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Some random thoughts:

• In the UF release announcing that cornerback Janoris Jenkins is returning for his junior season, it sounds like Jenkins made his decision based solely on the information he received from the NFL. Many were projecting Jenkins as a first-round pick if he came out. Maybe he was hearing something different from those who actually know — the NFL guys who scout, study tape and judge these players. It seems pretty obvious Jenkins’ shoulder surgery in December played a role in this. While recovering from a torn labrum, Jenkins would not have been able to work out for the NFL coaches and scouts heading into the draft. Granted, the NFL has plenty of impressive tape on Jenkins from this past season alone, but some teams may have been reluctant to use a first-round pick on someone they could not work out. Jenkins is a great pro prospect, but not quite that great.

Now that the Kansas City Chiefs have been eliminated from the playoffs, new UF offensive coordinator Charlie Weis should be making his way to Gainesville in the next day or two to start shaping the Gators’ offense (and do some recruiting). Word out of K.C. is that Weis had his play-calling duties taken away from him by head coach Todd Haley in the second half of Sunday’s one-sided loss to the Baltimore Ravens. If true, it further explains why Weis would leave the NFL for the same position at Florida. This is an accomplished offensive coordinator who, I imagine, would find it intolerable to work under a head coach who would be so controlling. By all accounts, Weis will be free to run his offense and call the plays at UF.

While Weis is on his way to UF, the Gators new defensive coordinator, Seattle defensive line coach Dan Quinn, will continue his run in the NFL playoffs. After upsetting the defending Super Bowl champs Saturday, the Seahawks travel to Chicago on Sunday. Some are wondering if Quinn’s absence at UF will have a negative effect on recruiting. I don’t think it will in the least. Will Muschamp is/was one of the best defensive coordinators in college football, and it’s his defense the Gators will be running. When he talks to the defensive players UF is recruiting, he can point that out. He can also point out that the Gators’ new defensive coordinator is having an impact on one of the eight remaining teams in the NFL playoffs. So, it’s all good. I don’t see the Gators losing any recruits because their defensive coordinator is involved in the NFL playoffs. Quinn will get here when he gets here.


  1. From what I have heard and read about Weis and his personality shortcomings, I hope he has an epiphany and becomes an asset in recruiting and not a liability. The Gators need to find offensive weapons, especially in the O line, and an arrogant offensive coordinator with an abrasive personality won’t fit, especially in the south.

  2. Carolina Gator, We don’t need Weis to any public relations for us just coordinateanoffense, mold a quarterbackand call plays. All this talk about his personality is a little premature and irrelevant

    (1) He’ll be in the pressboxduring games
    (2) Muschamp has given him complete control of the offens
    (3) Muschamp decides Timeouts and when to go for it or not , Weis just let’shim know if he has something dialed up and what

    So who cares about his personality as long as he produces.

  3. Despite the issues last year, there is a lot of offensive talent at UF. Meyer and his staff did an excellent job recruiting O&D lineman. Two years ago they recruited a complete offensive line and last year they recruited tackles Silberman and Green. The heir apparent at center has been in the program for 4 years. There is also a lot of talent at WR that was used mostly to block or that didn’t get on the field at all. Weiss walks into a very good situation.

  4. You know what’s scary is how much talent we have that we didn’t see last yr. I realize with Urban, and I’m sure a lot of coaches, special teams is where you make your mark. Seems like we had a lot of guys get things done on ST and then sat the bench so that seniors could get the PT. I’m glad everyone starts on a level playing field next yr and this loyalty/favoritism is done. Can’t wait to see out full compliment of players making plays next yr. Go Gators!

  5. FSU now has the number two class in the country. ESPN is saying we should be ranked number two in 2011 preseason.


    Looks like things are coming together in Gainesville, but you guys have some catching up to do.

    Jimbo! Jimbo! Jimbo!


  6. What’s the talk about Weis’s son to be a grad. assist, or whatever on the UF football staff? I thought he was just graduating from high school. Doesn’t he have to be accepted like any other student applying to UF w/high GPA & SAT score. They act like it’s automatic. If it is, that’s favotisim, is that not a NCAA violation? Robbie…yes, no? Am I wrong he’s just coming out of high school, or is college?


  7. Jack, your Semis need to worry about NCST, UNC, VTech, and even, I will throw in there to Wake Forest, to complete all Carolina schools, before you start thinking about being a National Power contender and us Gators.
    Good luck.
    GO GATORS!!!

  8. Robbie —
    1) I think Jenkins is returning for his Senior season, not Junior.
    2) “Random” font size, too?
    PS: Congratulations on nailing the Outback Bowl! You GO Gator!

  9. It is fun to have FSU back in the mix after beating the worst Gator Team we have had in over 20 years. Yes, FSU has improved, but the Gators will be back sooner than later. See you Noles in the SWAMP next November, and you will not see the uninspired team which you beat this past fall in Tally.
    Also, glad to see Will Hill depart. He never lived up to his billing, and I do not see him making it in the NFL. My bet, is that he is afraid to compete in a Muschamp defense.

  10. “but you guys have some catching up to do.” Did we not have the #1 class a year prior, and top five classes during Meyer’s reign? Besides both AU and Oregon didn’t have top classes over the last several years. Translation = coaching and QB play matter far more than ambiguous “star” rankings in Februaries.

  11. If the SEC is so great, why is poor little FSU (sister to the West) winning all the recruiting battles? I thought the SEC was so great and that no one wanted to play in the WeakCC (or whatever SEC inbreds have labeled the ACC).

  12. With the new coaches, new recruits, and stable of veteran players what do you think are the chances of sharing playing time with more than just the few starters. The one thing that I observed with Coach Meyer was that he left the starters in when a game was well in hand and backups didn’t get as much experience as they might have. All of the players will be learning a new system with new terms, assignments, etc. Seems that with Florida’s depth of talent now would be a great time to empty the bench as much as possible. I sure don’t expect Coach Muschamp and the Gators to go undefeated this next season and hope that he will be here for a long time. I expect 2011 to be a rebuilding year so why not see what we have?

  13. @Paul – “expecting 2011 to be a rebuilding year”. I’m not! The team is built. We are looooooaded with talent, but they haven’t been coached well, they get into trouble and they whine too much. A good/great coaching staff could turn this around right now. And thats what I expect, what everyone should expect. Saying this is a “rebuilding year” is a built in excuse for 7-5 again.

  14. @Scooterp

    Also what I was saying was that all of us want the Gators to win, win now, and win as big as possible and mediocre is not what we expect. The players do have championship talent that they can display now. I would not want to jump on the new coaches or new players now before they have a chance to meld as a team learning new terms, assignments, coverages, etc. Spring ball hopefully will be a chance to put all that into place. I also hope that all of these talented palyers will have a chance to contribute early on and that the coaching staff does not go with a small set of starters through the season. I think that was one of Brantley’s problems, a lack of playing time behind Tebow. What I am talking about is patience with the players and coaches as we go forward, and Will Muschamp and the Gators will be successful!

  15. Jack has displayed his immaturity on here for months now and just continues to show how little he really knows about the college game. The SEC has won the past 5 championships, and that is after playing top ranked teams all year every year week in and week out. The fake indians wouldnt last a season in the SEC. No ifs, ands, or butts about it. Jimbo is gone in 3-4 yrs.

  16. Jack, I know you as an fsu fan are use to being abused and you come over here hoping to get your fix for the day but listen, have tallygator to read any newspaper from tuesday morning on and he will read that the SEC has won the last 5 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and guess what none of them involved an acc team. they were the other weak conferences PAC 10 Big 10, those other sissies, thats better than the bottom feeders acc and big east. Get a GATOR fan to read that to you.

  17. The ACC had the best bowl record and finished with four teams in the top 25. The SEC had six in the top 25, Florida not being one of them. I don’t mean all SEC fans are inbreds, but the naive flag wavers do get annoying. Root for your team and pull for your conference. Again, little old Jimbo Fisher, who you guys say will be gone in four years, has the number two, arguably the number one, recruiting class in the country. If the SEC is so great, why aren’t these kids going to other schools, particularly the ones in the SEC?

  18. @Paul – I expect 10+ wins next year. We don’t lose much in experience, the roster is loaded with 4 and 5 star athletes and we just assembled a very capable coaching staff. Hopefully the new coaching staff won’t have players learn and line up in 3 different positions (Reed, Burton). Or leave poor performers on the field because they’re upper classmen and waited their turn (Thompson, Brantley, Hines).

  19. @Scooterp Hope that happens and we do need to play the best quality players! I also hope that the coaches will use a lot of players in their positions to keep the offense and defense fresh and help them learn their assignments. No reason to keep only a few players in the whole game and let other great potentials sit on the bench. That must effect their attitudes (why practice hard when I’ll only sit on the bench during a game?), recruitment (why go to UF when I probably not even see the field for a year or so?) Did UF utilize and develop all the talent that they had last year? A couple of freshmen stars did play last year but were all the potential stars developed and did they see game action when it might have really built up their confidence. I think that Brantley should have played more when Tebow was here so that Brantley could have learned more from Tebow and built up his confidence. I hope that the Gators don’t hold back on playing potential stars early.

  20. @Scooterp I agree that the upperclassmen are not owed anything. And how many 3. 4. and 5 star high school studs are sitting on the bench becazuse they didn’t pan out? If there are 80 players on the roster and only 30 see regular action that says something. I know that there aren’t 50 walkons on the roster, or 50 players who just need more playbook knowledge.