Offense may look the same


I’m going to have a more in-depth look in Wednesday’s paper about the possible changes the Florida Gators have made on offense for Saturday’s Outback Bowl. But based on early feedback from some offensive players on Monday, don’t look for anything radical in terms of a different scheme or approach.

Quarterback John Brantley, wide receivers Frankie Hammond and Omarius Hines and tailback Jeff Demps all said that the offense will basically be the same that it’s been over the last half of the season, with the Gators alternating three quarterbacks (Brantley, Trey Burton and Jordan Reed) and trying to play with a fast tempo.

“We’re going to play three quarterbacks like we’ve been doing and see what happens,” Brantley said. “The offense really hasn’t changed.”

With more than a month to prepare for this game, many thought the Gators might revamp the offense, maybe even put the game in the hands of Reed, who isUF’s only real dual threat as a runner and passer and was on a roll in the FSU game before leaving with a concussion. Maybe Reed (or one of the other quarterbacks) will take over if he gets a hot hand Saturday, but the plan going in appears to attack the Penn State defense the way the Gators have attacked defenses since the Georgia game.

Meyer has said all along that the coaches would come up with a plan that gives the Gators the best chance to win the game and send the seniors out the right way. Maybe the three-quarterback system is the way to go. We’ll find out more at Meyer’s press conference on Tuesday.

One thing Brantley and the other offensive players mentioned Monday is that the Gators will go back to the no-huddle, hurry-up attack they sort of abandoned in the last few games of the season.


  1. too late to change anything now–more of same dive plays with scatbacks, backward screens for minus yards and pass plays from the QB that are 5 yards too high or intercepted. Great scheme by coaches making $700,000 and working with 5 star recruits! They need a big bonus!

  2. Can we just use Dubose they way we did with Harvin? Maybe even get a TE involved for JB. It’s time we quit calling studs like Gerald Christian Freshman and get them involved like we hope to next year. I recall one game this year (maybe Kentucky) we went to Dubose the first four plays of the game and went right down the field for a TD. If JB can get a rhythm going early using some easy passes in the middle of the field with the TE instead of the same 5yd out to the WR or the dump off to the RB toward the sideline, then we can open up the down field passing game. Of course, if we can’t block up front then play Reid so JB doesn’t get hurt and we can use him next year when the OL coach can concentrate on coaching the OL.

  3. The ‘Offense May Look the Same’. Of course it will!! This team, in general, and the offense in particular has been poorly coached and pathetically inept all year. Why should this performance be any different? By the way, I thought UM was job hunting in New England. E. Koch

  4. I would like to see Reed start the game to see what he can do. He gives us are best chance as a dual threat QB. They should put in Dunkley, Dunbar, Alli and Brown. It’s a bowl game! Throw everything at them. Coach Muschamp will be paying attention as well! If you do play, you better give it 100% Like he said, first impressions go along way with him. Let’s hope we end this season strong!!! GO GATORS!!!!!

  5. I predict we get pounded in this game. After reading this Im kind of glad Urban is gone. He seems like hes in a daze or something. He certainly isnt capable of recognizing a problem and making changes to fix it anymore. Maybe when he fell out in his bedroom last year, he hit his head. Anyways, with Janoris Jenkins out we have absolutely no corners who can cover a high school receiver. We are also down 2 defensive tackles which means our D line will probably get worn out. So…… Penn St should be able to run the ball at least later in the game and they should have receivers running wide open all day. Additionally, we will be running the same moronic offense that caused the collapse of Gator football. Should be fun!!!

  6. If Brantley is to play then the offense needs to be tweaked to accomidate his abilities. In which I don’t think they would have enough time to get the entire offense on board. Thus Reed would be your better option considering that 98% of the players are spread players. This would give these players the best opportunity to win. The thought of us resorting back to the qb shuffle spells that the coaches either lack creativity, or the coaches didn’t care enough to put the player in the best position to win. Ethier way its obvious that it was time for change. Especially when you can’t decide on one qb and play to their strengths. Uraban I will miss you and I thank you for the memories, but Florida football will always put our team in the best position to win and if the three headed monster rear it’s head on January 1st, that’s not Florida football.

  7. I’ve got it! Let brantley run the option! YEs—that’s it! He’ll outrun the D and create big plays! Another trick (but keep this quiet)—inside the 3 yard line, get Burton to throw a jump pass! Remember, it worked for Tebow a couple of times and no one will be expecting it.

  8. It’s now not all that difficult to assess the UF offense in 2010. Coaches tried to squeeze square-peg Johnny Brantley into a round hole of their spread, not able to fully adjust to his strength as a deep-ball passer. We were without a go-to receiver all year. We had no tight end with one down of experience in college Injuries began to mount up front in August, so we played without Patchan all year, Wilson most of it, and Nixon some of it. Once Demps and Gillislee were injured, the offense became a hodge-podge of experimentation. Come spring, we’ll have a clear offensive philosophy in place again and can move ahead. Probably not for the Outback game, unfortunately.

  9. There is not enough time in the world to tweak the offense for Brantleys abilities because he does not have any. If Brantley starts I am going to turn off my TV and do something enjoyable and I will also be very glad that Urban is leaving.

  10. We’ve been “attacking defenses”? I must’ve missed that. Maybe you mean we’ve been attacking the opponents backups standing on the sidelines b/c all we seem to do is run around in the backfield horizontally.

  11. I have had enough of you guys blaming Brantley for the obvious inability of Meyer and Addazio not being able to change the offense to brantley’s strength he is a pure pocket passer and can not run and has never been able to run. Meyer and Addazio knew this but still continued to try to fir a round peg in a square hole. yes brantley has looked confused and out of his element this year, but I beleieve the reason that is, is because he was in an offense he simply could not run. He was a very bad fit in the spread. I am looking forward to next year to see what he can do in the pro-style offense. Keep you head up Johnny and thank you meyer for the memories but please stay away from the football team once you leave. Go Gators!

  12. You people who say Brantley has no abilities either A.No nothing about football or B. Are just too butt hurt about the win/loss record to see the big picture. This may come as a shock to you people but Brantley is a PRO STYLE QUARTERBACK, the same scheme that helped him become a top QB in high school. The only mistake he made is coming to a program that used the spread offense, a scheme he knew/knows little about. Brantley is a drop back passer and will flourish in Muschamp’s system. You people and your anger towards him is definitely misplaced. You should be furious with Meyer for trying to work 3 freaking Quarterbacks at the same time, never worked in the history of football why on earth do you think it would work now? Moreover, you have Addazzio and Meyer refusing to call plays that utilize Brantley’s strengths and instead try and make Brantley the second coming of Tebow with the play calls. Learn something about football before you criticize a kid.

  13. I believe, that if Reed or Burton are at quaterback and are moving the team don’t substitute anyone else to get the team in the end zone. Stick with what is working. Don’t insert anyone because you feel you owe them.GO GATORS!

  14. Don did u ever think that reason Meyer hasn’t tweaked his system to fit Brantleys skills is because he has no skill! This is a bunch of crap Reed should be the one and only QB with Burton the backup. We are going to get murdered in this game. I’m so f****** glad Meyer and Dumbazzio will be gone! This stupid offensive hasn’t worked why in the f*** are we still running it! I’m officially selling my tickets I have zero interest in this game.

  15. Don, the proof is in the pudding. Yeah the coaching staff didn’t do it’s part to utilize his talents but when your talent is just simply throwing the ball that’s not enough for college ball. Remeber Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell just to name a few. Those guys could throw the heck out of the ball but lacked the intangibles, like pocket prescence, reading defenses and being able to lead a football team none of which Brantley poses. He doesn’t even have the awareness when out of the pocket to throw the ball away instead he just crumbles and takes a sack. Brantley was a great high school QB at a small school. I’m a true Gator and will stick with my team win, lose or draw, but I will not make excuses why we’re not very good. Just because your family went to Florida doesn’t guarantee that you are the air apparent. can’t wait until all this drama is over and done with. Meyer left us in a total mess and we have to get behind our new coach to get back on track.

  16. A leopard will never change it’s spots, and I’ve been saying this about Steve Addazio since the loss to Bama. SA has no working knowledge or grasp of a downfield passing game, and his dive play between the tackles mentality will dominate our play-calling again this Saturday. Remember, this is the same incompetent boob who said before the FSu game “we are going to see what FSU’s defense is doing so we can react to it”. Any good OC will tell you you NEVER allow a defense to dictate to your offense. I have lost ANY faith in this offense being able to do much with Steve Addazio at it’s helm. I have never seen as incompetent and out-of-his element coach as Addazio since Bill Curry at Kentucky. Unless PSU turns the ball over several times, the Nittany Lions win this in a low-scoring affair.

  17. ATL Gator, that’s an absolutely ridiculous statement about Brantley. The kid was never given any inkling of a chance to succeed in this offense this year. Criticizing the coaches is one thing, but bashing the players is another IMO.

  18. I don’t understand what a “Spread” player is. No Defensive or Special teams players can possibly fit this description. No lineman either.

    Now if receivers that can and will block are “Spread” players I want every receiver to be one.

    QB? Brantly??

    So most of our players are “Football” players and not “Spread” players if there is such a thing, which I doubt.

  19. Vulcan Alex, Let me enlighten you. There is a difference in players. You have prototypical and just raw athletes. some maybe even fit into the mold of a hybrid. Especially at the skilled positions. But even lineman can be either spread or else. depends on their strengths and weaknesses. most of our recievers are under six foot (not pototypical more spread) our backs are small and fast (Not prototypical more spread) and our QB’s are usually dual threat ( which is spread) so ther is such a thing but knowing football takes more than just watching games and forming opinions. I’ve often said the most knowledgeable pundits are the ones who have played the game. that’s not to say that you know nothing about football but I’m just saying.

  20. Gatorbread you have proved Don and my argument Brantley is a Prototypical QB not a spread QB and it is Meyers fault he was recruited to Florida. But now we have him and need to utilize his abilities. Reed is not the QB of the future he has no sommon sense, you do not go head first over a pile in the middle of the field.(FSU game) Brantley is our best option next year in a prostyle offense and Driskel will be the one after him, Reed will be put back to TE where he belongs Burton will be a HB. I could care less about this Bowl Game, I would love to win but if we lose big deal, change is coming and September can not get here soon enough.

  21. hey listen guys i never said Brantley wasn’t a prostyle QB nor did I say that Reed absolutely deserves to start. I’m just saying if we run the same offense we have been running all year Redd is the better option at QB. The offense we have been running is a spread ofeense and like you guys keep repeating Brantley is a Prostyle QB. Also keep in mind even a good prostyle QB knows how to read blitzes and different coverages. what’s all the film for if you can’t audible into better protection. Brantley’s a great guy but he just doesdn’t have all the tools to even be a effective pocket passer. He doesn’t step up in the pocket he doesn’t read blitzes he doesn’t throw the ball away when he’s flushed out of the pocket. All those I just stated any Quarterback in any system has complete control over. He may not be able to run the option but he should be able to the other stuff point blank. True enough the coaches didn’t help either.