What needs to be fixed


Urban Meyer said on his television show Sunday that the Gators needed to fix some things between now and next season. He wasn’t specific, but it’s pretty obvious where the fixes need to come.

Here’s what needs to be fixed:

1. The passing game
It deteriorated to the point where the Gators could not complete a pass downfield against a quality defense in the second half of the season. Third-and-8 might as well have been third-and-38 because UF could not make plays in the passing game. After the FSU loss, Meyer described the passing game as “awful.” That is truly what it had become. John Brantley lost his confidence, defenses knew when he was in the game he was going to throw and dropped players into coverage, and the wide receivers and whole passing scheme seemed way out of sync. Whatever Meyer decides to do with the offense (and offensive coordinator), the passing game needs to be broken down and rebuilt into a more efficient aspect of the offense. It may mean bringing in a new assistant who understands the passing game and can coordinate one that will work. The Gators have some talented wide receivers ready to step up next season — Chris Dunkley, Robert Clark, Andre Debose, Solomon Patton and Quinton Dunbar — and the coaching staff needs to find a way to get them involved. Meyer’s spread offense has been at its best when it’s balanced. There was no balance in this year’s offense because the passing game became all but non-existent. This has to be the No. 1 fix on offense.

2. The pass rush
The Gators didn’t have one this season. The front four was incapable of getting to opposing quarterbacks, and when the Gators tried to generate pressure with blitzes, they got burned more often that not. With no pass rush to speak of, opposing quarterbacks were able to pick apart a UF secondary that got off to a strong start this season, but regressed over the course of the year and started giving up too many plays in the passing game. As a result, the defense could not get off the field. The biggest problem on defense was that the defensive ends were no threat to get to the quarterback. Duke Lemmens and Justin Trattou played with great effort, but they could not get there. Here’s a potential fix: Move Ronald Powell back to end and turn him loose and get redshirt freshman Chris Martin, a highly regarded transfer from Cal, up to speed and ready to go. Powell and Martin have the potential to give the Gators the outside rush they so sorely lacked in 2010.

3. The play-calling
Everyone knows it, the play-calling became way too predictable over the course of the season. When Brantley was in the game, it was a pass. When Trey Burton was in the game, it was a run. The only time there was any doubt (and very little at that) was when dual-threat Jordan Reed lined up in the shotgun. Because the coaches were so worried about getting off schedule (and getting into third-and-long) the play-calling became too conservative and too predictable. And the Gators rarely stretched the field vertically. It allowed opposing defenses to defend a much smaller area, crowding 11 players within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. Maybe Steve Addazio thought he didn’t have the personnel to be creative and open up the playbook. Whatever it was, the play-calling became way too predictable. Certainly, Meyer will evaluate the offense and the job Addazio has done. The fix here could entail making a change at offensive coordinator.

4. The offensive philosophy
The Gators need to decide what they want to be on offense, then go be it — whether that’s be a spread-option team or more of a traditional drop-back passing team with the tailback in the I. UF tried to incorporate both philosophies in 2010 and the plan failed miserably. Meyer needs to evaluate his offensive personnel, then decide which direction to go. Going in two different directions (with three quarterbacks) did not work this season.

5. The plan to win
Meyer’s well-known plan to win, which the Gators executed so effectively in past years, seemed lost on this year’s team. The Gators did not take care of the football, did not score enough in the red zone, did not play great defense, did not win the field-position battle with a strong kicking game. The Gators need to start following the plan to win again.

6. The sense of entitlement
Too many young players on this team seemed to have it. They thought because they were Gators, because this was Florida, they would be part of an elite team playing for championships. As we’ve seen in the past, it doesn’t work that way. Playing time and playing for championships are things that have to be earned through hard work and a passion for the game, not by simply coming in here with a five-star ranking out of high school. Maybe Meyer needs to do what he did when he first got here in 2005: take away locker room privileges (and Gator workout attire) for a while and make the players earn their way back in. It worked before, it can work again.

These seem to be the most crucial things that need fixing. It’s going to take a lot of work (and probably some tough decisions on Meyer’s part concerning his coaching staff), but these fixes are all doable.


  1. Fantastic points. On the money. I also think that no matter the offense scheme, Brantley’s not the guy. Sorry… decent at the 10-yard cross but even when he had the time, he couldn’t see the whole field and throw long and accurate. I he felt a possible sack, he’d wrap himself into a ball and go down before the would-be tackler even arrived. Play Reed full-time and call it day… let hime him make some mistakes but increase your chances for consistency and success.

  2. Thats all really nice and stuff but you have to get the players who can execute. The bottum line is that we have missed on SO many recruits in the 2008 and 2009 classes and that is really whats hurting us more than anything, the fact that we have failed to replace the 2006-2007 class with new, talented players. Guys like Hunter, Patchan, James Wilson, Will Hill, Deonte, Carl Moore, Jeremy Brown, Will Green, Lerentee McCray, all of these guys have either been busts who havnt played or busts who have played and shown they do not have the talent that we thought.

  3. Forgot to mention Brantley, the biggest bust of them all. I recall at one point Rivals.com had him rated the 13th best player in 2007 and a 5-star, he was later relegated to 4-star status and i think he ended up being like #40 or so in the Rivals100 2007, but you get my point.

  4. And as far as the playcalling goes, we are running the exact same plays that we did with Mullen, these are Urban Meyer’s plays, this is his offense, Addazio was handed a play sheet and told to make it work. i cannot defend some of addazio’s playcalling but for the most part he is playing with a half-deck of cards compared to what Dan Mullen had to work with. Without a Percy Harvin or a Tebow the spread option is easy to defend.

  5. Given this year’s play at linebacker, Powell and Martin belong at linebacker. There has been little discussion on this but Bostic had difficulty getting off blocks. Jelani Jenkins was at times over-powered at the point of attack. Jaye Howard should be shifted to end. The front seven needs to get bigger to perform better against the run. The use of zone blitzes (or a 3 man front) with Martin and/or Powell as rushers could be effective.

  6. Jay howard is a picture perfect 3-technique who does NOT need to be moved to end. there is a reason we moved him inside in the first place, and that is because he cannot get pressure around the edge he is much better at using techniques to beat less athletic guards. Powell’s future is at DE everybody knows that. Jelani Jenkins and Bostic especially just need to get better.

  7. Thank you for the honesty Robbie. you are the first journalist that I have seen anywhere, who stated the problem about the DE. Duke and Trattou are very nice kids, but honestly they are not prime time players, the whole D line (Sanders/Antwine/Howard/Omar/Marsh are all spot players. We excelled when they all played about 10 to 12 plays per game. When we had to depend on them, we lost. This should have been obvious last yr when Trattou filled in for Carlos Dunlap and Alabama ran all over the right side. We simply chose to over look it. This senior class consist of a bunch of nice players, all the prime time guys left for the pros and the Young studs were simply not yet ready! Austin needs to take his prevent Defense Philosophy back to the NFL!

  8. Telling stats from this season. UF was held to single digits in scoring three times this season (would’ve been four if not for a KO return TD against SoCar). From 2000-2009, that happened a total of three times. Also, we were 115th out of 120 teams in NCAA D1 in red-zone efficiency. It’s hard to overstate how bad this offense was.
    As for the DE position, outside of Ronald Powell and Chris Martin (two unproven commodities), we have nothing. William Green, Earl Okine, and converted LB Lerentee McCray haven’t developed at all. Lemmens and Trattou were completely ineffective, yet all we heard was how they graded out as champions all year (rolls eyes).

  9. Section 6 is the winner. Urban came into the program with a Drill Sgt. Mentality that no longer seems to be a part of his make-up. He needs to find it again and instill that mindset into all his players and coaches. Maybe then we’ll have some players that truely grade out as ‘champions’.

  10. It starts at the top and Meyer is either too stubborn or loyal to the point of absurdity to see that since Mullen left, the problem is Addazio as OC. The obvious has been stated above but I will make a prediction: if Meyer does not demote or fire Addazio and get a new OC next year, the Gators, my beloved Gators will lose another 4-6 games, Meyer will resign or be fired, and we are back to square one. With our talent, recent history, facilities, and overall allure, we should never have a down year (a year with more than 1 or 2 losses and not in the top 10)!

  11. The difference is Meyer and co., in the past, would develop a gameplan around the talent. Now they are trying too hard to develop talent around the game plan. Too much talent on this team trying to get them to execute a role that they are not wired to do.

  12. How older are you, Josh? I agree the ’08 ’09 classes have been under performing but you also have to question how much of that is coaches not developing them. I mean with an unproductive offense, you cant really improve can you. And you honestly think that since dan mullen and steve addazio have the same playbook here at UF that there is no difference in their play calling? Addazio limits his play calling and doesnt optimize the whole play book. Mullen knew how to spread out the field and keep the defense guessing, he ran on avg, 5 dive plays with his small backs, where as addazio runs about 15 of those, hasnt been productive for two years. Mullen used the sweep, counters, and misdirection a lot more which is to the best interest of speed backs. Addazio doesnt even know what a sweep, counter, or misdirection is. Every time he runs one, it goes for big yardage and then he forgets about it apparently. And on the busts topic, i think jeremy brown played pretty good this year, especially since this is like his freshman year

  13. This was not a one-year phenomenon. Our offense under-performed last year and was totally carried by the defense. Does anyone not remember Meyer and Addazio having to defend the offense from criticism — the very same criticism it’s recieving this year? The red zone problems? Addazio is a bust, and must go. We get five star athletes; we need five star coaches, too. That’s only fair to the players we recruit, and the deficiencies on the coaching staff has recruits jumping ship on us this year. Uncle Fester must go.

  14. Josh, you seem awfully confident in your understanding of this team and its players. Maybe YOU should be hired to be offensive coordinator….then you can get more out of all those ‘busts’, can go recruit us some really great players….unless you have experience managing a team and have a ready-made playbook, how about you shut up??

  15. Josh, Really. Is your name Josh or Addazio. The guy was a disaster. He has no business being our OC non. Dan Mullen ran the O, not Myers. If that was the case, we’d run more than the same4 plays. Players. Jordan Reed fits Myers O 100 times better than Brantley. It’s not Brantly’s fault, this isn’t his type of O, but Myers should have recognized that. But out of some misguided devotion kept putting him in. He is a disaster for this O.

  16. Addazio needs to go soon. I think a change needs to be made before all the great offensive recruits end up at Oklahoma or Alabama. I can see Jordan Reed or Jeff Driskel starting at quarterback next year but no one else or we will have another mediocre year.

  17. Exactly, the offense was frustrating to watch last year and we had more than enough tools. And without Tebow and Harvin the spread option is easy to defend? Meyer has been doing it his whole career, without those guys…For the spread option to work, you have to have a dual-threat QB, simple as that. But with that being said, Dan Mullen won a national champ with Chris Leak, just to prove that it can be done, yet with Addazio, it cant be done…

  18. Scott Stambaugh…you only have half of your story correct. Last year we moved the ball all over the field and averaged more yards per game than the 2008 offense. Once we got inside the redzone, we just could not score points. Your redzone game plan coordinator was a guy by the name of Billy Gonzales. He developed the plays and game plan from the 20 yard line to the endzone. Anyway, it’s not important.

    To others….I think the thing that people for whatever reason just can’t seem to understand is…it’s not like Urban Meyer walks in Saturday afternoon and looks at Steve Addazio and says, “Hey what are we doing today.” They are on the field and in meetings all week. The other guy nailed it, this isn’t Addazio’s play book, and both he and Meyer must have felt there were some real issues to be game planning and calling the plays they were calling. If Meyer makes a change at O.C. that’s fine with me. But if the fans turn on Addazio to the point that he is FORCED out…my guess is Meyer is going to go the way of Spurrier and go work somewhere the fans are so spoiled. Keep in mind Meyer thinks enough of Addazio he was willing to turn the team over to him.

  19. seriously last years play calling was this bad also dive dive dive with little guys then get bailed out by Tebow, up until we went against a team like Alabama who had the personnel to contain Tebow. The dive and draw need to be run some but much less and much less predictabbly just like passes vertically need to be mixed in even if incomplete to make teams defend the threat! Basics and with the athletes and talent we have we would be fine – but much less predictably is needed with the new OC that better be comming in, this has been reminisent of a Fulmer offense minus the emphasis on offensive line coaching for the last two years… also give Brantley a break guys he would be a great quarterback if he had any time and a pocket passing or pro-style offense. I hope the coaches havent ruined him for the future whereever he ends up!!!

  20. Robbie, as always it comes down to the offensive and defensive lines. Our offensive lines was supposed to be the strength of the team and from game 1 it was obvious that it was week. As you rightfully say, defensive line could not put pressure on the opposition QB all year. The loss of Cunningham early was huge and Okine and Green did not progress. I hope that both these areas are attacked. What happened to Chaz Green, Alajian, and Silberman, they were not seen all year to my memory.

  21. The best move Urban could make would be to hire Randy Shannon, 5 of the 6 yrs he was UM’s D cord he was top 10 in total D. Even if he wanted to give Austin 1 more yr he could name Shannon as asst D cord. Shannon is a great recruiter and would help us in areas we need the help in.
    He may have been over his head getting his 1st HC job at a high profile program but he he always has been a good D coach and could fill the void Strong left.

  22. There are a lot of good points here that should all be considered. I must admit that I had not considered the players mentioned as busts, but it is hard to argue that they have not performed to the levels expected. Losing as many coaches as we have over the years is tough, but you would think this would also draw all of the best talent to our door step. Couple of things are obvious, our OC needs to be in the pressbox and is not Addazio. Brantley really doesn’t have a future as a Gator next year. Our OL was way over rated this year and clearly was never as good as they or our coaches thought. The youngsters on the defense line needs to step up because the seniors that are leaving were average at best. I agree that some tough decisions need to be done and soon.

  23. I don’t think you can call some of those players busts, Josh. Remember some players were injured like Patchan and Wilson. Patchan especially would have been big help to our OLine problems when they were getting hurt and shuffled around. Also, Carl Moore showed he had the hands to catch Brantley’s terrible throws. But as the season progressed, our passing attack became non-existent. What are the wide receivers suppose to do in that instance, especially when Addazio doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to a passing game? Jeremy Brown showed he had the talent, skill, and IQ to play well as CB. The pick 6 he had comes to mind, very smart play by him. But for whatever reason, he was benched, and we all saw how Moses Jenkins played at FSU…

    We have the players, we just have to use them better. The coaches failed to put them in positions to make plays. Some of those names haven’t lived up to expectation: Hunter, Deonte, Hill, Green. McCray is still a redshirt sophomore I believe, so he still has time to develop. But it’s very disappointing, but more on the coaches this season.

  24. I agree with you but I think you were too obvious. Everyone knows that the passing game was terrible and the play calling was predictible. The last thing you said I think was the most crucial. The tough decisions he has to make on the coaching staff will decide next seasons fate. In my personal opinion (and I stress “my opinion”) Azzani, Austin, Loeffler and Addazio need to go. Not sure if you can let go that many and still recruit but I just dont think we can win with those coaches. Thanks for letting me say my piece.

    Jeff W,
    St. Pete Florida

  25. 2011 Plan:
    1. New QB
    2. 2 biger and faster receivers
    3. 2 big (220lb)running backs (then you can run that dive play we so love)
    4.******* Addazio must go**************
    5. Must get some type of pass rush
    6. put the play maker in the game Debose, mack Brown, Reed, Driskel and the rest of the big time play maker in the game( what the hell we are saving them for)

  26. Also UF is an elite Top 5 program that pays coaches top salaries. That being said there’s no reason we can’t attract one of the 10 top coaches at any and all positions.
    Randy Shannon for the D and Rich Rodriquez for the O when Michigan cans him after the bowls to hire Harbaugh would be a good start. Recruits have seen Addazio’s work product the past 2 yrs and the good ones will head to FSU, Auburn, LSU and Bama given that opportunity. If Addazio was a REAL OC he wouldn’t be running, Mullen/Meyer plays he would be designing his own.
    Coaches come and go, if they get a promotion offer they leave so why do we have to be loyal to coaches that don’t produce? I hear all these excuses and NOTHING about the accountability that should be expected!

  27. Any comment that deals with players is wrong. If our offensive line with 3 full time seniors look this bad, then how are our younger players going to look? As a whole our coaches drop the ball on this one. I believe Janoris Jenkins wasn’t affected by the coaches, as he was good coming in and coaches didn’t need to fix him….

  28. The fix here could, underline could, entail making a change at offensive coordinator? Did you really say c o u l d ????? hahahahahahaha

    And, btw, regarding the play calling, Meyer clearly stated about 3 or 4 press conferences back that there are NO, yes he said no (as in zero) bad play calls…said the problem is when you don’t execute them. And to that I also say – hahahahahahaha

  29. Brantley sucks playing the spread…I’m surprised the Coaches kept playing him, especially when they decided the spread was our offense of choice. For 2 years, Brantley played (sparingly) in traditional offense when he was brought in. I assumed that would be the case. As you may recall, Urban changed his offense so Chris Leak would be successful and we looked good. Brantley has a much stronger arm, so I assumed things would be better. As mentioned, Coaches had a playbook, which they weren’t ready to change….square peg in round hole gets 7-5 season, with more questions on offense then when you started season.

  30. @ Class of 86
    Agree–we also need LBs that make tackles.Our safety(Black) leads the team in tackles and when that happens in every case you are looking at a close to .500 team. We used to be able to contain and funnel RBs inside where we made stars out of our LBs—now our Lbs see stars as the RBs run over them and Black has to be the stopper all too many times.

  31. Speaking of game Plans:
    The most embarrassing moment of the season, I know there were many to consider, was how The Ole Ball Coach knew our playbook better than our players did. How many times was USC waiting for the play to get to them? I have been to over a 100 Gator games and 100’s of others in my life time from Pee Wee to the Pros and I have never seen so many plays “jumped” by the opposing team. USC’s D was so ready they were there before our players were! Many plays all 11 D players were within 7 yds of the ball.

  32. 11. Coach Meyer need to stop being so STUBBORN about his system, if it not working change it to the player you have ( tebow is gone)*********STOP BEING STUBBORN ABOUT ADDAZIO HE MUST GO********* AND PLEASE STOP PICKING PLAYER AT QB BY SKIN COLOR ( CAM NEWTON WAS WAY BETTER THEN BRANTLY AND YOU KNOW IT, CAM WAS A BLACK TEBOW AT QB****************

  33. Meyer’s offense has never been able to be the blitz and when going against a disciplined defensed (i.e. Saban’s) the spread running game get’s shut down. That’s why Auburn did not have success until they started passing the ball down field. A change in offensive philosophy is what is needed. If you need a Harvin and Tebow every year to be successful, then you’re not going to be because those are RARE talents. Meyer needs to check his ego and change his philosophy.

    Also, why didn’t we try to use the Pistol?

  34. I agree with the part about the five star recruits needing five star coaching. Not only has the Gator Nation been short changed this year but so have the newer recruits. Our lack of innovation in strategy has resulted in predictable play calling with the worst output in more than twenty years. YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!
    End the sense of entitlement, reemphasize the discipline and stamina that helped us win the fourth quarter in EVERY game, and get this team back on track.
    Coaches, thank you for your past accomplishments. Now get off your laurels and start coaching like your personnel and the level of competition in the SEC demands. If you’re not up to the challenge EVERY year find a different location. Gator Nation expectations are much higher that this year’s results and have been for a long time, why do you think the Zooker is no longer around?

  35. How about addressing the issue with the coaching staff – beginning with Urban Meyer? He sat and watched as the program crumbled and he did nothing but say the same things every week – “We’re not a very good right now., We’re going to work our tails off.” If that’s the case, why didn’t they? They got worse instead of better. There was no discipline and by the end of the season it was an embarrassment. What about all of the injuries? Are the players poorly conditioned? Change has to start at the top – Urban needs to go. Perhaps his “health” issues are such that he should retire.

  36. Id move “addazio must go” to #1 on that list class of 86.

    And as far as Brantley being great in a pro-style offense, Im still not sure of it. Dude is scared of getting hit, has no size, and cannot make all the throws that everyone thinks he can. He would get blasted in the NFL as of right now.

  37. We have had a pocket pass before in Meyers system that was complimented by a brusing QB. Remember Chris Leak. I just dont think Brantley is as great as his supporters think he is. Id take Leak over Brantley any day. Look at Brantleys rail thin frame. An NFL linebacker would break him in half. No wait. Brantley would just fall down and curl up way before an NFL linebacker could get to him.

  38. Hahahah….CO86…that just got angrier and angrier.

    2005 Mayer and this offense have GOT to go…it’s Horrible. 2006, we need to fire Dan Mullen is predictable and our offense is a joke. 2007 Mullen is a GENIOUS, 2008, PLEASE DON’T GO DAN!!!!!

    Sound familiar? Only thing is, Dan didn’t have a 7 and 6 season. We had a BAD A$$ defense in 2006 and a quarterback with some juevos (Leak) that was able to get us out of trouble.

    To be honest, I’m just not sure if Addazio has the guts to make some of the calls Mullens made when he made them, but this story line sure does sound familiar.


    Wow you are absolutely clueless! 95 % of the playmakers on this team aren’t the same color as meyer. He recruits mostly people of a different race. Meyer recruits the best players he can get regardless of race. He didnt steal that laptop or cheat on the test for cam newton either. You really don’t think Meyer wishes Newton would have stayed out of trouble and taking us to the SEC championship? oh wait no you don’t. He would rather have the worst season of his career instead of that black quarterback. Jeez were do we find these ____ fans?

  40. No one else will say it, so I will. I don’t really believe Urban’s heart is in coaching any more after his medical scare. That being said, it might be better for him to retire now and let us start rebuilding from the top down. This year has seen the worst coaching in the 69 years I have been a Gator. I can easily accept losses when you just get beat or the ball bounces the wrong way, but to be laughed at is something else. While our current player personnel is definitely not the best in the SEC, they are much better than their play would indicate. They deserve better coaching that they are getting. In that regard, please let them have the class to turn down a bowl bid, should anyone be crazy enough to offer. Enough is enough. Let’s just let this sorry season end!

  41. wow…typing to fast and didn’t bother to re-read for spelling. Sorry.

    I agree with Willberg on Brantley. Why is everyone so quick to give him a pass? I don’t get it. If this kid wakes up one day and it just clicks for him than I’d say he’s our man, and I’ll back him 100%. But to this point, after this season and what he’s done on the field, I can’t understand why everyone thinks he shouldn’t shoulder some responsibility.

  42. Class of 86, many good points, but race has no place in this discussion. Meyer has shown no tendancy to show bias based on race, and that allegation is out of line. Aside from that, and your misspelling of “bigger”, I pretty much agree. Cheers.

  43. Chris leak also had been a starter for 3 years when he won a championship as the starter. The two quarterback system can work (Reed and Brantley) if we had better play calling. Meyer all season was looking for playmakers, well instead he should have been looking all season for a new offensive coordinator. Players don’t come in highly rated out of high school because they were bench warmers, players at florida were stars. We have to have a better coaching staff for these players. Not one area of this team looked good this year. While Steve Addazio was making nearly 500k a year to run an offense that an 8th grader could have run on madden, there were coaches all over the country doing excellent jobs at much smaller programs.

    Summary: ADDAZIO MUST GO!!!!
    I’m not even saying off the team because he is a good recruiter and I believe could do a serviceable job at line coach if he wasn’t also the offensive coordinator.

  44. i will die laughing if cam newton wins the Heisman and the NC. I mean how ironic will that be.

    We need a new offensive coordinator and a better pass rush. We need to stick with the spread and stop recruiting drop back passers.

    if demps and rainey were healthy this year, maybe two more wins, but addozzio struggled with an experienced line and playcalling duties and got into a terrible rut. talking about an insecure person.

  45. Get rid of Addizio. Make the players be responsible for their mental mistakes. Make Jordan Reed the starter or tweak the offense so that it fits John Brantley’s game. Untilmately, the players are the ones who play the game, and you can coach them all day, but if they don’t perform, the team loses. The amount of mental mistakes this year was amazing, especially by the seniors. Get back to basics – blocking, tackling, getting pressure on QB’s, covering receivers one on one, not just zone defense, snapping the ball correctly 95% of the time. Things that you have to do to win. Make the easy catches most of the time. Above all else, do not be selfish. Do everything for the team, not for personal glory. If the teams wins, personal glory will go along with it. If the team loses, everyone is to blame, not just one player, one coach. Change is good. Embrace if Coach Meyer. Let’s get some Urban redvelopment going in Gainesville and bring it back to where it was two years ago. But also, lets remember this – this is the same coach who was won TWO national championships in 5 years here in Gainesville. He knows what he’s doing, even if he maybe got a little bit lost this season.

  46. Class of 86… before I make some points on your comments, I will start by saying…. you all are funny and hey thanks for the spirit.. the Gators will rise again.

    Now as far as C of 86 I will comments about race, I will say this. It may just be true. There is one thing I would change however, I dont think Meyers is the culprit, but more so the powers that be. Keep in mind, this is part why the “old ball coach” moved his show to SC. The booster, did not want Cam Newton to break all of Tebow records, and I can understand why. Tebow being the greatest gator means if Newton put on the type of show he’s putting on in Auburn… Tebow’s greatness would have been somewhat belittled. We all know that if Reed would have been the starting QB, with in occasional J brant off the bench, we would be a lot better right now. Think about it, when we pick J bran up out his commtment to Texas there was no way poppa brantly and the rest of the 2nd generation brantely gators were not going to allow this kid to sit the bench behind Cam or any other QB, regrdless of race.. J Bran might be the problem with 2 teams who have had total dissappointment right now …. texas and florida.. he should have been a lng hrn, anyways. This is why I think Meyer left unexpectedly, becasue he was forced to play J bran, and he knew he could not make it work in his system… That too bad, becuz gator nation is shook up now.. and it will take a little time to get us all back in tuned. Lastly.. They even made J Reed make a statment that he wanted to play TE and not QB, because it was easier to learn, well.. I think he had some idea how hard it was to play QB before coming to Florida, if not, why would he not just be recruited as a TE… come one.. please….

    Brantely I wish you the best, but clearly this team nor the system is in your best interest.. leave and go to GA Southern or Furman University and play your last yr of college football, its your only hope dude. This is the only way, Gator Nation will get back to the top… Not so sure all the other Defensive stuff, nor the coaching changes will matter until this is resolved….

  47. The coaching this year was not good. The players did not seem to progress and improve thru the season. The OL play was awful – we could neither run block nor pass protect. It doesn’t matter how fast Demps is when he can’t get started because of DL penetration. How many illegal procedure penalties must we endure before the execution is remedied? I believe Addazzio is responsible. He needs to study some game film of Alabama to see what OLs are supposed to look like.

  48. Tebow had a few concussions and took far too many hard hits under Addazio. I’m thinking Addazio’s coaching doesn’t blend with the Urbans. May they part on good terms.

    Brantley? He had great form when a play went just as drawn out. Any pressure or a hike that required him to blink twice seemed to shake him into a standard bad play. It was often a sigh of relief to see him simply throw the ball away. Was it just the system?

  49. Um, can i just posit the following thought: How do you think our offense would have looked if Cam Newtow was the QB ? All i’m saying is don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, there is a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed on this team. But one or two players can make a huge difference and when you lose 11 kids to the NFL that were on your roster the season before, that’s gonna put a dent in your axx. I’m glad Meyer is fired up, I do agree Addazzio should be replaced, but gee whiz, if Newton had stayed at UF we are probably playing in a BCS bowl. They better close the deal on Driskel though.

  50. I truely feel the players are taking to much of the blame. Because if you look at it, it’s not just the qb’s, rb’s, wr’s, o-line… it’s everything on offense. To me it’s the system that Meyer runs has finally caught up to him. I have never understood the philosophy of this offensive system and have been very critical of Meyer since he got him. But now I look stupid because he gets to hide behind those 2 NC. To me, it’s like Meyer is virgin dating a pornstar with this offense. He doesn’t really know what he has with these athletes. Deonte, Brantley, Debose, Moore, Mack Brown, ect these guys are thoroughbreds and all this gimmicky and deception crap before the all is snapped is not necessary for them. All they need to do is just line up and just go. Meyer is use to dealing with players who aren’t as talented as the guys he has now and they needed to be in a offense like this… when you have a qb who can’t throw they have to run the option to be affective. Brantley doesn’t need to do that and he has totally destroyed this kid. I feel the same with deonte. What he has done with Brantley is equivalent to take a Chris Paul (point guard of the hornets) and turn him into a center. Tim Tebow was a player who needed the likes of an offense like this cause he wasn’t or isn’t the traditional quarterback. Once Meyer realizes all he has to do is just line up and go down the field he will be fine…. The one thing to this day that just kills me is the fact that why in the Redzone does he need a quarterback to run it for… what are the running backs for. To me Meyer has the whole offensive philosphy totally backwards

  51. oh and the last thing… it would also help him if he would stop telling people that these athletes that have been on campus a year or a year and half that they don’t know the offense. (see Andre Debose).. I TOTALLY DON’T GET THAT! You’re telling me that Trey Burton a true freshman can come in and learn 3 positions and Andre Debose who has been there a year in a half can’t learn it. That’s horse crap. I don’t understand why he doesn’t let him play, but if he thinks that game playing around Burton is going to help him back to elite status he is sadly mistaking. I don’t mean to bash burton cause he is GREAT kid who works his butt off and leaves everything on the field but he doesn’t scare anyone. And I all but put my hands in my face after the Kentucky game cause I knew the more sucessful Burton was were going to see that in the Alabama game. Like the 3 quarterback circus… I to this day still can’t believe that’s the best he could think of.

  52. Robbie, very close to dead on!

    I think two other things needs to be added to the list though, get way more out of the QB position (a lot of this is assumed with your other points though), and develop some young leaders on the team. Right now I am very concerned about who will be the leaders in 2011.

  53. It does concern me that the AD has not spoken publicly regarding the
    shape of the football program, staff, etc….maybe he wants UM to produce a plan that has the “right stuff”….which will take a few weeks.

  54. Not sure I understand the comments related to race at the QB position. I would prefer to believe there is not any truth to this and think we will always put the best players on the field, period. Cam didn’t work out for us. Move on. This isn’t the first time a guy left a program and was successful in the next. Too many problems with UF to believe he would have made that much of a difference in our season. In my opinion, the primary problems were coaching and O-line. QB without the skills to spread the ball around didn’t help, but we have seen that trait with Tebow over the years.

  55. One last point. Pouncy was a big disappointment this year and I am not referring to his snapping issues. No signs of real leadership capability. I think his brother was always the leader and he the follower. Glad he is moving on.

  56. People think that we would have been so much better with Cam Newton… i really just can’t see it, because of the offensive philosphy. I’ll tell you why, everyone gets caught up in Tim Tebow. To be honest with you, Tim Tebow was a very good football player but to me not great. The whole catalyst to Meyer’s success is Percy Harvin. Percy Harvin is the guy that when everything went to crap and nothing was working that we went to. I remember in the Oklahoma game it was Percy (with a broken leg) who made it happen for us. Harvin was the man in every big game we had. His freshman year in the SEC championship it was Harvin. Harvin changed the whole game, not because of the infamous Percy position it’s just Harvin himself who can do anything. Tim bennefited off of that more than anyone. This year Cam wouldn’t have had that element. Well we do, but Meyer chooses not to play him (Debose). Tim Tebow aren’t the first of their kind. You have guys like Michael Vick, Vince Young, Dennis Dixon, Colt McCoy. To be honest with you if I’m going to have a running quarterback of this year i would rather have Tyrod Taylor.

  57. Michael…couldn’t agree more. Funny how a playmaker and leader makes things look a little better. I’m not convinced Addazio needs to be replaced until Meyer says he does. Meyer stuck with Dan Mullen when everyone wanted him to step down. Something’s got to give though. He can’t coach the O-line and the offense, and he can’t continue to be this conservative when we have some legitimate playmakers in the game.

    Again, FORCING Addazio out may create a situation in which you are forcing Meyer out. I trust Meyer to make the correct decisions. Not that it would have made our offense look any better, but a couple of easy field goals against LSU and MSU or stopping the fake against LSU and you’re looking at a 9 – 3 season…not unlike 2005.

  58. AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN I SAY THIS… “A leopard cannot change it’s spots”. Meyer can explain all he wants about what needs to be fiexed, especially about the offense, but firing Steve Addazio as offensive coordinator is the NUMBER 1 THING he needs to do. SA will NEVER change from being a predictable play-caller who has absolutely NO CLUE about Div. I CFB passing game and strategies. ONE MORE TIME… Addazio WILL… NEVER… CHANGE.

  59. How do we know what kind of qb Brantley is when he is constantly evading the defense or getting up after being sacked? I think the theory with smaller, quick backs going up the middle is that they can hit a crease in the line quickly, get past the l-backers and make some big gains. On both points, the o-line needs to protect the qb and make a crease for the backs to get through. The FSU game was the 12th of the season and we have trouble lining up? This was the best offensive line we have? Maybe the talent is there and they need to be coached up better. New O-line coach and new offensive coordinator might be in order. Interesting off season in store to see what Meyer changes.

  60. Somehow, when I saw that Class of ’86 had posted his comments here, that the race card would be played at some point. Thanks for not disappointing. Too bad, because your continual racism diminshes the validity of many of your observations.

  61. I think Class of 86’s comments about race having anything to do with who plays QB is ludicrous. Remember Chris Leak, correct me if Im wrong but wasnt he african american. Cam Newton was in line to take Tebows spot, but lets face it he screwed up (more than once according to some) and Coach Meyer had to let him go. I was at the Mississip State game and sat in the South end zone. I got a pretty good perspective of what John Brantley has faced all year from there. With the blocking or lack of he’s had, its a wonder he even made it through the year without major injury. No doubt John’s skill set is not designed for the spread which does lead me to wonder why he signed with UF, but he is a great kid and its unfair to throw him in front of the bus. I thought he threw the ball well earlier when he had the time.

  62. Here’s the thing about Addazio, the inescapable truth: A person can learn, a person can study, a person can practice, but in the final analysis all serious people do these things and then it’s talent that catapaults best beyond the crowd. Addazio, no matter how much tape he watches, how much brainstorming he does, has simply displayed no talent for being an OC. He is untalented, and there is no cure for that. I wish I were a great guitar player, but no matter how much I try, my middling talent for the instrument will tell. We are Florida: We get to demand the very very best, and that means those who are willing to work hard and also have extraordinary talent. Places like Illinois will always need coaches. There’s no reason to feel bad for Addazio.

  63. I think Addazio should go. As for Cam Newton he`s a cheater and when its all figured out Auburn will have to vacate all their wins for this season.enough of that. I have confidence in Urban will make the necessary changes,andwill have us playing back at the level we`ve been playing at for the last 20 years. I remeber all those lean years when the saying was ” theres always next year”. Well we had a hiccup this year so what. Get over it you cry babies!

  64. In order to be effective the offensive line coach has to watch the play of his linemen on every play. I do not feel that he can call the plays and correct any problems that occur during a play. SIMPLE..

    What major college in the top 25 has the offensive coordinator that coaches the offensive line??

  65. Are u f****** serious these scared writers want to blame the players!? Since when does Meyer not recruit great players! It’s coaching coaching coaching! This is the saddest excuse of reporting I’ve ever read. What about our veteran o-line that sucked!its coaching but Robbie kissing Urban’s a** and won’t say it. This will be my last post until next season hopefully Gator sports get real writers who won’t blow smoke up our a***** like Urban and Dumbazzio have a f******* year!

  66. 2nd Cam leaving and Brantley starting is a race issue! If you don’t want to see it that’s on you. If newton played TE he still would be a Florida, I stated this months ago Brantley is only starting because of his family and the Coach and boosters like his skin color.

  67. How can anyone blame Brantley for this seasons failures. The guy never had a chance. Since week #1 they couldn’t snap it to him, couldn’t protect him and we never designed a pass play beyond the line of scrimmage. Well thrown balls were dropped and we stuck with the same silly game plan week after week. Apparently all we do during practices is line up in different formations and try to hide the same 9 plays we ran all year. Since February, all we heard was that we have a traditional drop back QB with a great arm and that we were going to “tweek” the offense around his skill sets. – NEVER HAPPENED. Its not Brantley, its the coaches who mis-managed him.

  68. You can’t blame people for thinning race has something to do with it, sorry guys. You can pretend it doesn’t exist & stick your head in the sand, but the best 2 QB’s on this team today are black and one of them, Jordan Reed, should of been starting after the Vandy game. I don’t believe that he doesn’t know enough of the play-book to start. We’d be better off running the 6-9 plays that Jordan knows than we ere with the 60-80 that Brantley knows. Brantley was all hype & didn’t live up to it. He was the worst starting QB at Florida since the late 80’s. This was the worst UF team since ’89, yet even the ’89 team would run for 250+ yards on us (cause they’d have Mr. Emmitt Smith).

    Anyway, all I know is that if Meyer wants to fix this, which I believe he does, then the first 2 changes should be new Q.B. & new O.C.

  69. Was Chris Leak playing qb at UF a race issue as well? Give me a break! Politics is bad enough, now we have people claiming race issues in football. Urban Meyer wants to win, regardless who plays what position and regardless the color of his skin. The only issue I see is whether or not he can see past someone being an old comrade in arms and taking away responsiblity or even letting him go for the betterment of the team. It’s NOT about race.

  70. If you did watch the gators this season, you can easily see that there is plenty of talent on the team. Championships have been won with less. That puts a major focus on the coaching and what the coaches chose to do with the talent. Talent can be unruly, proven to be a bust, or transfer out, but that just goes with the territory. All coaches deal with it.

    This is more of a coaching thing than anything else. Meyer has to coach his butt off and show why he gets paid the big bucks. Many good coaches have down years and that’s all it is… a down year. It might even take another year before UF returns to championship contention.

    I think Meyer knows what he’s doing. He did win 2 championships. Our beloved Spurrier only got 1. So just wait and see.

  71. Regarding the play of the o line this year. I have a question and maybe Robbie can get an answer on this. I was wondering if Pouncey had some kind of deal with Coach Meyer, that he would only come back this year if he was guaranteed to play center? It seems to me he never really got used to that position and the team would have been better off playing Robey at center and leaving Pouncy at guard. Bottom line is the gators got whipped in the trenches this year (except for the games they should have won) and everybody knows the games are won and lost in the trenches.

  72. To be honest with you I don’t think Meyer does much to fix this. The reason is that meyer is so fixed on using his system and it doesn’t matter who the OC is. You could bring in Mike Martz and the he couldn’t fix it because Meyer is so hell bent on using this crazy system. Also, to me if he uses reed, burton, or brantley he’s going to get the same result. this system in the conference is equals at best average. Unless Percy Harvin walks back through that door. Who knows he probably won’t even play because he *FORGOT* the plays. hahahahahaha!

  73. Seriously? The very first and only opportunity for you people to ascribe racism as a motive for something you don’t agree with, and you jump at it? I guess that explains why Pouncey is still starting at center and not Roby… oh, wait, nevermind…

    Frankly, there is plenty to complain about this season, and plenty of criticism to direct at the coaching staff, but anyone who wants to play the race card here should be ashamed of themselves. It’s contemptable and beneath the dignity of this forum. I liked it better when Jack the Seminole was the only jackass on this blog: Allegedly orange and blue race-baiters make my stomach turn.

  74. JOSH, “some” of the plays SA runs are Mullen’s, but right there is where a lot of similarities stop. Addazio does not call plays to attack defenses, he calls plays in recation to what they;re doing. He does use the many passing plays in our playbook that Mullen used either. Addazio cannot comprehend the passing game, he’s incapable.

  75. Guys, first things first. CM needs to man up. fire/demote your best buddy. We struggled last year on “o”, some of the games were close that should not have been. REED is the QB, not buying he doesnt know the plays spill, as we only run 8 or 9. By the way, he was recruited as a QB and played there last year until they moved him to TE. Defensively, JJ needs help opposite him, LB’s are always out of position and can’t get off there blocks. d-line is horrible, kinda glad DM is gone, all that talent and we were suspect here all year. Everybody talks about the entitlement factor, what about the “invested” factor? there is no way you can make me believe that DLemmons and Jtrattou were the best options at DE…. Lets sum it up………….Man-up CM……”The QB” as he termed it is REED. re-evaluate that D-line, L macray, W green, somebody, sit those other” invested” ends down…….Im just saying….

  76. What was most disappointing was that we had a line with four returning starters for most of the year and they did not have the first clue how pass block or pick up a blitz. The problem with this team is that the seniors did not lead. I thought the freshman played well considering they did not have any senior leadership. I saw too many plays where the seniors (Ahmad Black, excepted) just were not giving the effort that you would expect of them.

  77. To all of you….Not a single one of you has ever coached a game and or attended a practice….I suggest that for 95% of these postings you dont have season tickets or even attend games…You are fair weather fans…You become gators when we win and you hide your colors when we lose!
    Its all about you and your egos…Bottom line is this!
    I graduated from the University of Florida which has won 2 national championships in the last 4 years!!! We won almost a 3rd!!! We were on a 22 game winning streak!!! Man up and realize this is not the pros, where you can trade players!!!
    These are kids….
    We have Urban Meyer the number one coach in the land….And we have very good young talent….We cant win it every year…
    This is our off year….Next year and the year after will be great….Urban will do it…U just had back to back 13-1 seasons!!!!
    I cant wait for next year…and we will have fun at the bowl..
    So..in summary …Texas and Bama played for it all last year!!!
    they were both 13-0
    This year they are 5-7 and 8-3!!!!! Its all a cycle!!!
    Go Gators..
    Bob in Jupiter Florida Alum and Season Tik holder and
    Member of gator boosters!!!!

  78. @Bob – You are an idiot. I graduated in ’96. Spent 7 wonderful years at UF. I agree with 95% of the comments that are posted above yours. I completely disagree with you that a 7-5 regular season for UF is acceptable. I want to win the SEC and National Title every year! That is why UF plays. I even went to the FSU game this past weekend. Bob, you must have come from the days prior to Steve Spurrier when 7-5 meant a great season.
    UF has aspired to be the best. Gator Nation expects the best. Yes, we are a spoiled group. But top 5 recruiting classes for how many years now? 7-5 season should never have happened. Can Addazio, sit Brantley or get him transfered, get the D-line to get some pressure. Last years offense was telling of this year. 3 QBs was a desperate attempt to fix the sinking ship. Check out firesteveaddazio.com. Guy posts the truth!

  79. Bob, how many years into the Zook debacle were you still counselling patience? We’re not having a down year; we’re having an embarrassing year. Our offensive team has been an unmitigated disaster, and has looked foolish to boot. Yes, Urban will probably turn it around. He will do that by firing Addazio. By the way, take your season tickets, and booster certificate and… use your imagination. Everybody gets to have an opinion.

  80. Robbie, you’ve got it. On defense, we need some serious stud athletes at the ends so we can get a rush. Powell is one of them…..and I will say it for the 10th time, I like him at right end rushing a right-handed QB. We need the “tall” DE on the left, to knock down the passes from the right-handed QBs who roll right and move the pocket to the right. Okine is the perfect guy if he would just play his butt off instead of going ½ speed every other play. For my money, Floyd, Hunter and Howard can play tackle. We also need a stud middle linebacker like Spikes. Our guys are fast, but they get pushed around by SEC lineman and can’t effectively stop the run. We need a bruiser in the middle…..the speed guys can be outside. I think Bostic is an outside guy. If we get a pass rush from the front four, then we don’t have to commit the farm with blitzes to get some pressure. Offensively, we just have to have an identity. I love JB, but I don’t think he is the leader we need. He can run a spread, but he can’t run an option. We need more and better running plays if JB is going to run the show, and he can’t be the guy doing the running. If option is part of our spread, then JB is not the guy. On coaching, Addazio is a great coach and a great guy. Talk to any NFL offensive lineman and they will tell you he is a great coach….he’s just not a play caller. Play calling is an art to some degree, and that’s just not his thing. Finally, let’s get a Gator on the coaching staff somewhere…..an Alum, someone that bleeds a little Orange and Blue because it’s who they are. Go Gators!

  81. Agree that bigger 6 2 225 type running backs needed. More push in the middle a la Patchan. Short quick pass routes to fast big receivers with good hands. More use of bruising TE to beat up linebackers and DBs. And fast DEs. Better to get some hard working thick boned 3 star athletes from 5A and 6A Florida schools who improve over 4 years and stay in school and are agressive learners. No more transfers and JC students. No tolerance for dumb off field antics. One and done. Raise standards and expectations for improvement.

  82. I agree with most opinions here except the obvious idiots. No doubt we need a new OC. But one thing most have failed to mention here that is completely missing from the past 3 years. Student leadership on both sides of the ball.! No one replaced Tebow or Spikes as the leaders of each squad. This is something that has to be there. It really cannot be taught. Leak is a great guy and bleeds Orange and Blue but zero leadership ability. We need that desperately on Offense and Defense.

  83. Bottom line is that SA does not know how to get the ball into play makers hands like Mullen did. We have the play makers and we get stuck on one player and forget about the rest (ie. Rainey, Rainey, Rainey, Punt) and we forget about spreading it around. O Hines showed flashes of brilliance in the back field in the middle of the season but as soon as he was there he was gone. I still cant figure out the A Debose situation. I know he was having trouble early on in the season in figuring out how to be a gator but if he let him return kicks then I think he must have figured it out. He lead the nation’s Freshman (redshirt) in kickoff returns and was fourth in the nations in KR for TDs and we cant find a way to get him the ball on offence?? That makes no sense. I thought he was supposed to be the next Percy Harvin?? Well didn’t Percy make most of his big plays from the backfield? A Debose didn’t see the backfield this year as far as I remember. I’m not trying to say that he would of put up those same numbers but you have to give the guy a chance, especially when the Head Coach is someone who gave that comparison to start with.
    Another thing that is not being mentioned is the lack of leadership and discipline on the team this year. It makes me think that maybe Charlie Strong had a lot to do with some of the disciplinary things that were going on along with Urban having to step back with his health issues. Whatever it has been, the number of penalties has been ridiculous and I know that we usually have a lot but this year has been horrible. As far as the leadership goes, there has been none. A Black is all the leadership we have had but he is more of the lead by example and needed someone to compliment him which everyone thought was going to be Pouncey But with his troubles at center you have to produce before you can lead. And in thinking that we would get any leadership out of the QB was a joke. There were times, especially during the FSU game, where our QB’s looked like they had no idea where they were.
    So besides the obvious reasons like O line and play calling (Both SA by the way.. huh) leadership and discipline have to be fixed next year. I like the idea of making them earn the right to wear orange and blue. Send them out there in plain Greys at practice until they earn the colors and then the name. Put some Pride back in Gator football. Go Gators.

  84. I really don’t think the QB position was about race. I think it was about money. I should begin by stating this is speculation… Let’s just say people with interest in seeing Brantley play included major boosters. I’m not saying the Brantleys were paid to come. I’m saying boosters made an executive decision, or promises were made about Brantley’s play time so that boosters could be made happy. My point is that money means a lot more to people than race, and is far more likely.

  85. Hey Robbie, your evaluation is spot on. I am concern that Coach Meyer will allow his personal relationship with the Addazzios get in the way with the business of football. I cannot recall Coach Meyer firing any assistant coaches for poor performance. When you think about it, the Gators struggled last year under Steve Addazzio. The Gators almost lost to Arkansas and struggled against LSU, Mississppi State, and Tennessee. If it weren’t for Tebow, Coach Charlie Strong, and the defense, the gators could of lost 5 games last year. This brings back memories when I was at UF. What did Coach Steve Spurrier do to add the missing element to a national championship team. Demoted Ron Zook and added Bob Stoops. THAT is what Coach Meyer needs to do. As long Steve Addazzio is the Offensive Coordinator, the Gator Nation is going to endure tough years. I gaurantee it! Recruits see it. No 5 star wide receiver is going to commit if a team can’t get the ball downfield. I believe Jeff Driskel is also the anwser as well but it is going to take at least a year to fully mature at the college level. The Gator is also missing a big 240 lb Running Back. The last one was Deshawn Wynn. We need to oppossing defense another element to think about or they will zero in on the quaterback. The Gators need a JAMES WILDER back. Coach Meyer needs to hire an offensive coordinator at double the pay. I doubt the offensive coordinators at Oregon and Auburn will make a lateral move. How about the guy at Michigan. In any event, I hope Coach Meyer will consider to make that change. Coach Meyer is a great coach. He has proven that he is the best in Florida History. He has accomplished and achieve more that any other Gator Coach before him. And yes, Steve Spurrier is included. I agree with one writer. The change needs to come quickly because of the peak of the recruiting season.

  86. Bob, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I mean that sincerely AMEN!!!!!!!!

    Scott S…..so let me understand this. You have never learned and grown from ANY experience in you life. So for example, you are as inadequate now as you were in high school? I’m not trying to pick a fight….I’m just saying THAT is what your post about Addazio suggests. You are suggesting no person can grow and learn.

  87. By the way…Billy D lost to UCF…he needs to be burned at the stake…Fire him, fire them all…fire foley. I hate being a
    Gator…oh wait, that’s not me, that’s you. Sorry…I love Gator athletics. In all types of weather, most of us all stick together.

  88. You guys with your “Racial” bull just don’t know what the he’ll you are talking about! For you to imply that Meyer is a racist shows how ignorant you really are! Cam Newton would have won the starting job, had he stayed – had he not knowingly purchased a stolen laptop! You can believe one thing, if Cam had been subjected to racism, his lousy father would have been screaming from the mountain tops! Cam left when he knew Tebow was coming back and he did not want to sit around and wait on playing time, like Brantley did! As far as Reed goes, he has been behind in development, something he has acknowledged himself!

  89. Florida has the best players. Alabama has the best coaching.
    I have never seen so much talent wasted, so consistently.
    Watching the FSU-UF game was like watching the Bad News Bears.
    Players standing around on the scrimmage line, not knowing where they should be.
    Tight end (Burton) calling audibles. (When have you ever seen anyone but the QB calling audibles?)
    It all boils down to one thing. POOR COACHING.
    What you saw was America’s best players, 4 and 5 star recruits, going down the tubes on a rudderless ship.
    Coach Meyer, please set aside your personal relationship with Addazio and get a real offensive coordinator – preferably someone like Gus Malzahn.

  90. Meyer states – “The fix starts today, we will recruit our butts off”.
    This statement is really off the mark. We have amazing players, right now.
    99% of college teams would trade up for our current roster.
    The faster Meyer realizes this, the faster we will be on the right track.

  91. CAM + ADDAZIO = 9-3 SEASON

    Cam should be happy he didn’t stay.
    Addazio is a talent destroyer.
    Come to UF and have your career ruined. Just ask Brantley and the Brantley family.

  92. As long as Addazio is calling the plays, expect 7-5 seasons.
    Jeff Driskel – if Addazio stays as offensive coordinator, RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN. DECOMMIT NOW BEFORE YOUR CAREER IS RUINED LIKE JOHN BRANTLEY.

  93. I’m glad Cam Newton didn’t stay.
    We wouldn’t know what to do with a player of Cam Newton’s immense talent.
    As long as Addazio is offensive coordinator, continue to expect careers to be ruined by coming to UF. Case in point – Andre Debose. Incredible talent, now riding the pine at UF. If he had gone elsewhere he would be freshman phenom, at least as big a star as Lattimore.

  94. Boise and TCU roster loaded with 2 stars, 1 stars, and NO stars.
    Both teams would flat out embarrass UF if they played this season.

    We have great players, right here, right now. Talent is being wasted, and time is ticking. For example, WHY is a fantastic, explosive player like Debose riding the pine?

  95. Every Gator fan’s worst nightmare has come true.

    from the Miami Herald:
    Coach Urban Meyer backed Addazio on Monday, and Addazio said Tuesday he doesn’t expect any change to his role, serving dual duties as offensive coordinator and offensive line coach.

    “Absolutely [I expect to be back]. I think Coach addressed that,” Addazio said.

    When asked if he wanted to hold his position next season, Addazio said, “Absolutely.”

    He’s done a great job as offensive coordinator. Its not his fault, the problems stem from poorly motivated players, and injuries in key positions.

  96. All I know is a quote from Dan Mullen when he was here regarding Cam: “We have got to get him on the field somehow”. Can you imagine him staying last year and contributing ALONG with Tebow. Then being at the controls this year and 2011? He is ONE player that has made Auburn world beaters. They are at best 6-6 or 7-5 without him. Has to be because JB would be given the keys. And based on what I saw of JB, it has to be the legacy/Bull Gator factor.
    I don’t believe race had anything to do with it. I’m sure there are plenty of African American Bull Gators.

  97. OK so let’s see it….if Meyer doesn’t bring in an offensive pass oriented coach then he isn’t seeing the big picture…Also, it seems that this coaching staff is loyal to the older players when there are better albeit younger players sitting on the bench

  98. bring in kerwin bell as offense coordinator,and assistant head coach,and qb,coach,find a great defense coordinator,and line caoch and open up the passing game, get this offense balanced,with the atheletes uf,has they could score 50 0n anyone,just look at oregon for example they remind me of the 90,s gators,just where we need to be

  99. Class of 1986,
    Some good points in your posting, but they are lessened a bit by substandard English and spelling.
    You didn’t really graduate from UF in 1986..did you? If so, you should demand a refund! The Engish Department let you down.
    Also, the racism comment was not deserved. Teams start their best players as the objective is to win the game. Maybe I’m not remembering our starters exactly, but I believe we had more black starters than any other ethnicity.
    As for Cam, wasn’t he subject to be dismissed for academic dishonesty? Find a better role model.

  100. I’ve been a GATOR FAN since the John Reeves days and we haven’t always been 9 and 10 game winners on a regualar basis. As for JC in Ocala, Florida wasn’t notorious for recruiting black quarterbacks until U. Meyer and you know Spurrier wouldn’t come back because of Leak. Cam Newton left because of the reasons that you mentioned, I who could blame him for not wanting to sit behind Tebow, yet they could have used him the way they used Tebow with Leak. Admit it, racism is still alive and well in this entire country, much less at Florida. But life goes on and I’m still a GATOR FAN!!!!!!

  101. After reading these comments I’m sure Gator Nation can agree some things other than the race card..

    1. We need an REAL OC to come in ASAP and try to jell in and fix Addazio’s mess before the next season starts. (Trust me it’s going to take every day lol)

    2. We need a new QB. Ok Ok you got me…yeah I got caught in the presean hype and THOUGHT JB was going to be that guy. But honestly we can predict him too..

    (JB drops back..try to read the defense while he’s taking his own time…now he throws…tipped…picked off) But I give him his credit he would be better off in another offense that actually fits him.

    Let Jordan Reed start! I mean we spent the first half of the season loving Trey Burton..then this guy shows up and proves he’s able to move the offense. But Meyer haven’t let him work with the QB coach all season…hmmm?! Makes you wonder…This guy can throw too buttt no run run run…lets mix it up a little!!

  102. BOB, I have a question. I’ve played football, I’ve actually coached football at the high school level, but it doesn’t take a $4 million a year CFB coach to understand football. Your “rah-rah team!”, “Never question the coaches” routine gets really old. I respect the loyalty mind you, but truly, people who aren;t coaches can grasp football. I said last January that retiaining Addazio as OC would eventually end up being huge mistake. I was right.

  103. ANOTHONG, Reed will mostly likely be relegated back to TE when phenom Jeff Driskell comes in this January (early enrollee I believe). I’ve heard that Reed believes he should be QB, but we also saw his true freshman qualities against FSU, fumbling the ball twice, very limted in his graso of play selections, and even acting out on the field that could have gotten us a taunting penalty once. IMO, he’ll end up transferring if he’s not given the opportunity to be a fullt-ime QB next season.


  105. Maybe 86 did graduate and was a scholarship football or basketball player, unfortunately judging by interviews we have all seen that would explain it…

    As for Brantley – 86 and the rest of u, he was fine up until he learned he had no PROTECTION and the scheme did not allow for throws downfield. Seriously If you had to endure the Pouncey snaps, the poor play calling and pathetic offensive line play and coaching (that grades out champions based on year in school and saying the right things to support the OC!!!) That said Brantley obviously will not work in this system and should have been a longhorn.

  106. Meyer has to fix himself first and fore most.Maybe he can’t do it anymore.Pressures of being head coach at any major school are unbelievable.He has to be all in,and if he can’t ,forever grateful. by the way,he has distanced himself from the fan base.Time to go more Gator clubs.

  107. Hey College Profesor, you are absolutely right. As your intelligent mind would say, “One must proofread your writing prior to submitting your work.” My bad. LOL. I am not working on a thesis for my Doctoral Degree. I am just making a comment after a long day at work (almost at 1 a.m.) and being distracted by someone else. But I have to give you credit for checking our grammer and mispelling. Now, lets get back to sports instead of english literature.

  108. Meyer seems to be above the Gator fans. I dont care what his record is if he thinks he is better than us. Leave if you do not like the average Florida fan anymore Coach. i really dont care. If you wanna skip the radio show after losses and only come after wins, we do not want you to stay. Bye.

  109. This is from left field for what it’s worth, but could Meyer have had JB forced down his throat to fill the QB slot?

    I mean, aside from beating UGA this year, I feel our best moment of the year was when JReed hit Deonte with that beautiful laser DOWN THE FIELD for a td in Nashville. People will say it was Vandy, well Vandy was as sorry as about 5 or 6 other teams on our schedule and you didn’t see a play like that in any of those games. JReed barely made any more tosses like that since. He had those two incomplete throws DOWN FIELD in Tally, throws that JB can’t even come close tossing. Give JReed the ball for the bowl game.

    Again, if the shots are being called from on high over the head coach, hhmm, perhaps it will be UM heading for …UM!

  110. All of the criticisms have been repeated over and over again but what stands out to me is the offensive line. This was an experienced offensive line. True, there were some injuries, but we still had experienced people there. Not only experienced but proved effective in the past. The obvious problem is Adazio. The failure of the offensive line must be his responsibility. Maybe he is a good OL coach but cannot do both OL and OC. But it is clear to me that we had talent in the offensive line and also depth, but they grossly underachieved. Moving Pouncey to center with all the snap problems and then Adazio denies them and says Pouncy is grading out high shows Adazio is the problem. Pouncey was a great guard and should have stayed there. I am not a big fan of Urban Myer but he does know how to coach players, look what happened to the special teams when he gave it up. Myer has to be engaged this year and put aside all debts or relationships and look at what it takes to win again. If not, then he needs to leave. He is blaming the players and lack of talent. When I look at this team that is not what I see. I see a team coached down instead of up. Too much fancy stuff and not enough basic football. Myer must carefully evaluate his staff and make changes.

  111. I think the special teams has been fine this year, considering that our starting kicker got hurt, our starting KO returner got hurt, and our starting punt returner was suspended for 5 games.
    Here’s something sad for everyone to chew on: With all the injuries and problems, and even with missing those key field goals, special teams has been our best unit this year, by far.

  112. You cannot establish a quality passing game unless the receivers are going to the correct routes. How many times have we seen receivers running routes where they end up 5 yards from each other? Receivers need to know what it means to rub off a defender, how to find an open spot in the zones, how to react and come back to help the QB.
    But the most important point is spread the field and for God’s sake don’t end up in the same spot as another receiver. And at least know where you’re suppossed to line up to start the play ….. don’t be so clueless, This is suppossed to be Florida football!!!!!!!

  113. First off, Addazio needs to be moved back to the position of Offensive Line coach. He’s a hell of a lineman coach, but as we’ve seen this year he can’t call offensive plays to save his life. The SC game, Alabama game and the FSU game are prime examples of this. Talk about a couple embarrasing performances this year. This year’s team has to be one of the worst Gator teams I’ve seen in a long time (Before Zook). Second, Brantley needs to move over for Jordan Reed. Reed is the future of our team, plain and simple. Brantley is terrible, way worse than Leak was. Urban needs to come out and say before our bowl game that Reed is our QB, Burton is DE and Brantley is waterboy or we’ll lose our bowl game too. It’s obvious that coaching has been horendous. Meyer hasn’t looked interested in this year’s team ever since the first bad snap against Miami (OH). It’s almost like he saw it coming. Whatever happens, the Gator Nation will rise again, just like it did in 2008. HOWEVER, if Meyer leaves Addazio in as OC, look forward to the same old play calling that we had this year. Let’s all hope for the best.

  114. Racism? Anyone who even broaches the subject of racism in this discussion should be banned for life from posting. Not one single thing Meyer has ever done at Florida has remotely hinted of racism. And if he were ever pressured by these fictitional boosters to play one player over another based on the color of their skin, my bet is that he would leave. Don’t even bring up baseless arguements that only serve to make you and everybody affiliated with the university look uneducated and bigoted. We all want to see the Gators back on top and Meyer will get us there the right way and by doing the right things based on talent and character. Race has absolutely no place in this discussion.

  115. Hey how you guys forget… it was just a couple of weeks ago when there was an article about where we were 20 years ago… just hoping for a winning season… hoping to beat FSU and U.M. the REAL fans remember and know that with good coaching turnarounds don’t take long… you’re right 7-5 is a stumble it’s not a tumble… changes in attitude… changes in coaching… will make a difference… just remember these names: Charley Pell – 33–26–3 (best season 8-3); Galen Hall – 40–18–1 (best season 9-1-1); Ron Zook – 23–14 (best season 8-5) Doug Dickey – 58–43–2 (best season 8-4) not to mention almost Gary Darnell – 3–4 Give Urban a break he’s 64-15 (worst season 7-5) oh yeah (2 National Championships)

  116. We were weak on both lines of scrimmage. I also thought several of our guys looked considerably heavier than last year. These together make me wonder if our training in the offseason was a little less rigorous than it has been.

  117. I just can’t believe race enters into the equation. Instead, I believe Brantley just does not fit this type of offense or the offense does not fit him. Has anyone noticed the confusion during the game by the OC as to what play to call or the players to be in the game. This confusion from the sidelines shows up on the field as the players appesr to also be very confused.

  118. The bottom line has and will always be coaching. I played and coached the game at the high school level. Great head coaches surround themselves with a great staff and bring in great players to run their schemes. Great coaches can take mediocre players and get the very best out of them and have them perform at peak efficiency. When great coaches have great players then anything they do will work. The moment that talent level dips then coaches have to coach and that is what the problem I feel has been this year. This team struggled with its identity way back in the spring and the coach’s unwillingness to truly adapt to its players showed more this season than in the 2005 and 2006 season. I am convinced now that this coaching staff only knows what it knows; they are not passing gurus so therefore I expect that there will not be another pure drop back passer recruited by this staff. Reed, Burton, Murphy and the new recruit Driskell need to be coached up to run the scheme that these coaches know best and that is the spread option. There was more than enough talent on this 2010 team for them to at least be playing in the SEC Championship game especially since the east was so weak this year. USC is good but better and prepared coaching with the talent should have put this team in the “SHIP” against former gator Cam and Auburn. We’ll see if UM has what it takes to make the necessary changes that probably need to and should be made.

  119. Now do you all realize that when Urban Meyer came from Utah with the staff he brought with him, that he WAS NOT the miracle worker. All of his staff that came th him are now gone, true there isnt quite the same caliber of players but makes one wonder ……..Who exactly was the wizard behind that offence. Let me give you a hint. Keep your eye on Mississippi State next year. You heard it here first.

  120. As for College Proffessor,JC in Ocala, Scott Stambaugh,Carolina Gator,SuwanneeG8tor************************************************STOP DOING THE RACISM AND I WILL STOP USEING THE RACE CARD****************************




  123. My view is Urban will fix this if his heart is in it. I think the majority is right for SA to be gone and Brantley to be benched. Great kid and loyal Gator. Just not a starter at a top university. It hurts to watch inferior teams out play us and out coach us while top talent sits on the bench. We will rise again!!!! Go Gators!!!



  126. If the racism is going on to the degree you say it is, why is over 90% of the starting 22 black guys? It is that way because thay are the best players. Not because they are black! Maybe the whites should start bellyaching because there are no starting running backs who are white? Use your head, man!!

  127. Offense – I think defenses have evolved and the run spread O is not as effective as years past. As a innovative offense – it put your better athletes in space against inferior athletes. Now defenses have one to 3-4 defenses and recruited fast LB’s and SS’s that can counter the better athletes in space. Meyer designed the O to have mismatches, this year we saw few mismatches. FSU is a great example where our fast RB’s could not get outside on their fast LB’s.
    Answer – go to a pass spread that can go vertical in addition to the run game.

    Defense – Yes last year’s recruiting class should give us a tremendous front 4 that can pressure the QB. Develop them, but the 3-4 may not be the defense for UF. Too often opposing teams ran the middle and once in the second level – they churned out yards.
    Answer – develop Martin, Powell, Etc – in a 4-3. Recruit strong MLB types.

  128. I’m telling you people are talking about Brantley not working in this offense, and giving him all the grief. We’ve all seen this offense and I ask you what quarterback would work in this offense.. The predictability of it is just rediculous. I don’t think any quarterback could make this offense role. I’ve said it from day one back before Addazzio was coordinator this is Meyer’s baby. It will not be fixed until he decides to change his philosphy. Cause as far as I’m concerned I knew we were in trouble when we got to fall camp and Meyer said he didn’t know what kind of team we had… how could you not know.

  129. @ 86 – So are you equating what a handful of racist idiots did 30 years ago to what’s happening on the football field today? As you said, you’re a successful college graduate, let that other stuff go. I always thought KA were a bunch of trash and wouldnt put much value in their opinion of anything.

    As for Spurrier, when he got to USC he publicly denounced the stars and bars numerous times and said he never wanted to see another one of those flags anywhere near the stadium. Don’t make baseless accusations at people without any facts to back it up. FACTS is the key word, not opinion, especially when calling someone a racist.

  130. um…Kerwin Bell was a pretty good QB. If someone had to transfer when he got to UF, I wouldn’t be surprised. I feel you on the racism though. I remember when Ingle Martin had to tranfer because of Chris Leak. Oh wait, Chris was black AND he won a National Title. Maybe that’s a bad example. Come-on man. Your argument is weak.

  131. C-86, I suspect that people are unkind to you not because you are black, but because you are a prick. Believe it or not, there are many, many motivations for people to do things you don’t like that have nothing to do with race. Now please take your race-baiting somewhere else. The only colors that matter here are orange and blue, and frankly, if have been able to get rich without being able to spell a simple word like “bigger” you really just need to shut up and thank your lucky stars – it would not appear race, or common sense, is holding you back very much. Is this a great country, or what?

  132. Well said. No hard feelings and i’m not trying to be a jerk, but who is the editor? I notice typos all the time. “It MAN mean bringing in a new assistant who understands the passing game and can coordinate one that will work” is the part i’m referring to in this article. I’ve noticed little mistakes quite a few times. I took reporting at UF, and our professor was much tougher on us than the Gainesville Sun seems to be on its editors. Nothing personal, this article had many great points.
    Go Gators! Can’t wait till next season…

  133. Hey fools, keep talking about race. Addazio is laughing at all of you. We are what are record says we are. Right now we are a mediocre team the the SEC East. End of story. Do not blame any players, to a man they were let down on offense by the coaches, mostly Addazio. DC Austin needs a few years before we pass judgment. He only has big, fat wimps on D-line. He can only do so much with small, inexperienced linebackers. Thank Goodness for Ahmad Black! That guy saved us from a losing season almost single handedly.
    Jack, you are an FSU gentleman, I salute you.
    All you race baiters and haters, wake up! Meyer would start a green skinned QB if he thought he could win.

  134. What the hell are talking about. Coach makes 4mm/yr and whiffed on Brantley, so did Addazio talking crap about a bloated non passing blocking line! Defense gets a pass bc the linebackers are too small and average for SEC. and hunter and howard being a bust…

    Myer needs to give up control of the offense and get a COORDINATOR WHO CAN PASS AND RUN SO WE CAN MAXIMIZE THE SPEED ADVANTAGE OF FLORIDA BALLERS.. The window is closing..wake up GATOR NATION.

  135. 86 – You spelling and grammar, alone, tells a lot about you! Idiot, just a plain idiot! It’s obvious that you are the racist, because the ones that run around alleging racism are most likely the racist. Your racist thoughts make you see racism in everything, so, you try to make yourself a warrior of the down-trotted. My the king race-baiters, Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton will give you a job in their extortion ring!

    As for racist incidents, anyone of us can tell of racists acts. The difference is, most of us don’t run around accusing everyone of racism, when we have no proof of it. In case you weren’t aware, it exists on both sides!

    So, take your crap somewhere else and quit displaying your racist emotions here! If you have proof of racism, throw it on the table or shut the hell up! If any racist acts occurred, I am quite sure a player, who knows what’s going on, will make that known. They don’t need you acting as their savior!

  136. Guys, can’t we all just get along? Yikes!!@!!!!, _____Bob_____, to answer your post, I graduated UF in 98, spent 6 great yrs there, I also played and coached at the high school level. I am not a booster but I bleed orange and blue……….now, back to the problems at hand. Changes need to be made whether you believe it or not…..and thats something your booster money can’t buy. OC, QB, OLine, DLine, LB you name it…….now, the orange and blue stirring in my gut tells me the decision to bring these changes about will be tough. This is UF, we demand better. I have no doubt CM is the coach to do this…… he still needs to man up…..once again, i’m just saying…..

  137. The offense is broken, completely. My biggest gripe with the entire team is the offensive line. Add to that the playcalling making any knowledgeable football fan want to bang his head against the wall, and I can’t help but come to the conclusion that Addazio is the problem.

    The offensive line was supposed to be a strength, Pounceys snapping woes notwithstanding. Watkins is ALWAYS blocking air when a play is over, and for some ungodly reason, Halipio played a lot, and I never saw him block a soul. If he’s one of the our best 5, we have substantial issues.

    The defense wasn’t bad, and wasn’t helped by all of the 3-and-outs. Similar to Haliipio playing so much, if Lemmens and Trattou are the best we have at DE, something is amiss. Trattou’s motor is great, and he’s a mismatch playing DT at times, but this is Florida….we shouldn’t have overachieving guys starting at DE. What is up with Okine?? He must be awful. Who knows.

    I don’t know…I’m just frustrated. Why do I feel like if Mullen was still here these issues wouldn’t be happening?

  138. Wow, the race-baiting on here is a bit intense. What’s up with you guys? You had one “bad” season—the university isn’t falling apart. Just look at FSU if you need proof. We’ve been decimated by academic scandals, losses, and coaching battles for the last five, six years and look how we’ve rebounded. Clown on us all you want, but Jimbo is righting the ship. He has us in the ACC Championship game and has the third-best recruiting class in the country. I’m just trying to show you guys that you don’t need to fret too much. Powerhouses like FSU and UF always recover. We’re not Notre Dame, guys!

    Jack the Seminole

  139. Jack, thanks for the concern, but, you need to go to your Nole site and worry about your issues! UF will be ok! We have passionate fans, something you don’t see at most other places, but, when it comes down to it, we circle the wagons!

    You guys are not as far back as you think you are. The ACC is a mess! You won several games because others were in a down year and slipped into the Championship game due to another team blowing their chance. VT will show you that you guys have a long ways to go. I can tell you that if Miami hires Dan Mullen, you can forget beating Miami for a while! They have much more talent than you guys and if they get him, they will have a coach who can put it all together! so, come back next week and we will evaluate just how far back FSU is, based on how they fair against a solid, but not great, team.

  140. I will not engage in race talk. It’s playground, it’s the tool of a weak mind, and in my experiences, the first person calling others racist is usually the one who is the real racist. All that said, after listening to recent comments from heir arrarent Jeff Driskell, I don’t think Addazio will lose his OC job until Jeff is enrolled in January. I think Driskell and Blakely are too important to Meyer to risk the relationships. I’m thinking more and more than if SA doesn;t move on, he’ll go back to OL and we’ll bring in a real OC.

  141. “There has been little discussion on this but Bostic had difficulty getting off blocks. Jelani Jenkins was at times over-powered at the point of attack. ”

    The same thing was applicable to Spikes, Doe and Jones. They simply needed experience.

    Plus, having a good dline helps – dlinemen who strike fear in olines account for double teams, reducing the likelihood that each LB will come up against guards and instead get cracks at fullbacks and TEs.


    That had NOTHING to do with race. We know Newton was a problem child, but he was an outsider up against a family legacy who are also boosters. Brantley was favored because of who his family is, not the color of his skin.

    If the race thing were true, Meyer would have unseated Chris Leak immediately.

    He never would have recruited Tyler Murphy, Reed or Burton.

    He never would have recruited Brian Johnson to Utah.

    Don’t even try to place the race card.

  142. I think class of 86 has the right to be listened to. Everybody has the right to an opinion and regardless with like it or not, we need to be hear what other people say. Let’s just keep it down to the game and what is most important, to fix this program that is sinking fast by the innability to make a drastic change and get Addazzio out of his OC duties.
    That is and should be the #1 priority for UF at this point, FIRE Steve Addazzio as OC! He is arrogant and talks loud but he gets frightened by other teams defenses. If I was him, I would be ashamed of my excecution as a coach, but instead Addazzio is the typical spoiled grwon up kid that expects a second chances when he was lazy and did not do his homework on time! I cannot stand seeing him being interviewed and getting blinded by the light reflecting out of his forehead.
    Time to go Mr. Addazzio. Ciao Ciao, va bene! ( I took a piece of salutation out of quickenedspirit!)

  143. Offensive play calling is absolutey horid. No adjustments were made in personnel to attempt to remedy the situation. It not John Brantley’s fault his skills do not fit Urban’s system, but it is Urbans fault for not identifying the problem in the spring or the two a days. Playcalling and lack of execution combined in the perfect storm to produce a product that was painful to watch. Ultimate responsibilty is Urban’s. Hopefully hewon’t fall into an ego trap and make the proper decisions moving forward.

  144. 1) Defensive line needs drastic make over ( opponents run straight up the middle), nose tackle, tackle. Ends has to get to the QB and make some sack. They seems too slow or confused or under power.
    2) Steve has to go. He is a great guy, good recruiter, and good OL coach if he has time to coach. Not creative enough as OC.
    3)John B has to learn to move around the pocket better, faster decision making, more decisive to where to go with the ball and not standing there and get sacked. Being too predictable where he will be in the pocket.
    4) Start new receiver. One we have dropped too many ball and cannot create separation.
    5) Throw to the running back in the gap or in space more..
    6) Urban is still the best coach//

    Gator for 28 years and for life. Go Gators!

  145. This season we lost many games because of #1) our D cannot stop the run, #2 our D cannot stop third down, #3 offense play call is to predictable, #4 we cannot run the ball (injuries to Jeff, and Rainer got in trouble, and we cannot get the ball down field so we cannot open up the running game). All in all is because of of linemen (nose, tackle, pass rushers). JB and Steve are not on top of their game. I think JB needs more reps and experienced at QB.

    Line backers are good enough to win games this year. Bostic is good at stopping the run and Jalani is good at covered the pass. I do not anything wrong with the LB — not great but they are young. They did not make critical mistake all year to lose the game. It is the linemen. It is the offense due to play call and may be injuries to Jeff.

    Gators will be back… Better next year. We will be SEC champ and possible national champ in two years.

    Trust Urban. He is best coming through to FLA ever. We could have won one last year if we have better OC (Steve just did not do it). Well, along with the distraction that we have with drunk driver, suspension, etc..

    We will be back!

  146. JC Ocala:

    I’ve built some friendships with other bloggers on here. I will continue to post on here. I quit the trash talk and really don’t hate Florida. In fact, I love the city of Gainesville–I’ve been there many times over the years. It’s a bit extreme to be bashing FSU after they just humiliated you on national televison, but do as you please. Both programs are great, in my opinion.


  147. I cannot agree with Robbie Andreu more – he has hit the nails on the head with a score of 100%! We all love Coach Adazzio – he has such passion and is one of the best offensive line coaches in the nation. However, he has not demonstrated the ability to lead our offense in the toughest conference in America – the SEC. The level of competition in the SEC is only excelled by that of the NFL. We need a new offensive coordinator, and Urban Meyer needs to be more loyal to the UF football program that he is to his wonderful coaches (and yes they are – he has surrounded himself by the best). Look at Steve Spurrier – he has found his way back to the SEC title game, with inferior personnel overall, but has learned to adapt to what it takes to win. This is what Coach Meyer needs to do before he becomes obsolete!

  148. The gators will be back and I too do not believe we should have lost more than 2-3 games including the SEC championshionship. we need an OC with some imagination and some of players to step up and become leaders so we hit a rough patch they can motivate the team to greatness like we have had leaders do in the past. we definitely need a new QB brantly is good only as a back-up maybe he should transfer to marshal

  149. There is way too much talent on this team to play the way they have and it all gets back to coaching and we shall see if Myer lives up to the hype as an “Offensive Genius” in the days ahead and if not he and his entire staff need to be looking for another job!!

  150. JACK, you’ve come around to be a very good poster here who really contributes to the board in a positive manner. I think you’re right about FSU. All Jimbo needs to do is recruit well the next couple of seasons and FSU may be right back in the top 10 on a consistent basis. I too, think the race talk is ridiculous. Some people take football way too seriously IMO. It’s fun, and none of us want our teams to lose, but there are priorities to be taken into consideration as well. Christmas is coming up people, so lets all get along in the spirit of the Holidays, eh?

  151. Robbie,
    Thanks again for all you do for FLORIDA FOOTBALL and the Athletic program..WE all know this was an UNUSUALLY hard year and and we appreciate you!!! YOUR INSIGHT to FLA FOOTBALL IS SPOT-ON!!!
    Does COach Meyer ‘DO THE RIGHT-THING’ and HIRE A NEW OC???


  152. Now that Urban Meyer has completed six full seasons (save the Bowl game) – effectively the halfway point relative to Steve Spurrier’s twelve seasons – this might be a good time to compare his performance to said standard bearer —
    >> Meyer’s 6-year overall winning percentage (W%) at UF (incl. Bowls) is presently 81.01% (64-15, as of 11/28/10; after the “Joke at Doak”). If he wins the upcoming Bowl game, his WP will be 81.25% (if he loses, it will be 80.00%).
    His SEC W% is 75.00% (36-12).
    >> Spurrier’s 12-year overall W% at UF (incl. Bowls) was 81.67% (122-27-1) – [First six years=82.00% (61-13-1), final six years=81.33% (61-14); his one tie was the infamous “Choke at Doak”].
    His SEC W% was 87.23% (82-12) – [1st 6 yrs.=89.13% (41-5), final 6 yrs.=85.42% (41-7)]!
    >> Playing one less game per season than is played now, Spurrier never won less than 9 games; [Meyer already has].
    >> Spurrier is one of only two major college Coaches to have won 10+ games six consecutive years (again, playing 1 less gm./yr.).
    >> He averaged 10.21 wins/yr.; [Meyer, playing one extra game/yr.compared to the Spurrier era, will be averaging 10.83 wins/yr. if he wins the upcoming Bowl game, 10.67 if he loses].
    >> With the exception of Spurrier’s very first WEEK as the Gators’ new Head Coach, he was never ranked outside the Top 25 at any point; [Meyer already has been].
    >> Spurrier never finished any season ranked outside of the Top 15; [Meyer has been 3 times].
    >> He finished ranked in the Top Ten 10 times; [Meyer: 3 times].
    >> He had 6 Top Five rankings, and 3 Top Three; [Meyer: 3 and 3, respectively].
    >> He appeared in two consecutive National Championships (in his 6th and 7th seasons), losing the first and winning the second; [Meyer: two for two (2nd & 4th seasons)!].
    >> Spurrier’s overall composite “AP” and “Coaches” polls’ end-of-season average rank is 6.65; [Meyer’s is 9.59]; (again, splitting Spurrier’s 12 year tenure into 1st and 2nd six-year “halves,” his corresponding ranks would be 7.00 and 6.33, respectively). Note: The Coaches Poll did not rank the Gators in 1990 due to Probation.
    >> Eliminating the highest and lowest end-of-season ranks (the extremes), Spurrier’s overall composite average would improve slightly to 6.58; [Meyer’s even more-so to 8.13]; (Spurrier’s corresponding 1st & 2nd “half” ranks would be 7.29 and 6.00, respectively).
    >> Spurrier’s record in SEC Championship GAMES is 5-2 (3-1 and 2-1 in his two respective “halves”); [Meyer’s is 2-1]. Note: Spurrier’s Gators also had the best SEC records in each of his first two seasons (’90, ’91) before there ever was a championship game, officially winning the SEC in ’91, but not in ’90 due to probation, thus raising his unofficial total to 7 SEC “bests” (1st & 2nd six-year “halves:” 5-1 & 2-1), and his official SEC Championship record to 6-2 (4-1 & 2-1 in said respective “halves”).
    >> Both had one undefeated Regular Season in their first six years, but while Meyer only had one undefeated SEC Schedule in his first six years, Spurrier had two undefeated SEC Schedules in his first “half,” and another in his second.
    >> Spurrier never finished below 2nd Place in the SEC East Division; [Meyer already has,… once (3rd)].
    >> He won SEC Coach of the Year 5 times, and once since with S.Car.; [Meyer has none].
    Someone suggested that the SEC was easier back in the Spurrier era, especially early on. The disparity in their respective SEC winning percentages (Spurrier=89.23%, Meyer=75.00%) may bear that out. Even so, Meyer has already outperformed Spurrier in one of Gator Nation’s perennial primary goals: defeating our Eastern Division rivals GA and TN, along with in-State rival FSU, in the same season. Spurrier only accomplished that twice, whereas Meyer has already done it four times. The reason was because of Spurrier’s abysmal record against FSU (4-7-1); (0-5-1 at Doak). Bowden was his “thorn in the flesh!” [or, a “thorn in his side”).
    [Meyer also bested Spurrier’s record in our other in-State rivalry against Miami with a 1-0, 0-1 advantage].
    Against rivals GA and TN, Spurrier’s composite record was 19-5. Meyer is actually slightly ahead of that pace at the halfway (six year) point: 11-1.
    The cause of their disparate SEC W%’s, therefore, lies in their respective performances against Western Division teams, particularly the three “second tier” rivals: LSU, UA, and AU. Whereas Spurrier likewise dominated them with a combined 25-7 record (though only 5-3 vs. UA), Meyer is suffering a losing composite 5-8 record against them (incl. 2-3 vs. UA, and 0-2 vs. AU). [The entire State of Alabama appears to be Meyer’s “thorn”].
    If the SEC has indeed gotten stronger, it would appear the Western Div. has enjoyed the lion-share of that.
    Additionally, Spurrier’s Bowl record was less than stellar at 6-5. Regardless of the result of the upcoming Bowl game, Meyer will have a much better “post season” record than Spurrier had at the same (six year) point: 4-1 (presently) vs. 2-3. Spurrier, however, improved in this realm by going 4-2 in his tenure’s latter half.
    Lastly, someone suggested that Spurrier didn’t have to go up against as many National Championship Coaches as Meyer has. There seems to me, though, to be little difference in this area, if not an outright advantage to Spurrier in degree of difficulty —
    Versus Meyer: Les Miles (LSU), Nick Saban (UA), Steve Spurrier (USC), Dan Mullen (MSU), honorable mention to Tommy Tuberville (AU), plus Jim Tressel (OSU) and Bob Stoops (OU) in the two Nat’l Champ. games.
    Versus Spurrier: Gene Stallings (UA), Bobby Bowden (FSU), Terry Bowden (AU), Phillip Fulmer (UT), Lou Holtz (ND & USC), Nick Saban (MSU), Joe Paterno (PSU), honorable mentions to Butch Davis (UM) and Tommy Tuberville (AU), plus Tom Osborne (NU) and Bobby Bowden (again) in his two Nat’l Champ. games.
    I didn’t list Bobby Bowden “versus Meyer” because, dadgummit, Bobby became a shell of the Coach he used to be after Zookers upset and upstaged him with that seminal victory over his Seminoles on the very day (their Senior Day, in fact) when FSU named their field after him,…
    …”[Ron Zook] Field!”
    For Urban Meyer to equal Spurrier’s number of SEC Championships (in 12 seasons), he will have to win 5 of the next six! Likewise with Coach of the Year.
    PS: As an aside, anyone who thinks it’s natural (and to be expected) to have a “drop-off” year(s) after a couple-few stellar seasons, I refer them to what our little sister up the road, FSU, did from 1987-2005, and what our evil neighbor down the street, UM, did from 1980-2005 (save 1982 [7-4] when they were still fledgling, and 1997 [5-6] after suffering the loss of dozens of scholarships from NCAA probation in ’95).
    Neither program had any (so-called “natural”) drop-off year during those periods (< 8 wins)! [except the aforementioned].
    In fact, it would not be inaccurate to say that their eventual drop-off year(s) came after a couple-few stellar DECADES, not years!!!
    One team had one Head Coach during that time, the other five.
    FSU's achievement enveloped the Spurrier & Zook eras.
    UM's encompassed those plus Charley Pell's, Galen Hall's and Gary Darnell's.
    PPS: "That's all I've got to say about that."

  153. One more factoid:
    To put the sheer volume of winning that Spurrier accomplished into perspective, Meyer would have to win all 48 of his regular season SEC games over the next six years (thru 2016) to exceed Spurrier’s corresponding 87.23% winning percentage (82-12, SEC).
    If he (Meyer) were to lose just one game (47-1), his 12 year SEC winning percentage at that time would be 86.46% (83-13)!

  154. Hey Jack, sorry about the bash in the head! I thought you were here just to antagonize Gator fans!

    My point about FSU not being back, like FSU fans think, was proven last night! We gave the game to FSU, with a lot of mistakes and poor coaching and most FSU fans act like they beat a team that showed up to play. FSU slipped into the championship game, with some help. The ACC was terrible this year, so, if FSU was really back, they would have won their weak division outright. Look at what Spurrier did at the beginning of his stint at UF. Jimbo had the talent to win a lot more games than he did. Plus, he had one of the best QB’s in the country. So, I believe FSU has a long ways to go, just to have a chance to win the ACC.

  155. As for comparing Spurrier and Meyer, you have to put things in to perspective! Spurrier caught the SEC at the right time, when the style of offense was in the dark ages. That being said, it is obvious that Meyer is coaching in a much more competitive league. Look at Spurrier’s record against FSU – not very good! That’s because FSU had an advanced offense, just like Spurrier’s.

    To me, the comparison is over! Meyer has already accomplished more and has done so in half the time! There’s a lot to be said for winning the National Championship and Meyer has 2 already and will win more before he leaves UF. Spurrier has his place in UF history and will always be known as the coach that not only got UF going, but, pushed the SEC in to current times! Meyer owns that top spot, however, and will remain there until someone else comes along and wins more than 2 NC’s!

  156. Robbie,
    If the Gators improve in only one area it should be the O line. We have big, strong, athletic linemen. They are not well coached. Should we improve in this single area we can correct many of the weaknesses you outline above. The receivers will have more time to get open, the running backs will find holes to run through, the defense can get a rest, we can rule the clock. We do not need to get too fancy with the fixes. We need a mean, nasty O line coach.

  157. There is a simple answer to what needs to be fixed:
    As for the race issue, I don’t know.
    I remember when Cam was with UF, and the word from practice was he couldn’t throw the ball with any accuracy. There was even talk of moving him to tight end. Same thing happened to Jordan Reed.
    Now was that racism? It’s not so clear. Sure it could have been. But here’s another possibility: UF didn’t have a QB coach who could teach them how to pass, while Auburn (and the Junior College Cam attended) did.
    Think about it. Did anyone fix Tebow’s throwing motion? No. However, he came to UF with a pretty accurate arm. He left with a pretty accurate arm, and the same throwing motion. If Cam and Jordan came to UF not as well trained to pass as Tebow, they both would have struggled, as there was no one here who was able to improve their throwing ability, so they were declared inadequate and moved to another position. Heck, John Brantley came here as a pure passer, and he’s gone downhill since arriving.
    If you think about it, you will see that the evidence really does point towards a lack of coaching rather than racism as the reason that things have gone the way they have, Quarterback-wise.
    One other note, There have been some memory errors here. Spurrier did not coach Kerwin Bell in 1984, nor was there a Black QB who left before he got the starting role. The poster is remembering Donald Douglas, who started a couple of games for us in 1989 before Spurrier arrived in 1990. Douglas was a running QB and an awful passer, plus he was a junior when Spurrier came on board. Spurrier wanted to move him to Strong Safety. He refused, and transferred. He went to the University of Houston, where he was moved to strong safety. Does this make Spurrier a racist? I say no. Douglas didn’t have the skill set to be a Spurrier QB, and not enough years left to learn it all. Spurs could have told him to transfer, but instead gave him a chance to stay with the team, stay at UF and graduate. He chose to leave. The next year Shane Matthews started at QB for UF, and did great. Douglas would never have played anyway. It is what it is.

  158. Spurrier didn’t have to face great coaches like Nick Saban, Mark Richt until well after his tenure at Florida began.

    There’s a reason Spurrier took the money and ran to Washington – he knew his days of being the top dog and simply out-athleting people through the air were over.

  159. Three things T:
    1) Spurrier had long wanted to coach in the NFL. He made no secret about it. He didn’t run from the SEC. He followed his dream.
    2) The idea that Spurs “out-athleted” people is ridiculous. The biggest knock on Spurrier is that he was a “lazy” recruiter. Most Gators are of the opinion that if he would have recruited as hard as he coached, UF would have won 4 or 5 titles during his tenure. What Spurrier did was out-coach and out-scheme people.
    3) MARK RICHT the great coach? That’s some funny stuff right there. As for Saban, Spurrier left UF when Saban was a mediocre coach at LSU, who had been Spurrier’s whipping boy for 12 years. Yeah, I’ll bet he was real scared. You know, he was undefeated against LSU and Georgia when both those coaches were there. Plus, you are forgetting that he coached against, and beat Gene Stallings, who won a national title at Bama, and Phil Fulmer, who won a National Title at Tennessee. It’s not like the SEC had no good coaches before Saban arrived. I still can’t believe you mentioned Richt. almost made me choke on my coffee. Funny stuff.
    Go away now. Grownups are talking.

  160. Lizardgrad 89,

    Excellent points and weel stated. Spurrier actually seemd to take pride in his less than stellar recruiting, as his winning with such teams enahnced his reputation as the great “ball coach” Can’t argue with that. Shane Matthews was a 5th string kid out of Mississippi coming off suspension when Spurier arrived, and turned him into one of the best passers the SEC has seen. Again, good points.

  161. Saban was a mediocre coach at LSU and was Spurrier’s whipping boy for 12 years ?

    Weird, because on the Earth the rest of us inhabit, Saban’s first year at LSU was 2000, having come over from MSU to replace Gerry Dinardo.

    Since we’re going to be including myths, like “Spurrier was lazy in recruiting” here’s another one – it’s long been speculated that Bobby Bowden hasn’t been a real coach for about 20 years, instead being more or less a figurehead who recruited and let his assistant’s run the program.

    It’s also been stated that Mark Richt was the head coach at FSU and the only reason he left was because he got tired of waiting for Bowden to step aside to give him total control.

    What was Suprrier’s record vs Richt ? Nevermind, that was at FSU.

    Regardless, Spurrier came out chucking when the league was still a running league. However, the SEC got a reputation as the best, then elite coaches started to make their way to to the SEC and the rest of the conference caught up.

    As for “his dream” lol

    His dream was to coach at his alma mater.

    While his story changes all the time, the one thing that’s been consistent is that the pressure got to him.

    Between the “12 years is enough” and “when 10 wins isn’t enough…” it’s obvious he made a cash grab.

    The NFL coaching life is easier than it is in college (no offseason recruiting)

    It’s also why he went to SoCo – sure, he may have wanted a challenge, but he also chose a place with no history and no expectations. He had his Washington money and decided a low pressure job in golf course land was the place to be.

    And yes, Florida did out athlete the conference. Unless you;re suggesting the state of Florida hasn’t been a hotbed of elite talent for years ?

  162. T,
    LSU was Spurrier’s whipping boy for 12 years. I’m sorry if my sentence structure was unclear. Spurrier beat Saban’s Tigers both years he played them, and beat Richt his only year.
    Richt was not FSU’s head coach. If he had been, he wouldn’t have acted like such a novice his first few years at UGa, flubbing clock management in several games, etc. Richt had a couple of good years at UGa, but his time is almost over. Georgia is, at it’s base, an 8-4 football team. Richt pulled them up slightly for a couple of years, but they have sunk back to their natural level.
    You know, if UGa would just accept that they are never going to be elite, they would be a lot happier. This constant striving to be better than they are or ever will be must be very frustrating for them. Really, other than hiding their football team in the ROTC during WWII, and buying Hershel Walker the Porsche he wanted, the entire UGa football (heck, make that all sport) history is one long story of suck.
    As for Spurrier, you can be a lazy recruiter at UF and still get talent. Not so at USC. Also, did you miss the part where I pointed out that defenses were catching up to his offense while he was at UF? They’ve caught up even more now, to the point that he’s running the ball as his primary style. Still, USC, when they don’t have a good coach, is going 1-10 and getting laughed at. With Spurrier, they are a regular bowl team and tough SEC opponent. What part of “that’s great coaching” don’t you get?
    Finally, did you know that Spurrier was offered the Buc job after the 1996 season, and nearly took it? Every year he flirted with the NFL. That was part of the offseason ritual. We ALL knew it was only a matter of time before he went to the pros.
    Looking at your responses, it’s obvious you are very young with little understanding of history. I recommend you stop talking about things of which you obviously know nothing.

  163. I retract what I said about Georgia’s all sport history being poor. They have several excellent women’s teams, including gymnastics and tennis. I only had the men’s programs in mind when I said that.

    So let me change that to the UGa Men’s sports history being lousy. Women’s sports are very good.

  164. LOL

    From the idiot who thought Saban coached LSU for 12 years and was medicore, the same Saban who won an MNC in his 4th year there.

    Yeah, Richt was such a terrible coach he won an SEC title his second year at Georgia.

    Everyone knows Richt ran FSU. That’s why FSU when in the tank when Bowden hired his son. Although I will admit Georgia is a mid level team with unrealistic fans. I angered the Georgia clan when I called them a glorified mid major.

    So, because the Bucs allegedly approached Spurrier, that means he “flirted” with the NFL ?

    So I guess that means if someone offers me a puff of a joint at a rock concert, I “flirted with drugs”


    So, defenses have caught up to his offenses – in other words, he can no longer out athlete teams and has to rely on game-planning, which he’s been mediocre at.

    If Spurrier was truly the great offensive mind homers like to think he is, then why hasn’t he been abler to stay ahead of them ? Great coaches can.

    Spurrier is merely an above average coach who got to Florida at the right time and was there long enough to fulfill Bear Bryant’s prediction. When the rest of the league caught up and he could not longer rely on pure athleticism, he’s been mediocre.

    I know plenty about Gator history, gramps I’m just not blinded by homerism.

    But, by all means, enjoy being a middle aged lunatic who flips his sh*t at the mere suggestion that Spurrier might not have been all he’s been cracked up to be.


  165. Hey STEVE ADDAZIO! Be a man. Do the right thing. Look at the Texas Longhorns Offensive Coordinator, Greg Davis, who recently resigned over a struggling season. Just one bad season. We had to two inept offensive seasons since you took over the reigns. Man, no wonder Billy Gonzales left to LSU. He saw it last year. Please make it easy for your friend Coach Meyer. If it takes a loss in the Outback Bowl, to get you fired, then I will pull for Penn State. This will be the first for me in 19 years. Do the right thing. Step down! You didn’t even do a good job on the offensive line. They were supposed to be the strongest part of the team. They were awful this year. Dont blame on injuries. It was your job to get them ready. If you stay, I predict a 5 to 6 game loss next year. Come on! In the 19 years, I never seen a 3 game losing streak at home. I never seen a loss for Homecoming. I think Ron Zook would have been more successful. I am really sorry that our great coach would allow personal feelings get in the way of logic.

  166. T,
    Not going to get into a flame war with you, my friend, so don’t bother trying to insult me.
    Spurrier had an out in his contract at UF that allowed him to leave without a buyout for one month a year. January. Every January, the Spurrier to the NFL rumors would start up, and he never refuted them. In fact, he often spoke about how he wanted to one day see if his system would work in the NFL. Heck, I watched him coach the Tampa Bay Bandits in the USFL, and he used to make the same comments then.
    Do I have to say it again? I wrote that Saban never beat Spurrier while at LSU, and that LSU was Spurrier’s whipping boy for 12 years. You misinterpreted the sentence. That’s not my problem.
    Why do you think Spurrier hasn’t stayed ahead of the defenses? Haven’t you seen how he has changed the Cock offense to accommodate a power running game? Worked pretty well.
    Here’s a dirty little secret for you, bub. The teams with the best athletes almost always win. Spurrier never had the better athletes against FSU, yet beat them multiple times, including for a national title. Spurrier never had better athletes than Alabama, but beat them more than half the time he coached against them. He rarely had better athletes than Tennessee, but dominated them. Great coaching can overcome a lack of talent, but only to an extent. Do you think Saban is a great coach? Do you think he could win with Vandy’s players? He’d win more than Robbie Caldwell did, because he’s a better coach, but he wouldn’t be winning any SEC or national titles, or even going to a bowl game. Same for Spurrier.
    Let me tell you about Steve Spurrier. When he had the better athletes, he won 99% of the time. When the other team had the better athletes, he won 70% of the time. That is the very standard of a great coach. When it can be said of you that you could take either team in a game, and if you were the coach, win the game, you are a great coach, and that was said of Spurrier many, many times.
    I disagree with your assertion that you know plenty about the Gators. You obviously know enough surface facts to THINK you know us, but you don’t really understand the Gators at all.
    If it’s really your objective to come to the Gainesville Sun website and claim Steve Spurrier was an average coach, don’t expect to get much sympathy or support. Heck, even our most bitter rivals agree that he was a great coach. Those who aren’t blind, ignorant haters, anyway.
    Now, seriously, stop. You are wrong, and are just arguing for the point of arguing. We both know it. Besides, we’re basically the only two left in here anyway, and I’m leaving as well, so if you must, feel free to get the last word, just know that nobody will ever see it.

  167. I said he was an above average coach.

    Although, I find it hilarious that you said “The idea that Spurs “out-athleted” people is ridiculous. ” yet also acknowledge he had superior athletes.

    So, in short.

    He’s a lazy recruiter. When he had elite athletes, he was ahead of the game. When he didn’t have them, he was above average.

    It’s what I said from the get go, which you attempted to argue against while ultimately ending up admitting it.

    The problem is, you’re a middle aged man who flipped his sh*t that someone would dare say that the great SOS may have been a product of his time and place, as predicted by the great Bear Bryant, rather than one of the true greats.

    Oh, and for the record, the flame war was started by YOU. I made a general comment and you flipped your sh*t, so save your phony”Not going to get into a flame war with you” – you’re already in one and you fired the first volley.

    “I disagree with your assertion that you know plenty about the Gators. You obviously know enough surface facts to THINK you know us, but you don’t really understand the Gators at all.”

    Another Gator homer who thinks he’s part of the team.


  168. My word! I sure hope Meyer is engaging in “Coach Speak” when he says he expects Addazio to be here next year. It will be painful to see real OCs hired by other programs while we are left to wait until we know for sure whether or not Adazzio will be fired/demoted. Tis is not for the faint of heart.

  169. I am not worried. Yet.

    And here’s why.

    The first and most obvious reason is Adazzio has relationships with recruits.

    However, the less obvious and more important reason is classic business common sense.

    Regarding Meyer’s endorsement, there’ still a game to play.

    “I am expecting that to happen,” Meyer said. “I’ll have further updates as we get closer to the (Jan. 1.) bowl game.”

    That sounds more like discussions are taking place with someone, somewhere.

    Suppose Florida’s in discussions with someone like Dana Holgorsen or Mark Helfrich. Now suppose they can Adazzio without having a deal in place with either guy, then what ?

    Adazzio is valuable to the team in other ways, just not as a playcaller. So, do you risk firing him when you have nobody else in place ?

    I’ll tell you what, for you folks who don’t understand common sense business practices, go apply for a new job.

    After your interview, before you even get asked back for the second of many interviews or even before you get asked for references, give notice at your present employer that you’re giving them your two weeks. See how that works out.

  170. T,
    Changed my mind and came back.
    LOVED your take on Addazzio. Obviously, your business sense is the equal of your football knowledge, which is NON-EXISTENT (You declared this a full flame war, so game on, punk.).
    When the EMPLOYEE is looking around, they don’t quit until they have a job in hand. However, Meyer is the EMPLOYER. EMPLOYERS fire the person and put out the notices looking for a new employee. They DON’T interview to fill a position that still has someone in it. That is entirely unethical. The reason being a company can easily replace an employee, while a person has bills to pay and probably a family to feed, and you don’t play around with their livelihood. Plus, no one else in the organization will trust management when they find out how you played that person, and all your best people will leave before being treated the same way. Anyone who has ever actually been out in the business world would know this. “Legends in their own minds”, such as yourself, not so much.
    See now? I’ve just owned you on the Addazio thing. I owned you just as badly on the football issues, you were just to thick to see it.
    So my advice to you is, accept your chastisement from your superior, know that you have been soundly defeated, and leave to never return. I gave you a chance to head it off, and you declared war. SO BE IT. Problem for you is, you brought a piece of gum to a gun fight.

  171. ADDendum (& edit) – re: my comment above; Dec. 4, 9:32pm – (Meyer-Spurrier comparison) —
    About 3/4 of the way down, in the “Versus Spurrier” opposing coaches list, I inadvertently listed Nick Saban with MSU (I meant LSU; he resigned from MSU a month before they played UF in the Citrus Bowl after the ’99 season). Spurrier beat Saban’s LSU in both 2000 and 2001.
    Also, in view of “T’s” comment regarding Mark Richt. Though I think he’s a good coach – maybe very good, especially at OC – I question his “greatness.” I did not mention him in either Spurrier’s or Meyer’s “Versus” List because he wasn’t a member of the Nat’l. Champ. club as HC (official or disputed), though I should’ve given him an honorable mention for his participation as OC/QB-C at FSU (1990-2000), who were Nat’l. Champs in ’93 & ’99, just as I did for Dan Mullen.
    Regarding “JC in Ocala’s” comment that Spurrier was “top dog… simply [by] out-athleting people through the air,” obviously he preferred passing, but his “Fun-N-Gun” would never have worked without a strong running game, and we know he had several outstanding RB’s over the years. Because of Steve’s penchant for passing, these RB’s were somewhat overshadowed & unsung.
    If Spurrier left because “he knew his days… [as such]… were over,” then why did he return to the College ranks – to a LESSER program no less (unlike Saban)?!?
    It’s been said that Spurrier was “bored.” I’d say that he simply wanted a new challenge, and going to the NFL and then S.Car. are certainly that. Not only so, but he would be following on the heels of the great Lou Holtz, whom wasn’t able to sustain success at S.Car.. The juxtaposition would potentially add to his stature.
    Look at what he’s accomplished with “lesser” athletes! He beat Urban Meyer in both their inaugural seasons at their respective new schools in 2005, came within a blocked FG of ruining Meyer’s 2006 Nat’l. Champ. season, and eliminated us this year from the SEC Champ. game on Meyer’s home field!
    Speaking of which (the SEC-CG), he WAS the “top dog” in the Eastern Division THIS year! And NOT with his “Fun-N-Gun” either, but a well balanced offense with, again, an outstanding (FRESHMAN) RB!
    He’s not “out-athleting” people,… he’s OUT COACHING them!!! Unfortunately for him and S.Car., they had the fateful misfortune of “bad timing;” they ran into the buzz-saw that is Auburn – not too dissimilar to when he ran into Tom Osborne’s Nebraska buzz-saw, who, as I recall, had a pretty good QB themselves!
    Lastly, he clearly did help elevate the already superior (nationally) SEC (a rising tide raises all boats), as evidenced by the fact that his SEC winning percentage indeed fell – albeit by a mere 3.71% (from 89.13% [41-5] to 85.42% [41-7]) – and his number of appearances in the SEC Champ. was virtually halved in the 2nd six-year “half” of his 12 year tenure (if you include ’90 & ’91 in the numbers), YET his average end-of-year rank actually improved therein compared to his “first half,” as well as did his Bowl incidence & record!
    His “latter half” is also wherein he won his Nat’l. Champ.; in his FIRST season of the latter six. His FINAL season, he finished ranked 3rd (both AP and Coaches polls) – his highest rank since his Nat’l. Champ. season (’96) and his third best overall!
    Talk about finishing strong! In other words, for all intents and purposes, his performance essentially did not decline at all; rather, he forced others up to HIS level!
    [and he STILL appeared in 50% of the SEC Champ. games in the latter half of his tenure (3 out of 6), and won 67% of those (2-1)! – which, I might add, is the same record Urban has in his “FIRST” 6 years!].
    In conclusion, I acknowledge that, for comparative purposes, Spurrier’s first six-year “half” may not be as fair a bench mark as his latter one. So, again, comparing Urban’s 6 years to Spurrier’s latter six – when the SEC “contenders” had been largely “brought up to speed” – it is noted that while Meyer won two Nat’l. Champs. to Spurrier’s one, Steve APPEARED in his earlier than did Urban (1st yr. vs. 2nd yr., respectively), and while they both won the East Division three times and each went 2-1 in their SEC Champ. game appearances, Steve never finished below 2nd in the Division as Urban has nor outside the Top-15 as Urban has twice. And lastly, as noted above, Spurrier’s final season was a strong resurgent year in which he finished with a #3 ranking; his third highest!
    Meyer’s 6th year counterpart?!?!? A debacle of a season – lucky to finish above .500, barely Bowl-bound, and ranked who knows where outside the Top-25!
    Let’s hope Urban’s Gators can COMPLETE a cyclical pattern similar to what they established in 2006-’08!

  172. Maybe you are right. Coach Meyer is just putting up a front to his real intentions. I wish we can get Randy from Miami up to to Gainesville to be our defensive coordinator. Teryl Austin is just too green. Even players said that the oppossing offense made adjustments to their signal calling. The defense was also too predictable.

  173. The SEC Spurrier coached in was not half as tough as the one Meyer coaches in. That’s just a fact. LSU in 2007, Bama in 09 and Auburn this year, rounding out 5 consecutive years of SEC representing is evidence of that.

    “Regarding “JC in Ocala’s” comment that Spurrier was “top dog… simply [by] out-athleting people through the air,” obviously he preferred passing, but his “Fun-N-Gun” would never have worked without a strong running game, and we know he had several outstanding RB’s over the years. Because of Steve’s penchant for passing, these RB’s were somewhat overshadowed & unsung.”

    To the casual fan, yes, Spurrier was known as a passing demon. However, actual Florida fans know it was pass for the lead, run for the win. However, his passing offense was not overly complex. It was new to the SEC when he got there and superior athletes allowed him to kick *ss. However, when the athlete gap closed, he never really did redesign his passing playbook.

    “If Spurrier left because “he knew his days… [as such]… were over,” then why did he return to the College ranks – to a LESSER program no less (unlike Saban)?!?”

    Umm, because there’s little pressure and little expectation. Remember when he left Florida he complained how 10 wins was not enough anymore ? He went to SC still collecting huge Redskin cash. He was coaching at a school that had zero history thus zero expectation. He followed a coach who, while legendary, was also viewed as archaic – Holtz’s relevance ended as the college game went more aerial.

    Although Meyer’s SEC is far more difficult than Spurrier’s was, the BEST way to measure it would be to start at Spurrier’s MNC.

    How did Spurrier’s fare after the MNC ? The Gators simply became “just another” SEC team.

    Like what happens to a lot of elite programs, when it reaches a certain level of excellence, top flight recruits stop hopping on board the depth chart because they are “blocked”. So they’ll go to another school where they feel they have a legit chance of playing right away.

    So, Florida started losing top recruits for their depth chart and those recruits walked to the competition and started facing off against them. Thus, they were no longer able to simply “out athlete” everyone.

    Hell, one of Florida’s current RBs is proof of that. Emmanuel Moody left USC to come to Florida because he didn’t want to get lost on their depth chart. Now USC is merely a dangerous program with great athletes, no longer the devastating force it once was.

    To be honest, I would rather have seen Spurrier go to the Big East or somewhere now as under the microscope as the SEC where he would inevitably be measured vs Florida. He clearly doesn’t have the same drive and ambition he had when he was younger. He’s an old man now. Of course we’re happy for him that he made the SEC title game, but let’s not kid ourselves – SoCa didn’t really earn their way there as much as they defaulted their way there.

    Just as all the preseason prognostications said, this was their best shot at getting there while Georgia and Florida were down and UT breaking in a new coach.

    Having said all of that, while Meyer is clearly a better program chief, this season notwithstanding, there’s one key thing to remember – Spurrier made Meyer possible. No Spurrier, no Meyer.

  174. T,
    Nice try, but if Meyer had an agreement with Daz for him to step back, then Foley would know, several in the athletic department would know, the people who see the phone bills and pay the travel vouchers would know. Too many people would know for it not to leak out that Daz had agreed to step back. And not as a message board rumor, but as a report in a real newspaper, or at least on sports talk radio. You heard that? Because I haven’t.
    I will grant you that Meyer seems to like secrecy for its own sake, and might try to do what you said, and it could be that the rumor simply hasn’t leaked yet. That’s why I come to the Gainesville SUn site a couple times a day, in the hope of breaking news that a new OC had been hired. Or was about to be. However, I think it would be a detriment to recruiting to be so secretive. The kids who are being recruited by Daz would still be, so no loss there, and the kids reluctant to play in his offense, might be more willing to listen to Gator recruiters if it was known UF was looking for a new OC.
    I will grant you the point that the UFAA (not UF) is the employer of Addazio, not Meyer. I guess I’ve worked directly for the guys signing the checks for so long I’ve forgotten the distinction. However, Meyer is still the person evaluating Daz, he’s still the person making the hiring/firing decision, so he is the person representing the UFAA, and therefore the distinction is largely symbolic.
    BTW, did you see what Texas did? Made bold changes in the staff, announced it right after the season ended. This is the correct way to do things. placates the fan base, let’s the staff know where it stands, puts those who are interested in coaching at Texas that there are openings. After all, this story is bigger than Addazio. Drayton, Loeffler, Azzanni, Durkin, these are all guys who are getting a close look this year, and if anything is going to happen to them, they need to know now, so they can start networking. It’s not right to leave everyone twisting in the wind with comments like “we need tough coaches here” and “we’ll be making some changes” without actually making the changes. If you are going to fire them, the only fair thing to do is get it over with so they can move on.
    As for your continued bashing of Spurrier, all I can say is at this time next year he will be #2 all time in SEC wins, and is already #2 all time in SEC titles. Did you know that Bear Bryant coached 33 years in the SEC and won 13 titles? He won titles in 42% of his seasons in the SEC. Spurrier has won SEC titles in 44% of his seasons, and unlike the Bear, you can’t share the SEC title any longer (3 of the Bear’s SEC titles were shared). So do you still want to argue that the #2 coach all-time in the SEC was just “above average”? Because if you do, the joke’s on you.

  175. 1. Yet, there are very strong rumors that UF is in serious talks with Dana Holgorsen.

    2. I am not bashing Spurrier. That’s the problem – you are such a Spurrier swinger you think my putting his accomplishments into perspective and saying Meyer is a better coach is somehow insulting Spurrier. It’s not. I think Spurrier and Meyer are better coaches than Bear Bryant, Bernie Bierman, Frank Leahy, Robert Neyland, Barry Switzer, Bud Wilkinson, John McKay etc etc because eras mean everything.

    Spurrier was a great coach for his time, but times have changed.

    I am assuming you missed the part where I said “Having said all of that, while Meyer is clearly a better program chief, this season notwithstanding, there’s one key thing to remember – Spurrier made Meyer possible. No Spurrier, no Meyer.”

    If you think that’s bashing, well, you’re beyond help.

  176. Ohh well, Meyer is leaving UF. Coach, Thank you so much for what you have done for this University. We the fans are forever grateful to you and your family, and wish you all the best!
    Take care Coach Meyer!

    We need to go after a good Coach like Chirs Petersen from Boise, the way that plays reminds me a lot of the Gators when Spurrier was coach!

    And BTW, Addazzio must go!


  177. Spurrier walked into a program that was in the basement, was not terribly talented, was under sanctions, and had no tradition of winning. From year one he was winning.

    Meyer walked into a program that was underachieving, was stacked with talent, was respected nationwide, and expected to win. From year one he was winning.

    How anyone could, or should argue that either coach is better than the other is beyond me, since the situations they were faced with when hired were so different. But the simple fact is this: Had Spurrier not put Florida on the map, Meyer would be coaching at Notre Dame.

    Thanks to Spurrier we are a program that is able to demand the very best talent, both in players and in coaching… which is why Addazio must go. He is not the equal of our program, or our players. And, frankly, his complete lack of humility, when his squad is an embarrassment week after week, has completely put me off. I don’t like the guy. Uncle Fester must go.

  178. What’s “Old” is [made] New Again (adjusted for talent-inflation) —
    Currencies from different years have to be adjusted for inflation (changing values) to be evenly compared. Likewise with athletes, teams and coaches.
    If the likes of these were instantly transported from their time to some other to play their counterpart, the match would be unfair and the result meaningless.
    If they were born and raised in their counterpart’s generation, however, they will have been subject to the same training, equipment, strategies and tactics, etc. (same standards), which then would make the match-ups fair and the results meaningful.
    If the vaunted Yankees of yore were instantly transported here today in their prime, they very likely would not fair well against their namesake’s competition (nor against their namesake themselves). Likewise Babe Ruth and Mngr. Casey Stengel; their numbers would be greatly reduced.
    How about the 1960’s G.B. Packers, or even the ’70’s Pitt. Steelers?
    Or the 1960’s Boston Celtics? What about Jim Thorpe?
    The same end; all!
    Conversely, if today’s top performers instantly translated back in time in their prime, the record books would be reset for another 100 years! But if they were born and raised therein, they simply would be comparable contenders.
    Spurrier is somewhat unique (perhaps not exclusively so) in that, while we speak of him as being the standard of the ’90’s SEC, he has “crossed over,” so to speak, and is “representin'” [still!] in the ’00’s and now the ’10’s.
    We don’t have to extrapolate or speculate as to how he would fair in Meyer’s SEC (or Saban’s SEC, as it were), because he’s here now competing head-to-head against those namesakes!
    Guess what?!?!? He defeated BOTH of them this year – handily!! [It may have taken him several years, and he may not be “regular” about it, but consider what he started with, and where].
    Not only so, but he beat Meyer in their respective first years on their new teams, and came within a last-second blocked FG of winning their second contest and ruining Meyer’s Championship season! Take away that fortuitous block, and not only is the 6-game series thus far split at 3 apiece, but Meyer has one less BCS Title to his name, complements of none other than the SEC’s “nineties” guru – the “OLD” Ball Coach! – [disparagingly called “old” by some]. Alas, that was not meant to be,… BUT FAR LESS SEPARATE THEM THAN PEOPLE SUPPOSE!
    There’ve been three blowout games and three close games between them. Meyer won 2 out of 3 of each of those groupings, giving us a 4-2 advantage, but that “squeaker” could just as easily have made it 3-3. HAD that occurred, 2 out of each Coach’s 3 wins WOULD have been on the other’s field. As it is, half of each Coach’s victories have been won on each field.
    While Meyer had a four game winning streak, two of which were critical to his Championship seasons, Spurrier’s two victories are the typically sentimental & monumental ones at any point of time, with the most recent having the added dimension of being itself critical, as well. Namely, the first one and the last one; the inaugural one and the latest one – the latter propelling them into the SEC Championship game, while simultaneously denying us.
    Yeah, we sucked this year, but our – and Meyer’s – incentive couldn’t have been much less than theirs, if at all, plus we had Home Field advantage! Yet they owned us in our own house. No surprise though, considering they handled the likes of Alabama – no slouch themselves!
    Does the “OLD” Ball Coach have more and better talent than Meyer?
    Is age and experience a factor?
    Don’t k(no)w; probably a wash.
    That leaves coaching, which starts and ends at the top – a universal fact that should be universally accepted, but won’t be in this particular case by the Spurrier-doubters herein!
    [Note: This is NOT a “dis” of Meyer, per se, but a defense of Spurrier. I’ve said in here – on this site – before that I’ve recovered from my long-standing ANGER at Spurrier for the way he suddenly left AFTER his final Bowl game. I would’ve preferred he announce it beforehand so the players and Gator Nation at large could have been aware of the sentimental import of his last game, thus being able play and participate accordingly, both physically and emotionally].
    What I’m saying is, the old, deposed King – a mere blocked FG away from achieving a six-year “draw” with the young, reigning King (with inferior talent, no less, a moral victory thus far if there ever was one) – seemingly refuses to allow himself to be swept into the dustpan of irrelevancy (where some would have him relegated), but rather adjusts, adapts and reloads accordingly. This ought not be,… should it?!?!? – [some might think].
    South Carolina is the SEC team that the Gators have their second highest all-time winning percentage against (.790), behind Arkansas, followed by Vanderbilt and Kentucky. We have winning streaks of 8. 19, and 24 games, respectively, against those other three teams, but S.Car. has won two – ALMOST three – of the last six against us, including, obviously that last one.
    WHAT, pray tell, is preventing Meyer from doing to S.Car. what he’s been doing regularly – like clockwork – to those other teams?!? …hmm?
    Every Coach has their proverbial “thorn in their flesh;” the nemesis that they just can’t seem to master. Spurrier certainly had his: Bobby Bowden! Steve’s overall record against Bobby was a dismal 4-7-1, with a 0-5-1 record at “‘Ron Zook’ Field!”
    Meyer will have his too. I would have suspected, though, that it would have been Nick Saban, and may yet be, but wouldn’t it be ironic if “the ghost of Swamp past” continues to confound him, even if only semi-regularly?!?
    I neither wish it nor invite it (just thinking out loud). I didn’t like Bowden being Spurrier’s nemesis, and I won’t like Meyer’s either!

  179. Wow! I just found out about a half hour ago (~10:00 pm, ET) about Coach Meyer’s resignation. My computer has been moving at a snail’s pace today. By HHO’s comment above, I gather Urban resigned sometime around 2:30 pm or before.
    I was looking forward to seeing him “right the ship” next year. I thought for sure he’d stay (at least) one more year to accomplish that!
    I miss him already.
    Once a Gator, always a Gator!
    IGTBAG! (It’s Great To Be A Gator!)

  180. Chris Peterson sounds exciting, but I’m also extremely impressed with Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh and Wisconsin’s Coach (both “boring,” grown-up pro-styles)!
    Of course, Dan Mullen as well!
    Gosh, I remember there were a slew of excellent Coaches available last year!
    This “down” year might actually make for a somewhat more tenable situation for the next Coach. This slight, momentary lowering of the bar mutes the stark, bright contrast of Meyer’s prior brilliance. At least early on.
    Beware, also, of the Utah connection.
    Let the sweepstakes begin!!!
    PS: Good luck, Urban! We love you.
    PPS: I predict Urban Meyer will return to coaching within 10 years as HC at Notre Dame.