Weis feeling a little miserable

Most of the statements early in the season from Florida offensive coordinator Charlie Weis have been positive. He’s been happy with his offense. His mood has changed dramatically after the Gators’ offensive effort in the 33-23 victory over Tennessee on Saturday.

He’s gone from happy to “miserable.”

“Actually, I’m pretty disappointed,” Weis said after Tuesday’s practice. “Am I content that we’ve been able to move the ball pretty consistently in the first three games? Yes. But anyone who really is meticulous in their preparation at this stage of the season finds a lot of faults in things we’ve done.

“I think we can get a lot better on offense than we are right now. We can get a lot better.”

Weis said he was unhappy about many aspects of the offense’s performance Saturday, from poor execution on third down to penalties to play-calling and mental errors.

“Third down, we were 31 percent,” Weis said. “I had to throw a play-action pass on the goal line to get in, and we had to go for it on fourth down to get it in (another time). I’m not too fired up about that, OK. Thirty-one percent on third down. That makes me miserable.

“We fumbled the ball one time. Turnovers. Not very happy about that. Got the ball back with four-and-a-half minutes left in the game with a chance to run it out and we didn’t do that. Not very happy about that.

“Then we get the ball at the end of the game and we have to be smarter situationally  and make sure we don’t run out of bounds. Not very happy about that.

“Seven penalties. Sign me up for not being happy about that, too. Three line of scrimmage penalties at home. That doesn’t cut water. Throw on top of that the play-calling and the number of mental errors. Trust me, there are plenty of things for me to be miserable about.”

Weis went from happy to miserable. Just like that.

It’s obvious that Weis and the offense have plenty to work on this week to get ready for the Gators’ first road game at Kentucky.


  1. How refreshing! An O coordinator who will actually describe the results of his efforts in an honest, open way! Have I died and gone to heaven? Charlie, count me among your biggest supporters now!
    Poor recruiting is actually hampering us now: Our WR have medocre hands and some, for some reson, cannot run a rout INBOUNDS on every play. I cannot wait to see who Charlie brings in for next year. My prediction? Next year we have a starting true freshman WR.


  2. lol I made a comment about out recievers on Robbie’s last blog so I’m not going to bash the guys on this one…I think this is motivation material for our teams offense. He’s basically airing out the negatives so the guys don’t get too wrapped up into the current positives when there’s room for improvement. Yeah we’re good but we could be ATL bound if we stay humble and hungry!

  3. Robbie, I wish you would write more! You produce some good stuff – there just isn’t much of it! It seems like there use to be something from you and Pat every day. That’s not the case anymore! Is it possible for you to write an article every day? I realize there are days you just cant do it; however, this is football season and there should be plenty to write about. It would be neat if you guys wrote about a player, once a week! It would be a good way for the fans to learn about the players! There seems to be more coverage, on the Gators, in other papers! So, come on Robbie and Pat, get with it!

    As for the WR’s, we’ll be fine!

  4. I second John Curtis’ comment regarding Robbie and Pat and noticable lack of print or e-material this year. I live out of state and looked forward to reading their daily insights during football season. Get back to the future!

  5. Love Coach Weiss-I love his honesty-A cool change from Stev A. who tried to tell some very KNOWLEDGABLE GATOR FANS, “…everything is alright, etc…” when we knew IT wasn’t..
    .So, Coach Weiss you ARE OUR GUY…just smehow find ways to UTILIZE your TALENT and like any company easier saind than done and IT can be a hard thing to do….I just hope we get IT ironed-out before “THE GAUNTLET”, because I agree with guys above-IN 1 YEAR THIS COACHING STAFF COULD GET US TO ATL!!!!
    GO GATORS!!!

  6. Very interesting article, Robbie. I notice that Coach Weis mentioned the penalties that were called on the offense as one of his points of concern.

    Now, we all know that every coaching staff for all the teams puts lots of thought and analysis into trying to get an “edge” for each game and each opponent. And Coach Weis (like many good coaches) strikes me as being a very meticulous fellow, down to the point where he “scripts” the first 20-25 offensive plays for each game. That leads me to a question that perhaps you could answer for me, Robbie. Do coaches try to “game” the officials, in the sense of taking into account who will be calling the upcoming game? An example might be, “So-and-so will be in the crew this coming game, and we all know how tightly he calls offensive holding — so we’ve got to dial our aggressiveness back a bit on the O-line.”

    Except in very egregious situations (the “Swindle in the Swamp” comes to mind), the officials are pretty much anonymous to us fans. Somehow, I doubt that is the case for the coaches.

    ~Neptune Beach Gator

  7. Weis seems to be getting the job done with what he has. Too much dependence on the screens to Rainey. A good team will shut that down, and that seems to be all Brantley is comfortable with. Wish Weis would shed a few, not a real good image for us on the sideline.

  8. Charlie Ward and Warrick Dunn sure depended on that swing route and I remember that no one could defend it. Like Spurrier always said, “the defense’s job is to stop me” so why not keep using it if it’s working. There’s that and the fact that the only thing stopping Rainey is an injury.

    Gonna be real nice in the coming years to see this offense and this defense running at full tilt – everyone else better get us now ’cause it’s only going to get harder with time.

  9. Guys, don’t hate on the receivers when Brantley won’t throw an accurate ball to them down field. Most of the receivers drops this year come from bad throws that are behind them which leaves them to be hit like Deonte Thompson. And this “taking what the defense gives us” thing as far as all of the dump passes is BS. You think that defenses didn’t drop 7-8 on Mike Leach’s passing offense? They could still go down the field for 5-8 yard or more passes. Dont blame the receivers, blame the poor QB decision making and the boosters who think he’s God cause his dad led us to a 0 win season. That’s the genes I want at QB! I’m glad Weis admits that our Good Offense can be Great!

  10. For those of you who are so foolish to mention a persons weight, you might consider that it is not a requirement of the job, is not so easy to do, and there are bigger coaches.

    Seems like coach has tried everything and I for one don’t care except that I hope that he is taking care of his health as best he can.

    I want a lot of years of his coaching the Gators.

  11. Charlie is critical of the play calling! Exactly who calls the plays? If the wide receivers are not thrown to and/or the QB makes a lousy pass, how can they be expected to catch the ball? Exactly how many dropped passes were there, I think the one to Hines was tipped. Weis’ appearance/weight is a problem. For his and his family’s sake he should lose weight. It doesn’t look good to have the OC sitting on the bench – presumably to coach the QB, but really to rest. Wearing a black shirt when it’s 90 isn’t clever either.

  12. Vulcan Alex well said, getting personal abut Coach Weis truly is pathetic…I would not want anyone else as our OC other than him for a long time to come…a great coach and person of character who has class & dignity…something apparently a couple on here do not have.

  13. Relying on Rainey and occasionally Demps to do the load of the work on O is a crutch that will ultimately break… on us.
    The WR’s need to get in the game plan more, run the right routes, get separation for Brantley’s throws and make sure catches. We should be running half the time and throwing half the time on O with the WR’s catching 85% of the passes.
    It’s time to man up WR’s. The big boys of the SEC West are knocking on our door and we need you.

  14. Weis is doing a great job. I think we’ll see him stretch the field when Bama comes to town. I agree though w/RealityBites, at the very least, Charlie needs to stop tucking his shirt in, wear a Gator MuMu…he’ll look better & be a lot more comfortable on the sideline!

    Go Gators!

  15. Unbelievable. The Gators are averaging almost 38 points per game, and people are worried about not going down field. If that’s what u want then go cheer on Arkansas. They go vertical every chance they get. How many SEC Championships have the won since Petrino took over?

    Weis knows he has a young secondary on the other side of the ball. Control the ball with the run game and keep opposing offenses off the field. Trent Richardson can’t run all over you from the sideline. Brantley only has to manage the game. Make a pass when he needs to. That’s the offensive philosophy according to Muschamp and Weis.

    Face it, this isn’t the Spurrier or Meyer eras anymore. There are other ways to win football games other than out-scoring people. Listen to what Weis said, “We are what we are.”

    Hope the Gators get their first 1,000 yd rusher since 2004.

  16. Here is my rundown the way I see it. Muschamp is a class act. He earned my respect when he address the “Jawing” players were doing during his half time interview the other week. If the Defense keeps that up instead of focusing on their assessments, Bama and the rest of the SEC will shut them up. Also, Weis can be wheeled in for all I care as long as he does his job. So far he is fulfilling a basic by being honest about the offense. Now, for what a lot of people have been thinking for a long time. Why do we have a quarterback who is an average passer, and can’t outrun a defensive lineman. This young man appears to possess a three foot chain around his ankle, or is that the way they do it in the pros’. Did the coaches not learn anything from last year? More interceptions than touchdowns. We have some talent, but when your QB is a stationary target you are playing with 10 men on the field. In summery, 1. Coaches, stop the mouthing. 2. If the defensive backs can’t make interceptions, put mitts on their hand so they at least don’t get flagged. 3. Find a quarterback.

  17. We are indeed blessed to have Chucky Cheese as our O-Coordinator. I’d like to see us run the offense we did when we had Neil Anderson, John L. Williams and Lorenzo Hampton, cuz we’ve got the guys to do it in Rainey, Demps, Burton and Gillislie. Other than the screen or swing pass, Brantley seems to be most comfortable with deep in-routes when throwing down field. He is very panicky when pressured and throws to the wrong guy most of the time when about to get hit. I’d rather have him pull it down and run or take a sack versus throw the pick in those situations.

  18. We should worry about going downfield. As noted above, the better teams will game plan to take away the short passing/running game and force the issue. It didnt help that Jordan Reed missed the game as he is our best downfield threat in the seam. The outside receivers havent shown the ability to create distance from the defender and this is against teams that arent very good.

  19. Go Gators…80% of the criticism is from people who put no effort into learning what is going on! This O coordinator has 4 Super bowl rings and a ton of experience molding players like…..Let see TOM BRADY!!!!!! The comments are from people who dont go to games so see them on a 25 inch screen…IF you are In the swamp you see thewhole play……They have a great scheme on Offense and defense and if you recall we were ahead by 30-7 versus Tenn! There was a reason AKA penalties which can get corrected….You are the same people that complained when Urban Meyer won 22 straight and when he lost he was an idiot……Why not truly enjoy what is being built before your eyes and view it as a Gator Fan that loves your team as opposed to many of you that look at it as Critics! How arrogant of you to insult this team and the staff….Go gators
    While I cant prove it, I dont think you coached a single one of our practices or game film sessions!!!!!!
    Bob in Jupiter

    Season Ticket holder and Alum and Gator Booster…

  20. You need to worry about the ice cream in your own freezer. As for charlie, he can have as many cones as he wants. As far as opening up the downfield passing game, well, I hope johnny boy is up for it. He is still throwing behind his recievers. He has thrown some nice balls that should have been caught too. He really has come a long way since last yr. I think we can beat the west teams if we stay healthy. Problem is playing on the road. I feel pretty good about it though. Go Gators! P.S. Where are all our recievers???

  21. Suggestions:Run uptempo or no huddle in the redzone to limit false starts cause the lineman are thinking to much. Also, use a tougher runner tween the tackles like Gillislee for goalline situations or run the speedsters outside on stretch plays

  22. Also you have to love the honesty by Weis, as a fan and a grad I really respect that about him unlike Dumbazzio. Guys we have to just be happy we are headed in the right direction and remember a win is a win regardless of how we get it.

  23. Lets see if all the Charlie love is still around in 5/6 weeks. UK, Alabama, LSU, Auburn Georgia, Vandy, and USC – East. Do they win 4 of those? Young team, difficult stretch……if they get beat 2 of the first 3 the coach hatin’ begins! Heaven forbid the mighty Gators take it on the chin in Lexington. I like Will and think he will do well, but the UF fan base (as like some others) is spoiled rotten and the expectations are always the same, win em all!

  24. We’re worried about someones weight when we couldn’t even get snaps to the QB last year?!! Seriously?! and I don’t think UF will establlish a passing game until Jeff Driskel takes over. Not a knock on JB but he just dosen’t have that IT factor

  25. gator country .com has more to give but they want you to pay for it!
    but i agree with the others, I think there should be more articles.
    c’mon man!! we’re in the middle of the season…for goodness sake, you’ll find more articles about those raunchy teams of the ACC ..
    lets git with it!!!!

  26. Bob, in Jupiter-I suppose we could all just agree with EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and since -you KNOW FOR FACTS- EVERYTHING -we will stop being FANS and JUST ASK you for ADVISE….That is NOT what BLOGS and OPINONS are FOR BOB! And being a FAN- 1 can see a GAME 0n TV or otherwise and form opinions and CONSTRUCTIVELY criticize….Or we could just SIT QUIETLY and let the COACHES TELL US EVERYTHING is GOOD (last year) and JUST BELIEVE what they tell US!

  27. First of all some of you florida fans sound dumb ass hell.Weis should shed a few for image..This is football I could care less how he looks as long as he can do his job…He has super bowl rings to proove that…Florida has recriuted fine at reciever just bad coaching last year…And the fact that these receivers are still learning on the job..As a florida fan I MUST SAY SOME OF YOU FANS MAKE ME SICK WHEN I READ THE CRAP YALL POST….Support our gators or shut the hell up!!!!!!

  28. Monday morning QB’s!!! 3 & 0 GATORS and so much crying! For you non-football people, you don’t throw deep when the safeties play over top or two deep zones. Also you don’t throw over the middle when the linebackers or sitting & dropping in the passing lanes. When the safeties & linebackers move to take the swing passes away then downfield match-up change. The GATORS are in good hands with their coaching staff & players; wish the same could be said about some fans……ORANGE……..BLUE……..ORANGE……….BLUE!

  29. Still, no talk of us not being able to thrown down field. Our offense is right now built to hide Brantley’s weakness. When we start playing quality teams we will get exposed as a one dimensional offense. Let Brantley throw down field already so we can replace him when he fails instead of waiting 3 more games to replace him.

  30. For reference we all support our Gators and I’m saying that the recievers DO NOT need to come around like Seffnergator suggested. I think everyone agrees Weis is the man. It’s our arrogant/horrible decision maker for a QB (someone tell me what he’s done of value as a starter) we have a disagreement with. Heck FSU has a RS Freshman who appeared to run circles around our 5th year senior QB. Seriously if his last name weren’t connected to a QB who led UF’s worst season ever would he be on the field after last year. Go Gators! Weis is Amazing! and Bob in Jupiter is the type of guy who thought Addazio knew what he was doing! Remember the Alumni Association did issue a statement saying anyone who criticized Addazio did not know Football. Yet Weis did that on ESPN (not using names) guess Bob and the Association don’t think Weis knows football. So Sad…Go Gators!