Kentucky prediction time


This game sets up almost too good for the Gators. Kentucky’s offense can’t consistently move the ball, can’t score points. The Wildcats are coming off a home loss to Louisville in which quarterback Morgan Newton was sacked six times. The Kentucky defense has been just OK. UK has lost 24 games in a row to the Gators, who are heavily favored to run the streak to 25.

On paper, this looks like a sure thing, an easy win for Florida. It may turn out that way, but I see the Gators having to work pretty hard to secure this victory. It’s the SEC, it’s UF’s first road game, and look what’s coming next week — Alabama. If the Gators get caught looking ahead, they could get blindsided by the Wildcats.

Will Muschamp and the players have stressed throughout the week that UF’s focus is on correcting mistakes from a week ago, and on Kentucky (not Alabama or anyone else). The players seem to have bought into Muschamp’s mantra that all SEC games carry the same weight and you really need to be ready to play each week if you hope to stay on the road to Atlanta.

UK’s defense is pretty solid and could cause some problems for Weis’ offense — at least early in the game when emotions will be running high on the ‘Cat sideline. But if Louisville can score 24 in Lexington, the Gators might have a chance to double that total.

As for the Florida defense, I think the Gators have a huge edge on the line of scrimmage. UF leads the nation in rushing defense and the UK offensive front has had problems handling the likes of Western Kentucky and Central Michigan. I don’t see the Wildcats scoring many points in this one.

The game could be dicey for a while, but I just think the Gators will eventually overwhelm the Wildcats.

Prediction: Florida 38, Kentucky 10


  1. Robbie,
    I think you are being a little conservative on the final score.
    The Gator O should put up 40 points plus on this one. Here’s why:
    The Gators are at full complement with the possible exception of Jordan Reed, they have three games under their belt and have got the Weiss sytem down by now, they should have a lot fewer penalties called on them after this week’s practices, and Brantley should have a breakout game with the WR’s as we stretch the Wildcta secondary and as we try to spell Rainey and Demps a little bit for the Alabama game.
    Go Gators 45-13 !

  2. Give UK credit, as they are an SEC team and not one of those jokes that the ACC calls “teams”. UK has good athletes, but this year they’re just not on the level of Florida and the Gators should roll, but I think Uk plays hard in the first quarter until UF has settled into the game. UF wins 42 – 7.

  3. I was at the game as a UK student when UK last beat the Gators in ’86. I can tell you right now that a large segment of the UK Fan Base is somewhere between anger and apathy right now. At the start of the season I thought this was at least a potentially winnable game for UK but that’s not going to happen. If UK comes out and plays tomorrow night like they have so far this season we could see a 50+ – 0 score. Frankly you might see the crowd turn on the team if that happens. It makes me sad to think about it . . .

    I would love to see UK pull off the upset but I just can’t see it happening. UF – 45 UK – 7

  4. Don’t forget this is the SEC. Any team can beat any team any time. If the gators don’t go to Kentuck to play football they will get hurt. I think the coach knows this and will not let the players forget it. Gators 49, Wildcats 9

  5. This is Muschamp’s first road game – he’s not going to allow a let down. The team really feeds off of his emotional side. The defense will be monstrous and the offense will roll! I expect to see a lot of down field passing, for 2 reasons: 1., to prepare for Bama, by giving Brantley a chance to work with the receivers, in a live game. 2., To give Bama more to prepare for. If successful, Bama will have to pick their poison, which I believe will be to try to stop Rainey and Demps and force Brantley and the receivers to win the game, against their very talented secondary!

    gatorjimmy stole my score, so, I second his prediction!

    GO GATORS!!!!!

  6. Hi gators…..The team is on the way to peaking…..My projection..At least one blocked kick by the Gators….No more than 35 yards rushing by Kty.
    Gators- 480 yards of offense…Kty 210…..Demps rainey have a fun day…
    Out to rest by end of 3rd qtr……..41-7 Gators and that is about right….
    Go Gators…..

  7. One concern about our young, talented Gators this year: downfield passing to wide receivers! So far, with halftime leads,we’ve sat on the ball, running it down the throats of opponents in second stanzas, effectively shutting off our passing game. Brantley’s numbers are really good given the limited opportunities he’s had so far to fire away at tired, trailing defenses after halftime. That’s fine, but this week our receivers need to get in major work against a soft secondary. We’re going to need those guys — and John Brantley — to step up in a major way to handle Bama and LSU. UF 54-UK 10. Brantley/Driskel 4 TD throws.

  8. I’m a gator in Kentucky and I can tell you the morale around Lexington is exteremley low. Many are tired of Joker and the natives are restless. Still, UK will try to get up for this game, but the fact is they aren’t very good. Lexington is a hard place to play, it will be cold (by UF standards), and its a night game on ESPN. UK will put up a fight and try to “shock the world” but UF will pull ahead in the second half. Gators need to be careful though (see South Carolina and LSU). We need to win this one and get out of dodge. UF 38-UK 17.

  9. WOW -Bob-was pretty darn close in his predicton!
    I know, now, this Gator team has some MO-JO on OFFENSE…The Fla. DEF. and OFF. this week (‘Bama game) have their hands full…I am picking early for the ‘Bama game-since this game needs more than a week to talk about…Bama definitly has a RUSHER in Trent Richardson; while FLA ‘s Deff. Line play has been great…this match-up is the ‘proverbial’ something’s gotta’ give…
    I think the difference is gonna be Florida’s offense-if they ‘bring it’ like they did Sat. at Kentucky and utilize all their packages, block well…Fla has a chance in this one! I am worried about LONG Pass Plays-Fla does NOT (so far) have a deep-threat- other than Rainey and Demps…Fla desperately needs some recievers to step up… Because other than ‘good hands’ FRANKIE-nobody seems to want to go UP AND GET THE BALL!!!! Could be the difference in this epic battle!
    So, I suppose Fla ‘stays in it’ for a while, but their youth (not their fault) and the running of Richardson will be too much for FLa…although IT WOULDN’T SHOCK IF FLA PLAYS ‘BAMA OR LSU- AGAIN -IN SEC Championship Game!!!