Attacking the Seminoles


At Urban Meyer’s weekly news conference Monday, someone pointed out a very telling statistic from Saturday’s victory over Appalachian State that Meyer said he was not aware of.

Here it is: The Gators scored touchdowns on seven of their 10 offensive possessions in the 48-10 victory. In all of those scoring drives, the Gators alternated quarterbacks, giving the offense a dual-threat at the position. On the three drives where the Gators did not score, the offense was led exclusively by throwing quarterback John Brantley and did not have a dual threat.

“I guess we have to get some dual-threat quarterback in there,” Meyer said. “I usually know all the stats. I’m going to go up there (to the coaches’ office) and write that on the board.

“I think that threat is real, especially the quality players they are and the threat they give you. It’s interesting.”

Not to give away the game plan, but it seems obvious that the Seminoles are going to be seeing all three quarterbacks — Brantley, Trey Burton and Jordan Reed — throughout Saturday’s game in Tallahassee.

Of the three, Reed is the one who has emerged as a true dual-threat. In Saturday’s game, Reed ran for three touchdowns and threw for one.

After the game, Meyer said Reed is getting very close to being able to run the entire offense. Maybe this is the game where Reed’s role will expand significantly. Even if it doesn’t, the Gators are going to try and slow down FSU’s fast and aggressive defense with their three-quarterback system that gives UF a dual threat at the position.


  1. Against good defenses every yard is important, esecially on those short yardage downs and redzone offense. Many people made comments about the extra push from Reed on
    Beemer’s TD. I’ve been waiting all year for the gators to start using this tactic when those yards are so important. In watching other teams play this year I see almost all of them making short yardage plays a team effort. They give the ball to a back or do a QB sneak and the rest of the teams pushes the pile for another 5 yards. Most teams are coached to do this, it’s high time we started making use of all that extra horsepower. Don’t just stand and watch … push like hell, it will make a difference.

  2. If FSU had as good a defense as I’ve been hearing heralded out of Tally, then I’d be more worried. They’ve earned their stats mostly against one-dimensional offenses on mostly unranked teams. FSU has played a creampuff schedule this year, losing to two unranked teams and barely beating three other unranked teams. Their run-D was shredded by NC State, Maryland, and even lowly Boston College, and their secondary has been exposed numerous times by NC State, UNC, and Oklahoma. What is important to realize is that UF enjoys three decided advantages in this game… 1) A healthy, two-deep experienced OL, 2) Nearly 2 – 1 experienced depth numbers on DL, and 3) Florida’s secondary vastly out-classes FSU’s recievers. The LOS is where UF has to control to win this game, and that’s where Zach Azzanni’s up-tempo offense comes into play. Wear them down. Attack the perimeter with the run-game and their slower corners, and force them to condense their zone by forcing their DB’s closer to the LOS and leaving larger zones open behind. FSU will do what every other D has done to us… they will not repsect our vertical passing game, and that’s where Jordan Reed needs to be able to throw a couple of deep, safer sideline routes to catch them off guard. I’m not scared of FSU nor do I think their defense is any of the SEC – caliber ones we’ve faced. I’m more scared of not coming into this game with a good game-plan and not executing properly.

  3. Robbie,

    As usual, you’ve hit the nail on the head. If anyone in G’ville can influence Urban to give Jordan Reed more reps this week, and then Urban actually uses him starting in the 1st period, we might just beat the noles. If Urban plays Brantley we will lose and and look just as bad as we did against South Carolina. I think John Brantley is an outstanding person, but unfortunately he isn’t at all consistent. Reed may not know the playbook all that well, however he is a natural athlete and doesn’t get rattled in game situations like Brantley on every other play. My fiancee, who doesn’t know beans about football, observed while watching the S. Caroline game that, “The team seems to play harder when Reed is in at quarterback.” I think her statement about sums up things nicely.

  4. Look at the tape and watch Reed’s natural ability to react and respond….he’s gifted. This guy is one heck of a QB. When Reed is running the offense and has a full array of running and passing plays available, the offense is basically unstoppable. You can have the same game plan we had with Tebow. Reed as QB, mix up the plays (not predictable) and you have a high impact offense. Recruit a great punter and get a linebacker to step up and be a visible leader, and we’ve got something pretty darn good.

  5. It’s time to turn Jordan Reed loose. He is the guy who is making stuff happen when he’s on the field. And how about a few more carries for Mike Gilleslie. Coach Meyer talked at the beginning of the season about identifying playmakers and putting the ball in their hands. These two guys–along with Rainey, Burton, Debose, Thompson, Hammond and a healthy Demps are our playmakers. Let ’em loose and can the dive play!

  6. Todd:

    Your secondary is much better than our receivers–that I will give you. However, your secondary is not your d-line. Our running backs will eat your d-line up. Jermaine Thompson will be back, and Chris Thompson has proved to be a big-play threat. Your best bet will be to commit your strong secondary–or at least some of it– to the line, but that is when Ponder will light everyone up.

    Brantley’s option is just pathetic, and no one will fall for it; and everyone will know what’s going on, at least for the most part, when your other “Threebow” quarterbacks are playing. I suspect a few screens will materialize, but most plays will be runs. This is predictable and this is when the “Threebowers” will meet our unfriendly linebackers. The only way to beat FSU’s defense is through the air.

    Special teams isn’t worth comparing. FSU has a better kicker and return guy.

    I see it coming down to this: can FSU’s secondary stop Brantley? This is the question of the week. We have young (and oftentimes dumb) kids back there and I can see Brantley exploiting this. Our secondary commits a ton of penalties–costly penalities, at that–and habitually gives up big plays.

    If FSU shores up its problems in the secondary and contains Brantley’s strong arm, FSU wins. If Brantley eats up the secondary, Florida wins.


    P. S. Todd, you are still an idiot, even though you made a few good points. And, you have no business talking about how FSU played weak teams. Every time Florida played a decent team, embarrassment ensued.

  7. Hopefully next August when the Gators take the field for the first game of the year Jordan Reed is taking the field as the starting QB. Johnny B is no doubt a talented player but does not fit the system Urban has in place.

  8. Jack I have nothing but respect for that post. Brantley couldn’t beat App St, Jordan Reed will beat you if he plays enough. I’m sick of hearing about three QBs when we have a perfect QB in Reed. I have a strong feeling Jack may be right about them running on us our d-line is just as bad as our o-line. We are going to have to score a lot of points to win this game and everyone know Dumbazzio hates to score a lot of points. My prediction if its a Brantley Dumbazzio show UF 14 FSU 42. If we get the Reed and Azzani show UF 49 FSU 27. Go Gators I love you guys. Fire Dumbazzio bench Brantley. Jack you are the man thanks for joining us this year hopefully you willt be back next year.

  9. “Idiot” now Jack? Sensitive much? I won’t play outright insult games, that’s for ten year olds. Btw, Brantley hasn’t attempted an option toss since the Miss. St. game. Keep up son, know what you’re talking about. The perimeter and off-tackle run-game is what opens up the pass Jack, especially when FSU most likely opens up with a four down-lineman layered zone. FSU plays a layered zone scheme now, not the 4-3-4 aggressive Zone 2 Andrews played. The run forces FSU’s secondary to support the LOS and defend more of the field which opens the zones they’re defending. That’s where the drag, crossing, slant, and speed routes come in. Your linebackers Jack? They’re the best component of the FSU defense (as usual), but your DL is smallish and your secondary is a sieve and they tackle poorly. FSU’s defense has excelled against mostly one-dimensional offenses like Virginia’s or Miami’s, but they have not seen the speed they’re going to see against UF since they were blown out by Oklahoma. UF will only use the pass to support the run, not to outright win the game with. UF’s offense is overall designed to grind the ball, control the clock, and win field position. This game comes down primarily to the LOS, where UF will have to control with their better depth on both sides of the ball. Which team can run the ball better is the team that will win.

  10. I wish it was that easy Todd, jimbo and Stoops are watching film on us and I promise they will do the same thing Bama, LSU, Miss St did and blitz every play because Dumbazzio can’t coach our O-line while pretending to gameplan.

  11. Todd, I’ll drop the insult game. You’re giving detailed answers I will respect you accordingly.

    I just typed up a huge response to your post, but the refresher mechanism on this site deleted everything. It pissed me off and I can’t remember everything I wrote.

    I’m going to be short and to the point.

    There is no way Florida beats us on the ground. Your backs, outside of Demps, are too slow and weak and our D-line is too strong and fast. When have you ever heard of a slow Seminole defesne? Also, our linebackers can run with any of your backs, except for Demps. Nigel Bradham could bench seven Demps.

    Your quarterback analysis is subpar. Brantley has one of the strongest and most accurate arms in college football, and he’s the only one who can beat our defense. Pass effectively and you win. Rely on running the ball and you lose. Remember, this is not Tebow out there. Things are different. Urban can hate pro-style all he wants–and he obviously does–but that’s the only style that beats FSU’s defense. Our secondary is truly awful and that’s why Brantley is your only hope.

    I have more to say but I’m scared the refresher will delete what I just wrote.

    More later.

    Jack the ‘Nole

  12. Atl Gator:

    I just wrote a huge reply to Todd, but this dadgum refresher on your site deleted everything. I’m still steaming about it. Either way, I’ll be back next year. I like fighting with you guys. Todd is right that I shouldn’t insult, but sometimes it’s hard to resist. I love the city of Gainesville and don’t really hate Florida. I just like to defend my team.


  13. @Jack: That refresher has hurt me too. Hit your “back arrow” on the top left corner and it all reappears. At least it does for me. Speaking of reappearing, I hope you will be on this blog after the UF/FSU game. I for one like your comments and enjoy hearing the other side of things. I for one will not call you names or knowingly insult you, now, on to the matters at hand.
    Christian Ponder scares me to death. After watching the Gators get pushed around on the line of scrimmage all year, FSU can do the one thing that will put a dagger through our heart: play action pass. Because our D-Line is so, um, unimpressive this year, our line backers will sugar up to stop the run. That means our strong safety, Ahmad Black, will be our leading tackler, again, which is a very bad thing. I see Ponder with a good chance to pick us apart after freezing our line backers and D-backs with play action passing.
    We shall see, I do not have a prediction because our coaching has been too awful to produce a trend I can rely on. Know this: Vanderbilt and Appy State are not good measuring sticks. FSU matches up very well against us and IMO are better coached and have an offense that can out score us if we continue with the typical Addazio game plan.
    Go Gators! Turn it over to Zach Azzani! AMG! AMG! AMG!

  14. Rooferman:

    The problem with Ponder’s play-action is that our receivers cannot catch the ball. I wish he threw more screens. Our backs can catch. Our receivers cannot.

    I know you guys hate Brantley and all, but he really is your only chance. Our secondary is not very good and gets burnt on deep balls quite often. Also, they commit a ton of penalties–late hits, pass interference, holding, you name it.

    Ponder, though, is an amazing leader. If he had two good receivers, which he had in Goodman and Owens last year, he’d be competing for the Heisman. His numbers are down because no one can catch the ball. Bert Reed, who you guys recruited heavily, catches about a half the balls throw to him. He is lightning fast, now, and that’s why Jimbo is always trying to dump it to him at the line of scrimmage–he is like our Demps.

    What do you Gators think about Boise State and TCU?


  15. Jack, I hate the Noles but I agree with most of your posts. Passing has always been the way you beat FSU except when you have a QB who can run as in Tebow and possibly Jordan Reed. As for Boise and TCU; Boise can beat anyone in the country if they play in a bowl because of superior coaching. TCU is a paper tiger and is grossly overrated. Boise however would be middle of the pack in the SEC and probably 2nd or 3rd in the ACC if they had to play those teams week in and out.

  16. The single largest strategic threat to the Gators… (at this time) is if FSU finds a way to win. It could change everything…cataclismic. UF has a lot to lose..FSU has a lot to win.

    Gators….please… win this thing and maintain prominence in a down year !!! Don’t let Fisher and the SOW rise up.

  17. There’s hope for you yet Jack, but I stickl by my observations that has been the constant in this series since the ’90’s… the team that runs the ball better wins the game. I think that has played out to be correct in every game since 1990 except for one.

  18. And Jack, I too have had my posts deleted by the site’s refresher. What I’ve decided to do is go to my e-mail box, write out what you want to say, and then cut and paste it here in a couple of seconds. Hope that hels.

  19. Tired of the “Dumbazzio” thing.
    It’s obvious in hindsight that you can’t coach the Oline and be the Asst HC and OC. It’s too much for one person.
    But why doesn’t anyone mention Loeffler? He has really let us down as a QB coach. Brantley is regressing, Burton can’t throw at all, and Reed works with the TE’s.
    Here’s what I think:
    1. Remove the OC title from Daz. Asst HC and Oline is enough for any one person.
    2. Fire Loeffler. He might be a good Pro style QB coach, but he obviously doesn’t know how to coach the option spread to QB’s.
    3. Hire a bright young QB/OC coach with a spread option pedigree.
    As for the Noles, we’ve had so many bad games against decent teams, we are due for a good one. I think we can beat them. They aren’t great, they have just as many warts as we do.
    Additional Nole note: Greg Reid can’t hold the jock of either Rainey or Dubose in the kick return department.
    Special thanks to Rooferman for giving me the key to beating the site refresh. I’ve lost a lot of good posts to that thing.

  20. i wonder how that looks if you go back and look at all of the sec plays we ran. the bottom line is JB can not get the job done. he is not a very assertive person and he has little to no fire or drive. if it works it works for him??

    I think that if we mix it up like we did like when we played GA, Vandy and Appy we will be fine. Why on God’s green earth Urb’s abandoned that, knowing that JB can not throw for crap and didn’t stick to the plan boggles the mind.

  21. I like all the comments here today. Very astute and a pleasure to read. I do want to say I found the “question” funny when someone said “when have you ever heard of a slow FSU defense?” I can’t remember if it was last year, or the year before, but at the beginning of the season, game announcers were telling the country this is the fastest FSU defense ever. I then witnessed them get burned more than ever. And it continued all year. If they were fast, they were really unskilled. I hope they’re just as fast and unskilled this year!!
    Go Gators!!

  22. Jack,

    For such a strident Seminole fan, what is with your obsession with the Gators? And why so bitter? I am a UF grad with many close family memebers who are FSU grads, and we enjoy a fun, spirited and respectful rivalry. Our enjoyment of all things UF and FSU are a part of our lives, but certainly not our “life”. FSU is a fine school with a wonderful tradition of excellent sports teams, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Ripping into others, Gators or otherwise, to make you feel better is pointless, and can suck the fun out of the whole experience. Have some fun.

  23. We better hope for some turnovers if we want to win in Tally on Saturday. Ponder’s running ability worries me, the Gators haven’t done well with QBs who could run a little bit. This game comes down to the lines, pure and simple, and Florida’s lines have gotten manhandled for a good part of the year. I can’t see Florida winning this game unless Reed plays almost half of the snaps at QB. We just can’t make enough big plays with Brantley back there. FSU has a good dline, and we have a bad oline, which translates to a whole lot of pressure on the QB and not many running lanes for our RBs. As much as it pains me to say it, I think FSU wins this one 34-17.

  24. I do not recall FSU’s defense being able to catch any of our backs for the past few years, so why is it different this year?

    And to the person who said all of our backs besides Demps are slow, you must be kidding, right?

  25. It amazes me that Urban has taken as long to see what everybody else sees, Brtantley cannot get it done. The other thing he cannot see is: he is not running Omarius Hines out of the backfield..there is rhe power back we have been looking for. Everytime he touches the ball he runs over people. Now that the season is over maybe Urban will wake up. If Brantley playys a lot we loose this week, if Reed and Burton play a lot we won THAT SIMPLE WAKE UP URBAN!!

    I really hope JB goes somewhere else next year with Dumbaszzio!

  26. I like the tone of the comments on this blog segment… Jack, you are as fair an observer of your Noles as we are of our Gators this year. Although the Noles were a fumble away from being 9-2, I think both teams match up fairly well. However, I think you are giving our team too much credit. Here is a Gator pessimist’s view…

    Offense – Slight Advantage FSU… Ponder is better than JB. JB is accurate <12 yds and only when the ball doesn’t get batted down at the LOS or he cradles it for a sack (avg 3/game). A telling stat about his lack of productivity is that the only possessions we didn’t score on against lowly D2 App St. was when Brantley was running the offense. Almost all of Brantley’s long-balls have been underthrown… the prettiest pass of the year was thrown by Reed which consequently is Deonte’s only TD catch of the year. Wrt drops, we have had plenty this year as well. If we have to depend on JB to win, we are in deep S***. Plus, our OL may be deep but they have been a weakness this year not a strength. I would give us the advantage if someone else was calling the plays.

    Coaching – Slight Advantage FSU… I think we would be more evenly matched up if Jeff Bowden was still your OC. The players have to make the plays but Addazio can still lose it for us. I don’t know anything about your DC but ours has not filled Strong’s shoes at all and it is reflected on the field. Jimbo has something to prove and can move out of the Bowden shadow and into the light with a win. Meyer has looked lost and empty this year… no fire, not the leader he has been in the past. His loyalty to Addazio and Brantley has hurt us this year as well.

    Defense – Advantage FSU…. DL for FSU is better than ours. Our LB’s are fast but don’t attack, they wait for the play to develop after 4-6 yds. Our secondary has made a lot of big plays this year but has also given up big plays plus they can never find the TE. When you have a safety leading the team in tackles, it’s not a good sign. Even App St. gained yards and converted 3rd downs on us.

    Special Teams – Even. Hopefully this game won’t come down to a FG. We have the punting advantage (more 3 and outs this year have finally given Chaz a chance at the Ray Guy trophy…YES!). Chaz is decent inside 40 yds. Noles kicker missed a couple FG’s last game but is supposedly better than that. Return game could be dangerous for both sides.

    Penalties – Even. Both teams seem to attract players that like to make bonehead mistakes and are usually near the top in their respective conferences in number of penalties and yards.

    Summary – We will need to keep the aggressive Nole defense off balance by using the pass to set up the run with an option QB (Reed). If we win the rushing battle we will win the game but only if the TO margin isn’t lopsided. Games are won or lost in the trenches and the play of the OL’s will dictate the outcome. Both teams have defenses that use the bend-don’t-break philosophy and have offenses that like to implode so expect a bunch of yards and few points. It is going to be a close one.

  27. Carolina Gator:
    I apologize for my insults and will stop. I’ve learned that the Gators on here are serious football followers. It’s just tough going to Florida State and seeing Gator fans on campus—yes, FSU students who root for the Gators—cram the smack talk down your throat. Perhaps I just generalized Gator Nation. I apologize.

    I’m employing your method right now—I’m typing on Word. Okay, I can’t remember the games that far back, as I really became a fan during the Thad Busby reign and just graduated in 2008—I’m 23 years old—but I just think our linebackers and linemen can hang with most everyone’s run game. I agree that our D-line’s numbers have been inflated from playing Boise State competition, but that D-line is a pretty wily bunch. They have speed and some of them are quite muscular. But just go look at what Oklahoma did to our secondary—just carved it up with ease. I haven’t watched all of Florida’s games this year, but from what I’ve seen, Brantley slings it like Favre back there (without, of course, throwing seven interceptions every game). If your receivers can run good patterns and get open, there is no way our inexperienced backs can disrupt Brantley’s pass game.

    But I can tell you’re sticking to your belief in a strong running game, so I’ll drop my input here.

    Either way, it’s rivalry week and I’m pumped.

    Jack (brother of Jaqueline)

  28. Jack – When you say “Brantley’s Pass Game” I have to chuckle. When you only have two games of over 200 yds, you don’t have a pass game. If we played to his strengths like we were supposed to… he may have had a chance to develop. But as it stands… we are inept in the pass game.

    Regarding Boise St and TCU, they both look pretty solid albeit against weaker teams. I look forward to both of them playing in a BCS bowl against real competition to see what they can do.

  29. Quoted from Jack, bracketed text added: “I haven’t watched all of Florida’s games this year, but from what I’ve seen, Brantley slings it like Favre back there [Unfortunately, not even close. If that were the case, no one would be calling for Reed to start.] (without, of course, throwing seven interceptions every game). If your receivers can run good patterns and get open [I haven’t seen many open receivers this year. If, by chance, it does happen, Brantley does not see the open man], there is no way our inexperienced backs can disrupt Brantley’s pass game [I’m afraid almost anyone can disrupt Brantley’s game].”

    If Brantley takes all of the snaps, I would be surprised if UF scores a touchdown.

  30. Jack until Boise or TCU joins a AQ conference I have zero respect. Brantley does sling it like Farve and unfortunately he slings it to other teams DBs just like Farve. Urban doesn’t want to start Reed because Brantleys family has too much pull at Florida. We are a spread option team and a pro style QB can’t run our offense. The team that runs the ball the best will win but with Brantley in the game we can’t run. We all know Dumbazzio loves his dive plays and FSU will eat that up with Brantley back there. Reed has to play over half the game for us to come out on top.

  31. I have yet to read any of these comments – I scrolled straight down to comment myself after reading this article (I haven’t watched Urban’s news conference yet, either).
    WTF! I can’t believe UM wouldn’t be aware of such a significant and telling statistic!!!
    “I guess we have to get SOME duel-threat quarterback in there.” Golly Gee, Wally, wherever will “WE” find one of those?!?
    “I think THAT threat is real, especially the quality players THEY are and the threat THEY give YOU. IT’S INTERESTING.”
    OM(EXPLETIVE!)G!!!!! What the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS is going on here?!?!?!? Is this quote completely missing context, or did Meyer actually sound like a visiting scout sizing up the competition, with all his third person references!!!!!!!
    I have to stop right now and go watch the video of his presser – for context – and then read the comments to see if I’m imagining things!!!

  32. Well, I watched the 2:58 video clip of Meyer’s presser, but it didn’t include any of the quotes or references Robbie Andreu addressed in the above article.
    I was hoping for some relevant comments here so as to glean some insight into the context of Meyer’s quoted statements, but surprisingly only one actually references Robbie’s article, and even it didn’t address Meyer’s curious (to say the least) statements.
    Doesn’t anybody else find it the least bit “concerning” that Urban expressed ignorance to such a significant statistic that should have been obvious considering the Gators plight?!?
    And what about his alleged quotes? His responses? In them he states the obvious – what we’ve all been decrying for weeks and months – but in a seemingly stoic manner reminiscent of the Stepford wives!
    I’m concerned about Meyer! Not just about where his head’s at, but his heart too!
    I said it before, and I say it again, Meyer returned from his “retirement” last December in body, but in spirit?… seemingly, not so much!
    I believe something’s afoot! I’m smelling something, and I hope it’s not (mixed metaphor alert) a writing on the wall.
    Tell me I’m making much ado about nothing! Tell me I’m just paranoid!
    I WANT to be wrong here, folks, but the fact that a reporter recently asked Meyer point blank if he was returning next year was STUNNING to me!! Perhaps telling (regardless of Meyer’s answer)! Perhaps prescient.

  33. @Jack —
    Love the “Threebow” term! I haven’t heard it before now. Did you coin it? Kudos if you did!
    PS: I’ll throw you another “bone,” lay at your feet another “hatchet” (this time a serious one): as great and revered as Spurrier was, still, Bowden owned HIM! Look it up. In fact, Spurrier NEVER even won in Tally. [FYI; free of charge].

  34. Quickendedspirit you aren’t paranoid Meyer isn’t the same coach. It may be the medicine or he just doesn’t care anymore. To be the head coach and not no your own keys to success is startling. Something is going on I just hope Foley has Peterson(boise st H.C) on speed dail.

  35. I wouldn’t be too quick in analyzing the details of what the coaching staff shares with the media. That isn’t what is really going on inside the program. A lot of the changes that seem obvious to us take time to implement in reality. The off season will be telling. I am interested to see how the ACC-SEC matchups shake out this weekend. The ACC hasn’t fared well in the recent past. The reason has been play at the line of scrimmage – the SEC has been dominant on the ground. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues.

  36. Jack,

    Thanks for the apology and your new point of view. A small number of over zealous fans exist in all areas of sports, and Gator Nation is no exception. We have our own knuckle heads that most of us wish would wise up. Hang in there my friend.

  37. I think it is clear that a dual threat QB is pivotal to this offense. John Brantley is a talented QB who is not made for the Gator offense. Yes they made great changes to accommodate Chris Leak. But why do that now? Jordan Reed is that dual threat. It seems that they should use the FSU game and the Popcorn Bowl to develop him with significant snaps. Winning the FSU game is still job one. But Reed in a more pronounced role can serve that end and the “start” to 2011.

  38. Jack,
    I have to admit I did not like your comments at the beginning, but I am glad to see that you have come around and change your attitude by keeping the insults to a minimum and the tone on how you write really reflects one of an educated man, so I commend you for that. Gator nation welcomes you to write your comments as long as we keep it cool man, football isn’t everything but we all love and support our schools one way or another. We could still give each other a jab as long as it sounds funny and not offensive, I think most people enjoys that!
    GO GATORS!!!

  39. @Jack
    Well, I guess we are even on the receivers, our can’t seem to catch a cold on some days. Frankie Hammond has good hands, but does not see the field much. Others, with hands of stone, do play. Alas, I cannot figure it out. I guess that is why Addazio makes so much danged money and I’m just a fan! My point is really this: We are vulnerable to play action pass in this way, our D-line is underwhelming, the line backers sugar up to help them, so our safeties have to do more tackling on runs plays than they should. I see a mismatch in our secondary Ponder, who I respect greatly, will exploit. I fear your mediocre receivers (by your assessment, not mine) will be so open, they will be easy, in stride catches. By the way, I also think FSU is better coached at most positions than the Gators right now. I await the moves in the off season. AMG!

  40. I think it is clear that a dual threat QB is pivotal to this offense. John Brantley is a talented QB who is not made for the Gator offense. Yes they made great changes to accommodate Chris Leak. But why do that now? Jordan Reed is that dual threat. It seems that they should use the FSU game and the Popcorn Bowl to develop him with significant snaps. Winning the FSU game is still job one. But Reed in a more pronounced role can serve that end and the “start” to 2011.