just my humble opinion.

  6. I think this year we’re equally bad. It might be best if we lose, then maybe Jeremy Foley will forced to make some changes – and this time he might consider hiring someone who has at least been a head coach in a decent program. If changes aren’t made ASAP, I’m afraid we can expect more of the same next season. Muschamp has got to go.

  7. The most disturbing thing about this blog is Robbie’s admission that he generally agreers with Cunningham on politics. Wow, stick with sports Robbie.

    Cunningham is a political squid. Stands tough on national politics–but caves under pressure from your conservative publisher to support sprawl politicians running for city or county commission. Thank Ron for the rampant sprawl and gridlock throughout the Gainesville metro area.

    Frankly, we don’t know how Ron sleeps at night: espoused progressive that sacrifice’s ethics on the alter of keeping a job. There’s a word for that.

    As for his prediction; Ron is generally wrong on local issues; so, FSU 28, Gators 24.

    Unlike Ron, I hope I am wrong.

  8. Ah yes, I love to hear the whining while the ship is sinking. Gator fans touting their impressive schedule? Let’s see who the Gators have beaten this year – FAU, Tennessee, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Furman, and UAB. I am interested to hear which one of these powerhouses you really think would “worsen” FSU’s record. Nice try, but the writing is all over the wall on this one.

  9. This coaching staff will not be terminated asap. Give Muschamp a chance. Maybe he can turn it around. I will say that it’s not really the fact that we lose, but rather how we lose that really disappoints me. You can take the most talentless team in the league and coach the penalties and majority of turnovers out of them, and yes they’ll probably still lose but it’s because they got beat, not that they beat themselves.

    When a team beats it’s self, it usually because of a lack of leadership and it’s the coaching staff that must facilitate the culture and constantly emphasize it in order for strong leadership to develop.

    I don’t hear Muschamp preaching this. Nor do I hear him preaching many of the other fundamentals Meyer used to preach – “chemistry”, “leadership”, “accountability”, “earning the right to play”. Maybe these fundamentals are conveyed in practice and in the the film and locker rooms but I sure don’t hear about them. I wish I did.

    Maybe it’s just a Meyer hangover effect and when Muschamp gets his guys in there it will be a different story. Only time will tell. If he keeps losing the pressure will build year after on top of Foley and he’ll have to do something. Keep in mind, every program goes through these years and ours is no exception. College football is cyclical. We’ll be back. Until then guys, it’s still great to be a Gator.

  10. @ Rooferman, you call that your humble opinion? Our coaches are fine. We suffered some tough losses and had to fight some unexpected injuries w/ a young team having to learn a new system. Remember none of the oline played in the spring. That’s why we played a piece of a spring game. We will be older, more mature, have better depth and play instinctual instead of trying to remember what to do. If we can hold onto the ball and keep our defense of the field we have a good shot at winning. On defense I would force Manuel to beat us w/ his arm. He’s not very accurate. I like UF 24-17

  11. I am the victim of idenity theft, again.
    The imposter “Roofermen” WANTS us to lose 60-0? Rubbish! Anyone who knows anything about football cannot want that! I fully support Champ and Charlie, and I will be cheering on the Mighty Florida Gators today.
    F$U has not played an SEC schedule, ever! And that will show today, sometimes the chickens do come home to roost, and JimboBob Fisher is about to relearn that painful lesson today.
    Reject the false “Roofermen!”
    Rally around the Gators, boys, we got some scalpin’ to do!
    Go Gators!

  12. I agree with Robbie though, having been around football most of my life, know that ANYTHING can happen after the first kickoff (remember FSU coming to town 5-0, Gators 0-5?). FSU returned to Tallahassee 5-1….so anything can happen; however, I predict that FSU’s defensive line will be convinced we are not only not much of a threat to run effectively, they KNOW Johnny won’t be able to run. This fact makes an average defensive line look way above average because, for the most part, all they have to do is rush hard which makes things difficult for even a good offensive line. These realities do not bode well for us. That being said, this staff is excellent and, as I indicated, anything can happen. Go Gators!

  13. Rooferman, if this is really Rooferman, I’m confused. Gators don’t scalp, they chomp. I can’t know who is who. OK! Take your secret decoder ring and use it on the double secret message; now post back the word that “you” and only “YOU” have revealed.

  14. The word is….weiner schtzel!

    This is the real Rooferman. I want us to lose 60-0 so that the entire coaching staff will be terminated tomorrow. I am sick of watching this rubbish. Urban is back in the market for a job so I say that we bring him back.

    The fake rooferman blew his cover with the scalpin’ remark. Must be one of those bozos from the Clown College.

  15. Back in August, I wrote here that teams just don’t win SEC titles or even division titles with only nine seniors on board. We’ve often had five to six functional seniors available this year, especially through October, and the QB has played with one good leg, the other more like a wooden peg since the big hit on him right before halftime against Bama. Our OL isn’t very good and we lack consistent downfield receiving quality. Though given Brantley’s immobility and the poor pass blocking, those routes don’t have time to develop. Our young D wears down by early 3rd qtr. We simply need to be realists about this season: it’s a transitional year, a big change in offense, an extremely green team trying to grow up. We’ll beat F$U tonight, then aim for 2012. Watch out! The Gators will be back soon!!

  16. Gator Todd–You hit the nail right on the head with what it would take for UF to beat FSU this year. I hope that gives you some solace. I’m going to console myself with an unexpected win. In the last 38 games, FSU is now 19-18-1 against UF. Pretty close after an abysmal start in the rivalry. Good luck in the Gator Bowl.

  17. The disappointing part of this season is not the record. It’s the fact that the team was a disaster on all fronts except the defense, which, although young, shows promise. However, this team got worse as the season went on. Unbelievable! I know you’re supposed to give it time but come on, how do you turn out such an anemic offense with these athletes? Coaching coaching coaching!!!!

  18. I submitted a l-e-n-g-t-h-y post to last week’s “Furman prediction time,” but for some freakin’ reason the Gainesville Sun moderated my comment for days before posting it, which of course meant no readers saw it. Do me a favor and click on that link to read what I had to say. After witnessing the shameful, embarrassing game last night vs. FSU, I stand by all my comments. In fact, they’ve all been strengthened. And, if you do click on that Furman link and read my post, you’ll notice that my big worry was that in a week “our long stretch of games without being shut out will come to an end, at home against our state rival” Oh, how close I was. Who predicts his team to be shut out at home to a team that has lost games to the likes of Virginia and Wake Forest? I do. I NEVER thought I’d say this, but I’m so glad a UF regular season is over. Nice job, Will. Nice job, Charlie. 🙁

  19. It is ugly out there!! W/M is even starting to talk like the Zooker. Both saw the train wreck they enginered and said, ‘It is correctable’ or ‘It is fixable’. The last time it was like this was when Doug Dickey’s head was on the block. And, we know what happened to Doug’s head!!

  20. Do not expect The Florida Gators to be back anytime soon. I think it will takes us at least 2 good solid years of recruiting to be contenders again. The defense is getting better and will be better next year, but our offense has lots of work to do. However, I think our future is bright with J. Brisset. For a freshman, he has shown a lot of poise and athleticism. We need players that want to play football with heart and desire to win and make this once proud program being relevant again. As much as I appreciate Demps and Rainey abilities as RB’s, I have to admit I am happy to see them rest from carrying a ball for the season and bounce off like a ping pong ball everytime they run around tackles. Words cannot say how sad I felt to see John Brantley play so hard yet accomplish so little during this season. I am thankful for the effort of all the Gators, but it was so painful to watch them this year. Just a very sad, sad time in Gator Nation history.
    We looked soft there. Pathetic. Toothless…We will be back someday!
    GO Gators!!!

  21. I like BOOM so give him 2 more years to see what he can do with his players. I also have faith in Weis and I hope im right about him. We are offically rebuilding and its going to take 3-5years before we are back to that 06′ or 08′ form. First things first fix the o-line and the rest will slowly fall into place