Gruden: Gators will be fun to watch


Some leftovers from Will Muschamp’s high school coaches’ clinic this past weekend, where former NFL coach and current Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden was the guest speaker Saturday:

* Gruden raved about Florida offensive coordinator Charlie Weis several times. He predicted that under Weis, the Gators will have the best play-action passing game and the best perimeter screen passing game in college football next season.

* Weis said Muschamp and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn have been making it tough on him and the offense this spring, firing off all kinds of blitzes from all kinds of angles. Weis said it feels like his offense is getting blitzed a thousand times in practice every day. It’s obvious that Muschamp and Quinn are really going to get after opposing offenses in the fall.

* Gruden said if the NFL lockout does not end and there is no season in the fall, he’ll be spending a lot of time in Gainesville watching the Gators. He said several times that this is going to be a fun team to follow.

* On Friday, Quinn’s presentation to the high school coaches was about the importance of turnovers and how to create them by stripping ball carriers and punching the ball out when the opportunity is there. A day later, Gruden reinforced everything Quinn said during his presentation to the coaches. Gruden said NFL defenses have put an emphasis on doing all the same things Quinn showed the coaches the day before.

* Weis told the offensive play-callers in the audience that criticism comes with the job, and at some point they’re going to face it from all directions, including high school principals, parents and even from fellow offensive coaches. Weis said he’s even been criticized by his wife and son, Charlie, after some games in which his offense sputtered.

* Gruden, the assistant offensive line coach for his son’s high school football team, said he would like to get back in coaching as a head coach one day. He said he misses the game and the relationships with the players.

* Gruden said if the Florida players do a good job picking up new offensive and defensive systems this spring, watch out in the fall, this Gator team could be very, very good. He said the Muschamp-Weis coaching combination is the best in college football.


  1. well I donht know much what the gators are doing but i am so excited for them and to see what the new coaching staff puts to gether I really believe in this new coach i think he will even be better than myer so go gators and muschamp

  2. Reminds me of listening to Dickie “V”, who thinks every coach in every game he covers is one of the best coaches in America.
    To quote an old Toby Keith song, let’s have “a little less talk and a lot more action”

    Weiss failed as a college head coach, and Muschamp had yet to coach his first ever game as a HC, so I’d give Gruden’s comments little attention, if any, and wait until we have some results before assigning greatness.

  3. Coach Weis is regarded as one of the best offensive coordinators in football. The problem with his ND teams was defense not offense. Coach Muschamp is a great defensive coach as the Gators have seen up close from his days at Auburn. UT, Auburn and Texas all tried to hire him as head coach. I think there’s cause to be optimistic as the Gators still have a lot of talent.

  4. When you combine solid talent, smart coaching, toughness, great speed and passion/leadership the chances of being good are almost certain. I only wonder about toughness right now because I think the Gators need to prove that under the new staff. Meyers teams were always tough, real tough physically and mentally. It’s still a game of fundamentals and toughness. If Florida gets off to a good start this year, watch out!

  5. One thing they failed to mention is the lack of quality offensive linemen on this team. No wonder the defense looks so good. We have a couple of huge holes and no depth. Expect another tough season before things begin to get better.

  6. Exactly, Hank. Not ready to hoist the crystal football just yet. But, the pieces are nearly in place to surprise the sh*t out of a lot of pundits out there.
    It’s fine that some want to downplay everything UF has done since December. It’ll make it that much sweeter to see their reaction this fall.

  7. Guys, there’s just 222222 much talent on this team not to have a very good season next year. Granted we are short on experience on the o-line, but I think we will be OK. Lots of talent =’s win’s. Have a little (lot) of faith. Th GATORS will be OK and compete for the SEC championship.

  8. As long as weis stands by his comment of correcting things early. When brantley fails to produce, he makes a change. I sent weis a large check so he would promise not to call the dive on 3rd and 8.

  9. I just cant wait to see them open it up. It seems like its been forever since the Gators have owned a suprior passing game. I would say back when Percy Harvins last year and we were really a running who happened pass a little. I remember Urban used say the gators should be the fastest team in the country, well this offense should showcase it!!! Man, I can not wait.

  10. Its all so nice and glamorous in the spring. There’s really no serous competition. But wait till we have that killer stretch with LSU, Bama, Auburn, UGA, TENN, USC, FSU. Lets hope we will have established serious toughness otherwise we’ll be lucky to break even.

  11. I think that we are going in a good direction, but I will wait to give my opinion after I’ve seen our Gators play some football. Potential is high and so are the expectations of our team. Lets not put any undue pressure on them and support them as we should. I can’t wait for the season to begin. Also, Louis Murphy seems to want to become a hardened criminal to belong in the Raiders organization. Someone please explain to him that is NOT what hardened means…LOL. GO GATORS!!!