Items of interest from UF football's media guide

All those Florida season tickets holders eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 2011 Gator media guide in the mail can forget about it. Per NCAA legislation, schools are no longer allowed to print media guides.
The printed version is not coming out, but the guide is on now — as in online.
The 2011 UF media guide was recently posted on, so log on and check it out.
Here are some things that sort of jumped out at me as I scanned  the guide:

*Some significant players have changed numbers. Running back Chris Rainey has gone from No. 3 to No. 1, defensive tackle Dominique Easley is wearing No. 2 instead of No. 58, defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd has switched from No. 73 to No. 4 and linebacker Jelani Jenkins will be No. 3 after being No. 43 last season.

*Some players have gained significant weight. Redshirt freshman tailback Mack Brown, who was listed as 190 pounds when he signed, is now weighing in at 205. Others who have gained weight include offensive tackle Xavier Nixon, who was down to probably less than 260 in the spring. He’s now listed at 295. Another offensive tackle who has been considered somewhat undersized, Matt Patchan, is listed at 295. Others who have gained are defensive end Lerentee McCray (252), offensive guard Ian Silberman (300) and linebacker Gideon Ajagbe (230).

*Sophomore linebacker Neiron Ball is listed on the roster and has a bio in the guide. I don’t know if that means he’ll be ready to play this season or not (UF officials have not said either way yet). But I would say that’s a good sign for his future prospects after a blood vessel burst in his brain this past winter, putting his career in jeopardy.

*Fans always seem to want to know what numbers the true freshmen will be wearing, so here you go:
5 –   Marcus Roberson
15 – Loucheiz Purifoy
16 – Jeff Driskel
17 – Jacoby Brissett
20 – Valdez Showers
21 – Jabari Gorman
26 – De’Ante Saunders
33 – Chris Johnson
41 – Hunter Joyer
44 – Kyle Christie
55 – Graham Stewart (who is listed at only 216 pounds, by the way)
63 – Trip Thurman
65 – Tommy Jordan
80 – Ja’Juan Story
81 – A.C. Leonard
86 – Clay Burton
97 – Tevin Westbrook


  1. We trade Duke Lemmens and Justin Trattou for Sharieff Floyd and Dominique Easly on pass rushing plays….big….big….gain….and should make a big…big….difference on defense this year.

    Now….I sure hope Charlie is doing some mighty fine brain surgery (and some pharm-company has developed an anti-wimp pill for him to take before walking off the practice field to the real field of dreams) on one, John Brantley, this summer. Otherwise, it might not make any difference how good the defense will be.

  2. Mack Brown up to 205, very good, might be a workhorse candidate and future star in the making if he can take the pounding the SEC dishes out and if he is able to cleanly catch the ball out of the backfield.

  3. What’s wrong with 2 players having the same #, if they are on opposite sides of the ball? There’s far more important things to worry about, like will we have a QB in Brantley or will Driskell or Brissett step in to take the job?

  4. Yeah, it’s on Brantley’s shoulders at the start, looks like. Either he plays within himself, runs the offense with calm efficiency (with all the weapons, he doesn’t have to be dazzling, just get the ball to the right guy), or we’ll be in for a choppy season while we find out which of the talented young QB’s on the sidelines is closest to ready–and hope he isn’t somehow ruined, or at least set back, by the experience (ie. the Nitzchean, “what does not kill me makes me stronger”-approach to player-development!).
    The “D” looks to be strong from the start. good-headed-for-GREAT as the season goes along, barring a rash of injuries. The whole team has potential greatness as they find themselves and come together. If we can avoid chaos at quarterback again, this can be a satisfying year–maybe not a Championship one, but a satisfying season with some exciting big wins.

  5. Brantley’s skills are solid, what he has been lacking is confidence in himself. The expectation at Florida is so high that it can break someone who has an inferiority complex lurking below the surface, anyone who lived in the shadow of Tim Tebow would have one of those. When and if Brantley chooses to believe in himself and in his abilities then the team will rise up around him and we can be great and the new Florida identity can be formed.

  6. Brantley had to play in an offense that at stretches was without running backs, half the O-line was unhealthy or missing, and with a game plan that played away from his strengths. Then he shared the QB slot on a rotating basis — every third play and only to be the “passing specialist”. Could the previous staff have done anything more to shred the guy’s confidence? give him a chance. He’s got big league talent, great arm, is a great kid apparently, all Gator all his life. What worries me for this team is rookie head coach and only eight seniors on the roster.

  7. Does anyone remember the great UF players that have worn #1? Chris Rainey is not that guy! He is the most inconsistent (other than Brantley) and every year he is supposed to be “breaking out” much like Deonte Thompson. #1 should be thrown out the window this year as far as im concerned until some proven leaders step up. The last guy who wore # 1 was overrated as well. If Chris Rainey is our best weapon we are going to be in trouble and were looking at 8-5 maybe even 7-6. Maybe AC Leonard or Jordan Reed will be our x factor