Appalachian State prediction time


I know, I know. I need to stop making predictions because I can’t seem to get anything right these days. I’m on a losing streak — just like the Gators are on a losing streak in The Swamp. It’s hard to explain, hard to figure out, but this is where it’s at.

Thankfully, the season is almost over and I’m down to just a few more picks. I would like to think that this one is a no-brainer, but with this Florida team you never know what you’re going to get. Is the offense going to stink again? Or is this one of those games where they go up-tempo, rotate the three quarterbacks in and out, and go up and down the field, scoring a bunch of points?

I have a feeling the latter is going to happen. Certainly, the offense can’t play any worse than it did last week. Watching the Gators try to get first downs against the South Carolina defense really reminded me of that inept Florida offense of 1979, the 0-10-1 year. Too many times this season, the 2010 offense has been scarily familiar to that inept ’79 offense. It’s impossible to explain, because the 2010 offense has a ton of speed and talent, whereas that ’79 group of pretty much void of both.

The offense certainly has been getting most of the blame for this disappointing four-loss season. But I’ve been saying since early in the season that this Florida defense isn’t much better, and I think we’re seeing that now. The Gators got pushed all over the field by a USC offense that really isn’t anywhere near as potent as it looked the other night. This team can’t make plays on third down, and can’t seem to get opposing offenses off the field. It’s contributed to the low number of plays the UF offense has run in several games this season.

Really, this humbling season has been a total team effort. The sad thing is, I don’t see too much changing here in the last two games. The Gators should be OK against FCS power Appalachian State. The Mountaineers are a very good team, very complete, and very well-coached. But the Gators have too much speed and talent and should pull away at some point (maybe not until the fourth quarter). The following week, that’s going to be a tough one. I see the offense going back into meltdown mode in Tallahassee. But we’ll hold off on that game until next week.

Prediction No. 1: Meyer is going to make some serious changes on his coaching staff after the season (no brainer, right?).

Prediction No. 2: Florida 28, Appalachian State 17.


  1. Robbie you absolutely nailed the state of this year’s offense. I was on campus during that 79 football season. What a nightmare that was. Larry Ochab at Q-B right? And frightfully this year the offense has slipped about that low. No punch and question marks at either the play called or maybe it’s the execution of the play. Execution may be appropriate because they look dead out there. I would have never thought twice in the recent decade about a team like Applachian State, especailly at home. But this one…. it scares me.

    Too many changes in the off season put this team behind the eight ball. Lots of talent to the NFL. Coaching overhaul, but most importantly a missing leadership presence by the head coach that has been in every other year able to pull things together in the past. Maybe that’s not the case but from afar it looks that way. Urban definitely deserved the break and is absolutely a great coach. That only means he’s got some tough decisions to make in this off season. Who calls the plays, who runs the offense at QB, and will they be able to make the right kind of tuneups to get the offense in gear so that the defense can catch a breath now and then during a game. I believing that they can. I”m looking forward to seeing what Urban can do!!

  2. Robbie, thanks for your insights. We’re all puzzled and I’m certain Urban Meyer is, too. Maybe he put too much on Steve Adazzio’s shoulders. Maybe the coaches tried to incorporate too many looks and philosophies back in the spring and August practices and the offense just never found the mark. The defense lost a ton of talented guys, high achievers, so perhaps we shouldn’t be all that surprised. But the ragged play on special teams is telling, symptomatic of the breakdown in the program for this year. Frankly, I think staff changes have to come for the sake of credibility and what our coach calls “accountability”. And hopefully this is a one-year dip. I say Gators 28 – Appie State 21 with Florida thankful to get the win.

  3. Robbie, I am going to join you in predicting a Gator victory Saturday against Appalachian State. This way, if things do go badly, misery will have company. Concerning this year, even if hindsight is 20-20, what can you actually see in a void? Like you, I am hoping for changes after regular season play concludes in November.

  4. The one thing I could always say about a Meyer team, even when he was at Bowling Green and Utah was “Man, that is a well coached team out there”. I don’t know what has changed, but this season, I can’t say that. In fact, looking back at last season, that team would have been a 3 or 4 loss team without Tebow’s ability to make plays when they weren’t there to make. Offensive cohesiveness and offensive line play just have not been there the last two seasons. Hmmm…….there is a pattern here. Defensively, ever since the LSU game, this team has struggled on defense. Florida defenses have always been able to shut the run down in past years (except 2007). We have too much talent (supposedly) on the front 7 to play like they have played. When your 5’10, 180 pound safety is making all the tackles, you have a problem.

  5. Yet ANOTHER uneducated prediction by this clown–I’m already calling it. I can’t wait to see the outcome. Robbie must be watching my posts–at least he is admitting how big of a failure he is.

    UF 2 Appa. State 5


    You guys are so pathetic this year. It’s hilarious. If you thought Spurrier spanked that Gator tushy, you better get ready for the spanking Jimbo is going to distribute.

  6. What I find funny about you guys is that you are already prepared for the Seminole spanking. You know it doesn’t matter if EJ or Ponder is in there. It’s going to be brutal. Comfort yourself all you want with writing this off as a bad year, but this is just the beginning of things. Urban is gone in two years, and there goes your program. Post-Tebow Gainesville is looking sad.

    We are going to toss your program around like the game doesn’t even matter–which will be true, as you won’t be ranked and we’ll be heading to the ACC championship.

    Gator Nation = sad, sad people

    John Brantley for Heisman! Tim Tebow for MVP of the National Football League!

  7. Please get that idiot Seminole fan off the comment column!! I would keep my mouth shut if I was him because FSU has lost 6 straight games to us and it might have been 7 straight if not for the bad referees that nite. This offense is as a bad as the 1979 team. I sure hope we get a new offensive scheme next year and I think we should give Urban Meyer a couple of more years to see if he can get us to winning a least 10 wins on average!! The Gators will win 31-17 for the seniors on their day!!

  8. Jack, correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we owned you for the last five yrs? Now that we are a below average team you’re going to beat your chest about beating us and going to the ACC title game. Isn’t winning the ACC kind of like being the smartest kid with Downs syndrome? How can fans take pride in beating a team who is clearly terrible? Man, it must suck to be an FSU fan right now if you’re jazzed about beating a sorry team like that Gators. I’m actually kind of hoping FSU beats us. Anything to get Addazio out. THE VOID IS ADDAZIO! Wonder why the kids have no energy or excitement? Would any of you guys be pumped to be on this team right now? When the guy calling the play continually takes the ball out of his playmaker’s hands, and puts them in the hands of someone who hasn’t been benched because his name is Brantley. He’s like an anti-production god. Immobile QB lets run the option. Speed to burn on the edges, lets call another dive. WR’s like Moore, Debose, Hammonds and Hines making plays happen every time they touch the ball. Keep giving it to Moody and Brickhands Thompson. The perfect QB to run this offense, lets keep him a TE, and not only that lets never really throw to him, but even better, lets not get him any reps as a QB. After all Brantley is made of steel and would never get hurt. What was the game plan if Brantley got injured? All I can say about the coaching throughout the preseason and regular season is wow. Wish I could get paid six figures to absolutely suck at my job. Addazio is a bust, Brantley is a bust, and this yr is a bust. What kind of practices are happening if he’s constantly having a “great week at practice”, newsflash Stevie, it’s not hard to throw accurate if you have a no contact jersey on. But on a more positive note, if Dumbazzio wants to remain a coordinator, let him team up with Austin. With Addazio’s masterful job at sopping our offense all yr with the talent we have, he would be a monster at the DC coaching slot.

  9. @Jack —
    YOUR prediction does not seem particularly “educated,” but since you present yourself as such, I’ll assume you know what a Thesaurus is. Please find some new adjectives to use, because “spanking (et al)” and “tushy” make you sound like a sick pervert.

  10. With the exception of the MSU game, UF has won this year where there is clear talent difference. UF can win the final two games and should even though it continues to limit itself inexplicably. Fortunately, FSU isn’t really a very good team and Tallahassee is a much friendlier place to play than it used to be. If we can get the effort from the Seniors and Juniors we saw in the UGA game I like our chances.

  11. Crazy season. Unfortunately, I have little faith Robbie is right on both predictions. We better be ready for Appy State. They are in it to win it, just ask Michigan. (I hope he is right about #1 AMG!)

  12. Meyer is “puzzled”? I seriously doubt it. Meyer’s own concern is how is he going to tell his best friend Steve Addazio that he can’t continue doing damage control to the press and has to replace him as OC after this sseason is over? As for many new “looks”, they never happened. This offense has remained a “dive-play first” offense, wasting up to 15 plays a game at times on a worthless, drive killing play that 85% of the time this year, never works. I think we beat Appy State with pure speed, size, and talent, probably by 14 points, but as much as I’m a fan of John Brantley’s, it’s time to hand the O over the Jordan Reed completely the rest of the season if Meyer and Addazio are intent on running the spread/option. I know that may not sound fair, but Brantley is a team player and he would understand IMO. We have to win out our next two games and try to financially salvage this season with a decent mid-level bowl as well as win some recruiting battle with ouyrin-state rivals with a win over FSU. Egos and personal friendships need to take a backseat starting this week, but unfortunately, Branltey will end up alone in the backfield and end up a tackling dummy as the Ol steps aside and allows heavy pressure on him whenever he is in a passing down. Addazio’s offensive startegy has been to autograph every play he’s going to run and then watch the opposing defense smear Brantley or stuff the play. UF 31 – 17 over Appy State tomorrow.

  13. SEFFNER, and you want to know what it’s like to live with nolies all year round? I live up here near Tally, and JACK is the perfect example of how about 75% of their fans behave all year long, especially towards Gator fans. This guy JACK, he’s just a troll baiting for attention. Don’t give it to him. He wants to disrupt these boards to feel empowered and important. Notice how he usually vanishes for a week whenvere FSU loses? He’s not even a real fan, just a flame-baiter out to create conflict and then thrive in it when someone gives it to him.

  14. From a Happy Appy fan:

    – Key goals are to collect the $$ and get out of the Swamp
    with no major injuries. ASU has a good chance to win another
    I-AA championship play-off if our key players stay healthy.
    Beating Florida would be great, not like beating #5 Michigan
    in the Big House a few years ago, but up there. The
    Big Prize, though, is another I-AA (FCS) title.

    – The Apps are a proud, well coached and quick team with at
    least a dozen players that would have done well at the I-A
    level, but I-AA teams are allowed twenty less scholarships
    so depth becomes an issue, especially late in games.
    Hope the Gators are distracted by looking past us
    to FSU. Go Apps!!

    (After beating Michigan, the ASU coaching staff gave
    kudos to Urban Meyer and his staff for allowing us come down
    to Gainesville that preseason and study Florida’s program)

  15. Gator Fans!!Urban Meyer is the best coach in America! If I recall we just went through back to back 13-1 Seasons…The team Graduated and went to the NFL!!!!!! This is the second string! They need a year to mature!!! Lets see Texas was 13-0 last year and they are 4-6 this year!…Bama will lose 3 this year!!!
    All you people screaming at Addazio…He was OC last year at 13-1!!!and with better stats than the 08 team under Mullen!
    Until any of you idiots actually looks at the numbers and coaches for about 10 years you are making yourselves look like fools…
    You dont think Urban Meyer is going a little crazy with this young team?
    Lets fill the stands and cheer for the Seniors that have given us such a great ride!…or u can sit in some bar somewhere and make idiotic statements since you invest no money or time to actually have season tickets like we do!!!
    You can be a Cane or a Seminole and go to half empty stadiums of you want to pick a new team just because we have to take a year to reload! Grow up!
    Whoever you are you are not Gators!
    Go gators.
    Bob in Jupiter, Florida….
    Season Ticket holder, Gator booster and Alum who does blead or ange and blue!

  16. Hey guys, I know how one team performs against a common opponent isn’t much to hang one’s hat on, but it is interesting. ASU and South Carolina both played Furman this year and Furman was on the road both times. Furman put up 19 points on USC and UF put up 14. Furman had 325 yards of offense against USC and UF had 226. ASU beat Furman pretty handily 37-26 in Boone a few weeks ago. ASU put up 363 yards on Furman. Granted, we probably loose tomorrow, but if you guys stumble just a little, watch out!

  17. Losing to Appy State is the football version of jumping the shark, just ask Michigan. No one stays on top forever. Look at Stoops and Oklahoma or Carroll and USC, even Mack Brown had a couple of good years at Texas. Then the moment passes, the stars don’t align, it is someone else’s turn to run between the raindrops. The Magic is gone.

    Winning is everything but everything is not about winning. Football can just be about great coaching, great talent, and great effort, sometimes against a better team or a bad break.

    Meyer was on an amazing run. No wonder he crashed and burned. There is life after being bigger than life. He will enjoy it.

    You can’t lose Strong and Mullen and actually replace them. It’s their turn now. No, Addazio won’t get one.

  18. Meyer discusses how great the 2007 recruiting class was. thought 2008 and 2009 were supposed to be top 5. As was Texas. guess what? Somebody spoke with forked tongue based on 2010 results and maybe more to come this week and at F.S.U. Could they really lose to A.S.? Ask Michigan

  19. Robbie, I agree with both of your predictions. I hope that Urban goes back to the three-headed monster, hurry-up scheme and gives us Gator fans two great shows. And as a consolation prize, lets Addazzio have it back for whatever bowl game the Gators get picked for.
    @Jack: I am going to be LMFAO when your ‘Noles get trucked. I cant wait to read all of your childish tirrades leading up to your annual butt kicking.
    @drew: I am a proud father of a down’s child. While I am sure you meant no harm (at least to all the down’s preople in the world), please use more tasteful banter when slamming our good budy Jack. Thanks.

  20. Didn’t I read somewhere that Appalachian State beat Michigan recently? They are for real and 7-1 this year. This is no gimmee game even for a no loss team. Let’s play hard, have fun and win!
    Let’s also use this experience to refine the up tempo, three headed monster.
    Too bad there won’t be a full house at Doak Campbell this year.
    It’s that time of year again for another wuppin behind the shed for the Noles.
    Lakeland GatorNaught

  21. I would just be happy with a win at this point! I would like to see Reed play the whole game at QB to see what he can really do. Get Burton in some wildcat, and see Mack Brown run a little. Put DeBose in the slot and rotate with Rainey. If Demps can play, even better. I would also like to see some of our FR WR’s get some time. Dunkley, Alli and Dunbar. Let ’em loose with Hammond, Hines, and Thompson. Just lay it all out and see what we got!!! GO CRAZY!!!!!

  22. It’s really pretty simple Urban needs to get off his health scare and coach again. He delegated everything and is a toothless tiger. Who do you think SOS was poking fun at when asked if being OC and head coach was to much work ? He replied “I don’t know what all these coaches do to earn their keep who just stand around all week.”

  23. Bob, we went 13-1 last yr because we had Tebow, Hernandez, Spikes, and Haden. For someone to still be defending him is beyond me. In the two yrs we have had him at OC, our offense has dwindled. With the talent we have this yr there is no way in hell that with someone who knows how to run an offense should we only manage 67 yards through three quarters in the biggest game of the yr. I’m not sure what Gator team you’re looking at, but when it’s got to the point that TV announcers are calling the plays, it’s time for a change. The ability to adapt a game plan before and during is a quality Addazio doens’t posses. We need a fresh mind to take over. Addazio is running this team into the ground. Yes, Meyer is to blame as well for not doing somehting earlier. I think something will happen in between the the FSU and bowl game (if we make one), and we’ll see how next yr starts. This yr is a total wash due in large part to Addazio’s inability to come up with more than 4 plays in any given game. HE FU**ING SUCKS. Look at his stats when he was at IU. Bottom third of just about every offensive category. Same thing here. Never have I seen someone do less with more than ole Dumbassio. PLEASE STEVE DO US ALL A FAVOR AND STEP DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  24. I said it at the beginning of the season and I’ll say it again. The offensive line is really really bad! it keeps them from being able to do anything. Last i checked this is Addazio’ main responsibility. regardless of how bad the line is— with all the talent on the field that they have (doesn’t matter if they are young) to not be able to put it together is completly and utterly the fault of the OC. Oh i forgot the line is hte strength of the team….. for them to think that is why we are in this mess. As to why Meyer cant figure it out…. lets not forget that essentially every assistant coach has left. Meyer absolutely has to get rid of addazio and look for some talent on the d line or his legend will go up in flames very soon.

  25. What I would like to know is who thought it would be a good idea to resort back to an offense, pre three headed monster, against the best team in the East and expect anything more than what happened? The offense has been pathetic since “Addazio What he is doing” took over. Tebow, Cooper and Hernandez got the wins with it last year. Everything wrong with the team the last two years is his responsibilities. I honestly thing that Meyer and/or the receivers coach where calling the plays against UGA and Vandy. Then Meyer gave SA a chance to redeem himself against SC….IMO>

  26. BOB BERTO, we lost a lot of talent to the NFL from last year, but there is still two #1 recruiting classes presently on our roster, with another #3 class and top 5 class tossed in. This isn’t about youth Game #10 into the season, it’s about poor coaching, and we are one QUALIFIED offenisve coordinator short of what should presently be about a 9 – 1 season with a top 5 ranking.

  27. ALC, if we really want to be beat FSU, we need to do what we’ve done the past several seasons… just win or dominate time of possession. FSU’s secondary is a sieve, and their run-defense is average. Their pass rush looks great against one-dimensional offenses and lesser ACC opponents, but overall, if our offense can consistently generate first downs and sustain some long drives and actually score some TD’s, our D will not be on the field the entire time getting gassed. I’m not really scared of FSU’s offense if our offense is winning the TOP battle every quarter.

  28. For a team with this much talent to fail so miserably is a disgrace to the uniform they wear. But in College you don’t put the blame on the players. It’s the coaching. I think everyone agrees on that…I hate to say it but if Spurrier had this talent at SC he may not have lost a game and Brantley would be in the running for the big trophy. I believe that Meyer is in shell shock from the loss of Tebow.

  29. todd, have you watched the gators this yr? what makes you think we would be able to control the clock with first downs? we had what, two first downs in the first half vs sc. we haven’t shown we can sustain drives against even average defenses. our O sucks a fat one.if your pinning your hopes for a win based on clock control, you’re setting yourself up for a major disappointment.

  30. Watched a replay of the Appalchian State-Michigan game on cable. Michigan scored with and went ahead with 40 seconds left in the game. Appy State didn’t show, “Oh well, they’re supposed to beat us, they’re Michigan,” and give up. No, they drove down the field for the winning score. That shows a lot of heart. The Gators have the heart in them, the coaches need to make effort, results display the talent. Start Brantley at QB and it’s Appy State’s win, start Reed and it’s Florida’s win 38-14. Remember who can run all those Tebow style dive plays, and be that multi-talented threat…Reed.

  31. I also wonder what all this junior senior – freshman conflict has done to the team this year. Resentment by players have been in the program for 3+ years and are passed over to get freshman on the field? How many of these “older” guys were 3, 4, & 5 star players coming out of high school, so what up with them? That has to cause some problems. If there is that conflict playing as a team could be hard. Still say if Reed plays quarterback the Gators win. At least play him some and compare rush/pass stats of all three qbs.

  32. DREW, did I watch the games? Probably a hole lot more than you. I watch the replays, and I break down critical moments in the game and like to know what really happened. I said that we would HAVE to win the TOP battle to have success and win that game. Personally, I think FSU will be smelling the blood in the water when UF comes to town, but in reality, they’re not really that much better than Appy St. IMO. I want to watch this game tomorrow and see the comparisons myself, and I want toi watch how well FSU plays on the road at night, in the cold, against a 7 – 2 Maryland team, without their #1 WR and Ponder playing with a sore elbow.

  33. I think Florida wins big vs both App State and Florida State. One thing people are overlooking is that the offense struggles with upper level SEC teams. 4 losses against teams that are simple just better all around teams. The offense is always struggling but it really comes out in games against the better teams.

    Florida State will not beat Florida people. They are a mid level ACC team at best. The best in the ACC is about the equal to Kentucky in the SEC.

  34. @Jack —
    Well, it’s been more than 24 hours since my observation of, and test FOR, you.
    Have you not been back since your posts on this page? I would surmise that you have; you’re the type that likes attention.
    Perhaps I struck a chord? A little too close for comfort?
    I gave you an opportunity to prove yourself – that is, YOUR basic edumacation and observation skills, but all I hear are crickets.
    I threw you a bone (don’t get excited, perv!) and you missed it!
    I laid a HATCHET at your feet – and nothing?!?
    I figured as much.
    Look again!
    I’ll give you a little more time before I expose you (relax, perv, this is not a TSA screening!).
    PS: At the risk of elevating you from the level of clueless, I’ll give you one anyway: how much do you recall from English class?
    There you have it. GO!

  35. Todd gets the award for “Delusional Gator of the year.” That’s quite a fairy tale he’s scribbling down. FSU’s defense is not great, but Ponder is going to finish with a strong performance. Backwater Brantley is going to get humiliated at Doak, but that won’t be a big deal, as he’s been humiliating himself all year. Also, we’ll steal the rest of your recruits after the game is over. Yeah, welcome to Jimbo Fisher. John James Fisher. The best recruiter in the biz since Bobby Bowden. Florida State is back to dominating the trail, and it didn’t even take that long. The city, the campus, the field, the capital, the girls, the coaches, the professors…the spear….. Renegade……Jimbo Fisher is creating an atmosphere of bliss over here. The mommas love him and the kids want to play for him. Why? BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY, BABY!

    Enjoy your collapse. It was in the pipeline last year. It’s here now.

    Gameday prediction: Florida 2 App. State 5 (The quarterback for Appalachian State will trip in the endzone in the fourth quarter, thus giving the Gator defense a safety that they can celebrate and brag about for weeks to come.)

  36. Oh, and btw Jack, while we’re talking “delusional”… it’s pretty delusional for someone to visit a site of their rivals’ and behave the way you have, and think you look cool doing it. Think about that when mommy and daddy discover you’ve found out how to defeat the child block on their computer.

  37. 2009, Steve Addazio

    Sorry, Meyer, but gaining 375 yards of total offense against Vanderbilt (2-8, 0-6), while giving up four sacks and scoring just two touchdowns in four red zone trips is “ho-hum.” The Gators also didn’t sack Vanderbilt quarterback Mackenzi Adams, and committed nine penalties for 68 yards, compared to two penalties for 15 yards for Vandy.

    …These are the mighty Gators, ranked No. 1 in every poll and destined for a showdown with Alabama next month in the SEC Championship Game. Last year, they jumped out 35-0 on Vandy. There really isn’t much of an excuse for struggling on offense this time around, other than accepting one simple fact – the Gators, with first-year offensive coordinator Steve Addazio, simply aren’t as explosive as in previous years.

    “We’re still lacking the big-play production we need on offense,” said Meyer

    by Ben Volin

    Is everyone forgetting the pressure Tebow faced in almost every game? Flaws are fully exposed, it is now up to coach Meyer.

  38. Meyer has already come out and said that Addazio’s job was safe. And Addazio has been interviewed and quoted saying he is absolutely coming back next season. Don’t expect a coaching change, expect more of the same next year, because that is the only thing that will convince Meyer that something needs to change. And by change I mean go. And by “thing” I mean the flaming bag of crap that calls itself Steve Addazio (and Brantley too).
    If you need other sports news covering the gators, feel free to visit Now covering basketball! There is a weekly podcast after each game.

  39. Jack you are a real funny gal, I just want to say I hope you guys win because I hate Dumbazzio. If FSU doesn’t beat Florida this year you never will. Hey Jack you should move to Gainesville and put all us Gators in our place.

  40. @Jack —
    Okay Einstein, a Thesaurus is not a book of adjectives, per se, though it contains them; it’s a reference for synonyms! Neither are “spanking” and “tushy” adjectives; they’re nouns. You missed it, Sherlock!
    Now, do yourself a favor, and stop bringing shame to your name. It’s already the most “versatile” name in the English language!
    Utilize your edumacation and look up some less incriminating synonyms, because when you use terms & phrases, especially in close proximity, like (ref.: 3 posts) spanking, spanked, tushy, personal prison mistress, clowns, babies, great ride, brutal, comfort, and excited ‘Nole, it betrays a deep-seated, sick, perverse soul!
    Hope that helps.

  41. once again, and this time with feeling….. the blue and orange nation is pathetc….. you guys are the laughing stock of every other state that is not florida….. tebow is not coming back…. neither is Zook…. nobody wants to tag along on your embaressing slide into the SEC basement. The whole world thinks it is hilarious that Spurrier clinched his first SEC east crown on your home turf…. you guys are so embarressing.

  42. ATL GATOR, wishing we’d lose to FSu you might as well wish we lost to everyone we played. C’mon man, real gators don’t do that. I know Addazio is frustrating, but lets stick behind the players at least. As for Jack, you don’t honestly believe this is an FSU fan who actually puts his time and money into supporting that team do you? Most likely he doesn’t own season tickets, he doesn’t attend games, nor does he donate money to that program.

  43. This is the kind of game Addazzio excels, against a Div IAA team using 5 stars players. Here is were Addazio’s High School’s dive plays are effective, when used against overmatched thiner players and not in the SEC. Pathetic!!!
    Addazzio, due yourself and all Gator fans, LEAVE GAINESVILLE!!!

  44. Todd I bleed orange and blue don’t call out my fan hood because I want Addazio gone BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. If that takes a lost now and championships later then so be it. We lost to Miss St. Did you know that? Addazio has to go now! The players don’t even play for him they only showed up because of senior day that’s it. You can sit in fantasy land but me and the rest of the Gator Nation will pray for change and that only comes with losses!

  45. HHO, we didn’t use many dive plays today. A few, but not a whole lot. but really, we won, and there’s no reason to kill the high. Try to enjoy a victory today, and enjoy that WR’s coach Zach Azzanni was back in the offensive huddles with Meyer and Addazio today and moving the offense up and down the field.

  46. Lets also enjoy the fact that to win @ Maryland, FSU needed a bogus interception replay call to get a FG to go up by 7 over a below-average Maryland team. That call was the worst one I saw all season, and it was a replay call too. How do you give a pick to FSU when the video clearly shows the ball bouncing off the ground before the pick? That call totally overturned the field positon advantage for Maryland and gave FSU a gimme FG. But bring on the nolies I say. I’ve watched their offense struggle to score against their last four opponents, who were all average to bad.

  47. Your right Todd winning did feel good I just wish we could beat quality teams. Dumbazzio always has a good gameplan for sorry teams. Jack Jack Jack if we beat the Criminals it will be despite Dumbazzio, please keep visiting our forums. Hey everyone Jack is a Gator fan at heart! Why else spend all your time talkin to Gator fans. Damn shame how the refs cheated Maryland in front of millions of viewers.

  48. JACK: I actually predicted FSU to win 8 games this season. And btw, did that better record matter when FSU lost to those two unranked teams with lesser records? Did it matter when FSU nearly lost to a Boston College team with a losing record?

    UF’s four losses have been to ranked SEC teams with SEC caliber athletes and defenses. FSU’s losses have been a blow-out loss to the only remaining ranked team on their schedule and two average , unranked ACC teams, and three other close calls, not to mention last night where a horrible replay call turned the entire game around for FSU.

    It’ll be interesting to see who’s still hanging around here after the game next Saturday, because if FSU loses, I guarantee you’ll vanish without a word. 😉

    You’re flame-bait troll Jack, and you’re not even good at it. If you want to try and match wits with me over UF – FSU football, then demonstrate you can actually discuss it intelligently instead of embarrasing yourself with troll-bait.

    And just remember Jaqueline… the Gators own FSU. Always have, still do, and always will, and that will never change.

  49. Todd:

    I will come eat my crow if we lose. I’m not a fairweather bandwagon fan like you. I stick with my ‘Noles through everything. When I was a student I went to all the all the football games, most of the baseball games, and some of the basketball games. In fact, I’ll probably start seeing you at Doak in the near future, when you hop on board the Jimbo train.


  50. Ah, I’m a “fairweathered fan” now, eh? Anything to push that flame-bait, eh Jacueline? Still nothing from you but flame-bait, devoid of intelligence as usual. Seems I have struck a nerve. Guys like you who expend as much time as they do trolling rival fan sites aren’t season ticket holkders and never have been. You’re not invested in your program, you’re invested getting attention on the internet. If FSU loses, you’ll disappear. I mean honestly, do you believe anyone here will take the word of a troll? C-ya nole-troll.

  51. Jack is a sad, sad little boy that spends all this time on Gator blogs because he has no real friends and secretly hates himself. At night he wears jammies with feet and fantasizes about being sodomized by Albert during Gator halftime shows. Now run along little boy; your mommy has your PB&J’s with the crusts cut off all ready for din-din. She is secretly hoping, however, that tomorrow you’ll finally get a job and move out of the basement. It’s been ten years since you graduated from FSU and so far all that diploma’s gotten you is qualified for handicapped parking.

  52. Yes he is SCOTT. Notice how he won’t talk football, just flames? Notice his comeback. No defense. Probably a teenager using mommy and daddy’ computer. Dealt with that ilk as a moderator on different sites, and they;re all the same, All he wants to do is disrupt this site and feel empowered in doing so. I’ll wager he probably has many sites he visits under various aliases and does this every day in order to get his daily helping of bile. Just imagine the time this sad fellow invests in doing this every day. Truly sad.

  53. Why are you so obsessed with trolling this board and flaming the Gators Jack? Isn’t this attention what you wanted? Make up your mind son. Btw, we’re not on your nolie boards making a scene for attention, you’re on a GATOR board doing it. Can you actually talk football, or are you just full of playground flame-bait?