Inglorious return for ex-Gator


Florida football player Jamar Hornsby is back in Gainesville — to do jail time. On Monday, Hornsby started serving a 90-day sentence in the Alachua County Jail for violation of probation related to a Mississippi conviction.

Hornsby, as you’ll recall, was booted off the UF football team following his arrest in 2007 for charging gas to the credit car of deceased UF student Ashley Slonina, who was killed along with Gator walk-on player Michael Guilford in a motorcycle accident the Thursday night of the Gators’ open date that season.

Hornsby allegedly used the credit card nearly 70 times after Slonina’s death.

Hornsby was on probation following a plea agreement with the State Attorney’s Office in Gainesville. He was a student at East Mississippi Community College (who had recently signed with Ole Miss) when he was arrested and charged with assaulting a man with brass knuckles during an altercation in a Starkville, Miss., McDonald’s parking lot. He violated his plea agreement in Alachua County when he pled guilty to simple assault in the Mississippi case — which has brought back him to Gainesville to do jail time.

Hornsby was considered by many to be a can’t-miss recruit coming out of high school in Jacksonville. But he missed in a big way.


  1. Who knows what else this thug has done gotten away with. Too bad jamar, you are way ahead of your time. Back in the day ,you would have fit in well with nebraska & a few others .. sometimes a selfish , shameless one like you MUST learn the hard way. that is, if you ever DO learn.

  2. Again the number of stars and hs stats don’t always reveal the strength of one’s character. Too bad Jamar made some bad choices which will detrementally effect his future. What a waste but ultimately it was his choice. I still don’t understand why some of these guys make the choices that they do when they have such a bright future within their grasp. No excuse.

  3. A man once told me there are no losers. He went onto say that there are some REAL slow winners. Hornsby’s a kid who could challenge his statement, using a deal gal’s credit card and brass knuckles, that’s just plain mean.