Could be a secretive spring


Nothing is official yet, because Florida officials have not yet finalized plans for spring football. But here’s something Gator fans should prepare themselves for: There’s a good chance that many, if not all, Florida practices will be closed to the public and the media.

This has been the word floating around out there now for the past few weeks. If it happens (which it likely will), I’m sure it will be disappointing to fans who have been looking forward to catching a glimpse of the start of the Will Muschamp era — and looking forward to seeing what offensive coordinator Charlie Weis will do with his quarterbacks (especially John Brantley) and this offense, and what new defensive coordinator Dan Quinn’s defense is going to look like.

But I do understand the reasoning behind UF’s possible decision to shut things down.

The Gators have a lot — and I mean a lot — of work to do this spring. UF will be putting in totally new offensive and defensive systems, and with an almost totally new coaching staff, the players and coaches will still be in the very early stages of developing relationships that will be critical down the road later this year — and in seasons to come.

Under normal circumstances (and this the way it became under Urban Meyer), spring football at UF was usually pretty laid back, with much of the focus being on the development of the younger players.

This is a different situation now. With the new coaching staff (and the new offensive and defensive systems), there will be an open competition at every position on the field this spring. It’s going to be intense for newcomers and veterans alike. And there is going to be a lot of teaching going on as the Gators go through the process of learning to adapt to Weis’ offense and Quinn’s defense.

This is going to be a spring about competing and staying focused as the Gators move into a new era. If the coaches decide the fans and the media might be a distraction, hey, I’m cool with that.

The reality is, our first look at this Florida team very well might not come until the April 9 spring game at Florida Field.


  1. I thank coach Meyer for the 2 SEC’s, 2 NC’s, and Heisman Trophy winner he brought to UF, but that said, I don’t actually miss him that much after the way he handed over most of his coaching duties to a total incompetent like Steve Addazio, who turned our football team into a trainwreck in 2010. Coach Meyer did a lot of great things here, but his decision-making was definitely questionable last year, giving jobs on the staff to friends instead of who was actually qualified.

  2. Yeah, Todd. Every assistant from Urban’s staff got hired elsewhere. Including 2 as head coaches, 1 at Ohio State, 1 in the NFL, and 2 as OC’s. I’d say his staff wasn’t qualified at all for their positions, scrubs.

  3. Todd has a fair point. Ask yourself this: What did Spurrier do with Terry Dean in 1994 when Dean was a senior highly heralded? He sat him on the bench for a freshman when he blew it over and over. Myer and Addazio not sitting Brantley last year was ridiculous. Asking Brantley to run the spread option was even worse. If the DE doesn’t believe the QB will run the ball the play doesn’t work. Little league football coaches know that.

  4. Let’s keep the practices open. The Florida football team belongs to the University of Florida students, alumni and fans. Let’s invite people in instead of keeping people out. If you’re secure in what you’re doing, it shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t think there will be any leaks that have an effect on national security.

  5. Hey Gator Todd, guess you didn’t really know Steve Addazio. He is one of the finest coaches in America and an equally fine man, husband and father. I will miss him and I’m glad he is now a head coach, something he has earned.

  6. I certainly hope that Coach Muschamp closes ALL of his practices to the media and the fans! There is a tremendous amount of work to be done(as we all know) and there is not a better time to begin than right now! No Distractions and No Nonsense…only work,work,and more work!!!!!!!!!!!!GO GATORS

  7. I think we should let Coach Muschamp do what he thinks is best for the team. If that means closed practice sessions, then so be it. Besides I am sure he is going to have to clean house, and there is bound to be some hurt feelings to come.

  8. WOW!! Todd, I’m with ya. I think the world of Meyer and his six year run may very well go unmatched with this team in the furure. But, last year was an absolute trainwreck from the word go. His delegating and taking a step back and letting others call the shots experiment was an absolute failure, last year. He knew it and thats why he left, God bless him, great coach, wonderful man, but he knew the right time to leave – thats what I admire most about him.

  9. Muschamp is just trying to keep a circus type atmosphere from disrupting his practices. Everyone, including me, wants to see what we will have this year. We need to trust Muschamp and wait, as hard as that may seem, to see where he leads this team. Lets give him a chance and you all can save the criticism for after the fact. GO GATORS!!!

  10. If that one decision erases all the good things Meyer and his unqualified staff did for this institution over those six years you need to take a new look at your loyalties. As far as the Spring practice is concern, if we miss the day to day things it will be ok with me, the GOAL is to get the TROOPS ready for the fall. You will get a glimpse at the spring game. Coaches, do what you have to do to get the troops ready for the REAL DEAL, don’t worry about those guys that are going to be critical of you anyway, DAMNED if you DO, DAMNED if you DON’T.

  11. No problem with the decision…..if it’s made. I just want to see a better disciplined team on the fleld next year. Our execution last year was not good and it could be tough with all the changes again this year.
    Go Gators!

  12. useless”opinoin” good call on that username, your opinion is indeed completely useless. Who exactly do you think you are that you think you can decide who is a “true fan” or not based on whether their opinion matches yours? Nice overinflated ego. Goes for C3, QOP, and Creek too.

    Everything Todd said is true. Addazio was a complete disaster, not just last year but 09 too. And everyone with half a brain knows it. Meyer was great, but it was clear that he was not all there last year, and since his heart wasn’t in it anymore it was time for him to go. And one can admit that while still being a “true fan”, sorry. Being a “true fan” doesn’t mean you can’t ever criticize your team or your coach’s decisions. You must be a bunch of Bush/Cheney-worshipping Republicans.

  13. I agree with what Tom has said about how Coach Muschamp wll run things He’s got a handfull of big things to attend to and opening this initial meeting with his team will cause a lot of unnecessary distraction. As for Meyer, I believe he’s unsurpassed and all we need to be is very, very thankful for those six years where he gave his all to UF. I hated to see him go, more than I did Spurrier with whom I had a relationship from his student days.

  14. Rob,

    Your comment about Urban’s laid back spring practices is telling in that the catalyst for last years disastrous season was not getting Reed ready to run an offense that obviously Brantley could not.

  15. C3, QOP, and useless opinion, it really seems like ya’ll are just fairweather uneducated fans because your posts dont really seem to put show that you even saw the gators play last season. It was a disgrace. Urban Meyer didnt care, and if Adazzio had anything whatsoever to do with our offense last year(which i think he did.. he was our offensive cooridinator last year..) he doesnt deserve to be coaching anybody besides maybe some high school players, JV high school players. And its pretty obvious Meyer was burned out of coaching, i mean he did walk away from his job. Pretty clear he was no longer the same coach he once was when his heart wasnt in it. Quit defending him like he’s god. He walked away from our program, lets move on already

  16. Yes I think true Gator fans admire and appreciate what Meyer did for this team and school but also realize that while SA may have been a great guy, he flat out sucked as the OC. I think that several of our assistant coaches were very good, some not so much. Lets see how Temple does this year with SA and some of those assistants. Regardless of what happened the first 5 years, i think most would agree that last year things seemed a bit to be in shambles on and off the field with these guys. If closing practice this spring will help us, lets do it.

  17. One quick look at the toughest schedule in the nation this year and I say Boom, do what ever you need to do to get these guys ready. Even for this veteran coaching crew, they better be ready, or hysteria will come out of the woodwork.

  18. Tom don’t listen to some of the clowns Meyer was the man and his staff sucked outside of Strong and Mullen. Coach Boom needs to do what he needs to do if that’s closed practices we will live. Go Gators! And screw all the fans who think we all should have the same opinion.

  19. You don’t understand, this isn’t the closing one this years spring practice, this is the closing of spring practices forever under Will Muschamp. This will be pure arrogance. Muschamp closes practices he will lose me as a fan before he’s coached a single game.

    And I believe Foley is behind this. It is time for Foley to move on I don’t believe he respects the Florida fans anymore, I believe this to be true by the actions and words of coaches since Ron Zook. Meyer came in calling the Florida fans nut-jobs, he faced them off at Gator Gatherings and almost totally cut out going to them.

    I think Foley had a lot to do with that, I think Muschamp will put himself in bind with the fans. If he follows the Meyer pattern what will he do for them. Foley thinks all you have to do is just win games and win recruiting battles. Meyer tried that and it was too much for him.

    It isn’t healthy to close a coach and team off like that. So what if the fans watch practice, it won’t change one iota what happens in the fall. Tell me one thing Muschamp is doing for the Florida fan? Nothing, he’s doing for himself, he’s a bulldog you’d think he’d want to build a relationship with the fans, the would be prudent.

    And wise.

  20. I don’t see why everyone is jumping on Todd…I mean the guy is being honest. Of course Gator Nation LOVES Urban! …but the decision making last year wrecked our potential! Steve A was the WORST OC in the SEC with his judgement.. (grading his OL champions even though they needed more development) Almost every game we seemed unprepared, and out of sync (something that should have been fixed in the offseason). But the past is the past new things to love and new things to hate. Go Gators!

  21. I love the idea of closed spring practice. The coaches and players will be able to focus on what is going on around them instead of answering some idiots stupid questions when they shoul be practicing. For all of you Urbanites. URBAN MYER IS GONE FROM UF FOREVEERRRR!!!!! THANK GOD

  22. Gator Todd I disagree with you about the Staff….however your comments about Addazio were right on. His play calling and game management was horrible. He took one of the best offensive lines in the country and renderd them useless in a game situation…they couldn’t recognize or stop the blitz. And C3 most of those positions were at lower echelon schools none the quality of the Gators.

  23. “Hey Gator Todd, guess you didn’t really know Steve Addazio. He is one of the finest coaches in America and an equally fine man, husband and father. I will miss him and I’m glad he is now a head coach, something he has earned.”


    I didn’t really know Steve Addazio either. While I’m sure he was a fine man and a good person, he was quite possibly the worst offensive coordinator my alma mater ever had. The drop off in our offense after Mullen left was obvious to the most novice of football fans.

    I’m with Todd, I love what Urban Meyer did for UF, but he took the entire 2010 season off and left the keys to our program with someone who wasn’t up to our standard. I wish Addazio well at Temple, but I like many Gator fans were pleased that he was collateral damage with Meyer’s decision to step down.

  24. Let’s be fair. I’m sure Adazzio and the rest of the coaching staff did the best they could last year but it was apparent they were in over their heads. It was also obvious that Meyer did not put forth the eefort he had the prior years, as his heart was not in it.
    Let’s all wish them the best and welcome in our new coaching staff.
    Go Gators!

  25. Dumbazzio came off as being an arrogant jerk in his interviews. One would think that as the season progressed the way it did he would find humility, but that didn’t appear to happen. I’m just thankful for not having to watch us run that God awful spread offense anymore. And before anyone says “yeah but it got us 2 NCs” think about the abysmal 06 offense. Also consider the way it’s productivity regressed as coaches (a la Saban) began to figure out how to beat it. Those titles were won by defense!

  26. Robbie you kind of touch on the real issue of this “internet” era we are in, where fans can go now go onto a website, and check how many times the head coach yelled in practice, what kind of catch so and so made in practice.. etc.

    We need to know every little thing that happens every minute these kids are practicing? That’s not good for a program, and it’s exactly why the Meyer era was only six years.

    As a fan, I am taking a different approach to the Muschamp era. I will bide my time and wait for the final product. I for one, AM GLAD coach is closing practice as they and the players don’t need any distractions.

  27. All of the practices will be closed from now on. Meyer had just about all closed practices too, so this is nothing new. Let Muschamp worry about the practices and everybody can come out and enjoy the Orange and Blue Game. I personally am excited for the change in G’ville.

  28. I fully agree that Coach Meyer and his staff were out of sync for the last 2 seasons. If it weren’t for Tebow the offense would have been dead in the water. I believe in what Coach Muschamp is doing at UF. Going Pro-style is going to bring in the career oriented players. Focused on going pro and not on getting kicked off the team. Close practice and make the Spring Game something special. Let the team be a sweet surprise to every GATOR fan watching. I think all practices should always be closed to outsiders. No distractions on the field. GO GATORS!!!!

  29. OK. Some of you hate and some of you love Steve Adazzio. This post is about closed practices. I say fine. There’s work to do in a very short time that needn’t be under the scrutiny and distraction of reporters and rival scouts.

    What matters is what we see next Fall.

  30. this gets me, a lot of people who’ve never gone to a spring practice are voicing their opinions here. I’ve gone to them for many years, a lot of old people liked to go sit a while and watch them, till Zook made them stand.

    Closing practices is something a veteran coach with titles under his belt may consider, not a rookie head coach. That’s why I point to the arrogance of the man. This is a horrible PR move.

    Believe me on this, Will Muschamp is more like Mack Brown than Nick Saban. Saban plays to the fan, Brown is a complete fool, all he can do is recruit.

  31. Having championships has absolutely nothing to do with closing practice to the public. Nor does it have anything to do with Muschamp being arrogant. He is a smart head coach with the best of intentions. These young men have enough distractions throughout their day. By keeping out distractions, they can stay focused on the game plan. I respect a coach who is willing to make the difficult and often unpopular decisions that will eventually lead to greatness. As a 100% pure GATOR fan, I want to see my team win games and if closing practice will help then so be it. Screw entertaing the fans with practice. WIN on Saturdays and we will be happy.

  32. I’ve been to practices several times and I just don’t buy into the claim that having 60-75 people (mostly families) sitting on the grass to watch a practice is somehow a distraction. What the he11 are these guys going to do when they have to play in front of 90,000?

  33. If anyone can remember all the bull**it reporting last year that imo single handedly shredded players confidence, then I personally think its a genius frigging idea. Nothing can derail progress like bad press. Can’t wait for the Orange and blue game to see what you guys have done coach boom.

    Go gators!

  34. i support the new head coach closing spring practice. i totally understand the reasoning behind it – we need the GATORS back. lets all remember last season – one of the worst in years. ready for a head man who is 100% into the job and having the big bad winning GATORS back!! GO GATORS!!

  35. Wow, some of you are completely ridiculous.
    Muschamp has the keys to the Florida football program and he can do whatever he wants with them.

    The man wants to win and so do the fans. If you want to just have a good time watching some spring practices and don’t care about the wins, then head to Athens.
    They don’t care either.

  36. As far as secrecy goes, whatever it takes. Coach Meyer’s strength and his weakness seemed to be related to his personal relationships. The way he made recruits feel like they had a personal relationship with the head man was a strength. The failure to get a replacement for Mullen may have been due to loyalty to Adazzio or the possibility that there just was not an OC candidate that he knew that was qualified. The excess mushiness of the last home game for the Tebow senior class made too deep a hole to get out of for Alabama which was ready. That and Adazzio’s incompetence were the downfall of the Coach. by wamgator

  37. These new practice sessions are not going to be PG. There will be a lot of attitude ajustments to be made. I don’t care how personable Coach Muschamp is as long as he wins games, bottom line. Everything else is icing on the cake. LET THE MAN DO HIS JOB!!!

  38. Can we put the past behind us already! My gosh people. WM has his hands full and needs to focus, so leaving you out might help. I am dreading the first time we loose and everyone goes negative and calls for the coaches head. These coaches have to get a completely new system installed on both sides of the ball, while at the same time getting to know the players and each other. This is a huge transformation that will take time and focus and the media and others wont be there to cause distraction. I am sure that after everything is up and running, practices will be reopened. Until then, lets get behind our new coaching staff and give them some time. And lets put the past behind us already. Go Gators!!

  39. I could care less how “good” of a man Addazio was. The reality is that the two areas of our team that he was responsible for were our two weakest aspects of our team. The O-line returned 4 starters last year and was TERRIBLE and the only thing worse than that was our offensive playcalling. Say whatever you want about Steve being a good guy but you can’t objectively say that he was a great coach. I think Addazio will be a better head coach than he was as an assistant. His strengths are recruiting and motivating players, not calling plays and teaching young players how to get better.

  40. These are some of the weirdest posts I’ve ever read here. Listen, arguing about Addazio just seems… pointless. And as for whether spring practice is open or closed, WHO CARES!

    I care about one thing… getting back to competing for SEC championships and NCs. In short, WINNING.

  41. It is beyond controlling information at Florida, it’s been beyond that for years. Just ask any reporter or radio host off the record and they’ll give you an ear full. At Florida they try to completely lock down information and control the flow. Reporters tell me it’s the worst school in the SEC. This goes to Foley, he’s been good to me but he’s been in power far too long. Practices are a great way to see the new kids, to see the third stringers along with the starters. It’s a great way to meet old friends and get to make new ones. All joined together by the common thread of their love for Gator football. You don’t get that here, a bunch of hacks beating on each others ideas. Going to a practice is for those who love to be there. I’ve rarely talked to someone unhappy there, they are all just so excited about being there and seeing their Gators. I feel lucky every chance I get to go, now it’s going to be gone forever. Having it opened or closed will not change the outcome of one single game next fall, not one.

  42. I am cool w/ them closing it down so that they can focus on their business without additional distractions from media and fans. I ‘m good with the spring game as the unveiling for both media and fans.

  43. What else can we find to complain about? NOBODY is sure that practices are closed forever and even though I would like to see them open, so friggin what. My gosh, let these people focus on building a winning team for gods sake and the rest will fall in place. If any of you were facing the task at hand, you would need a double dose of prozak. Give the new staff a break already. Let them do whatever it is they need to do to win. Go ahead and cuss me if you want, but these guys havent even found a house to live in and everybody is up in arms and worried about the small stuff. Let them at least unpack their suitcase…

  44. BEEP,
    Take a minute and go back and at the very least read what I said.I addressed the remarks from the point of view for the entire six years, not he one or two years that Addazzio was O.C., I think he SUCKS big time and was a horrible O.C.. I just don’t think you judge Meyers legacy on his loyalty to Addazzio, he gave a good offensive line coach and a good friend (loyal) to him a shot, it was a disaster, he realized it an actually quit not to ruin the career of a loyal friend. I can deal with and appreciate both of those decisions. My statement was not about not being critical of coaches, I just think that you should be fair and close to accurate even if it’s just an opinion and that’s all they are opinions, even yours so you can say what you please.

  45. SWAMPIE and ALL IN,
    I think it’s time to get over it and throw in the towel, look at it from the coaches point of view not as a selfish, loyal, spring practice Gator fan. Forget that arrogance, unaccomplished rookie head coach, Mack Brown wanna be comments and all of the rational ideas that these other posters have said and just look at it from the stand point of what would you do under the same conditions of having (virtually) all new coaches and all new players (because none of the players have played for you), new pffense and new defense to install in such a short time and try to take the field in the fall and win games for the very demanding Gator Nation (members like yourself) because the first lost is going to draw comparisons and criticism you won’t imagine, WHAT WOULD YOU DO???

  46. Swampie: You state that Foley has been good to you in the past but it’s time for him to go? And be replaced by who? You? Judging by how you finally ran what should have been a successful website into the ground, you’re the last person who should be giving advice on what is and is not good policy for the Gators and who should stay and who should go. It takes a geat deal of arrogance for one to call someone else that, especially since it’s someone you don’t know and who doesn’t yet have a track for as a HC for anyone to pass judgement on. You’re just sour grapes, Swampie. Go away and take your whining with you.

  47. GO GATORS!!!

    UF OFFENSE has been a train wreck for two years. Since SA was in charge it falls on him, no matter how good a guy he was. I agree with SCOOPTERP.

    Lets let WM do his job, that is coaching the football team. i for closed practices. It is better for the team – players, & coaches. We will look a lot different next year, i’m for not showing it to everyone we play next year.

    As for all you who think this is about yours rights as fans – get real.
    You have no rights, except to be blessed with great football on Saturdays.
    I do not care if WM is nice to you, or lets you see practices, etc.

  48. best thing to do now is move on the way meyer has.. yes, he brought this program to success unseen … I remember when he was hired, alot of you gatuhs were skeptical & thought spurrier was the man.. but meyer proved he was the right hire… now the same with muschomp.. he has to prove he has the mettle to coach this team which exists in an eternal fish bowl..personaly,
    with this staff (if it stays intact long enough ) HE WILL succeed..
    Go Gators! ! ! !

  49. I am sick of the persistent whining about the past. Adizzo, Meyer,Tebow. Give it a break whiners. Who cares if you can watch practice or not. CM knows what is best for the team I’m sure. Let the coaches do their job. dr

  50. Now the coach has closed practice and the combine event. Alienating the fans who pay his salary is not the “Florida Way!” Are the coachs afraid they might be a little embarrassed (sp?) about how they handle spring practice? Well, get over it or do a better job!

  51. I have a great idea. Why don’t they close the games to the public also? That will eliminate even more distractions and dangerous agents. They could just tell us who won the games – provided we sign up for gatorvision or some other website for $200 per year.

  52. WAHHHHHH WHHAAAA Like I said, not one person here could handle the pressure and the scrutiny of being the new head coach. Installing a brand new system with brand new coaches will take tons of focus by the players and the staff alike. Not one member of the staff has had a chance to coach yet and the complaints are flying. No stinkin wonder Meyer had health issues. Maybe you guys want him to leave the door open when he is in the bathroom too? Give me a break.

  53. It is what it is. Meyer closed almost all of the practices, except for a few. Pro Day has always been closed too. It was just a circus last year because of Tebow.
    I told you earlier practice would be closed, it has nothing to do with Gator Fans, the coaches don’t want every little thing reported or video on the internet.

  54. Thanks to Nick Saban, most SEC schools now have closed practices, lol (Vandy being the exception). Let’s get used to this for the rest of our lives. With a bad economy and new programs rising to the top, the fight to get the number one spot is getting tigher and harder to get each year. Personally, I prefer that my team be ready to rock on gameday than looking good in practice and horrible at games. The free world is not going to be the same after the events of 9/11, so even football has been affected. Just like we get super searched when we go to the airports, football practices will be close for the public from now on at big progams like UF.
    GO GATORS!!! Practice hard and play like grown up men!

  55. TWO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS were won having preseason football practices OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.! There is NO CORRELATION between having OPEN practice sessions and CLOSED practice session as far as winning/losing percentages goes – NONE!

    Spies and agents? So you honestly belileve that Nick Saban and Les Miles and Steve Spurrier,etc., are eagerly sitting at their desks awaiting the pencilled scratches of the U F practice sessions to be faxed to them? Really now!

    Distractions? New Coaches (million dollar babies), new players (highly recruited due to their high school prowess and expertise, ranked by everyone who watches sports) (ESPEN and RIVAL 100); will truly be terribly distracted by approx. 100 or so people sitting far back on small grassy knoll? WOW! Perhaps we are in deep kimpshee after all because I can’t imagine what will happen when 100,000 LOYAL GATOR FANS cheers and/or boos if the occasion calls for it.

  56. TWO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS were won when their preseaon practice sessions were OPEN to the FANs and GATOR NATION. There is NO CORRLATION between winning and losing percentages due to whether or not the preseason practice sessions were OPEN or CLOSED to the public – NONE!

    Spies and Agents? Do you honestly think that Nick Saban, Les Miles and Steve Spurrier and others, are eagerly sitting at their desks awaiting the U F practice drill skeetches to be faxed to them? Really now!

    Distractions? Let’s see..million dollar babies (Coaching Staff) and highly recruited AMATEUR players, both seasoned and new, will be distracted by 100 or so people sitting far back on their behinds on a small grassy knoll? These Coaches will hopefully discuss their “secret” data in their offices or quietly on the practice fields.

    Butt chewings? You really think the people sitting on their butts onthat little grassy knowll will be horribly offended if they hear a cuss word or two? Honestly? Chances are, they too know and understand that these players are explosively competitive and that when they screw up…yep, there will be some expletivies screamed out in disdain and disgust. But shocking to those on that little grassy knoll? I hardly think so!

    My tickets cost me right at $1600…they were all I could afford. I donate to other U F causes and concerns too – freely with no expectations! But us “blue collar” folks are having a mighty tough time right now financially too, but we are LOYAL GATOR NATION/FANS. We want to observe AMATEUR sportsmen practice their plays so we can get to learn their names and learn their faces BEFORE the Orange and Blue game for which I will drive 5 hours to see and rent a hotel, but food, expensive gas and so forth. Sure would be nice if the Team thought enough of me to let me at least sit my butt onthat little grassy knoll and learn these new faces. But what the heck…I am just a FAN, a LOYAL FAN, what do I know about such matters!

    Will Muschamp – OPEN UP THESE PRACTICE SESSIONS! Why? BECAUSE IT IS JUST THE RIGHT THING TO DO! Do it because it is, for no other reason, simply the right thing to do!

  57. Good God, enough already. I know some of you think you know how to run one of the top football programs in the country, but I think I’ll side with Muschamp on this one. Its his team and its his job – not mine – not yours – to get this team ready for August. I can’t think of a more silly arguement than – “shame on the coach for closing practices, so I can’t watch them”. Stupid.

  58. Just wondering how many other school havr closed practices. I really doesn’t effect what Florida wants to do but would be an interesting bit of information. Are closing practices the trend now to keep whatever a school plans as secr et as possible. especially in the season when teams implement defenses based what they saw opposing offenses do and come up with an offensive game plan to take advantage of defensive weaknesses. Open practices would be the same as headlining the game plan. I will love watching the Gators play and leave the planning to the coaches and trust them to disseminate information/misinformation or whatever to help them win!

  59. Think back to last season and all the unnecessary negative attention Deonte Thompson’s comments about Tebow made. Now the entire coaching staff has changed. The Gators don’t need a bunch of reporters around attempting to get some negative sound byte comparing Muschamp to Meyer, or Weiss to Addazio. Neither the University or the players need that distraction. Good move coach. Do what you do. Most of us wouldn’t know what the hell we were looking at anyway. See you in the Swamp on April 9. Swampie, you’re a UT fan trying to stir up trouble. And who gives a damn about Meyer or Addazio at this point. They don’t work here anymore.