Freshmen on campus

The members of the 2011 recruiting class who did not enroll early have caught up with their true freshman brothers.

The guys who held off enrollment until after high school graduation are now on campus and going through orientation early this week. Those 12 will begin classes at UF next Monday with the start of the Summer B semester. (A basketball sidenote here: All-America guard Bradley Beal posted on Twitter that he was given his UF dorm assignment Tuesday morning, so he’s all set to go as a Gator as well).

Here’s a brief look at the 12 “late” enrollees (all who have apparently qualified academically) and how they might have an impact in the fall:

*Jacoby Brissett: This talented QB was the last member of the signing class to come on board. He’ll start out at the bottom of the depth chart — but it’s not that deep (John Brantley, Jeff Driskel and Tyler Murphy).

*Jabari Gorman: The Gators are looking for help at safety, and this highly rated prospect will have a chance to possibly work his way into the playing rotation in August.

*Chris Johnson: He’ll try to jump into the mix at safety or cornerback, where the Gators must replace All-SEC performer Janoris Jenkins.

*Tommy Jordan: The Gators lack depth on the offensive line, but Jordan likely will need to redshirt to gain needed bulk and strength.

*Hunter Joyer: The No. 1 fullback in the nation will have a chance to make a contribution at a position of need — and a position of considerable importance in Charlie Weis’ offense.

*Louchiez Purifoy:He’s probably the fastest member of the class, and he’ll get an early look at cornerback.

*Marcus Roberson: Some say he’s the best overall prospect in this class. He could push for playing time early at cornerback.

*Valdez Showers: The high school player of the year in Michigan is expected to start out at cornerback, where the Gators lack proven depth. He’s talented enough to play several positions.

*Graham Stewart: Many are assuming that Stewart might need a year to adjust to the fast and physical SEC, but with the lack of depth at linebacker, he might have a chance to get right in the mix.

*Ja’Juan Story:  The Gators came out of the spring still looking for playmakers at wide receiver, and Story is a highly rated prospect with excellent size and speed.

*Trip Thurman: He’s in the same situation as fellow offensive lineman Tommy Jordan. He needs to get bigger and stronger.

*Tevin Westbrook: With the lack of depth at defensive end, Westbrook could get into the mix early, although most believe he needs a redshirt year to develop physically.


  1. “Not that deep” at QB + “looking for help” at Safety + “lack depth” on the OL + “position of need” at Fullback + a “lack proven depth” at Corner + “lack of depth” at LB + “looking for playmakers” at WR + “lack of depth” at DE = probably (but hopefully not) dismal 2011 season for Gator football.

  2. Chuck, don’t think that we don’t have anyone in those positions. Every team has depth issues and some unproven playmakers here and there. Especially at the beginning of the year. This is the University of Florida. W/ the exception of last year Florida always finds playmakers. As a matter of fact we found Debose, Burton, Hammonds Jr. And Hines. We just didn’t have adequate play at the QB position to distribute the ball to them and most of that had to do with play calling. We now have Driskel, Murphy and Brissett. We know for a fact Weis will get them the ball.Also, don’t forget that we still have Rainey and Demps. CAN YOU SAY TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE!!!!

  3. Not really, Chuck! We have a lot of talent, that I feel didn’t get coached up right last year or given a chance to prove themselves! If you look at our roster, we have quality talent at every position. They just need development and that was missing last year! I am cautiously optimistic that we will have a good year, especially after the young guys get their legs under them! I am really excited about Brissett! I like Driskell, but, Brissett may be a dark horse, in all of this!

  4. Chuck, We all knew Urban mentally left us in 09. From the first snap of the 10 season I knew we were in trouble, something that could have been fixed in the offseason haunted us from the start! (Bad Snaps) …no amount of time could have fixed Steve A’s play calling but we had some great talent all around. The depth issues are kind of scary though because some players tend to get hurt pretty often. This year is going to be different I’m sure

  5. Yes we have talent, much of it undeveloped but the guy that we will look to to hold the ship afloat until the young guys get their sea legs are not a real shabby bunch, they will hold out long enough until the reinforcements show up at the right time. I think most of you guys are looking past Tyler Murphy and his actual performance in the spring and the fact that he believes he should be the guy taking the reigns on this team, his summer practices just might have Weis and the Mus rethinking a few things come this fall. I see most of you have just anointed Driskel as “King” of the class, but there is great competition among the three young guns. Remember we have seen highly rated prospect not live up to the hipe (JB) to date.

  6. I’m a believer where Will Muschamp is concerned and like the direction for our program long-term. However, this team has eight scholarship seniors, maybe nine if Dan Wenger is on the roster. New staff, rookie head coach, an entire revamp of offense and defense. We’re counting on OL who missed the spring, some missed last year, two missed the past two years with injuries. No “go to guy” at WR, no big power/speed back yet. The above is not a usual recipe for title-winning SEC ball, no matter how talented our freshmen and sophs may be. I think we’ll win eight or nine, ten maybe, then be back on top in ’12.

  7. Mainly, I want us to play gator-pride football.. not like 2010. Let the players
    & us fans have exciting efforts… not like 2010. Let the team & us fans watch
    a true gator QB… not like 2010… Shane Matthews, Kerwin Bell, Wuerffal,
    Larry Rentz ! Gafney, Rex Grossman , Johnson etc. These QBs could dodge a
    single breakthrough rusher without falling to the ground.! Then fire the ball somewhere smart.
    EVERY performance by Brantley every Saturday last year was subpar to every other QB in the SEC, every one ! especially the QB he was “leading” the gators against.
    Don’t take me wrongly. I had pre-2010 visions of Brantley being like Grossman , a rocket arm of quick accuracy.. Gators winning 11 games,but we got slop backfield swing passes,85% 3-yard downfield passes,true long passes that had to be intercepted by our gator receiver. The sole
    30-yard TD pass was by undertrained Jordon Reed to Deonte vs Vandy….
    the only legit TD pass all year. Sorry, I have only fear of Brantley.

  8. The coming season will probably be very frustrating at times.

    It will take WM some time to drain the cesspool left by our last two head coaches, Urban Meyer and Steve Addazio.

    That said, I think the future is bright!!

  9. LOL….EMK.

    That ‘Cesspool’ includes the #1 recruiting class of 2010. C’mon people. Things go in cycles, even for the best programs. Eight shcolarship seniors and fifteen juniors, right? Were young but talented with a brutal schedule. There isn’t anything needs to be drained, just youth that needs to be coached up. I think this staff is up for the challenge. If not, well, it could be another 9-4 or worse.

  10. Jim: The ‘cesspool’ to which I refer is the embarrassment visited upon the UF football program due to: (1) Probably a record number of arrests, some for what Florida law defines as ‘violent felonies’, (2) The lack of on-field discipline which became more apparent during UM, ‘he’s gone; he’s back again’ period and during the one year where Steve Addazio actually was the de facto head man, and finally, (3) the ‘cesspool’ to which I refer is the mind set inherited bt WM from both UM and SA. The mind set where players felt with considerable justification that they could do pretty much what thet wanted because nothing serious would happen. Jim, ask JJ and Chris Martin about the ‘new reality’ introduced to the program by WM.

  11. I just want to see us fight hard.
    Last year was embarrassing with the way we would just give up in games.
    If we play a team that’s simply better than us, but you can tell we fought hard and gave it our all until the final gun, effort-wise, then I’m ok with it. You can’t win them all, but you can give your best effort in them all.

  12. The offense will be better with Coach Weis in charge. Coach Muschamp has coached tough defenses everywhere he’s been and the defense will be fkying around out there. We’re going to have a good football team and the Muschamp era will be off to a promising start.

  13. With youth, new coaches, new defensive and offensive schemes and a potentially very shaky offensive line if even two people on the line get hurt.
    I believe we need a strong mobile QB. i believe if Brantley starts and plays more that half of the firstd game and then starts the second game we will have at best a 6 loss season. If one of the young guns start at QB and get some experience before the SEC gauntlet we will loose 3 games. and be in a strong position for a next year.
    I hope weiss does not get caught up into trying to improve
    Brantley and just forgets him completely. You cannot coach guts and courage, and he has none of either. Go Gators!!

  14. I’m very excited about this season. Don’t know how it will ultimately turn out but I think we will have a competitive team and play some good ball. I think the staff has been working very hard and will have great summer practices.

  15. I’m very excited about this season. Don’t know how it will ultimately turn out but I think we will have a competitive team and play some good ball. I think the staff has been working very hard and will have great summer practices. Although I am concerned about depth due to the transfers and seemingly unavoidable injuries. This team does have some great talent. W

  16. anyone who is expecting us to go straight back to steam-rolling everyone is kidding themselves and needs a reality check. It’s going to be ugly, again. I’m expecting 7 wins, hoping for 8, and fearing only 6.

    I agree with whoever said Tyler Murphy should be the guy this year. If this staff wants to start JB the first few games, and mix in a young kid to get his feet wet, that’s cool. But there is absolutely no point in rolling with JB all year, we’re not going to be contending for anything important, so let’s get a young kid ready to go for next year and build for the future. I’m sorry to JB that his lifelong dream of starting and starring for the O&B didn’t turn out the way he’d hoped, I really am, but it’s time to move on.