No delay calling the plays


So many times last season, Florida’s no-huddle offense looked more like a no-hurry offense. The Gators would get to the line of scrimmage, look over at Steve Addazio on the sideline and wait and wait for the play call as the play clock quickly ran down.

It looks like things are going to be a lot different, a lot smoother with new offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, who apparently wastes no time deciding on what play to call.

“Coach Weis, that’s what he does,” quarterback John Brantley said. “He likes to get the play in quick. He gets really mad at us if we have a delay of game penalty. He likes to get that play in real quickly and efficiently.

“Every time I’d look to the sideline (in the opener against FAU), Coach Weis had a play ready for me. It helps out. It gives everyone time to think about what their assignment is. It gets everything moving.”

Weis likes to get his offense in a nice up-tempo rhythm and keep it there, which we saw Saturday night.  If it looked really quick and smooth early, it’s because Weis scripted the first 12 plays of the game and the first six plays of UF’s second offensive possession.

The offensive players say they like how quick Weis calls the plays.

“It was really fast ,” junior offensive guard Jon Halapio said. “By the time we got to the ball, there was already a play there. Coach Weis is really great with the play-calling. It’s really fast. There’s no waiting.”


  1. It will be nice to see how the rest of the SEC will deal with Charlie’s offensive game planning and calls during the game. It could be like when the Ole Ball Coach hit the SEC in the early 90’s – lots of fun for those in the GatorNation but not much for anyone else!!

  2. Increase Gilislee’s # of plays similar to Demps/Rainey….. & allow each of the three more fly pass patterns.. that will create more quick strike, big play
    success & panic-stretch the underneath defense for Hines, Reed, Christianson, etc.

    Increase Driskel’s plays both as planned QB runs & passes. I think he can bring back the quality 2 QB rotation of the Wuerfel-Johnson era and give us
    a no-dropoff substitute when Brantley gets winded or dinged. The solid play by both JB & JD is powerful. Keep advancing GATORS !

  3. It is very refreshing not to see addazio on the sidelines. Urban really blew it when he made him the offensive coord, and we all had to suffer through it – especially the players. I am glad the old coaching staff is gone for good. They were a mess last year.
    Go Gators!

  4. amen to that mike !it was truely a suffering time.Urban didn’like to spread the ball around either.. only a certain few would ever touch the ball.. the last time we saw our offense move like that what when percy harvin was haulin the rock..but when you think about it, we now have the best group of coaches (top to bottom) ever assembled at fla… just hope we can keep them together long enough to develop our players & have the success we’re all looking for. …Go Gators! !!!

  5. Addazio took so long to call plays because he had no idea what he was doing. He was so far in over his head it was ridiculous. I saw the disaster last year coming after the first game v.s. Miami, Ohio. This is a man who was fired as OC at Indiana after just one year because they had the 84th ranked offense in the nation at the end of that season. Last year’s UF offense? ranked around 82nd. Look at Temple now, a big win in their first game over Villanova, and who’s the OC? No, not Addazio, but Scot Loeffler. Here’s a few tidbits for you… in four games last year under Steve Addazio as OC, we scored 1 or less TD’s. We had NEGATIVE rushing yards against Miami, Ohio last year with ten minutes left in the third quarter. In Game #1 this year with Weis as OC, we totalled more offensive yards (470), than we did in T-E-N regular season games last year, with exception for patsies Vandy and Appy State. That says a lot to how utterly incompetent Addazio was.