Go ahead, take a STAB at it


ESPN’s Colin Cowherd stirred up Gator Nation in a big way Thursday morning when he revealed he knows who Jeremy Foley is going to hire as Florida’s next football coach. He did not come up a name, but a hint. The hint was the acronym STAB. He said it will prove he was right when the news does come out (he’s predicting it will be soon, maybe anytime now).

So, what do you think STAB stands for? The consensus seems to be Same Thing As Before — which would mean Foley’s guy is Utah coach Kyle Whittingham, who would follow in Urban Meyer’s footsteps for a second time. (It certainly worked out well the first time). It makes some sense. Whittingham and Meyer are close friends and talk all the time. If Meyer is asked to recommended his replacement, I’m pretty confident this would be the guy.

But watch out for all these rumors and this early speculation that is only going to multiply over the next few days. As for Cowherd’s tease, I think he’s just trying to generate interest in his show. How could he know? I don’t even think Jeremy knows yet. He’s in the very early stages of the coaching search, so he still has a lot of work (and interviewing) to do.

I will predict the next rumor: Foley is meeting with former Tampa Bay Bucs coach Jon Gruden in Tampa on Thursday night to discuss the job. After all, Foley is in Tampa (along with Meyer) for an Outback Bowl function at Raymond James Stadium. So, yeah, this will be the next rumor to pop up on an Internet site near you. Of course, Dan Mullen was in Jacksonville on Thursday night for a Gator Bowl function, so maybe Foley is scooting over there to interview Meyer’s former offensive coordinator.

This is going to be fun, isn’t it?


  1. Gruden would be a disaster.
    Mullen, however, would be a very good hire.
    Dan cones back, he probably brings back a couple of our guys that left with him, keeps Chuck Heater and hopefully hires a couple of former assistants from Miami to help open up the South Florida area for recruiting.
    If Dan can get a top-flight DC to come in, this team could make a VERY quick turnaround. Plus, he would be the most likely guy to save this recruiting class.
    But, and this is really important, we need to make certain we hire a quality staff. It’s time to ante up some cash and bring in solid assistants. We can no longer pay $400K for a coordinator when other schools are paying $600-800K. We need to level that playing field, bring in some top guys, and get to work.

  2. Lizard, your words are wise. Gruden is overrated (IMO) and unless Gators want to wait 3 years to contend (for anything outside a Toilet Bowl), get an offensive mind versed in the spread, and not an NFL-type guy that would require housecleaning and rebuilding. Besides, isn’t the spread-option SO much fun?

  3. I agree that Cowherd doesn’t know yet, and probably Foley isn’t sure either. When the coach is named, THEN Cowherd will figure out how to make the STAB acronym work.
    But to play along, I believe Cowherd emphasized that it’ll be a big name, and he emphasized the term “big boy football”. Not sure Utah qualifies there.

  4. Cowherd hears from those the that work in the agents’ office…follow the guy, Jimmy Sexton….where is he?…how solid is the info’?….CC thinks it is good! CC loves NFL…how about Bill Cohard(sic)…

  5. Maybe he meant stab like how Petrino stabbed the Falcons in the back. I’m just happy Dumbazzio will be gone. I really hope we get Chip Kelly or Chris Petersen can u imagine how good we could be. Mullen would be my third choice but I think Foley wants something new. I love Florida! Go Gators… Jack where you at with your opinion?

  6. I agree Gruden would be a mistake. Not from a ability standpoint, but from the fact that if he had a couple of good years of success, he’d bolt for the first NFL job offered him and we;re right back at square #1… looking for a new HBC.

    The coaches at Boise St. Ou, and TCU would be my first three biggest targets.

    Just don’t want Mullen because he’s too much the same mold of Meyer. It’s time for a fresh start.

  7. And just to add this, even though Foley made a kistake with Zook, lets understand that he was left in a huge lurch with Spurrier leaving and had never been through hiring a new football coach before. He did a darn good job the second time with Meyer and almost had Stoops signing on the dotted line last year until Meyer decided to return. I trust Foley to get a quality coach.

  8. I have 2 words for the powers that be in this coach search…


    The Oregon coach is an offensive WIZARD, who’s fast-paced & potent offensive style has completely befuddled every team they’ve played. The only defense that’s slowed them down is the “Fake an Injury” tactic used by Cal & Stanford. And that literally was ALL that slowed the blitzkrieg offensive attack. Chip Kelly’s star is on the way up, and his dynamic approach to coaching would be a perfect fit with the TALENT we’ve got waiting for him.

    Remember boys…. CHIP KELLY. (Oregon? National Champs? HELLOOOO?)

  9. I listened to the show, and all the clues point toward Josh Mcdaniels. “big boy football”(NFL). He kept talking about Urban’s connection with Bellichik, with the whole firing of Mcdaniels flashing through between commercial breaks. He said it was a big name, not being talked about, ect. Mcdaniels is an offensive mind, and is known for developing QBs. He’s a young, energetic guy who could relate well with recruits. I think it would be a solid hire. STAB= Selected Tebow At Broncos? I bet TT loves this guy.

  10. STAB, IF it stands for same thing as before, could also mean Strong, Fedora, Stoops or Mullen, b/c they were at UF before, or Malzhan or Kelley, b/c they are spread offense guys, or Petrino(back stabber, some say), etc. Cowherd will decide what it means AFTER UF decides, then say, “I told you so”.lol.

  11. Robbie,
    The more and more I think about this I realize one thing. If Florida has an opening, we must get the best guy available. I think that guys is Chris Peterson. Like Meyer in 2004, he is the best guy available who knows how to win and has a winning attitude. All candidates have questions marks (Stoops the least) but the question marks we don’t need is whether the guys has proven they can win consistently. At 60-5 there is enough evidence and success against big teams to suggest this would be the best guy. He does not know the area and his offense would be unproven in this conference, but he is a winner. It just seems like everyone else besides Stoops is a “potential winner”. Like we would be discovering the next great talent. Why do that and experiment? All new coaches are an experiment to some extent, but Peterson is the guy we know wins. The recruiting (like Meyer) will follow and kids would want to play in that offense. We would have our first bit of ingenuity and fun offense since 2001.
    After watching him in the press conference I was impressed with his honesty, competitiveness and fairness. http://videos.idahostatesman.com/vmix_hosted_apps/p/media?id=33780101

    Any chance you would write about him and your thoughts about our chances?

    Thanks and normally I don’t write things like this, but I have the day off and am binging on this subject!

  12. Todd,

    I think you’re observation is absolute money—Chucky’s stay in Gainesville would be very brief, and he’d be bound for the NFL quicker than you can say Seminole. He’s like President Obama: he’s a big city guy. Places like Gainesville and Tallahassee are not equipped to accommodate Chucky’s ego. Also, Chucky was fired from his last coaching job. I don’t understand why so many schools are pursuing a guy who was canned a few years ago.

    I don’t see UF losing many recruits during the transition. I think UF’s facilities are far superior to Miami’s and FSU’s, and the kids know Foley is fishing for, and will reel in, a great coach. FSU hasn’t really pursued many of Florida’s commitments and Miami is a sinking ship. Don’t get me wrong about Miami—when they start recruiting out of the prisons again, they’ll be back, but I think that’ll take time. So, FSU almost has a full class—we have like six spots remaning—and Miami is submerging deeper and deeper into the sewer, so UF’s recruits, I think, will stay committed. A couple might bail, but that’s it.

    Which coach scares me the most? Petersen from Boise State. This guy has done amazing things with absolutely zero talent. If he had access to the fertile recruiting fields of the Sunshine State, he could be a serious thorn in Jimbo’s side. My only hope is that one of those Gator girls wears one of those short summertime skirts and gets the new coach embroiled in a sex scandal. And then this coach hunt starts all over again!!!!! I’m kidding, I’m kidding.


  13. It does mean “same thing as before.” Think about it! If it’s Mullen, then it’s the same thing as before– a former Gator coach. Charlie Strong? Same thing as before! Head coach of Utah? Well, same thing as before– we plucked a coach from Utah! What if it’s Spurrier— Hey! Same thing as before! What if it’s Peterson from Boise State– same thing as before, taking a non-aq coach. What if it’s Stoops? See how everyone can fit under “same thing as before?” It’s like astrology. It’s BS.


  15. I trust Foley to find the right guy, but dear God let him be an offensive innovator with a verticle passing game. As much as Urban won at Florida, I have to admit that the only season I enjoyed watching us play was 2008. Every other year, including and especially 2006, were painful to watch with every important game being a nail-biter because we seemingly had an offense designed to score “just enough”. A win/lose record is obviously the main criterion for success, but as a fan I want to enjoy watching us play and I largely haven’t under Urban Meyer. Sports are also entertainment, afterall. What’s wrong with having a great defense AND scoring 50 points a game?

  16. Foley is a smart AD, and will use his business savy to make the right hire. In my opinion, he should avoid 2 sinkholes: First, forget about ex NFL guys. College is a different mindset. The Pete Caroll lightning at USC was a rare strike. Secondly, don’t fall into the “Alabama” trap and hire based on past Gator connections. As said here by many, this is an “A” list job, and Foley should hire the best possible coach, even if he has never breathed the Gainesville air. Go Gators.

  17. If indeed STAB does mean same thing as before I wouldnt be surprised if it were Dan Mullins. Kyle Whittingham is the successor at Utah and coached similar style under Meyer. But perhaps Mullins would be that guy. Not only did he coach at Utah and bowling green with Meyer, but he coached at Florida running the same spread offense. or stab might mean Boise State head coach Peterson who would come from a similar school and background as Meyer when they first got him. Ahh this is too much thinking my brain is starting to hurt.

  18. Stoops and Bell. Kewin supposedly has been contacted regarding the OC position for Stoops. Supposedly Stoops has a deadline sometime this weekend to make up his mind, get his business in order and to make an announcement.