It might be Muschamp


The focus in the media concerning Jeremy Foley’s coaching search has centered on some big-name head coaches, mainly Bob Stoops and Chris Petersen. But here’s a guy whose name keeps coming up with as I talk to people out there – Texas defensive coordinator WillMuschamp.

When someone mentioned him earlier today, I said, “No way.” But the more you think about it, the more it makes sense.

For one, if he’s good enough to be the coach in waiting at Texas, isn’t he qualified to be the next coach at Florida?

He’s young, he’s dynamic, he’s a lights-out recruiter – and he knows the territory.

Muschamp was a walk-on at Georgia, but he grew up in Gainesville and played football at Oak Hall, so he knows the area and he knows all about the Florida program.

If it happens, this could be a classic Foley hire, kind of like his hiring of a young basketball coach at Marshall by the name of Billy Donovan. That one worked out pretty well.

When he was talking about his upcoming search for a coach on Wednesday night, Foley said that the next coach didn’t necessarily have to be a head coach, it might be an assistant if there was a really dynamic one out there.

Well, there is one. His name is Will Muschamp.

Also on the coaching front, Utah’s Kyle Whittingham seems to be climbing fast up the list. He would fit in well at UF and he has a track record of success following in the footsteps of Meyer at Utah. Maybe here’s a clue concerning Whittingham’s interest. He has offered this non-denial about his interest in the UF job: “This (Utah) is the only job I’m focused on. We’ve got out hands full with Boise State, recruiting and academics winding down. So, that’s where my attention lies.”


  1. I am a bit disappointed at Foley’s hire in Will Muschamp. I never liked seeing him display so much adrenaline after a great defensive play drawn by him at Auburn or Texas. He kind of reminds me of Tom Cruise jumping at Oprah’s couch.
    I hope I am wrong this time and I hope this hire plays out to be a good fit for UF, but I think we might be better than mediocre if we are lucky. Hope this works out for Gator Nation though. I truly hope so.

  2. Gators hire Muschamp! Congratulations, everybody! This is NOT a second time around of the Ron Zook debacle. Muschamp is the real deal, no blemishes on his resume. Bright, young and a motivator, and a college coach all the way. sorry he’s a Georgia grad, but the Gators went a long, long way in the 1960s with a converted Georgia Dawg named Gene Ellenson. In any case, Will Muschamp is all Gator now. Not only so, but the timing of this hire couldn’t be better, landing in the teeth of recruiting. It’s great to be Florida Gator!

  3. Explain to me why we hired a coach from a losing program other than we were also a losing program? Thi is the best Fooley could do. WSe will be looking again in 2-3 years after more mediocre seasons. It sucks to be a Gator tonight

  4. My biggest worry about a HBC is… can he handle the pressure of being the HBC at UF? Stoops was my top pick for that, although I admit to being partial to Boise State’s Chris Petersen, but he’s not ever been under the microscope like he’d have been at UF. Muschamp wasn’t anywhere on my own personal radar, but he’s a quality coach and lets face it, he’s responsible for a number of those #1 ranked Texas recruiting classes too.

  5. MARK, Texas is not a “losing” program. Geez, would you complain about not getting two gold bars if someone gave you just one? Texas is probably a more high-profile job than UF, and he’s not someone who will wilt under the pressure of being UF HBC. Btw, his expertise as a recruiter is nothing less than phenomenal. My only concern is who he hires as his OC.

  6. Pathetic. He defenses are horrible. He has never be a head coach. I watch a lot of Big 12 football because of a relative that plays in the Big 12 and the Texas defense was putrid. I don’t believe for a second this was the only guy they called. It may have been the only guy that answered the phone but if Muschamp is on the top of your list, that is one weak, shallow, undeveloped list. You can color this any way you want to but this hire is simple. No other coach was available to come in and save this recuirting class because they are all in Bowl Games. Sounds a heck of a lot like the knee jerk reaction that brought us Zook. I have zero hope in the hire and cannot believe for a moment that this was the #1 guy. My only question is why did we move so quickly to get this guy when there are at least half a dozen proven winners we could have brought in? Let’s just hope it does not take Foley 3 years and a lose to Vanderbilt for him to recognize his mistake this time. Ugh.

  7. How can you say 5-7 is NOT a losing program. Texas did absolutely nothing this year. As bad as we were we are at least bowl eligible and if not for the bone thrown to us from Tampa we would all be staying home on Jan. 1. Actually I am staying home as I cannot bear to see yet another Steve Addzio debacle. Mike Leach would have been a better pick if we wanted someone from the state of Texas

  8. I don’t understand this hire. In time, perhaps I will. However, this guy is in for a nightmare on the recruiting trail against Jimbo Fisher. Gators, you can hate Jimbo all you want, but the guy recruits as well as Bobby Bowden.

  9. Once again, way to break the story Gatorsports! You wrote this blog @ 8:54 pm. The news of this was breaking at the beginning of the Heisman presentation along the bottom line of ESPN around 8:15 pm. Good job, Gator Beat writers. How could the Florida Times Union beat you to this?

  10. I’m really looking forward to some salty defense. Muschamp should be able to develop a superb defensive recruiting class from last year as well as bolster it up with another great class this year. One major advantage he has over the Zooker is the fact that the cupboard is definately not bare during this coaching transition. Looking forward to seeing the staff he puts together. Go Gators!

  11. Some of the Gator fans need to get a grip. Muschamp is the real deal, and I can’t think of anyone better. He’s done it already on the highest level in the real conferences, not like Petersen. Mike and Jack must not understand football! Hats off to Foley for making this happen! This guy ate up Urban Meyer both times he faced us…very happy about this hire!

  12. I like it. I wish people would not be so critical yet. Give it some time and you will see that this is a good hire. The OC position is going to prove to be the most interesting but this guy has a ton of good connections and will hopefully get someone who runs a pro style set. We have missed out on a ton of talent due to the spread, although when it was ran right under mullen ai wasnt complaining. Foley is a smart man and I feel he did a solid job. Go Gators

  13. Mark – 5-7 is a losing YEAR, but Texas is a winning program. Read the lead article on Muschamp’s hire and you will see that he has the credentials to qualify for the job. My only concern is Applewhite as OC. Can’t think of many recruits who are falling over themselves to play for MA. But if Muschamp is who they say he is on the recruiting trail, we’ll be in great shape. Foley knows best. Go Gators!

  14. Good call Robby,
    WM could be a great hire. Remember Foley said Urb staying around would be discussed with the new guy. I think with Urb’s mentoring and WM’s energy and passion, along with a couple of good coordinators, we’ll be right back in the thick of it next year. Brantley’s got to be the happiest guy in FL now that the tradional spread nay be a thing of the past for UF.
    One more thing, what’s with all the incestuous relationships now in the SEC East. Vince Dooley’s kid coaches UT, A FL Heisman winner coaches SC, a Miami grad by way of FSU coaches GA, and now a GA grad coaches at FL, what’s next a harvard guy coaching at Vandebuilt!!??

  15. Well I will trust Foley on this one. Muschamp is certainly a surprise out of left field. Naming Major Applewhite as OC …now that will definitely be a big question mark and will be watched intently by Gator Nation. I suspect the OC will be on a very short leash if he doesn’t or can’t produce.

  16. MARK, because one bad season does not a program make. Texas has been a very good program over recent years. I suppose after losing badly this season UF is a losing program according to your logic. Really, think through what you’re going to say before typing. I think a lot of the reactions to Muschamp are rather knee-jerk too. A ,ot of people are upset because their own personal favorite choices weren;t picked.

  17. One of the bright, young minds in the game who will bring a lot of energy–dude became DC under Saban after only one year on staff. I trust Foley’s judgment, how can you not; he’s the best in the business. Mullen and Strong would have been good hires, too, but Muschamp has potential to be great. Don’t even compare him to Zook, he was a decent coordinator, but not in Muschamp’s league.

  18. IDIOTS! Foley was in alosing situation from the beginning with some of you knuckleheads.Muschamp has not coached a single practice or a single game, yet the “exSPURTS” here are already starting the dumbass web site. Oh well, dumbass does dumbass things.

  19. There are some crazies in this thread. Texas had one losing season — but nutcases are calling the whole school a “losing team.” That’s ridiculous. That’s like saying the Gators are a middle of the road team because of this year alone.

    Another nutcase said that Muschamp’s defenses are no good. Funny — according to ESPN, every defense he has coached has finished in the top 10 in the nation. But I guess armchair coaches know better.

    Relax, folks. See what happens. And please: get a grip!

  20. hey david you know that uga alumn was on the same team as a kid named kerby smart. man, i just cant seem to find what good could possibly come from that… Im not tryin to single you out but that statement of yours could not have been well thought out. Just to put all your worries at ease, and by now i am sure you all have seen this, but look at how texas fans feel about this. They know they just lost their future and who they feel has a lot to bring to the table. Read from about 730 on page 3 thru page 5… If it doesnt give you a hint of how well regarded this man is, it will at least make you laugh. I know I did.

  21. I like the hire. But I don’t won’t Major Applewhite let him stay in Texas. And ship John Brantley over to him. Texas can have Steve Addizzao to. The difference between Zook and Muschamp is Zook was always being demoted or fired. Whichever came first. Muschamp knows defense and he shut down Tebow in 07. He practially own us whoever he coaching for. We always lose to him. And he was a coach in waiting at Texas. And to most people Texas is better than Florida. Just ask the media. They have them 1 and us 2. The only reason he came was because Mack Brown was stepping down. Anyone that think Texas is lousy team because of 1 bad yr don’t know football. If Colt MCcoy don’t get hurt Alabama is not N/C. Everbody knows that. Lets give him a chance and if he fails he’ll wish for Texas everday he is in the state of Florida. We expect the best and he better deliver. GO GATORS.

  22. Well here we go. The acceptance speech was like a locker room pep talk at half time. But…will that translate into assistant coach hiring and playing on Saturday? No one knows. Foley’s record is pretty good.

  23. @ the rest of us

    Meyer was barely keeping his health in order while Dumbazzio dive played us into a nightmare he didn’t have time to leak Newton’s record. I bet it was some ignorant student with too much time and information on his/her hands. Second everyone knew Cam won the heisman the ratings were low and ESPN decided to run that story