UAB prediction time


Last week, I predicted the Gators would open their season with a 48-10 victory over Florida Atlantic. I didn’t get the score right, but I nailed the point difference — 38 points — so maybe I’ve got the feeling back after a lousy 2010 season picking Florida games.

Like John Brantley and Florida, my confidence is up.

Here’s my feeling on this game: It’s going to be a good test and a tough test that will get the Gators ready for the start of SEC play next week against Tennessee.

The UAB offense, led by senior quarterback Bryan Ellis, is going to have some success and score some points against Dan Quinn’s defense. Ellis has good skill players around him and he can really wing it, having thrown for almost 3,000 yards last season. This should be a great test for a young Florida secondary that is expected to start two true freshmen for the second week in a row. This is the kind of test those guys really need.

The Blazers have a new defensive coordinator, former Clemson and Memphis head coach Tommy West, and new excitement about slowing teams down this season, something they struggled with last season.  UF offensive coordinator Charlie Weis doesn’t know exactly what to expect from the UAB defense, but he’ll come in with another great game plan and keep the Blazers off balance with his play-calling. I look for Weis to open up a little bit more of his playbook and I expect Brantley to be even sharper than a week ago, and get the wide receivers more involved in the passing game.

This should be a very entertaining game to watch — and a good one for the Gators.

Prediction: Florida 42, UAB 21.


  1. Robbie, I think you are under-estimating this Gators defense! I believe they are going to be really good. Based on that belief, I am going to predict few points and several turnovers by UAB. I agree, Brantley will make a huge step, this week. So, my prediction is:

    UF – 52

    UAB – 9

    Jordan Reed will be the Offensive Player of the Game and Matt Elam, with 2 interceptions, will take the defensive crown! The offensive line will dominate UAB’s front and Sturgis will continue to nail some nice field goals. We will have a punt or a kickoff returned, with no ridiculous penalty, by the Zebras! GO GATORS!

  2. I’m thinking along the lines of last year’s game v.s. USF, 38 – 14 Florida. UAB is to be respected, but it’s still their first game and on the road in The Swamp, and just like any other team the Blzers will have to work out the first game kinks and jitters. I think UF’s DL will totally overmatch the UAB OL despite that they return all five guys back from last year. As for “getting ready for the Volks”, I’ll be willing to say that UAB may be just as good as Tennessee.

  3. Our secondary looked a little loose against FAU. We might see UAB move the ball early and get a couple of scores in the first half. In trhe secnd half we tighten up in coverage, and their defense wears down. On paper, UF 31 UAB 17. Except my heart tells me we will score a lot more, especially if we have a few big plays on special teams. GOOOOOOOOOOOO-GATORS.

  4. Good that we face a team imitative of SEC-play…. our defensive backfield may form into a nascient monster . Hope so.
    1) Brantley bends too much to break …… Driskel’s pull-it-down & run restores
    GATOR offense/scoring
    2) Downfield pass-game erupts , via Driskel’s multi-various “reactivity” vs
    wary-harried defense … one guy’s defensive glitch & bomb-boom ! I hope
    3) DL holds UAB run-game to below 100 yards.
    4) OL improves gap-hole gapes for Demps (124 yards)…. Rainey (142 yards)
    5) 3 INTS (tip-drill)
    6) Trey Burton ….. keeps drives going

  5. Guys, I’m already getting worried about this game against the ‘Nolies. EJ doesn’t scare me too much, but that defense looks flat-out violent. What are your thoughts on this? Have you seen the Indians play this year?

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    ~Greg Ines…gatorgi70x7