Weis, Quinn very impressive


Since Will Muschamp took over in December, Urban Meyer has stated several times that Florida football is in great hands.

After listening to Charlie Weis and Dan Quinn speak at Florida’s high school coaches’ clinic Friday morning in the Touchdown Terrace, I see exactly where Meyer is coming from with that.

Muschamp’s offensive and defensive coordinators were very impressive. They’re charismatic, smart, engaging — and, man, they really, really know their football.

Muschamp introduced Weis as the greatest offensive play-caller in football. I doubt anyone in the room would have questioned that statement after Weis spent an hour talking about offensive philosophy, game-planning and play-calling.

Weis talked about the first thing an offensive coordinator must do is judge his talent and then shape the offense to fit the talent. He’s done that wherever he’s been. When he had a passing quarterback and good receivers at Notre Dame, he threw the ball all over the lot. Last season in Kansas City, he had a veteran offensive line and two quality running backs, and the Chiefs were the NFL’s leading rushing team.

In drawing up a game plan, Weis said a priority on what plays are called in is based on what plays the quarterback feels comfortable with. If the QB doesn’t feel comfortable with a play, even if Weis thinks it could be a great one, he won’t call it. He said if the QB isn’t comfortable with a play, it’s likely not going to work.

As for the game-plan, and the play-calling, Weis said he never waits until halftime to make adjustments. If things aren’t working early, he’ll nix the plan and start trying to come up with some plays that work, sometimes as early as the first quarter if it’s apparent the game-plan isn’t going to be effective. He said sometimes it’s meant drawing plays up in the dirt, whatever it takes to find a way to get the offense moving.

Weis said one of his pet-peeves with play-callers is when they have a play that works, but don’t go back to it. Weis said if he has a play that’s working, he’ll run it over and over and over — until the defense shows it can stop it. He said there have been games where he’s called 25 straight running plays and some games where he’s called 25 consecutive  passes. Keep doing what’s working until the defense shows it can stop it, Weis said. It may be boring at times, he said, but it’s effective.

During Quinn’s hour on the stage, his theme was turnovers — how important they are and how a defense can create them.

Quinn pointed out that  the team that wins the turnover margin in a game wins 79 percent of the time. He researched the last five years at Florida, and the Gators were 36-0 when they won the turnover battle.

With the aide of some NFL highlights, the former Seattle Seahawks gave a clinic on stripping the ball loose, punching it out — and knowing when to attempt it based on offensive player’s ball security (or insecurity).

After listening to Quinn, it’s pretty obvious the Gators are going to be an aggressive, ball-hawking defense determined to produce potential game-changing turnovers.

Overall, anyone who attended the clinic Friday morning likely would agree with Meyer: Florida football appears in very good hands.


  1. let’s not get ahead of ourselves with this upcoming season.. if you substitute “staff” or “era” for “season”, then yes; but let’s let these guys coach at least A game before we swamp them with crazy expectations.

  2. There’s enough talent on this team to be very good THIS year. Don’t be surprised if we go 10-2 or 11-1. We are a little thin, so injuries will be important. NFL Super Bowl winning coachs will help make this a very good season.
    Have a SUPER Gator day

  3. Have you guys seen our schedule? Bama, @LSU and @auburn in consecutive weeks. Also have to play @USC and have FSU at home. 3 of those teams are most likely going to be playing for their conference championship in Dec (bama or lsu, USC and FSU). If we go 8-4 and show improvement throughout the year then I will be happy. The 2nd year will be tough as we will be breaking in a new QB.

  4. Hey guys be careful here. The SEC is loaded this year and we have the most difficult schedule in the Nation. Don’t under estimate our competition. There are no slouches in this league any more.

  5. Matt,
    I’ve seen the schedule and I agree it will be tough, but we have some great talent coming back. I think it all depends on the O-line, if those guys can hold their own this year, there is no reason why we should NOT be in Atlanta and I don’t care who is on the other side. I really think we have the defensive talent to do battle with any team on that schedule. Yeah, we had some defensive lapses last year but much of it to my opinion was do to the predicament the Offense left us in time and time again. I think we shock the entire Nation waiting on us to be re-building. Go GATORS!!!

  6. I agree the schedule is not kind for our Gators this coming year. However, I expect there will be a huge emphasis on winning at home and beating Ala and FSU will be big for us no matter who is fighting for a conference title. Winning on the road will be more difficult along with early gemes. We will be a factor in determining the SEC, but it won’t be our year. Thinking 9-3 at best.

  7. There is PLENTY of talent in G-Ville and I expect them to win games this year…we should win 9 games IMO. The team has to learn new systems so yeah players are going to be over whelmed but I like everything that I’m hearing. I’m just ready to get things rolling. Go Gators!

    Great article BTW.

  8. The team last year was good enough to beat anyone in the nation, properly coached up and prepared they could have played for the N.C. This team is not much of a step down but the coaching is a far cry from last year. Get used to it contenders for a N.C. every year is where the Gators are headed. While bad luck and bad breaks may deny this they will contend. That’s all I ask is the best they can do.With these coaches I think I will get exactly that.

  9. I agree the schedule will be brutal. I feel that LSU and Auburn are going to be very suseptible this year. Bama and FSU are at home. USCe is a major concern. But I like our chances. With this team I see no drop off in the Talent level, maybe a slight improvement. Its obvious that the energy from the coaching staff is translating over to the players. I would be very pleased with a 9-3, 8-4 year but I cannot help shaking the feeling that WM is going to have a better first year than we are expecting. I will even speculate that he has a better first year than UM. Looks as if he will not be dealing with the resistance from players that the former HBC dealt with. Do not be at all surprised if we are in ATL this december. Lets tee it up now.

  10. Why is everyone scared of Bama, LSU, and Auburn? They ALL lost their starting QB and are rebuilding. Yeah, I know it will be like Brantley’s first year as well, but Ill take it. We are Gators. We expect to win and so do our boys! Go Gators!

  11. Weis-up (just has to do it)

    Simple as this…
    1st: Win your home games
    2nd: Split your road games
    3rd: Beat the hell out of Georga, Tenn, and FSU

    That’s about a 9-3 season and would put a great big smile on my face.

    Seeing Weis in Gator Garb sure seems wierd

  12. I expect a Chrystal ball every year, then ratchet up or dial down my expectations accordingly. I have been predicting an amazing turnaround since Dec. I love Urban, a lot, but his heart wasn’t in it last year. This guy Muschamp has a furnace in his belly, and I can’t wait to see it stoked on the sidelines…

  13. Last year wasn’t a disappointment – it was an embarrassment. The win/loss record did not come close to reflecting just how awful it was. Even our wins were often embarrassing. Hearing Weis talk about making mid-game adjustments is music to my ears after last year’s debacle.

    I can imagine a scenario where the final record looks very much like last year’s, but the play is vastly improved, and I’d be nearly satisfied with that for the first year. We lost some respect last year and I want it back. That’s really all I ask for. Now, for the 2012 season my hopes are a little higher…

  14. Our rivals are banking on this being a rebuilding year or two. We will most likely be underdogs in those games which is good. I cant wait to see the FSU fair weather fans hang their heads after thinking they were “back” last year. What will they say about Jimbo then? Go Gators!

  15. Wow, 9 wins, 10 wins, 11 wins? Let’s be a little more realistic. Yes we could catch lightning in a bottle. But, I think 7 or 8 wins would be a good season. This team is learning an entirely different system on both sides of the ball. You’ve got a former TE playing LB. Not saying this is a bad thing, but that the Gators have some important gaps in talent. Especially on the offensive and defensive lines, maybe the most important two areas of the team. Can’t wait to see Mack Brown get consistent playing time this season.

  16. I may have sniffed the wrong thing today, but, something tells me that Brantley is going to come back with a vengeance! The D-line is very hungry and or LB more mature and the fastest in the business. We will have at least 2 WR’s wow Gator Nation and our secondary, after a few hiccups will shut people down, with Elam passing out headaches. Our O-line will struggle some, butt they will gel and show a little nastiness as a group. Special teams will be among the best in the conference.

    Saying all of that, we loose one close game, against LSU, but, we see them again in Atlanta, where Muschamp and Company win their first SEC title. Then it’s off to the NC, to play Oklahoma, where we win #4!

    I know this sounds like wishful thinking! It could very well happen and there’s nothing wrong with having high expectations. The difference is, you be realistic and realize that it may not happen. Every year, no matter the talent we have, we could lose a game – it’s college football. I just hope that Gator Nation sticks together and let things play out,without beating on the new coaches, until they have had ample time, with ample talent to have accomplished great things. We really are a talented and young team! There’s more to kids choosing other schools than new coaches! They saw the talent Meyer stacked up in Gainesville. With the right breaks and a motivated team, we could accomplish great things this year!

  17. “Weis said if he has a play that’s working, he’ll run it over and over and over — until the defense shows it can stop it. … SOS has the same philosophy.”
    Addazio doesn’t understand this philosophy since he never found a play that worked, lol.

  18. I doubt UF will be an underdog against anyone on their own home field in 2011 except maybe Bama. In afootball meeting on the Touchdown Terrace last summer, I distinctly remember Addazio telling us how good our offense was going to be and that we were going to be throwing the ball all over the place. Uh-huh. That said,

    “Weis said if the QB isn’t comfortable with a play, it’s likely not going to work.

    As for the game-plan, and the play-calling, Weis said he never waits until halftime to make adjustments. If things aren’t working early, he’ll nix the plan and start trying to come up with some plays that work, sometimes as early as the first quarter”.

    Pretty much, that would be the exact opposite of what SA did last season, I doubt Brantkley will be running options, shuttle passes, and QB keepers. This offens ewill REALLY spread the field and make first downs and score some points.

  19. All of you have some valid points, but why not just be thankful that we have a new coach who is honored and excited to coach our Gators…….and be thankful we have a huge amount of talent…..you put those two together(like we used to have with Meyer), then you have a winning team……..regardless of the numbers!
    Go Gators!!!