Alabama prediction time


I’ve been thinking all week that maybe I should stick with the safe pick and predict No. 3 Alabama will come into The Swamp and take down the young Gators. Many of my colleagues see this as a no-brainer. But they’ve been acting all week like Florida is facing the Green Bay Packers on Saturday instead of a great college team whose talent level isn’t all that much better than Florida’s.

Others say the Gators don’t have much of a chance. I say they have a very good chance. Las Vegas agrees. That’s why the betting line favoring the Tide has been dwindling all week.

In fact, I’m not going to waste anymore time on this. I’m going to go ahead and pull the trigger and predict the upset. Florida is going to win this game.

The Gators are going to do it with a strong defense that will prevent Trent Richardson from running wild and that will get after Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, who will be starting only his fifth game for the Tide and his first SEC road game. I see the Gators pressuring McCarron into some mistakes that can often hit an inexperienced QB in a hostile environment.

They’re going to do it by making some big plays on special teams.

They’re going to do it with an offensive game plan by Charlie Weis that will keep quarterback John Brantley in rhythm and keep that great Tide defense just a little bit on its heels for much of the night. Weis will find a way to create some openings for Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey — and that’s all those two need to make some big things happen.

They’re going to do it with the home-field advantage. The Swamp will be rocking like it never did last season. The fans are hungry. The Gators are hungry.

Time to eat.

Prediction: Florida 22, Alabama 19.


  1. Good for you Robbie! The Gators WILL shock the college football world and end the run of Satan and the bammer tards as presumptive and preemptive SEC kings.
    There is a new Sharrif in town and he plays for the Marshall who, along with his gunslingin’ partner, is going to clean up and clean out the ok corral and bury the bad guys on boot hill were they belong,
    At least one Sun sports guy isn’t a traitor.
    GO GATORS!!!

  2. I like the way u ended that..”the fans are hungry the gators are hungry..time to eat…i totally respect pat picking alabama…but i have a feeling we are back..and will win…as rocky said to clubber lane…”you’re not so bad”….let’s not be afraid of bama…let’s take it to ’em….!!!

  3. Notwithstanding that I am Gator Alum & life-long Gator fan, I see it differently & unfortunately, my projection is based on facts.
    #1.We really don’t know how good Weis is as OC. It could well be that he looked good in NE because he had one of the greatest / calmest QB’s of all-time in Brady. KC Chiefs – I haven’t studied that situation. It would be important to look at the rankings of his Chief’s offense (all categories), and study what defenses he scored the most points against and how his scores ranked against all of the defenses he faced compared with the rest of NFL offenses.
    This I have against him already:
    #1 – Last week against Kentucky, with FLA ahead 21-0, Brantley gets hit hard (deja-vu vs KY a al Tebow 2 years ago – although Tebow hit was early 3rd quarter).
    #2 – Before that Weis calls a Brantley QB sneak play on 1st down. Let me repeat that – Brantley QB sneak on 1st down??????
    #3 – When Brantley goes out of game with injury, Driskoll comes in and the 1st play is a “PASS” (drop back – 5-7 steps). And Drikoll gets hit, I believe.
    #4 – 2nd Play w/ Driskoll is another pass and I think it got Intercepted.

    Now be honest. Does that sound like genius play-calling? Try and explain those 4 plays away.


  4. My point re #1 is that why were we even passing the ball when we were up 21-0 and KY offense was showing no signs that they could score on our defense? And, why not put Driscoll in to give him some meaningful playing time? We absolutely have to get Driscoll ready as we know that Brantley is fragile and will get hurt at some point this season.

  5. Another point – we had perfect opp to put in all of the QB’s last week – including Jacoby B & Murphy. Missed opp. Forget about redshirting Jacoby B. Get him playing time. We saw what happened with holding back on Cam Newton. I believe if Cam was given more playing time behind Tebow, he would have stayed. Urban used to keep Tebow in the game till there was only 2 minutes left on the clock.

  6. Most of the things you say we are “going” to do against Bama (“BY FAR” the best team we have faced – possibly will face), we have “not done” against very, very inferior opponents. Here’s a major toast to your orange and blue colored glasses that have apparently been on so long they are a permanent addition to your dome.

  7. Reality Bites- Lets see what does Robbie say we are going to do? Stuff the run, “Affect the QB,” big special teams plays, and create plays for Demps and Rainey.

    Ummm, Florida HAS, in fact, done all of those things against previos competition. We have a top rated run defense, 9 sacks and many more QB hurries, two blocked punts, and Demps and Rainey combine for 750+ yards so far. So yeah, we can win this game!


  8. Hey RealityBites – you are not part of the ‘WE’ as in Gator Fans. Any Gator FAN would believe the Gators have a chance and wouldn’t crown a team (or any team for that matter) as the best thing since sliced bread.

    At least Robbie has a dome, whereas you probably sport a nice indentation where your brain used to reside


  9. hard to imagine a upset given how bad this team was a year ago. but this year’s version has shown tenacious defense. but…
    deonte thompson HAS TO catch the ball. Dunbar has to get his toe touches in bounds. Reed will have to attack over the middle and catch some balls where the Tide will be missing a starter. sturgis. home field. prime time. why doesn’t this team have a shot?

    Gators 23
    Tide 19

  10. Did anyone else notice that Alabama did not score an offensive touchdown in the first half against Arkansas last week? This includes failing to score a TD in three tries from the 1 yard line. However, they did post 17 points on the Razorbacks (interception TD, special teams TD, & fg).
    Maybe the Gators -do- have a chance?

  11. Love your pick, Robbie…and I agree! I think so far John has not really had to do much to win a game or save a win…I think he will have to provide more offensive production than he has thus far and I BELIEVE J.B will step-up to the task at hand and make ammends for last year! John has been through more than most U.F. Q.B.’s and I really believe he is able to make the nay-sayers eat crow…I was one of them last year, but under Coach Weiss this young man is ready to be ALL THAT WE THOUGHT HE WOULD BE! And I hope he starts off cool, calm, & consistent…He has to get some help from the receivers and I think he will!! Go GATORS!!!

  12. @Reality, who has Bama played when you talk about “inferior opponents” then? Arkansas? A team that has no defense and who’s starting QB was knocked out of the game in the second quarter last week, and Bama’s offense still only accuulated 17 offnsive points against the entire game? Or maybe Penn State, who barely beat Temple 14 – 10 the week before? Kent State or San Diego State maybe? The Tide lost a good number of star skill set players from last year’s offense that has also caused Bama’s offense to suffer redzone scoring problems and pass and run blocking problems on the OL. If this was last year’s or the 2009 Tide, I’d pick Bama without much thought, but this year’s Bama team isn’t the same we’ve been seeing the last two years. For all the “UF has to play their best game to win” stuff I’ve been hearing this week, I’ll be the one to say that Bama better be ready to play the best game they;ve played in two years to beat UF tomorrow night. UF wins 23 – 14.

  13. Don,

    Historically, it was the Addazio offense that stunk up the join against Bama. Rainey and Demps were quite effective under Dan Mullen,you may remember if you were paying attention at the time, and they will be even more effective under Charlie Weis. Bama is one dimensional on offense and they will lose more games this year than the so-called experts (the experts that are wrong every year) are predicting.

  14. I’ll be here tomorrow night…but mainly just to see what idiot Todd has to say…or rather blame. Will it be a cheap shot or a missed holding call that causes his Gators to lose the last 3 Bama games 100-30? Can’t wait to find out Todd!


    “Care to guess how stout the run defenses are of the four opponents the Gators have played thus far? Don’t look – we’ll do it for you. Collectively they average a woeful 91st in the nation Florida Atlantic is 83rd, UAB 118th, UT 59th (67th the week before and after the Florida game), and UK 103rd.

    Care to guess how good their four opponents have been running the ball this year? Florida Atlantic? 120th. Dead last. UAB? 114th. UT? 112th. And Kentucky? 90th. Not exactly mettle-testing.

    Yes, UF offense has improved from 2010. Yet it’s not like this Alabama defense has been sitting by whittling. 10 of the starters that crushed the Gators last year return, and they’ve all improved. There are disciplined, ruthless, fast, ruthless, and ruthless. They will not be concerned with the Swamp crowd; these are seasoned, future NFL players. They will lead Bama to a healthy double digit win. Florida will be lucky to rush for half of its 2011 average against this Tide defense. When that happens, the pressure will fall squarely on the shoulders of Brantley. Against good defenses, Brantley has struggled for his entire college career.

    On Saturday, he’ll go up against the best defense he has ever seen.”

    Rude awakening my friends…rude awakening.

  16. @Reality Bites … let’s bite reality.

    Stopping the run? Check. Pass rush? Check. Special Teams? Check. Offense in rhythm and big openings for Demps/Rainey? Check.

    Of course, none of the last four games means anything when you start talking about Alabama. But reality check: Alabama is not some unstoppable machine like they’re made out to be. They’re still college kids in their late teens and early twenties, just like the Gators.

  17. Thiside team is more overrated than the Tide team that rolled into Columbia, SC last year, and we all know how *that* worked out. Of ccourse, the bronze statue of Saban at UA—standing at 9 feet tall—*is* fully *twice* his actual height, so…it all fits.

  18. Hey rolling paper dispenser tide, our previous opponents stats are so pitiful because they had their a**es kicked by the GATORS, like you toilet paper boys are going to get punched in the mouth and groin Saturday night.
    The Gators will out-rush the tide, out-score the tide, and knock your inexperienced, rookie qb out of the game. You will learn what ruthless REALLY means when you see the pressure your qbs face all night. The tide offensive line IS NOT GOOD. They will get their a**es WHOMPED!!!
    GO GATORS!!!

  19. The safe pick would be bama only because we know who they are while the jury is still out on Florida…but!…..when you look at last year game…Florida moved the ball against bama and actually had better offense numbers then bama…they kept both ingram and in check so it’s not like these players can’t match up…bama is better and so is UF…this is a great coaching staff vs what they had the last few season…these coaches had this part of the season circle since they came on board…they knew what was up!

  20. LOL Gottaproveme. Idiot. Yards DO NOT MATTER. Don’t piss in the wind and tell me it’s raining. Last year was typical Bama football. We never score a ton BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE TO! Bama Ball is all about Defense, timely offense, and ball protection. When Bama gets out to a HUGE lead (such as the Florida game), they get conservative both on Offense and Defense. If it makes you feel better to say you out gained us yard wise, feel free to use that as a towel to soak up your little tears. I tell you what, when Florida can ever finish a season undefeated, then you can tell us how a team is supposed to play ball. Until then, take your yardage victory while we laugh all the way to yet another SEC and National Championship.

  21. Talk means nothing, and time will tell ! Tonight, to be “precise”. A big word for you tiders I know, but if you were/are so convinced of the victory you wouldn’t be here “tooting” your “trunk(s)”.
    Here’s to stuffing them for you and send you PACKing.

  22. Hey Roll Tide!…You sure talk a lot, especially for a program that just woke up the last few years after decades of living about the past…Instead of talking, and talking, why don’t you just come down to The Swamp with us and watch the game unfold…I think that will shut your mouth faster than aything else will….GO GATORS!

  23. I went to the Bama game last year and all I got from that was a plastic cup. I still think were a passing game short of pulling the upset. Unfortunately I think this is going to be a major issue for us tonight and keep us from making key first downs. The Gator fan in me wants to be wrong, but the realist has witnessed an anemic passing attack and sub par passing routes. Lets hope the defense can make some big plays and the O line opens some holes in the Bama D. The Swamp needs to stay loud and in the game as much as the players do, for 4 Quarters. No true fan or player stops until the clock hits 00:00. Go Gators!!!! Beat Bama!!!

  24. No one gave the buffalo bills a chance to beat the patriots. And they did just that. Bama is good. But they are beatable. Any team is. I don’t trust John Brantley and his INT’S ways. But I do hope we pull it off. If we don’t we weren’t pose to in the first place. So go Gators and give Bama HELL. Florida 21 Bama16.

  25. Memo to rolltide, since 1990, the only relevant history, the tide have won 3 sec titles the Gators 8. Nat’l Titles Gators 3 tide 2. Enjoy satan while you have him, then its back to mediocrity does 1993-2007 ring a bell?

  26. Robbie dude seriously? I would expect that nonsense from typical retarded gator fans, but a “professional” like yourself who is paid to analyze? This team is nowhere NEAR READY FOR BIG TIME FOOTBALL. THEY WILL NOT WIN A GAME IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER! Richardson punked that weak d. Penn State played Bama better than Florida.

  27. Let’s get real. Urban myer won and centered the team around tebow. He got no good recruits and left the cupboard bare. You will suffer from this for years. Saban recruited won a national championship and the recruited some more. Florida is and always has been a flash in the pan. The fans are like animals ( sorry to animals) and the players are dirty. Punch to the throat of our qb and is that guy who bites people still there?


  29. WOW I think that’s the closest prediction I have ever made. 38-10 was the real score and my prediction was 35-9, do I get a cookie?

    Gatorgi are you still drunk from tailgating because no way in the world we are going to beat LSU

  30. gatorgi70x7,
    What world do you live in? You claim Florida leads in SEC rings?

    Here’s a does of reality for yoo. SEC FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS- Alabama 26 Florida 8.

    People have been telling us that it isn’t going to last for 100 years. Sorry to disappoint you. The Gators will be fine. You’ve got a great young coach that could build a dynasty. Stay behind him.

  31. Excuse me Gatorgi? Fla leads 4-3 in SEC Rings??? Go check your history moron. Bama has 22 SEC titles (about to be 23). Tennessee is second with half that many. Florida has less than 10.

    Todd? Where are you Todd? I haven’t heard from you. I’m concerned about your safety!

  32. Jack,
    Good to see you back, and waving high the garnet & gold banner. Losing to ‘Bama w/o Brantley is no sin. Before you get too carried away, you better check FSU’s schedule.

    Beating cupcakes like Duke, Wake, BC, and NC State is nothing to write home about. I still like UF’s chances v. FSU with Driskel: We have a legit running game, so far, the Noles do not.
    Good to see you are back, just calm down a little, the season is only half over.
    Go Gators!

  33. Robbie,
    Why so few blogs from you and Pat this season? This is getting boring and not worth the time to even check the blogs. I thought the point of this was to entertain and keep people logging on. What am I missing?