Uh, oh, prediction time again


After the mess I made of things last season, some (well, actually many) have suggested that I leave the predictions to others who might be more qualified.  It’s hard to disagree with that after my abysmal record I compiled last year picking Florida games. I had a worse year than the Gators, and that’s saying something (at least by UF standards).

But like the Gators, I’m refreshed and ready to start over and  give it another try. It certainly is a new beginning for Florida football , and there’s all kinds of excitement over Will Muschamp, new offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, and what John Brantley might be able to accomplish in Weis’ pro-style offense. I just have myself — which I’ve proven isn’t much.

Still, I’m excited about a new start and eager to move forward.

Here’s my first prediction for 2011: This Florida team is going to be a lot better than most think. I’ve heard some fellow writers suggest that 8-5 is probably the best the Gators can do, and they should be happy with that. I don’t  agree with that. I don’t see this team winning every game, but if UF stays healthy the Gators are going to be in every game. With a few kind bounces at the end of games, the Gators will have a chance to reach Atlanta.

Here’s my second prediction: John Brantley is going to be a completely different quarterback than the one we saw last season. Weis is the great QB fixer, and I think he’s done that with Brantley, whose confidence may be at an all-time high. No one manages a quarterback (or an offense) better than Weis, and that’s what he will do this season, starting with the opener. Weis will give Brantley plays he can execute, the Gators will score on their first drive of the season, and from that point on,  Weis will open the playbook more and more to Brantley as his confidence continues to grow.

Here’s my third prediction:  There will be no fumbled or botched shotgun snaps tonight and the Gators will roll to an easy victory with impressive performances in all three phases — offense, defense, special teams. It will be a very promising start for the Muschamp era. Score: Florida 48, Florida Atlantic 10.


  1. So…I remember before last season, cringing when I saw that John Brantley made the Sun’s list of top 25 players in the SEC. He had never taken a meaningful snap in his career! All we know for sure entering this year is what we can derive from his performance last year, and in the Spring game. The rest of it is faith – in new coaches, in a new system, and in the ability of a young man to overcome. I hope your prediction about Brantley is right Robbie, but let’s be honest, right now is more a common prayer shared amongst all Gator fans than a prediction based on insight or observation. Lord hear our prayer….

  2. there was not enuf real reasons for Brantley to fail to be a first string QB last
    year. By success this year these coaches may be accepting mediocrity !
    i don’t want the gators to have the 10th ranked QB in the SEC !

  3. what bull… a gator QB having to “nurse” his confidence back to health.??
    In 55 years of fanship I’ve never heard that about any gator QB
    And what shattered JB’s confidence if not his own mal-production ?
    Just maybe confidence goes with adequate performance ?
    My fear is that Brantley will contaminate this 2012 gator team with lucky wins until we meet a tuff team…. like any SEC team. At that point, we won’t have a real QB with enuf game experience to protect his own confidence nor protect us from losing.

  4. Robbie: I’m with you. The further into this new coaching era the more confident I’ve become about these Gators. As for Johnny Brantley, he was stuck in an offense that was entirely dysfunctional a year ago. No need to revisit the meltdown. However, this is the game-planning in which he brightly will shine. I think UF wins 10, beats S. Carolina in a showdown for Atlanta and lands in the Sugar Bowl. Brantley: 30-32 TDs, 3000 plus yards. A great start for Coach Boom. Go Gators!

  5. @ Roger – Apparently, you know nothing about playing QB. Confidence is a major factor in playing the position and the inadequate coaching he received last year would shatter anyone’s confidence! Do you remember Danny Boy getting benched and talking about getting his confidence up to make those tight throws? Terry Dean had a confidence problem and spoke about how he would lose it just by being in the presence of Spurrier. So, I don’t know which Gators you have been watching, but, it’s not the ones that play football. And for you guys to bash Brantley, without giving him the benefit of doubt is less than trusting the coaches. If Brantley showed signs of being a weak QB, Weiss, for one, would have made it an issue. Instead, he has raved about JB. So, I cant wait for you nay-sayers to come back to this thread and admit you were wrong! Deal? Will we see you admission of being completely ignorant about football? I doubt it, but, maybe you’ll be a man and step up! Let’s play some ball before all you negative, complainers get started!!!

  6. Let’s see how them Gators do when SEC play starts. Let’s see how them Gators do when Sir Jimbo and company come on in to town. A little birdie just told me that things might look a little different when the Crocs play some real teams. Don’t get too excited, Croc Nation, because you’ve got some beat downs in the pipeline.

  7. I just don’t see hot Brantley is going to deal with a defense like FSU’s or Alabama’s. Too much pressure. Too much heat.

    Do you guys think he can handle that kind of competition? His pocket presence and footwork still do not impress me.

  8. To all of you that think we are down…..UF 41- FAU 3….TD runs in all directions, nice passes, blocked punts…….The entire team looked great and this is only the first game……I dont want to hear about the level of the opponent…..We get much better and precise between game 1 and 5!
    Watch the Offense continue to improve the point total and the Defense continue to turn the ball over to the offense with stops!!!!……
    Brantly looked great! He did the nice reads and the passes were right on…It is more clear If you see it live versus TV…..
    The overall organization of the whole game was great for a first game and staff and schemes….
    UAB is going to get rolled in Game 2….
    Go Gators