Conflicting reports on Addazio


In an apparent rush to be first with the news, some conflicting reports have surfaced on the Internet concerning Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio. is reporting Addazio has been hired as the offensive line coach at Texas. This is the same website that earlier reported UF defensive coordinator Teryl Austin has accepted the defensive coordinator’s position with the Longhorns.

On Tuesday afternoon, I talked to Randy Riggs, the Texas beat writer at the Austin American-Statesman, and he said the Longhorns have not hired Addazio or Austin. At least not yet. He said from what he’s hearing, Texas coach Mack Brown will not announce any new additions on his coaching staff until after Christmas. That, of course, could change, but Brown is not letting any legitimate news leak out at this point.

Meanwhile, there is growing speculation in Philadelphia that Addazio might be one of three finalists for the head coaching vacancy at Temple. Addazio was in Philadelphia on Sunday and Monday to interview for the job, according to newspaper reports. Temple could name a new head coach as early as Thursday.


  1. Just go Daz…go anywhere! The further away the better. Don’t forget to take your buddies Azzanni, Loeffler, Heater and Drayton with you. Personally, I don’t mind if Teryl hangs around. He is ok by me. Bobby

  2. Any rumors on assistant coaches that Muschamp might keep here? I think Heater has been excellent for us! And this would pain some people to hear, but I’d be okay with Addazio as our OL coach; as long as that’s all he is!! But I know he won’t stay here after all the criticism her received. Recruits seem to like Azzani, but what have our WRs really done the last 2 years? There were complaints that they don’t know how to run routes, so who’s fault is that?

  3. The issue that is disturbing is the fact that will the thrill has not hired any coaches. It seems a little disorganized and I wander if it is because Meyer is still hanging around? It seems the recruits are saying the same thing and this definetly needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

  4. Right on, Michael. It’s disturbing the way Gator fans turned on Addazio. Yes, the offense stunk, but it wasn’t like he was doing it on purpose. The man, who by all accounts worked hard for UF, is simply not a playcaller. So we villify him? Makes us seem more fla. state than Florida.

  5. I wish SA all the luck… somewhere else. Probably the most incompetent OC I’ve ever seen in more than 20 years… anywehere. Even his last two OL’s at UF struggled. What irritated me the most about Addazio was his penchant for grading his OL out as champions after horrib;e efforts and speaking to Gator Nation in his pressers like we were stupid. I do not detect the “high character” in SA that many have described.

  6. I used to think Addazio was just an inept OC. Now I know he has bad judgment as well, check out his picture holding up a #1 Addazio jersey at his Temple presser. Clueless!
    That picture will haunt him, it is a physical representation of his mindset. “I am the greatest, the players just don’t execute, make mental mistakes, don’t give good effort, blah, blah, blah.”
    I get it when a team gives its #1 draft choice a jersey like that, or allows its best player to earn it and wear it. But a 51 year old mediocre at best O line coach and inept OC?
    Temple, welcome back to the days when you were the laughing stock!

  7. Will has some tricks up his sleeve. I am pretty sure he knows who he is hiring already but has enough respect for other teams and coaches to wait until after the bowl games. Hope the recruits are patient. I dont claim to have any inside info and none of this is fact. Its just a feeling. I think he is trying to get the best of the best. He wants to take this program back to the top. Oh yea, about Daz, well, good luck coach. Go Gators!!