Florida State prediction time


So, does the streak live on Saturday? Or does it die with a big, fat flaming spear in its back?

Tough call.

When Ron Zook beat the Seminoles on Bobby Bowden Field (the night it was named) in 2004, it started a Gator winning streak in the rivalry that has stretched to six games. The last three games haven’t even been close, with the Gators winning by a combined score of 127-37.

But this one is going to be close (at least the Gators hope so) in Tallahassee on Saturday.

The Seminoles have shown some improvement this season, while the Gators have regressed. That’s not to say the Seminoles are any better than the Gators at this stage. In fact, the teams are pretty similar. Both look pretty good at times. Both show some warts at other times.

The feeling here is that if the Gators come out on offense and have some early success (especially on the ground), it’s going to be a good day. But if they repeat what they did against South Carolina, when the offense went completely in the tank in the first half, this could turn into an embarrassing rout (and one very sweet win for the Seminoles, who desperately want this game to end the streak).

The FSU defense will offer a tough, fast, physical challenge. These guys are second in the nation in sacks (41) and they’ll put a real hurtin’ on John Brantley if the Gators find themselves in too many obvious passing situations. If UF can stay out of those third-and-longs, and protect Brantley (this has been a big problem all season), the Gators will have a chance to exploit an FSU pass defense that has given up two 400-yard passing games this season. But if Brantley gets harassed and sacked all day, UF will not be able to get to that FSU soft spot (this is what happened in the South Carolina game).

On defense, UF will try to shut down the run and force the Seminoles to be one-dimensional with quarterback Christian Ponder forced to go the air route. FSU’s running game has been very potent at times, and very dangerous with some big plays (like a 70-yard TD run against Maryland last Saturday). If the Gators can prevent the big play on the ground, it will give UF a tremendous advantage in this chess match.

So, does the streak live? Or does it die?

My predictions have been way off this season, so take this one for what it’s worth (probably not much).

I have a strong feeling the Seminoles are going to win this game, maybe by a comfortable margin. The Florida defense has not been very good this season and I see FSU going up and down the field and converting a lot of third-down plays (some on Ponder scrambles). I see the Florida offense struggling early, like it does against every decent team. But I’m reluctant to pull the trigger here and pick the Seminoles.

For one reason.

Urban Meyer. You can’t ignore his record in rivalry games (16-1 against FSU, Georgia and Tennessee). And I sense that his intensity is back and he really wants this one.

Based on that, here’s the pick: Florida 24, FSU 22.


  1. Not a bad pick Robbie, and I totally agree that stopping the FSU run is the key. I also believe on offense, UF making good yardage on first downs to create manageable 2nd and 3rd down situations is a key, as well as the Gator D keeping FSU’s offense from doing that very thing and forcing them into passing situations, which plays into the strength of the Gator D… it’s secondary. But lets face it Robbie, with a competent offensive coordinator, UF is probably 10 – 1 and top 5 right now, at least 9 – 2 and top 10, and a lot of this discussion would not be taking place. UF has lost to four good SEC teams, three of them VERY good teams. FSU has lost to two unranked teams and nearly lost to three others, and their signature win this season? Over unranked, 7 – 4 Miami. That’s not putting them down so-to-speak, but FSU has a couple of more years to go in recruiting to be on Florida’s talent level. I like our talent and depth advantage in this game, bot one more time, this all comes back to UF offensive coordinator Steve Addazio, who’s presense on our sideline had literally sabotaged what could have been a great season for UF. I’ll repate as I’ve done so many times, FSU doesn’t scare me, Steve Addazio sabotaging our offense scares me more. UF – 30 FSU – 21.

  2. Let me start by saying that I’m a John Brantley fan, and I think he’s going to earn a paycheck on Sundays for many years. That said, I would start Reed in this game, and for one reason only; FSU’s pass rush. Reed is a threat both on the ground and in the air, and that threat alone will slow down the ‘Noles front four, and will also help improve the Gator’s first down perfromance significantly. I am not saying that Reed is a better QB than Brantley at this stage, only that , for this game, I would like to see the switch. Just my thoughts.

  3. CAROLINA, I think starting Brantley is alright, but I too believe Reed should get at least half the snaps in this game at QB. While I believe FSU’s sacks are high because they’ve played mostly one-dimensional offenses and faced poor to avareta OL’s, FSU has still had a lot of problems with dual-threat QB’s. Keeping Reed and Brantley on the field at the same time in the up-tempo will be key.

  4. I would love to see the Gators win and send the seniors out on a positive note. But let’s be honest, there’s is nothing left in this season, aside from pride, to play for. If a loss at tally is the final push to get addazio out of the OC role, then I’m all for it. I’m sure he’s sitting at home patting himself on the back because his “offense” put up 48 points on an overmatched, outmanned Appy state. But the reality is 60-705 of that play calling isn’t going to work against a D that has just as many athletes as we do. You think on 3rd and 8 a screen pass to Rainey that just barely worked vs appy is gonna fly with FSU. I doubt it. So I pray he goes into this game over confidant and gets stuffed like the SC game. God knows to get back to playing Florida Gator football, we need a fresh mind whose offense has a purpose. FSU 31 Fla 13

  5. I agree with everything here–except, I’m sorry to say, most of y’all’s optimism at the final score. Of course I WANT to believe, I HOPE (badly!) that somehow it turns out that way, but like the last post above, believe Addazio is a handicap too much to overcome here–and like “drew”, would pay the price of defeat if it were to be the “final straw” in Addazio’s demise (or at least demotion: if not, what will it take for Meyer to move him out of that role?).

  6. Gators are going down. FSU has so much to gain by winning and we have not been able to put together anything versus a quality team all year. (I hate to say this).

    If the Gators have a chance, it will take the far and away best game of the year. But…when it really counts, we have not had it this year, versus a ranked team.

  7. I’m calling a rout—but it’s out of respect for Florida’s domination over us this decade. FSU is just sick of being humiliated. Jimbo is going to pour every ounce of his heart into winning round seven—he knows how serious this games is, even though there aren’t any serious implications for this year. I think JImbo is going to dial up an offensive showing that will be very difficult for Florida to stop. Ponder and the tailbacks are going to eat up Florida’s linebackers and linemen, and the receivers are going to catch their passes. The stupid dumps to the left or right are no more—Ponder is going downfield and our tall guys will not drop.
    FSU’s defense is pretty sound at the line. Todd is right about our not rushing/tackling well against good lines, but I don’t think Florida has a good line. I can see Brantley getting sacked out of the game, and the backups (the other members of “Threebow) are too predictable, from what I’ve seen. FSU has a strong squadron of linebackers that will help the d-line quiet any rushing that materializes in the backfield. The only offensive option for Florida is to throw the ball, but Florida’s receivers haven’t impressed me this year. Brantley does impress me, but his wingmen have failed him. While our secondary, except for Xavier Rhodes, is atrocious, I question how much Florida will exploit it.

    FSU 45 UF 13 (this, as I said, it actually out of respect, as our city, team, university, cheerleaders, band members, professors, and even hobos are beyond fed up with the losing streak)

  8. Florida fans:

    Robbie has good analysis here–he’s even backing up my week-long claim about Brantley being able to light us up.

    I just wanted to add this footnote to let you know that Robbie does make some sense.


  9. You media guys give teams from weak conferences way too much credit. You picked Ponder as a serious Heisman candidate and thought USM could compete with South Carolina. Have you assessed any interconference matchups correctly this season? At least Boise State got exposed and hopefully TCU will end up in a BCS bowl against someone other than Va Tech. Their conference record should tell you something about the ACC. UF is not the better team but they have better talent and depth. Let’s hope our coaching staff manages to take advantage of that as they did against UGA.

  10. I’m with Drew: If losing to FSU is what it takes to make Adazzio’s head role, then so be it. Does anybody look back and wish we’d won that game in 2004 against Miss State that prompted Zook’s demise? As for Brantley, I feel so sorry for that kid I can hardly say. He has the talent, and if he’d had a proper offensive mind leading him — imagine him with Spurrier — he’d be spoken of as one of the nation’s elite quarterbacks. Instead we have an offensive line that can’t pick up a blitz, recievers that run non-sensical routes, and an OC that has him running an option and sometimes even lining up at reciever. Spurrier made Shane Mathews look like a world beater: He’d have Brantley looking like Marino. Anyhow, aside from having an offense that doesn’t score points, I just want one that’s fun to watch, too. If we’d won every game this year by three points, I’d still be dissatisfied, because watching us play is a chore. FSU 35 – UF 17.

    PS. Jack, you’re new attitude and respect for fellow bloggers is much appreciated. Enjoy the game.

  11. The nolies are lousy…play in the all cupcake conference, struggled in their conference wins, have not beaten a single quality team…UF sucked this year and have addazio…all that said, UF blows out the nolies, period! After the game, come back and thank me!!!!

  12. Well JUNIOR, I have to admit, and with no disrepsect intended to our ACC rivals here today, FSU has played a weak schedule and against a weak conference. We saw what happened to Boise St. when they finally ate one cupcake too many… they took Nevada for granted and it bit them.

  13. THANKS FOR THE PICKS- ALL YEAR , ROBBIE & our chance to rant!
    …But Drew is right… and it’s that the ” MIGHTY GATORS” have been suffering for a while…and it IS the Play-Calln’ ~at certain times~ usually when IT is a very crucial-play in the game… and IT’S been going on since STEVE A. took over!!!


  14. Florida will lose to FSU today. Her are three reasons. Fsu is suppose to have a good season and they will. Florida is a terrible team. And Urban refuse to bench Brantley to make his family happy. This is the worse gator team ever. Brantley will be sacked five times today; throw 3 picks and possibly two more. The game will be over at half time. I would rather we lose and let FSU destroy us so Meyer will have to get rid of Addizao. The only good thing about this game is : Urban Meyer will step down again (I HOPE! I hate he came back. He and Billy D. hadn’t done nothing since they both stepped down and came back but made a mess.) Bench Brantley (I HOPE SO) ANd Steve Addizzao fired ( I HOPE SO!) This is the worse team ever. Jimbo Fisher was right things are going to change. Game over at the half. FSU54- FL0. GO GATORS. FIRE ADDIZZAO.

  15. Unfortunately, I dont see UF pulling this one out. We have owned the Noles for years and now THEY SMELL BLOOD IN THE WATER! If we cant block, they will try to kill Brantley. They will come at us EXTREMELY fired up and will bring everything but the kitchen sink. 34-17 Noles.

  16. It’s half-time and we’re getting killed. I don’t understand how this three-headed thing can seem like a good idea to anyone. Especially when Reed finally gets some rhythm going and you pull him when he gets to the red zone. And then to wonder why your team can’t get a tempo going. I am mystified.

  17. Yep, and give FSU’s Jimbo Fisher for empimenting an excellent game-plan in the first half too. he played old style field position football with us and was patient and waited for us to make a mistake. then came an untinely turnover and the failed fake punt and FSU then had all the momentum. It’s bad ugly ever since. I thought UF was going to score before the half and then we pulled Reed out and put JB in… turnover. What’s furstrating is that we’re not even competitive in this game, and that’s what is so disappointing. My biggest fear of self-destructing on offense has come to pass. But I give FSU all the credit to playing focused and with such high emotion. Hopefully, we’ll get some needed staff changes after this embarrassment.

  18. START: ~2:00 left in first half —
    Meyer “panicked” early against SC, so was his fake punt today also a sign of premature panic? It was too early and not far enough down the field to do that!
    Again, it sends the wrong message to BOTH teams (lack of confidence).
    Now, Reed marches us down the field late in first half (because he is the true would-be leader!), but then in the Red Zone Brantley is brought in. Why?!? [Oh, what do ya’ know – an INTERCEPTION!]
    He, Brantley, as ususal, has made bad passes (and decisions) EVEN WHEN NOT PRESSURED!!!
    ALSO, I’ve never been impressed with the Jenkins’ in our secondary (ALL OF THEM)!
    How is it that the FSU receivers are getting SO MUCH separation?!?
    Perhaps it’s because Christian Ponder has ALL DAY to pass!!!!!
    Our DL is being whipped. Our secondary is being whipped.
    I WILL give kudos to our typically beleaguered OL, who have given our QB’s sufficient time to throw (but that’s not good enough for that blasted “Legacy,” Brantley) AND have blocked well for our RB’s (and Reed)!
    Look, it’s SO simple; Burton runs, Brantley passes (badly), and Reed does BOTH (better than EACH!).
    We can close the gap if REED is given the reigns, but our defense will have to do what Auburn’s did to Alabama yesterday.
    Lastly, we COULD fire the OC, DC, Secondary Coach, and any number of other “coaches” (so called!), OR we could just fire ONE:
    the self proclaimed “panicker” — URBAN MEYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Any OTHER excellent Coaches out there who would LOVE to restore Gator Glory?!?!?
    YEAHHHHH!!! Duh!
    Remember all of the phenomenal candidates who were jockeying last December for the coveted Gator HC position?!? [before Meyer pulled that selfish – YEAH, SELFISH – stunt].
    “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.” [for now].
    PS: Does ANYONE REALLY still doubt that the ONLY reason Brantley is used is because he’s a “LEGACY?!?” If so, you are living in willful ignorance!
    PPS: One of the “bless-ed” Jenkin Bros just got burned (yet again) for another TD (@9:19 in the 3rd Q).
    WHAT A TRAIN WRECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Current Time = 5:53 pm, ET.

  19. Question: Do ALL of our D’backs PRACTICE slipping and falling?!?!?!? Don’t tell me it’s the field condition. FSU D’backs are not slipping!
    It has something to do with spacing and separation.
    That’s COACHING!!! [or lack thereof].

  20. Addazio knows the clock continues to run after run plays, right? Seriously, it’s early in the fourth and we’ve surrendered. There is nothing about our play calling now that can even remotely be expected to get us back in the game. I do not understand. I do not understand. I do not understand. I think I’m gonna be sick.

  21. Hey, Gator Nation —
    Did the Ole Ball Coach ever have a big “drop off year” like this? I don’t think so! SOS certainly was much more consistent!
    For Meyer to match Spurrier’s 12 year record (both W-L and # SEC Champs) he’ll have to do even better than he has in these past six years!
    Good luck with that, “self-proclaimed-panic!”

  22. Hey, Urban Meyer —
    The “Buck” stops where???
    Fess up!
    TELL US (and yourself) THE TRUTH!
    “You” SELFISHLY returned in body, BUT NOT IN SPIRIT!!!
    >.!< (period!).
    PS: And if anyone disagrees with me,… well, ask Greg Gutfeld about that!
    (time=6:54pm, ET).

  23. Wow … Meyer has really lost these guys. The press conferences post game and after will be interesting. @ Jack and Todd – you guys called this one. Kudos to Jimbo Fisher and the ‘Noles. This was a lot worse than the score.

  24. Hey Gator Nation —
    Do the Buckeyes ever have a “drop off” year (in both FB & BB)?
    PS: 10 comments in ~ one hour — can you tell I’m displeased?!?
    BUT, I AM trying to think rationally! Really!!
    No,… REALLY!!!

  25. THis is what I want to know. What the hell do we do in practice all week?All I hear Meyer say is how good this guy looked in practice, or how good that guy looked. If what he’s seeing is good, and that is the same product we see on the field, I have to question his ability to read talent. Either that or I have to question his ability to surround himself with people who know how to coach talent up. Either way, this coaching staff should pay the fans who had to watch this cluster of a season the rest of their paychecks.

  26. Change of subject —
    I watched some videos of Jeff Driskel. Considering the fact that they’re not of his bad plays, I’m not particularly impressed.
    Why is he being compared to “Superman” (TT)?
    ALL of the scouting sites refer to him as a “pro-style” QB.
    He’s either listed at 6’3″ & 225lbs, or 6’4″ & 240. I saw him interviewed on Gator Country – without pads on – and I can say definitively, he is NOT 245 lbs! He MIGHT be 225, IF HE’S 6’4,” but if he’s 6’3″, I doubt even that!
    Let me be clear (BHO’s favorite line), Driskel LOOKS relatively skinny, and not particularly muscular. His physique resembles Brantley’s, but he does look faster and more nimble than JB.
    Doesn’t anyone else see that Reed PLAYS like an all around quality QB?!? He RUNS BETTER than Burton and PASSES BETTER than “The Legacy!”
    I’m listening to post game interviews. Brantley just said they (he) gave it their (his) best. Really???…
    … “YOUR FIRED!”

  27. Guys:

    This was a great game for FSU. Gator Nation, I’m partying hard tonight–I’m going to enjoy this. You guys rock, though, especially Todd and quickened.

    I’ll say something more intelligent later or in the morning.


  28. If Meyer should resign (and I swear, I would not only NOT shed one tear, but would actually be RELIEVED,… and EXCITED at the prospect of NEW BLOOD), he should do it BEFORE the Bowl game – like last year (unlike Spurrier, which is what pissed me off about him way back when; but I’m finally over that now) – BUT MAKE IT STICK THIS TIME, Urb!
    Just imagine,… WHOM might we have at the Helm right now if Meyer hadn’t pulled that SELFISH stunt last December?!? [and it WAS selfish; just recall his reported reason for “staying,”… or RETURNING, as it were. It was the next morning when he was at practice, watching the players, observing and thinking (allegedly) how dedicated THEY were, when he began to become – already – “nostalgic” (my word)].
    He may have reconsidered because he thought his decision (to retire) was a mistake, or perhaps premature, BUT a reconsideration at that point – at ANY point, afterwards – would have been, and therefore WAS, selfish, in that it would be inconsiderate of THE PROGRAM!!!
    Prove me wrong!

  29. @Jack —
    Back SO SOON???
    WTF, get out there and paint the town [Garnet & Gold]!!!
    I(still)GTBAG! [“It’s (still) Great To Be A Gator”),…
    and TONIGHT,… a ‘Nole!
    PS: Time = 8:22 pm, ET,… not 9:22 (HELLO,… GatorSports.com Administators!).

  30. Sorry, Gator Nation, but I can’t resist —
    Urban – I heard “The Donald” is a Gator fan. If he calls, you might not want to answer!
    PS: In case anyone is wondering, I’m sitting here watching college football games tonight. I’m past my party phase; especially when the Gators ruin any reason to!

  31. The minute Robbie said Florida I put all my money on FSU. He has been so wrong that if you bet against his picks you would have won almost all season long. The predictions are wishful thinking from a biased Florida fan (Robbie), not objective reporter. Lets be honest it panders to Florida fan base. Love ya but give up the predictions, because my 4 year old is better at it!

  32. Enjoy your partying tonight JACK, you deserve it. I didn’t really see this coming, but this particular post is not for discussing the problems UF has right now, but to offer a sincere congradulations on FSU’s win. they played hard, they played focused, they managed their emotional levels very well, and they took advantage of every mistake UF made like any team should. Congrats on FSU’s win tonight. They certainly outplayed our Gators tonight. Now, it’s time to back off and ejoy the Holiday Season. 😉

  33. Jack thank you for not making it worse. Urban is speaking of things changing and gettin grid of things that dont work. How about you fire Dumbazzio and bench Brantely. The team does not want to point fingers nut I will. All you Florida coaches suck!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Gator Nation:
    Here’s what I don’t understand. Is John Brantley just that bad, or does he have no one to throw to? I watched him in a few games this year and I was impressed. But last night just changed all that. His pocket presence is awful, and he didn’t throw the ball with any authority. He just looked clueless out there. Florida’s offensive line actually plated pretty well, because I thought we were going to sack him a lot more.

    There’s no way you don’t start Jordan Reed in the bowl game. From what I’ve seen, he’s not a smart passer—he reminds me of Jacory Harris—but he kept the offense from being completely anemic. He’s a strong runner and finishes like Cam Newton at Auburn. After that last drive of the second quarter, I was scared, as Reed looked might impressive out there. But he did get too wild out there and wound up getting injured. So that’s that. It’s just the game you play with that type of aggression.

    I wouldn’t blame the defense too much—FSU has one of the greatest offensive minds in college football with Jimbo Fisher. Also, the crowd at Doak was just sick last night. I had a friend call me from Doak—I couldn’t make the game—and he said that was the most electric crowd in ten years. So the defense was up against a potent (at times) offense playing on all cylinders and had to deal with a sick-nasty crowd too.
    Either way, Addaizio is probably out and Urban is Urban (a proven champion), so I know next year will be as tough as ever.
    Also, Gator fans, as always, are the best tailgators in the country. You guys are fun to tailgate with. Those big Gator blowups make my skin crawl….but kinda in a good way.
    It’s been fun, guys.
    See you next year,

  35. @Jack —
    Brantley is that bad!
    He is much worse than you previously assessed, and Reed is much better than you assess here. Considering his lack of experience, his up side is WAY higher than Jacory Harris’!
    Again, congrats!
    And don’t be a stranger!
    PS: What is Tallahassee’s equivalent to GatorSports.com?

  36. I never thought that I would witness something like this again, but i hate to say that Brantley is worse than Jessie Palmer and Dough Johnson altogether. I think that in recent years, he most be the worst QB to play at Florida. Time to pick Reed for the Bowl game and bench Brantley. Most coaches do that. I don’t understand why Meyer is so stubborn!
    Time for changes. BTW, Addazzio MUST GO! Enough is enough! Nobody gets paid lots of money to be horrible at performing your job. In real life, people like Addazzio get FIRED!!!
    I have to admit that the team is a real mess. Offense, Defense, Special Teams and Coaching all are failing the grade. This is not Florida. Meyer made a bonehead decision in faking the punt on 4th down. I had a feeling he would do that given the lack of possesion we had at that point in the game. That’s how predictable this team has become. And how about running the ball on a 17 play that resulting in a fumble early in the fourth quarter, that shows that Addazzio was conceding the game at that point and chewing so much clock! This loss was so low we looked so weak and dumb on the field. Brian Greese said it right, with the amount of talent we have year in and out, FL should be better than 90% of the teams in the country. That means we should aim to be in the top 10 every year. Just like when Coach Spurrier coached the Gators.
    Back then, we were so tough we would lose games trying and not getting so blown up and looking so weak and helpless.
    THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! Please Jeremy Foley, do something!!!

  37. FYI —
    Lest we become unreasonably infatuated with Urban Meyer due to his early success – and acquire a blind spot – let’s see how he stacks up to The Ole Ball Coach’s stats.
    Meyer’s winning percentage at UF is presently 81.01% (as of 11/28/10; after the “Joke at Doak”). If he wins the upcoming Bowl game, his winning percentage will be 81.25% (six full years, including Bowl games).
    BEHOLD, S.O.S.’s Gator stats (per Wikipedia):
    >Spurrier’s 12 year UF winning percentage (incl. Bowls) was 81.67%!
    >Playing one less game per season than now, he NEVER won less than 9 games!
    >He’s one of only two Coaches to have won 10+ games in six consecutive seasons!
    >He averaged 10.21 wins/year. [again, playing 1 less game/year]!
    >With the exception of his very first WEEK as the Gators’ new Head Ball Coach, he was NEVER ranked outside the top 25 at any point!
    >He NEVER finished any season ranked outside of the top 15!
    >He finished in the top ten 9 times!
    >Had 5 top five finishes!
    >His AVERAGE end-of-season rank was 6.8!
    >Of his 6 SEC Championship victories, four were consecutive! [his longest “dryspell” was three years].
    >And, he was SEC Coach of the Year 5 times!
    For Urban Meyer to merely MATCH Spurrier’s number of SEC Championship victories (in 12 seasons), he will have to WIN 4 of the next six!
    Urban, you’ve got your work cut out for you!

  38. Meyer has just stated Addazzio will be back as OC, and Brantley is the starting QB.

    Here’s hoping he said those things before meeting with Foley.

    Honestly, sticking with Addazzio could cost both of them their jobs this time next year.

  39. I’m bored, so I’m going to play Captain Obvious here for a moment and point out things that are so glaringly obvious that I cannot imagine why they’e been issues all season long. Let’s call this Captain Obvious’ Top Ten List of DUH’s.
    1. When you flip-flop between a quarterback that is only used for passing, and a quarterback that is only used for running, the opposing defenses will eventually notice a pattern.
    2. When you pass on third and long it is often advisable to throw the ball beyond the line of scrimmage.
    3. When it’s third and really long, a running play that has historically gained no more that three of four yards might not be the ticket.
    4. If you consistantely throw the ball to a reciever eight yards out, when what you needed is ten, don’t be suprised when your fans gouge their eyes out with cocktail skewers (or boo).
    5. Running an offense that is seemingly designed to score “just enough” points assumes that you have a defense that can dictate what “just enough” is.
    6. If you have a center that cannot snap the ball properly, then just maybe he’s not really a center.
    7. Having your “starting” quarterback line up on the wing as a receiver while your second quarterback takes the snap really only means that you have wasted a position.
    8. Faking a punt in the first quarter looks desperate, and if it fails is probably going to deflate your team’s morale more than succeeding would have inflated it.
    9. Trying to motivate your team with new uniforms looks desperate.
    10. In business, in sports, in the military… everywhere… when a unit is consistantly underperforming – or in this case embarrassing itself – it is the person responsible for that unit who is responsible. In this case, that’s Addazio.

    So, those are my top ten DUH’s. Feel free to add.

  40. LIZARDGRAD, lets just wait and see for now on Addazio. It will take some time, perhaps a week or more to find out more on Addazio. Addazio could be doing just like DL coach McCarney did, putting his resume’ in at other places. Also, our coaches are on the road recruiting and the SA situation can’t be “knee-jerk”. There’s no telling which, or how man recruits he’s involved with and it has to be done carefully. That said, if Steve Addazio remains at OC, I will be in the fore front demanding Coach Meyer retire. It would be a slap in the face of the program to allow Meyer let his personal friendships come before the program’s well-being and success.

  41. Quickened Spirit, I get a kick out of your passion, but I think it’s time for you to go outside and play now. Get a little fresh air, maybe go fishing or take up surfing. There’s more to life than sitting at the keyboard and…wait, I think I hear my wife calling me! Maybe it’s time for our monthly rendezvous..gotta go now guys! Go Gators!!