Could be slow NFL Draft for UF


With six players taken in the first two rounds, and nine overall, the Gators were a major story in last year’s NFL Draft. They figure to be a relatively minor one this year.

Center Mike Pouncey is projected to be a first-round pick. After that, there’s a good chance only three more Gators will be selected in the draft — strong safety Ahmad Black, free safety Will Hill and offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert.

“It’s not like it has been in past years (with the Gators in the draft),” ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said. “After (Pouncey, Black, Hill and Gilbert), there’s a whole bunch of other guys that never really played to their full potential. I think a lot of athletes that never became great football players, or great football players who just don’t have the physical tools.”

McShay said defensive end Justin Trattou falls in the category of great football player without the physical tools.

“He just doesn’t have a fit in the NFL,” McShay said. “Defensive tackle, he’s a tweener. Defensive end, he’s only 6-3, 255 and he doesn’t have the speed to get off the edge. He’s very instinctive and plays hard. Someone looking for a later-round guy or a free agent, it won’t surprise me if Trattou winds up finding a niche somehow, someway, and contributing.”

McShay said the Gator whose stock has risen the most in recent weeks in Gilbert, who has been impressive in workouts.

“He’s 6-6, 330. He’s not a great athlete, but he has very good size,” McShay said. “He plays with some pretty good balance and he does a nice job of moving laterally in short areas. Actually, with his size and the way he’s continued to improve, I think he can be a starting right tackle in the league.

“Some teams might look at him as a guard. I think he might be too big with that 6-6 frame. I think he can be a starting right tackle. There’s a chance he’ll come off the board in the third round.”

McShay said Black also is likely a third-rounder, while Hill probably will go in the middle to late rounds.

It’s a lot different than a year ago, when the Gators had three players taken in the first round (Joe Haden, Maurkice Pouncey and Tim Tebow) and three in the second (Jermaine Cunningham, Carlos Dunlap and Brandon Spikes).


  1. I am not a big McShay fan, but what he has to say about these particular guys sounds about right, and is in step with what others are saying as well. Of course there are always a few surprises and teams can always fall in love with a particular player and take him earlier than anyone expects. I think Black could be one of those guys.

  2. I have a feeling either AJ Jones or Brandon Hicks finds a place in the league. They may not get drafted, but those guys are too athletic not to help some team in some capacity. I dont think their ceilings have been reached. And Chas Henry is getting drafted for sure.

  3. “he only promotes the players whose agent pays him off”

    That is exactly true. It also describes our ENTIRE national news media, be it politics, or whatever. Most people have no idea how much of our national news comes right off of faxes from public relations firms.

  4. I guess nobody seems to think Chas Henry is going to be drafted! Didn’t he win the Ray Guy award this year? The guy can hit some rockets when he has too but his main strength is hang time. That’s what separates him from other punters. Jeff Feagles didn’t play in the N.F.L. for 15 + years kickin’ boomers. I think someone will draft him in the 6th or 7th round!

  5. I think he hit it on the head! Who else is gonna go besides those 4? Trattou, who hardly ever made a play and you never heard his name more than once a game. Face it Gator fans, this is what comes out of a team like we had this year. 6 1st and 2nd rounders equals 1 loss season, 1 first rounder equals a 4 or 5 loss season. If we had more players NFL ready, we’d have less losses last year. Blame it on Meyer’s decisions or whatever, we just didn’t have upperclassmen that were worth a crap besides the ones that’ll be drafted!

  6. ATLGator,
    I’m with you on this Blaine Gabbit guy (not sure about that last name), where did he pop up from. After the guy from Stanford didn’t come out, did they all have to scramble to find his replacement. All the season it was LUCK, the guy from Washington and TCU, OREGoN, and then Cam Newton. Well Newton has out performed them all and they continue to try and find fault with him. They have been inconsistent with the criticisms. Once he can throw, then he can’t think on the fly, or he’s not a drop back passer. Trattou has a lot of football skills and heart, I think he can make it in the league in a limited role as a weakside linebacker.