Dawgs will have their day


But will it be today? Everything seems to be pointing in that direction. The Bulldogs have won five games in a row and are brimming with confidence. They have a quarterback who should be capable of shredding a young Florida secondary and a talented freshman tailback who likely will have success against a questionable UF run defense.

On the flip side, the Gators have lost three games in a row, confidence appears to be waning, the offense is struggling to score, the defense can’t get key stops and turnovers.

From the Florida perspective, this is a bad, bad matchup Saturday in Jacksonville. The way I look at it is that if Mark Richt doesn’t beat the Gators this season, he’s never going to. This is a game that Georgia should win by a comfortable margin.

But I think the Gators will be competitive and will manage to keep it close for three quarters. Having John Brantley back will be a huge boost for the offense, and the defense has actually shown improvement over the past six quarters, especially against the run.

I think Florida is capable of pulling the upset here. When you look at Georgia’s five-game winning streak (Coastal Carolina, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tennessee and Vanderbilt), it’s not all that impressive. It’s really no different than the Gators’ four-game winning streak to start the season.

The difference in this game will be QB Aaron Murray, who threw for more than 300 yards against the Gators last season. He’ll be facing an even younger secondary on Saturday.

Murray will have a big day passing, Isaiah Crowell will rush for 100-plus yards and the aggressive Georgia defense will bring the heat on Brantley and force some turnovers.

The ‘Dogs will have their day. Finally.

Prediction: Georgia 31, Florida 17.


  1. I hope you are wrong, but there is nothing I’ve seen from our current Gator Team to make me think otherwise. I am sure that Will Muschamp will be a good coach someday, but his novice credentials showed against Auburn and UGA has a more seasoned team that Auburn.
    Go Gators!

  2. Not so fast my friends. If all is true and Brantley is back. Florida’s chances in this game are pretty good. Yeah they have a good QB and he put up decent numbers last year against Florida….but Florida had no pass rush that game or none of last year. We will get after him on obvious passing downs. They have a talented back but he’s no bruiser like Bama or LSU has. We will contain him and get after the QB. With Brantley Florida will move the ball. This game will come down to turnovers and special teams. Which Florida hasn’t been great at but the problems they have beeen having are correctable ones. This will be a good game and I’ve got Florida by a Sturgis Field goal. 20-17

  3. You can say what you want about talent and youth, but everything about this years teams speaks of coaching issues. Remember the last staff that had special teams issues? I had to laugh at Dooley’s comment that Muschamp is not one year hire. The punch line is that this staff is a 3 year hire. I hope I am wrong and these guys will clean up the abundance of mistakes, uninspired play, and misuse of personnel (i.e., who decided Jordan Reed would be a good tight end?). You would have thought they would have come with at least some real understanding of how physical SEC play is.

    That being said UF has a good shot at UGA. This team is highly overrated by the media. It is sort of a turn off the sound and watch the movie situation. I think Auburn beats UGA – I would offer the South Carloina games for comparison. I thinks this game boils down to coaching. If UF can’t win, this staff needs to take a hard look at the program.

  4. Not a lot of confidence in the offense or defense right now, but who would you want to play in the SEC when you aren’t performing well more than the Dawgs? Only Vandy or Kentucky. We own all 3 of them.
    I say UF 26-24.
    Go Gators!

  5. You know, if Brantley doesn’t get injured against Bama, UF probably still loses to Bama and LSU but the final scores are respectable and the the Gators blow out AU and no one is talking about had “bad” UF is. I think this game comes down to who commits the most turnovers, but is hardly indicative of Will Muschamp’s “novice” HBC’ing status. When Brantley went down, it hurt this team, period. No offense without Brantley and the defense’s lack of depth was exposed. Bring on the Dawgs. I think this game can go either way.

  6. RealityBites,
    No trouble in the program, win or lose. I think Muschamp will do a great job for all of us Gators. He’s had some really tough brekas in his first year with injuries, dismissals/defections. Not to mention the BRUTAL schedule.
    Better days ahead, my friend!

  7. at Bud da Gator. I am a UF graduate – class of 1993. I don’t know where you graduated from – or if you even did – but I find it best to ignore people like you. Making fun of UF grads DOES NOT make you look better.

  8. U dudes r a bunch of Cochese…(Google it)

    Sammy Watkins say what’s the difference between a bag of marshmellows and the Florida Gaturs?

    Not a thing…they both got 85 softies.

    Magnum opus!!! Word to yo muther…

  9. Robbie and Pat ,

    You guys kill me how quick you jump off of the bandwagon. UF rolls AU with Brantley and no one would be complaining. UGA has beat no one and has looked bad against MSU, UT, and Vandy. UF is going to kick UGA’s tail. We are the more talented team…period.

    UF 31-UGA 17. Demps and Brantley returning are the difference.

  10. UGA still has to get past the mental block, much like GT seems to have when they play us. Win the turnover battle (killed us last year in Jax and this year against SC), play decent O and good D like they have been – UGA wins. Recent UGA-UF history, however, does not respect records, rankings, or talent. Even our SEC titles came tagged with a loss in Jax. Yes, the Dawg faitihful have reason to be nervous. Lets hope the players do not, and both sides have an injury-free day. Go Dawgs!

  11. With recent defections the Gators are down to 72 scholarship players or 13 below the max allowed by the NCAA. This means there is a great opportunity for incoming players to earn playing time in the future but for the current team in spells a lot of issues tied to a lack of depth to overcome. Thus the recruting for the future is on schedule to maintain the excellence the Gatornation expects. This season, similar to Urban’s 1st season will be just a bump in the road. This season’s remaining opportunities for success are tied to John Brantley and the maturing of our defense. Though Georgia should win this game they will not – Gators 23 to 20 on a long Sturgis FG at the end.

  12. Yiikes!
    Who can really predict this game, UGA is not as good as the seem, UF is not as bad. Welcome to heck: mediocre, unranked SEC East teams. I will not be surprised if neither team can win this game.
    If we can just get some push out of both lines, we have a chance. (Thanks, Captain Obvious!)
    Go Gators!

  13. I got to agree with Bud da Gatur. Clemson is 8-0 and they are doing it with all the best players from Florida. Think of how good we would be with a wide receiver like Sammy Watkins. Weis needs to get out of the lunch room and call some recruits. Gheez!

  14. Will Muschamp is dismial failure. But, he will NOT be replaced for at least 7-10 years and we will live in this garbage mediocrity because football is not king at UF any longer. Gone are the days when the boosters had some input. Bernie Machen could not care less about football and he has proven it. We lose millions on mediocrity at the coaching level.
    Charlie Weiss is an aboslute disgrace to this once proud program.

  15. I’m starting a new web site FIRE CHARLIEWISE.COM. I think him and Rainey must have something going on. Rainey had three drops that were wide open. Those plays could have been for huge gains. Why have him in the slot when you have Debose. A more experienced receiver w/ big play ability. Yet again no Gillislee and too much Rainey. They even put him on kick off return after Demps and Debose had huge returns. I hope recruits are smart and realize that we will be a naked team next year full of opportunities for players to come in as freshman and play. This is very frustrating. Go Gators!!!!

  16. Roofeerman, THAT was funny…Furman will make the AVG. Gator-fan think FLORIDA SOLVED all it’s problems and then THE NOLES will ‘DO THEIR THING’ on FLorda Field and that just ain’t right! You know what else AIN’T RIGHT!?! I understand the lack of ‘BLOCKING UP-FRONT’, I get it …BUT when UGA lost it’s sensational FRESHMAN R.B. CROWEL, THEY PUT IN A 3rd STRING GUY: SAMUEL-and he POUNDED-IT down FLORIDA’S THROAT…I reallly don’t get it? Why RECRUIT players-IF- when YOU NEED THEM TO CONTRIBUTE and for WHATEVER REASON, you don’t LET THEM AT LEAST TRY…COACHES ALWAYS SAY, NEVER GIVE-UP, ALWAYS ‘TRY’…WHO HOLDS THEM ACCOUNTABLE TO THAT SAME ‘MANTRA’? AT LEAST, TRY TO RUN JOYER FOR A SHORT GAIN on 3rd DOWN -WHEN THE GAME WAS at the 8 min mark (4th qtr) and they put in BURTON INSTEAD…and WE DIDN’T GET THE 1ST-not knocking Trey-I AM KNOCKING WEISS AND HIS INABILITY TO UTILIZE A BIG BACK ON THE ROSTER!!! UGA ran their BIG-BACK AND WON!!! I guess FLORIDA DOESN’T HAVE THE SAME DESIRE TO WIN that UGA and AUBURN had, and to ME -THAT AIN’T RIGHT!!!

  17. @ gator eyechart
    I understand your frustration. I wish Hunter Joyer was contributing as well, but I part company with you there. Coach Weis is a winner and would pound the rock with a big back if he thought he had one that was effective. Charlie may not surf, but he do have some Super Bowl hardware and experience.
    No, Coach Weis should not be judged until at least 2 seasons with players he actually recruited to run his offense, until then, I’ll give him, Champ, and Quinn the benefit of the doubt. I am old enough to remeber a time when a home game vs. Kentucy was an iffy deal, I’ll take what we have now knowing it will improve. It is like I tell my kids: Get down on your knees and thank God for the problems you do have. Here is our problem: We are down to 72 scholarship players that were recruited by other coaches to run another offense, defense, etc. And we will still be bowl eligible atthe end of the season.
    Bring on Furman!
    Go Gators!

  18. Call me a bad Gator, but I am starting to doubt Coach’s Weis ability to really coach. Yes, he won Super Bowls with the Patriots, but wasn’t that during the time shortly after, that the Patriots were acussed of cheating when they video taped their opponents?
    I’m just wondering…As for Muschamp, yeah, inexperience at HBC is really showing. Come on, I know he is in his first year as HBC but is not like he hasn’t been coaching for a long time. Give me a break. Take a look a teams like Michigan and Ohio St, they got new coaches that have their teams being competitive. The Gators on the other hand, look soft in all phases of the game. It seems like in order for the Gators to win games, we need to be really really strong. When we are average we cannot even pull an upset. Give me a break. Can’t wait for the basketball season to start.

  19. I will admit that I was totally wrong about Weis, but the question is he just stupid or stubborn. When Burton was in the game UGA knew he would pass and adjusted. Let’s see do we have someone who could run the same plays as Burton? Yea that would be Jeff Driskel who can run at least as good as Burton but can throw much better. The reason why you ask? How about Weis has his mind made up that Brissett will lead him to the promise land and does not want Driskel to mess up his plans. Muschamp needs to let Weis call the plays but if Champ does not make the final call on who plays QB then he will last no longer than the Zooker.

  20. Recruits go to Clemson! Gaturland has been perminently closed due to stinky smell of suckage. Plus we are all out of helmuts at Flordia.

    Weis has gots to go. On Saturday, he stayed in the pressbox at halftime and ate two XL meat lovers pizzas. IMO, he should been required to meet with the team at halftime. I bet Muschampo can’t wait toe fire his XL butt at the end of season.

  21. The only thing more disturbing than watching the Gator’s offense is seeing the idiotic comments from Bud da Moron ( he doesn’t deserve to have “Gator” in his e-mail name). No Gator fan is remotely happy with the team’s poor play so far, and it’s discouraging to think that we may be headed back to the bad old days ( pre SOS ), but allowing this guy to post his drivel is an insult to every UF grad.

  22. To all you Gator fans who said bring on the Dawgs we will tear them up, woop them, beat them and all the other trash you were talking all I have to say is “WAY TO GO DAWGS!!!!!” I have never in my life seen fans like you Gator fans, only support and rally behind your team when they are winning and turn against them when they are loosing “SHAMEFUL” And you all learned I hope from saturdays game BRANTLEY well he is not the GREAT QB everyone thought he was huh???? 6 sacks and held to _19 rushing yards Georgia proved to all you nay sayers Georgia has a more talented team and coaching staff 🙂

  23. Robbie, ref your latest article on “Sizeable difference” can you sometime explain why Burton, who is sizeable and fairly fast, doesn’t fit the “sizeable tailback” role. Also, should Joiner –who is sizeable–be in the game more. Finally, Chris Rainey has been a great player for us his entire career but key fumbles etc. in the last 2 games and lack of production leads me to believe he is somehow not at the top of his game??