South Carolina prediction time


To borrow a phrase from the former UF head ball coach, the Gators have got a chance this weekend. I’m not saying they’re going to win, I’m just saying they’ve got a chance.

They really do. With the demise of Stephen Garcia and the season-ending injury to star tailback Marcus Lattimore, the Gators match up very well against the nation’s 15th-ranked team. Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery  poses major problems for a young Florida secondary that got decimated in the second half against Vanderbilt, and USC’s defensive front is going to be a headache all afternoon for John Brantley and his offensive front. But other than in those two areas, I think the Gators are pretty even in terms of overall talent.

I see this being a lot like the Auburn and Georgia games. If the Gators hadn’t turned the ball over like they did, they would have won those two games. Think about that. If they’d taken care of the ball, the Gators would be 7-2 right now and in the thick of the Eastern Division race, just like the Gamecocks. And we would not be hearing all this complaining across Gator Nation about how far this program has to go to get back to where it was just two years ago.

If the Gators can take care of the ball today and can come up with a turnover or two, they can win this game and generate some much-needed late-season momentum. If they mess around again like that did in those Auburn and Georgia losses, it’s going to be another miserable day for UF.

When I look at this game, I think the biggest edge is  in coaching — and that edge goes to Steve Spurrier and his guys. No disrespect for Will Muschamp intended, but Spurrier is regarded as one of the all-time great college coaches and Muschamp will be coaching (as a head coach) in only his 10th game.

Spurrier vs. Muschamp. It’s a mismatch. And it will be the difference in this game.

Prediction: South Carolina 21, Florida 10.


  1. Hiring head coaches from other schools is not all it may seem to be!! Just ask Ole Miss!! In addition sometimes it looks better because of the conference the Head Coach’s school played in. Looks can be deceiving! How is Tennesse doing and how is Miami’s record? Head coaching experience at a non-SEC school does not automatically equal success in the SEC!! Wil deserves time to prove his worth as a head coach in the SEC.

  2. The Vandy game looks like UF may have cleaned up their act in one area, penalties. However, other basics such as hanging on to the ball, tackeling, covering receivers and creating turnovers on defense remain a mystery to this group. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Go Gators!

  3. I agree with you completly, Robbie, in regards to THE COACHING disparity….BUT I am of the belief that South Carolina’s ‘beat-up’ roster will ‘LEVEL the PLAYING-FIELD’ some. I know Spur-Dog’s COACHING will give him a CHANCE in ‘ANY GAME’, but I gotta’ BELIEVE Coach Weiss will UTILIZE the R.B.s like he DID AGAINST VANDY! If WEISS’ Offense goes back to ‘THE DEMPS & RAINEY SHOW’ ONLY…FLA is IN BIG TROUBLE, and DOSEN’T even DESERVE TO WIN. But IF FLA ‘LEARNS from THE PAST’ and continues to ‘COCK the PISTOL’ and RUN Gillislie and Joyer (soften up Carolina’s D-Line) then GATORS are on a WIN-STREAK (much needed) AGAIN!!! GO GATORS!!! THANK YOU VETS!!!

  4. Nothing has really changed. W/M is a life-long assistant coach with no head coaching resume. He is what is called ‘a reach’. Can anyone explain why UF would need to go out and hire ‘a reach’? This man has NO SIGNATURE wins as a head coach; at UF or anywhere else. It has and will impact on recruiting which, in turn, will impact on the length of his tenure at UF. On the other hand there are always Gators-in-Denial. You know, those who still think that all we need is a Big Back and then everything will be fine. It is, indeed, a great gig; a million dollars plus for on-the-job training while we, the fans, literally pay the rent (or in this case,W/M’s salary for Fooley’s mistake!!

  5. Think we get them. They’re beat up and we’re as healthy as we’ve been in awhile. Besides the losses of Garcia/Lattimore they’ve lost 3 of the secondary starters. If JB can get some protection, and the backs are utilized properly we win by 10 and the coach discussion is irrelevant.
    And…, Muschamp will prove that hiring young, aggressive, talented coaches (as Jeremy has done repeatedly) will be the best choice for a successful future.

  6. I think we will win this one if Gillisee, joyer, and demps run the ball. Rainey needs it in space.

    USC is too banged up and will be conservative. The gators will get their chances to win this one. Turnovers will decide it.

  7. Ditch Gator is correct. Coaching does not mean a thing or, as said, ‘irrelevant’. Let’s see there was The Zooker, young, aggresive, and talented. There was SOS. No, wait he was successful at Duke. Then there is W/M who is young, aggresive, talented and PROFANE. The profane part makes a really favoable impression on young people, their parents and responsible people everywhere. Ditch Gator is right. Go Gators!! Go W/M.

  8. Robbie you were wrong last week, as I predicted, and I’m hoping you’re wrong again this week. I agree they’ve got to contain jeffries also. If we win the turnover battle and keep the penalties under control,we can take this one too. Goooo Gators!

  9. Yes, you were exactly correct Robbie. We got badly outcoached in that game. Gee whiz, I can’t believe we hired these guys to be our coaches. Weis simply must go at the end of the season. You hit the nail on the head with your article!

  10. Good News; No GREAT NEWS!! Only two more of these things remain. One against something called a FUR-MAN and the other, another loss to FSU. Again, this is a seriously BAD team. All we need is SEC size and talent level offensive and defensive line men. Linebacker who do not look like track sprinters. Defensive backs who can defend someone at the SEC level. One experienced QB, wait we do not have that. But as David noted if you ‘take-away’ all of our ‘bad’ plays we would be undefeated. It is hard to argue with that. Go Gators!!

  11. Like i said 5 weeks ago.. the run defense problem never left… USC 160 yards rushing in the first half… And there was no true freshman starting today either as our quarterback… So for everyone almost tearing the goal post down for beating vandy by 5 points in the 4th quarter have you guys now finally realized that this gator team is just plain terrible?

    Annnndddd this will take more than 1 off season of recruiting. This cannot be solved over night.

  12. After watching the entire display of bad football, I’m convinced that this program will be the laughing stock of the SEC under Muschamp and Weis.The game was winnable but some of the coaching was atrocious. They spent the entire first half dropping back against the pass and Shaw just ran them silly. Will, Shaw ain’t no Danny Wuerfel. The only decent pass he threw all afternoon was the Hail Mary in the fourth quarter. If Charlie is such a genius, why doesn’t he have a goal line offense? That was pathetic!!! Zook lasted 2 and a half years, Muschamp will be gone next year.

  13. After writing my comment, I had the opportunity to watch Stanford-Oregon. The Oregon coaches know how to use speed to win football games. You spread the defense across the field and then run your little backs through the holes.Oregon went through a good Stanford team like water through a screen door. Rainey and Demps are faster then those Oregon backs but they’re forced to play Big 10 “WAD” football.

  14. William (posted above) makes a very valid point in reference to the Oregan coaching staff. SEC football is NOT quantum physics. Football is basically blocking and tackling with a dose of team discipline thrown in. People are starting to notice (Dooley) is the latest that the 2011 Gator Edition is lacking in the coaching department. Ten games in and the same ‘discipline mistakes’ are being. I have been a Gator fan since 1965 and cannot recall a Gator team that was so consistently inept. PREDICTION: It will require a minimum of three recruiting classes to get physically mature players of the type that W/M wants assuming there is such a thing. PREDICTION: Five more players from this roster, including M. Brown and M. Gillislee, will be among the lastest transfers.

  15. Mann I still support my team…but we suck lol. I’m seeing as many mistakes in our coaching as our play on the field. True we don’t have an big back or an QB that can run the spread option…yet. But our coaches should really consider bringing back the spread option at least we ok instead of this…just whip FSU lol

  16. Urban Meyer said in his press conferences when he was just introucing the spread to the SEC….The theory is not to outmuscle the competition but to outposition them with misdirection that creates doubt and hesitation which gets speedy backs 1 on 1 in the open spaces…..Why during the hiring process did we interview a coach that is now shanging the whole system? When spurrier left a 10-2 Team and Zook came in …I was screaming Just run the spurrier offense they already know it!!!!!! Same now….We are NEVER going to be a Bama type offense…..We like high octane and speen…Unfortunately we decided to turn Demps and Rainey into small plow horses…..Got Im glad BBall is here!!!

  17. Let’s hire Les Miles, Nick Saban, Jimbo…someone who already has some head coaching experience. This is beyond ridiculous!

    As Joel said in the movie Risky Business, “College women can smell ignorance… like dog poop”