McShay weighs in on 3 Gators in the 2011 NFL Draft


I got on a conference call with ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay today and had a chance to ask him about three Gators in the upcoming draft — Mike Pouncey, Ahmad Black and Will Hill. Here’s what McShay had to say:

On Pouncey: “The problem with Mike Pouncey is that he’s compared to his brother, Maurkice. And his brother is just on a different level. Mike is a good player, he really is. I know he had some struggles with the center position with the snaps early in the season and pretty much got that figured out. He moves well. I like his feet, and his potential to play guard and/or center. When all is said and done, he maybe could come off the board late in the first round, but more likely in the second round. In the right system, his versatility and quickness give him a chance to become one of the upper-echelon interior linemen starters in the NFL three or four years down the road.”

On Black: “Ahmad Black, to me, when you look at safety, he belongs in the lower portion of the day 2 range (in the draft). I’ve got him with a third-round grade. It’s not a great safety class, and that helps him. I think Black is just off that top-five range (among the safeties). I have him at No. 7 overall (strong and free). He’s just small. But he plays hard, he’s always around the ball, he’s instinctive. He’s the type of player you know is going to contribute on special teams and find a way to contribute on defense. I just don’t know if it’s going to be as a full-time impact starter. That’s why it’s hard to give him a grade in the first two rounds.”

On Hill: “I think Black is clearly the better prospect of the two (Florida) safeties. Will Hill is more of a late-round prospect. I’ve got him in the late fifth-, early sixth-round range. I’ve got him as the 16th overall safety. He has a better size/speed combination and he looks the part, but he’s not as instinctive and athletic as Black. He’s going to be asked a lot of questions and he’s going to have to answer them sincerely, and NFL teams are going to have to feel comfortable with him. When you’re one of the top 30, 40 or 50 players, teams will overlook more. When it comes to guys in the 150 to 250 overall, like Will Hill, obviously there are going to be those (character) questions. There are some durability issues as well. When you just stack him up on tape as a football player, he’s not in the top 100, or even the top 130, in this year’s class. He’s going to have to interview well and pass the medical exams and have no issues and really work out well to solidify his spot in one of those final three rounds of the draft.”


  1. McShay was wrong about Tebow and now he is saying Cam Newton is not a first round QB. Todd- Cam Newton will be the first QB drafted this year! You can take that to the bank. Just wait and see. Where do they get these “experts” from???

  2. he should have crawled back into his hole after his Tebow “evaluation”.
    Look, if this guy was any good , he’d be working for a team in the NFL.But then after the garbage he’s put out, who’d want him? just another blow hard still seeking the attention mommy did’nt give him… Go Gators

  3. Not sure why you guys are dumping on McShay. His analysis is dead on. Will Hill is mediocre at best and I can’t fathom why he would leave early. Ahmad Black is one of the best safeties in Gator history, but he is undersized. Urban told him every day for a year that he was too small and slow to play for the Gators. He had to go out and earn his way onto the field and IMO will do the same in the NFL. Mike Pouncey WILL be compared to his twin brother, but what Maurkice accomplished this season is absolutely incomparable. Also, while I love Tebow, frankly the jury is still out on whether he can be a productive QB in the NFL. Two starts just aren’t enough.

  4. McShay haters calm down! He is only giving “his” opinion. Besides, he will not be interviewing, or hiring, any of these stellar athletes. I think he is a good analyst that is a little upset that the F-L-A gets so much love….

  5. Who cares what this guy thinks, he probly never stepped on a football field in his life. To say that Black wont do that well just because of his size discredits him mightily. He is a football player and a really good one, period. If you have seen him play you know that. Stop printing this garbage

  6. I appreciate his blunt analysis of Will Hill. He camae in with so much fan fare (was the #1 recruit in his class) and unfortunately did not achieve those expectations. He was a good tackler on special teams and made some good plays, but was too inconsistent and was frequently having attitude problems. He did not achieve his potential at UF. I hope he does well in the NFL, but its sad he did not achieve what we were all hoping for.

  7. The Gators should have played Will Hill at WR….just to see who would drop more balls…him or Deonte Thompson. My lord…what a waste of talent so far between those two players. The difference is, Deonte Thompson has a lot of character positives working for him. Hill has few or none. So, I think Deonte has a chance to finally turn things around this year. Hill has a chance to not even get drafted…and a better chance of landing a job at Burger King as a manager in training…maybe.

  8. P.S. Good luck to Ahmad Black…if Hill had half the heart and soul Ahmad Black does…he would be an All-American and a first round draft choice. Ahmad will “Will” hisself onto the field with an NFL team….no pun intended.

  9. Will Hill could NOT be a manager at BK, but could be a special teams player, lol. I think he has unbelievable athleticism, but no ball skills compared to Reggie Nelson or Ahmad Black. Nelson has been a bust, hopefully the same fate doesn’t fall upon Black.
    I do not like McShay either, but his assessments this time seem pretty accurate.

  10. McShay is someone who played backup QB at the University of Richmond (never really played) and has become an expert by watching players play…the same goes for Mel Kiper Jr. Why don’t these guys just go away. They both think they are the equivalent of NFL scouts and think their opinion really counts to General Managers of the NFL. Look, any of us who watch football could come as close as they do predicting who goes in what round.

  11. These are the same people who label JaMarcus Russell as can’t miss and Tebow as a bust before they ever take a snap. How do these clowns get jobs as sports analysts? Kiper is even worse. It’s painful listening to these idiots, they make Beano Cook look smart, but ESPN has so much of the sports market cornered. Urban will be a diamond in a dung heap working at that place.

  12. Todd McShay should get a real job and quit getting a cut from agents for whom he is pushing specific players. I think he’s a joke…why does the NFL and all the rest of media believe what he says? They give him so much validity, why? Who died and left him in charge?

  13. Quotes about JaMarcus Russell:

    “I can’t remember being in such awe of a quarterback in my decade of attending combines and pro days.” – ESPN’s Todd McShay

    “(Russell)is going to immediately energize that fanbase, that football team — on the practice field, in that locker room. Three years from now you could be looking at a guy that’s certainly one of the elite top five quarterbacks in this league. …You’re talking about a 2-3 year period once he’s under center. Look out because the skill level that he has is certainly John Elway-like.” – ESPN’s Mel Kiper

    Since those quotes (by 2 of the biggest morons in p-layer analysis):

    – Russell is out of football; hasn’t played since 2009.

    –’s Steve Wyche claimed that Russell is the biggest draft bust in NFL history.

    – His tenure with the Oakland Raiders was the shortest tenure with the drafting team among quarterbacks taken number 1 overall in the NFL draft. Also among those quarterbacks, Russell has the worst starting record.

    – Russell’s 2009 passer rating of 50.0 was the lowest rating by a starting quarterback in the NFL since 1998.

    – Russell’s final stats are 52.1% pass completion percentage, 18 TD’s 23 INT’s, a passer rating of 65.2, and 15 lost fumbles.

  14. Todd McShay is like the television personalities paid to bring ratings who tell you how to invest your money. They sound like they know something but after you track their guidance, you find it wasn’t worth a whole lot. The guys that bring enough measurables along with a gung ho attitude, a willingness to absorb what they can learn and a zeal for improvement defy guys like McShay every year. Not just Tebow, but Brandon Siler, Bobby McCray and Marquis colston.

  15. After watching the Tim Tebow predraft documentary, I actually have a little more respect for McShay. Its obvious that Mel Kiper said no to allowing tv clips of himself trashing Tebow to be used because he is conspicuously absent from the entire documentary. McShay on the other hand isn’t trying to hide from all the things he said even though he may be proven wrong later. At least that’s what I took out of it.

  16. Tampa Gator I like ur Donte crack. Guys anyone can be a bust and anyone can be a nobody and be a good player. The Green Bay starting running back in the Super Bowl wasn’t drafted. Think before you speak. Nobody in the world is always right. Especially about 1000’s of 21-24 year old men given hundreds-of-thousands to millions of dollars.

  17. Mike needs to play guard at the next level, black is the best safety in the draft its a shame his height will effect his draft stock. Hill needs to go jump off the bridge, the guy has no shot at the next level. the bridge, the guy has no shot at the next level.

  18. The reason guys like McShay, Kiper, and Colon Coward are wrong so often is they always fail to account for intelligence, character, heart, and work ethic. Even casual football fans understand there’s a lot more to an outstanding football player than just measurables.

  19. LOL at the fanboys crying about McShay’s comments on Tebow.

    The guy who defied McShay and drafted Tebow got canned before the season ended after singlehandedly destroying his team.

    Meanwhile, there’s still no evidence Tebow can play.

    The great John Elway has his questions about Tebow’s ability. Perhaps Elway has no ideas what he’s talking about.

  20. T go crawl back under the rock you came from! This dude Mcshay sucks at evaluating talent…Black will be a starter in the pros. Mike should be fine as an guard or center, I’m sure our last coaching staff didn’t prepare last years team to their full capabilities anyway (no diss to Urban that’s just how I feel). And Will Hill had 1 potentially ok season in 09 but even that wasn’t that great.

    And for the record Tebow seems to be doing ok for an rookie that only started 3 games. Compare the stats from the rookie QB’s and his look pretty promising!

  21. Uh, T…..last time I saw an NFL game, the coach was on the sideline, the 11 players were on the field and you were a moron, probably still in short pants. The only thing correct about your assessment is that Elway has said he thinks Tim can play, he’s just not sure he wants him in Denver (Any chance you’re smart enough to think there might be some jealousy involved? If Tim he does turn out to be as great as Gator fans know he can be, then Elway’s legacy in Denver will be eclipsed…) Just think about it. I know it’s hard for you to use that much brain power all at once….

  22. Todd McShay? You mean the dweeb who demonstrates how ignorant hs is about the game of football every time he opens his mouth? The “Tim Tebow is not a qb prospect?, Todd McShay. Why are you guys promoting that no-nothing punk? Are you that hard up for content? You have lost ALL credibility with this Gator.

  23. McShay is an idiot! I put absolutely NO stock into whatever he has to say. He along w/ Desmond Howard hate anything Gator-related so whatever his evaluation is he can keep it. They’re both idiots. The only thing that he had close was Will Hill. He will get drafted late if at all & then blow coverages and miss assignments once he gets into the league. Good riddance to him!

  24. You guys are too much. Just because he didn’t bow down to Tebow he sucks. He had some reasonable concerns about Tebow and we was certainly not alone.

    As for Will Hill. I’m sure he’ll do great on the interview. Hope they ask him questions in ebonics.

  25. Looks like the Sun’s budget has taken a big hit lately if the best they can get is Mcshay. The only thing this guy can do is read 40 times and make a mountain out of tiny flaws. Basically what I read from this article was:

    OMG OMG Ahmad Black is only 5’9″! If he was 5’11” he would be in the Hall of Fame but he’s not so he can’t play in the NFL.

  26. Mcshay and Kiper are two talking bobble heads who haven’t picked a draft right since they started. Also horrible at evaluating talent.
    I say the Gators have two taken in the first round with Pouncey and Black. Will Hill may work his way up to the first round too depending on his interviews and workouts, but he’ll go no later than the second just on skills.
    Why no Love for Chaz Henrey. He is a hell of a punter, one of the best i’ve ever seen at Florida and runs down to tackle the guy he kicks it to also. What more do u want in a kicker? Expect him to go to a team in dire need of a great punter. rounds 1 thru 5 anyone’s guess.

  27. McShay is a “D”-ouch-e! First Class!…
    He’s right on Hill, to a point though. Still, he’s an “A”zz and I wouldn’t value anything he says, ever!
    If he was running from a building and was screaming “FIRE”, I’d still wait unti lthe next person ran by to react.
    Pouncey and Black will find good homes. Hill left early for no real reason, other than maybe ego..?? Still, nothing extends value to what McShay says! –No one EVER should care 2 dead flies for anything that idiot sputters out of his over-rated mouth!
    He must have some pretty compromising photos of someone important at ESPN! – To call him an idiot, deflates the meaning of the word!

  28. Mike Brown, the Cincinnati Bungles idiot owner, called the acquisition of Reggie Nelson a “great pick up” for his team!….
    I loved the Eraser at Florida, but he left Jacksonville w/o much “Erasing”!…..He was something Special in Orange and Blue, though…and, hopefully there’s a spot on staff for him when he’s ready to take it.
    Go Gators!

  29. I just want to add that guys like McShay and Kiper are only entertainers, they get paid to just run their mouths because we listen. There isn’t one NFL team that gives a flying flip what either of those guys say lol. Go Gators!

  30. There was a graphic on ESPN the other day showing the top high school recruits in the last several years. Three guys graded a 95, the Clowney kid SC just picked up, Julio Jones the Bama WR, a 3rd guy (I forget) and right behind them with a 94 grade was Will Hill. That panned out well if a 94 means excellent special teams player! Go Gators!

  31. Todd McShay lost so much credibility as an NFL draft analyst when he predicted Tebow was going to be a 3rd round pick at best. I hope all of you have seen “Tim Tebow: Everything in Between” documentary. Talk about an inspiring story for all of us and yet humbling lesson for Todd McShay courtesy of my boy Tim Tebow.

    @ M. Pouncey: Don’t worry man, you always graded out a Champion in Adazzio’s offense.
    @ A. Black: Dude you maybe small but you look and play like a giant on the field.
    @ W. Hill: If you had not partied so much in college, you would have increased your chances to be an earlier round pick…Now stay true to yourself and embrace the challenges ahead. Good Luck to all of you Gators!

  32. BSJgator – you are the dumbest man alive.

    Elway jealous Tebow might usurp his legacy ?

    Are you insane ?

    NOBODY will eclipse Elway in Broncos lore. Nobody.

    Peyton manning hasn’t managed to eclipse Unitas in Colts lore; Tim f’ing Tebow sure as hell isn’t eclipsing John Elway for christ’s sake.

  33. Poor BSJ missed the point. I wish I had a coloring book to draw it for you, so here goes.

    The ONLY person in the world who had Tebow going in the first round is now coaching Sam Bradford in SL.

    Zero to do with Tebow’s abilities – McShay was right on the money. Gator nation are the only ones who cheered at McDaniels picking Tebow; the rest of the football world let go a collective “huh?”

    That includes people with a hell of a lot more rings than any Gator QB has won.

    LOL, Elway, who is in charge of restoring his beloved franchise to greatness is going to pick bum qbs so his legacy never gets eclipsed.

    Good god man, lay off the Krisy Kreme.

  34. NFL stats – Jimmy Clausen – 10 starts, 3 TD’s, 9 int’s, 58.4 rating, 1,558 yards passing, 57 yards rushing, no rushing TD’s. Colt McCoy – 8 starts, 6 TD’s, 9 int’s, 74.5 rating, 1,576 yards passing, 136 yards rushing, 1 rushing TD. Tim Teebow, 3 starts, 5 TD’s, 3 int’s, 82.1 rating, 654 yards passing, 227 yards rushing, 6 rusing TD’s. 11 TD’s in 3 starts…not bad. Tim’s a winner and a model citizen, perhaps some of you prefer your sports heroes to be more like Miguel Cabrera…nice, drink scotch in front of a St. Lucie County cop!

  35. Won’t we all be shocked when Will Hill is in the pro Bowl, Ahmad is a starter and Pouncey is the starting center for a Super Bowl contender.

    No one seems to know what the future holds: desire, latent ability, brains, hell, the weather seem to factor in. With Black, he has the ability and was coached by one of the best safeties coaches in college football; Hill was coached by the same guy and has family to motivate him; Pouncey has the genes (apparently) but was the victim of poor coaching IMO.

  36. Wow! Looks like I hit T’s last nerve. If so, good!

    His assertions regarding NOBODY eclipsing Unitas, et. al., are based on prognostications he isn’t competent to render. Unlike christ (sic) T CANNOT predict the future!

    His disdain for Tebow is based on what? He doesn’t like Tim as a person? He’s jealous Tim can do things T will never do?

    If he was half the analyst of football he asserts, he wouldn’t claim Tebow’s untalented, or unqualified to play in the NFL.

    Clearly, T prefers to see Tim’s potential as a glass half empty, while we to see it as a glass half full. Frankly, we don’t care what the rest of the football world thinks of Tebow, or his capabilities. “In all kinds of weather, we’ll all stick together…”

    If T thinks Elway doesn’t have the ego to screw a QB who might eclipse his place in Bronco’s lore, while trying to rebuild his “beloved franchise to greatness,” then he’s simply delusional about the egos of pro athletes.

    T! Dude! The Broncos haven’t been consistently good in their history except during Elway’s run at QB.

    Btw, T, both “Christ” and “God” should be capitalized, and neither should be used in this context.

  37. lol @ BSJ

    I said no such thing about Tebow being untalented or anything of the sort. I said McShay’s assessment of his draft projections weren’t inaccurate. Apparently down in jorts country they didn’t tell you that the entire knowledgeable football world was stunned when the now fired McDaniels pretty much got Mike Lynn’d when he traded away a disturbing amount of picks for a guy who was going to be around on their next pass through.

    That’s why McDaniels is now coaching Sam Bradford instead of running a team.

    I also said no such thing about nobody eclipsing Unitas. I said Manning hasn’t eclipsed him and nobody will eclipse Elway in Broncos lore. That’s kind of how it works in football, junior – the “first” will always be the legend, no matter what. Elway – Broncos, Unitas-Colts, Montana-Niners, Staubach-Cowboys.

    In fact, should Tebow win rings in Denver, it will only bring Elway back into the discussion given the unavoidable comparisons – extremely athletic, extremely competitive, a little raw with the mechanics.

    But hey, you keep believing that Elway plans to secretly undermine his franchise. I bet you think Danny Wuerffel got shafted because be embarrassed Manning in college so when he went to daddy Manning’s old NFL team, they secretly plotted to ruin his NFL chances, don’t ya.

    As for capitalizing god and christ, if it bothers you, take it up with your pastor, you bible thumping redneck moron.

  38. Speaking of morons, moron, go back and read it again….. I said Elway might consider sinking his QB, never said a thing about sinking his team. And, we could argue all day about the QB being the heart of the team, etc., etc., But, it’d be like your calling me a “bible-thumping redneck moron,” a lot of conjecture with minimal basis in fact. Btw, there ought to be a hyphen between bible and thumping, and commas between “thumping, redneck, and moron,” moron….”T,” I love throwing bombs at people like you, because you always rise to the bait. Love ya, brotha….ha

  39. That’s great. I said undermine, not sink. Just like I said Manning hasn’t eclipsed Unitas.

    For a guy who screams about punctuation and capitalization, you sure do miss the important things.

    “And, we could argue all day about the QB being the heart of the team, etc., etc., But, it’d be like your calling me a “bible-thumping redneck moron,” a lot of conjecture with minimal basis in fact.”

    That compositional disaster is made doubly hilarious by the fact that the very next sentence is where you go on to lecture about hyphens and commas.

    Of course, you’re now getting hung up on commas and hyphens because you’ve officially realized I did not say Tebow lacks for talent, and you’re desperately trying to change the argument. Common tactic for the foaming-at-the-mouth fanboy types.

    You know, you have something in common with a lot of other online people. The biggest users of the words “assertion” and “conjecture” are typically the foaming-at-the-mouth type of person, people who apparently become so enraged that you offer less than praise for the object of their desire, they start spewing out English 101 versions of the words “claim” and “opinion” while simultaneously missing the entire point.

    With your rampant use of liberal words, I’m just shocked we haven’t yet seen a request for “civil discourse.”