Notes: Weis is on the job


People have been calling and texting and wondering when new offensive coordinator Charlie Weis is going to arrive in Gainesville. Well, he’s here. Actually, he’s not here, he’s on the road recruiting for the Gators, so he is now officially working for Florida less than a week after coaching the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense in the NFL playoffs.

On Friday, Weis was scheduled to be in the West Palm Beach area, paying a visit to Palm Beach Dwyer quarterback Jacoby Brissett, one of the top-rated dual-threat quarterbacks in the nation. It appears the Gators now want to add a second quarterback to this recruiting class to go along with Jeff Driskel, who is already enrolled at UF.

With the Gators hosting several recruits this weekend, Weis will be in Gainesville with Will Muschamp and the rest of the Florida coaches.

There is no word yet (from the Brantley family) whether Weis has had a chance to sit down with senior quarterback John Brantley, who is enrolled in classes but has been holding off on a decision whether to remain at UF until he meets with Weis.

Hill makes if official
As expected, junior free safety Will Hill has filed his paperwork to enter the NFL Draft. Hill’s father, Will Hill, confirmed to The Sun earlier in the week that his son was declaring for the draft and would skip his senior season at UF.

“Although I didn’t have a chance to coach Will Hill, we certainly wish him the best of luck in the NFL,’’ Muschamp said. “Like all of our players, we hope he understands the value of his education and returns to get his degree.”

Surgery for two UF players
Florida football players David Young and Neiron Ball underwent successful surgeries this week, head coach Will Muschamp announced Friday.

Young, a 6-foot-4, 304-pound offensive lineman, had surgery to remove hardware from his left knee that was in place from a previous surgery in September. Young, a redshirt sophomore in 2010, appeared in the first two games of the year before his surgery ended his season. It is anticipated that Young will be limited for spring practice.

Ball, a 6-2, 214-pound linebacker, had surgery to repair a sports hernia. Ball was a key member of UF’s special teams units, appearing in all 13 games and tallying 10 tackles as a true freshman in 2010. Ball is expected to return and participate in spring drills.


  1. Shut Up Jack…. How do you know? You guys just lost Lynch so what makes you so sure. We are full force on the recruiting trail now baby!!!! with all these pro coachesin these players ears. Sounds like money to me hahahahah!!!!

  2. Welcome to Gator Nation and Florida Charlie. Go get em. This is a great opportunity for all.

    Any recruit not seeking Florida… is out of his mind with the NFL coaching we have lined up. Big things are coming soon.

  3. Hey have we completed our coaching staff by now. I was certain we had one more spot to fill. Also is it true Trey is going to the defensive side to be a safety? How did this come to pass when he has done so much for our offense. This to me is a bad move I know he is a football player in the fact he can play all over the place. However has he ever played defense. This seems to me to be a stretch. At least give him a chance at fullback or tightend. I hope im wrong.

  4. Welcome Coach. Go get’em. Gator Nation is proud to have you a part of the best school in the country. No more dive plays with a 160lb back soaking wet. YEA!! I hope you get Brantley to stay so he can show gator nation he is a great QB. The kid had no chance last year. GO GATORS!!!! See you GATORS in ATL next year.

  5. Still think Burton will end up at FB IMO. Glad Brantley didn’t knee-jerk and move on without talking with Weis. It will be good to see him actually get coached up good by Weis, who’s an excellent QB’s coach, and hopefully, JB will finally be given a chance in a pro-set style offense that will play to his skill-set.

  6. Poor Jack, it not really time to worry yet at least wait until November when its time to visit the SWAMP. I think Brisset is a very smart move and I’m sure he will sign with the Gators. He was really only waiting for the offer and see what Weis plan would be for him. The story about Trey moving to defense is a new one on me and I very seriously doubt that that one is a true story, Jack probably started that to get some attention under some other name. I would seriously dismiss that one until you hear some official mumblings about that. I hop Muschamp is beating the brushes for some of those defensive players that are still out there. To date we have been pretty bad with offensive line though, I hope we can pull off at least two surprises in that area. But when it all said and done in two – three weeks we will still be OK because we are THE GATOR NATION!! GO GET EM GATORS!!!

  7. Trey Burton is definitely moving to safety. I’ve read it not only in posts, but in a couple of articles lately. Apparently, he was a very, very good safety in HS before switching to QB due to team need as he was the best athlete on the team.

  8. Creek, the word on Burton came either fom the coaching staff or Burton himself a few weeks ago. I can’t recall which right now, but if you search the GSMB forums you’ll see it there. I was baffled by it at first, but it seems to be a smart move. He’s not going to be a QB, not big enough to be a FB, we’ve got better TBs, could maybe be a TE but I think the Weis blocking assignments will require someone bigger, and he’s good, but not the best option as an X, Y , or Z. However, I could see him as a killer SS. I think it shows the smarts of the new regime. He’s a player.

  9. Still hoping that the Gators will seriously look at some big running backs in the Jerome Bettis, Mike Alstott, Ron Dayne mold. Jalston Fowler took his 6’2″ 240 pound frame to Alabama to play third string behind the Tide’s two starting running backs. He evn switched to klinebacker so he could get some playing time! Maybe now, with a pro style set, the Gators will pursue some big bruising guys to supplement our speedy tailbacks. Them dive plays with even 210 pound tailbacks just didn’t work and the teams who had a power run game did well last year! Heck, Oregon even slipped into our backyard to get a power tailback from Taylor County who starred on their team.
    See some great running backs coming in the 2011 class but more would also be great, especially with the runs up the middle, dive type plays. It’ll also keep the run game fresh as the defense gets worn down!

  10. This is great news for recruiting. How about some conformation on whether Bryant Young is our new D-Line Coach. That would give us 5 superbowl rings coaching with more NFL experience than any other coaching staff in the nation.

  11. Brantley is staying. Not that he really had any option. It is unlikely that the NCAA would have granted him an exception to play after transferring after his junior year. Likely he would lose his eligibility to play if he transferred.

    Burton has already made the switch to defense. Reports are that it was his request. Hopefully his transition goes as well as Joe Hayden’s did.

  12. Wow how about this coaching staff. I know one thing we did one hell of a job in that recuriting department. I can’t see how this kids coming out of high school would not want to come to FL. The NFL contacts pluse proven track records these guys have. I would think every kid in a America would want to come to UF. This is great for GATOR NATION. Can we start the season tomorrow. Great Job WM. These kids should be excited to get back to work. Us has GATOR NATION should be standing proud now. GO GATORS

  13. I’m totally knumb about this news. Mainly because unless Driscoll absolutley tears it up in spring….there are no other options. Hopefully Weiss can teach him pocket prescence, to throw it away outside of the pocket, to throw towards first dowm markers on third down, properly go through his progressions…..wait let me breathe a minute…… ok to field snaps properly, forget the last play, and finally take a few shots down field. Sounds like a lot but heck he’s been here half a decade.

  14. Considering that by far most of these kids will never see a day of professional football, they would be absolutely stupid to go to a school like FSU over Florida. If you want an edge on getting a decent job in the state of Florida, you’d be stupid not to go to Florida if you have the chance, there’s a 100,000 students in this state that want into Florida, and have nightmares about having to settle for a school like FSU.

  15. NFL coaches may help with recruiting, but before we announce ourselves as SEC champs, try to remember NFL coaching doesn’t always equate college success.
    It can, and it may, but it’s not guaranteed. Coaching in the NFL is different: not as much teaching of fundamentals (not that college seems to do that much nowadays either), and more of a coach to not lose, rather than coach to win attitude.
    Let’s hope with Muschamp at the helm, he’ll keep the aggressive attitude he has and his coaches follow suit. 🙂

  16. Burton to safety is awesome! He and his brother are going to tear it up! Let’s see how good Weis is he has his work cut out for him with. Brantley. Look at Stanford if you want to see what NFL coaches can do in college. I know its pac-12 but a good mixture of college coaches with NFL ties can only help us. Go Gators!

  17. Guys, all I said was, “Jacoby is coming to Tallahassee.” I just hope he does–that’s all that means. You guys must be pretty desperate if you are that sensitive. You need to chill out like Todd and Quickened. They know I’m just here to have some fun. UF has a great program and will land a lot of serious talent–you have nothing to worry about.



  18. Corey:

    When did FSU become such a hack school? Last time I checked we have Pulitizer-prize winners and Nobel Laureates walking the campus. UF’s rankings are a bit better, but it sounds like you think FSU is a hack school. There are great students who come out of FSU AND Florida.

    Seriously, Gator fans, you guys need to realize that you are not Harvard or Notre Dame. Just be happy with what you have and quit trying to be others.


  19. hey guys…no need to rip on Jack (besides the fact that he roots for the wrong team). Jack, you are pretty bright for a Nole and it’s nice to see that Jimbo has resurrected your program from the dead and made our rivalry exciting again!

  20. If Charlie Weis can make John Brantley look better than he did last year will be a huge plus. Because he is horrible. I hope he has to compete for job and not be given it totally. Anyway hope he does great and not look as bad as he look all of last year. And heres hoping Will and Charlie do a great job this year. Go Gators.

  21. @Jack

    I know you’re just poking fun.. Actually it is kind of amusing. Guess you know that Jimbo Fisher and Will Muschamp co-own a beach condominium. I really do root for FSU when they’re not playing the Gators. Rivalry is one of the things that makes college football fun. Just hope that we can keep the mean spirited out of it. Go Gators and I DO believe that we will beat FSU this year.

  22. Gators have one of the most loaded young teams from the last two years in recruiting…every third year there has to be a small dip due to how many spots we have available in scholarships. I truly think we will have the a huge signing day experience with our new staff having to make a late push. Let’s not forget the talent these coaches already have on a silver platter.

  23. Burton to defense is a great move as his football IQ makes him elite. On offense he would be a waste simply playing FB. He will either utilized as a slash player, since he’s proven to be able to pick up playbooks intantly or he’ll go to one of the most difficult positions and be a leader on Defense. most people overllok at how hard defensive schemes are to learn and thats where you want your smartest players to be.

  24. …”Charlie is out beating the bushes. Be afraid!”…

    Poor bushes! He’d be brutal just walking through them!…
    Chunky’s brashness is appealing to some, and he has his rings and recent success at KC to kick into the kitty….still,
    He was pizz poor at ND (see his record past years 1 and 2 – and note NO BIG WINS, and only one against a ranked team) when he used his “highly” rated recruits…sans Floyd and Tate at wr.
    Jimmy Clausen had a QB trainer with him since he was a fetus, and still wasn’t a top 10 QB in any season he played….Now, Carolina is in desperation mode at the position, despite drafting the Jimmy and Tony Pike in the last draft! So, I guess, we’ll wait and see on Chunky’s value.
    Maybe he’s only suppose to be an O-corr?…as Gator fans, we better hope that’s the case!…
    Tom Brady thinks a lot of him, and HE’S kinda good.

  25. FSU has had good classes before, but they continued to under-develop and under-coach their players. A number of their classes were smoke and mirrors though, as they counted high-star ranked players who didn;t qualify one year against that class and then the next too. FSU will always get some good players, they’ll have some good classes, but the days of recruiting domination in a certain region by one school are over. Parity has been established. FSU tho. needs several top five classes to build much-needed depth.

  26. Burton is definitely moving to Safety. He posted so on his Twitter a few weeks ago after the bowl game. He played QB and Safety is HS. His HS coach has been on record saying that Trey Burton would be an average college QB, but would be a college all-american at Safety. I for one love the move. Brisset will definitely be a Gator! Bank on it!

  27. @Gatorbread,
    Maybe you can answer this question: What about Tyler Murphy? Why is he the forgotten QB in all this? Last I heard he was a great D-1 recruit, goes to class, practices hard, does not complain, etc. Why is no one even talking about him? I liked the kid when we recruited him, but since then, bupkus! What is up with Tyler Murphy?

  28. Rooferman,
    Since Murphy was recruited by Adazio from Conn. Don’t be surprised to see a transfer soon. (If it’s not already in the works). If Murph stays around I would be surprised to see him stay at the QB position. He was an excellent athlete in HS and given his physical size (6’2” 200lb) I wouldn’t be surprised to see him turn up at the WR or LB position at spring camp. Outside of my own speculation, I haven’t heard anything about Murph on any message boards, articles or mags. I can’t imagine him fitting into CW’s pro-set sceme