Is Boise's Petersen interested?


There has been a lot speculation that Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley may have talked to Boise State coach Chris Petersen in Orlando on Thursday night at some point before or after ESPN’s college football awards show.

It is unconfirmed whether a conversation actually took place – and whether it was just a casual “hello” or a more serious pitch from Foley about the vacant head coaching job at UF . Foley is not commenting on his coaching search and Petersen has not been available for comment. Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier is out of town until next week, and he did not return phone messages left at his office by The Sun on Friday.

Petersen is one of the hottest (and perhaps most coveted) coaches in college football at the moment, and it’s obvious the Gators are interested. But first, before things even have a chance to get serious, Foley has to find out Petersen’s level of interest and if it would be strong enough to possibly draw him away from Boise State, where he has said numerous times he has no plans to leave. If Petersen shows a sincere interest, it’s pretty obvious Foley will make a strong play for the ultra-successful coach, who has lost only five games in five seasons.

Maybe that’s what Thursday night was about in Orlando – Foley’s first advance to find out if Petersen is even interested. Some are speculating that he is – but speculation is all it is at the moment.

Foley is still in the very early stages of his search, so don’t expect any major breaking revelations for at least a few days.


  1. I’ve been very impressed with Peterson for a number of years. (Who else remembers that marvelous “Statue of Liberty” play and the victory over Oklahoma in their bowl game?)

    I think that he’s a superb coach, and would be delighted if he ends up in Gainesville.


  2. To answer Robbie’s question, yes, I think Petersen is interested. In fact–and it haunts me to say this–I think Petersen will be the next head coach.

    However, I have a question of my own: Gator Nation, do you think Johnny Brantley will transfer next season, or do you think he’ll ride it out as a Gator?

  3. I say he stays, and quite honestly if petersen comes i think brantley will do ok. Addazio simply just didnt make any attempt to use brantleys strengths. I may be wrong and its just my opinion but i think jb is a good qb, just not one who had a chance to be successful in the previous system. That would have been like asking sam bradford to run the offense tebow did. Im not saying brantley is the qb bradford is/was, but asking brantley/bradford to make things happen with their feet with the option? Use of a bigger back would help brantley too, no team has to stack the box with demps in the backfield. Kid is great in space but touch him and hes down

  4. Peterson does not have the personality to excel in the SEC is a major concern. He does not like to talk to the media, not in a negative way, he just seem to be very shy. What happens when the bright lights of the SEC hit him? If the Gators do get Chris, it would be hilarious to was the Urban intro as the next head coach and the Chris intro as the next head coach back to tback. You could not find two different personalities. Urban was very much in the Spurrier mold. Chris is very, very low key. I am not sure how that plays in recruiting, the gator club circuit. The guy can coach lesser talent, that is for sure. Just concerned with all the other things we don’t know that he can handle.

  5. Brantley is not a good QB! If Petersen comes I promise Driskel will start opening day. He would make a good back up though. If we get Petersen the college football world better watch out. Recruits would flock to Florida to play for the guy.

  6. Guys, do you really have that much faith in Driskel? His high school numbers were incredible–or at least the puppet masters of rankings say so–but let’s not forget about a guy named Chris Rix. Four-year starter and look what that got us.

    I’m not saying Driskel wouldn’t be a good quarterback in time, but making the transition to the SEC cannot be easy. Also, you guys sound desperate. What about Jordan Reed? What about that Burton? Why are you putting all your faith in such an inexperienced youngster?

    Jack the ‘Nole

  7. @ Jack

    I love Reed at QB Burton not so much but the only reason I said Driskel because he is a freshman that has all the skills that Petersen could utilize for his offense. Yes at this point Gator Nation is desperate for change, especially after the year we had. It will be fun to watch Reed and Driskel compete for the starting position. By the way Jack can we send you Brantley, be would a great scout team QB.

  8. Atl Gator:

    You can keep Brantley–I’m fine with EJ Manuel. Brantley has a great arm and can really zip it in there to wide open receivers, but he has zero pocket presence. Before the FSU game, I actually sang his praises, but that was because I hadn’t seen him play enough. He is a sitting duck back there and has poor (unfancy) footwork.



  9. Wow, I don’t think Foley was even considering him. I also don’t think he would have been good enough. Florida needs someone young and fiery, Peterson is blah. Enjoy your win,’bout time for one don’t ya think? Don’t count ur chikens bf they hatch old man. Florida is THE brand in college sports. One down year won’t derail the train, to much of everything to make a habit of it.