Addazio's job is safe


Reaffirming what Urban Meyer said on Monday, embattled Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio said Monday that he feels his job is secure.

“Absolutely,” Addazio said. “I think Coach (Meyer) addressed that, didn’t he?”

Addazio was then asked if he would like to come back as the offensive coordinator next season.

“Absolutely,” he said.

Despite all the rumors swirling around Addazio and his job security, it looks like, for now, there is no change in the works. That could change once the season is over and Meyer evaluates all of his assistants. But it sure doesn’t sound like Meyer has plans to demote Addazio, who also is the offensive line coach.

Other than a two-game stretch (Georgia and Vanderbilt) where the Gators were successful deploying a new no-huddle, fast-break offense, Addazio’s offense has had trouble putting first downs together, creating big plays and converting touchdown opportunities in the red zone. Addazio’s play-calling was booed several times in the loss to South Carolina on Saturday night. At least two columnists in the state said Addazio should be fired.

Addazio said the Gators had a good offensive game plan in place for the USC game, but it blew up thanks to some crucial early penalties and UF’s inability to convert first downs, which prevented the Gators from getting into their fast-break rhythm. As a result, junior John Brantley played most of the game at quarterback, effectively benching the Gators’ planned three-quarterback playing rotation.

“The most disappointing thing is we couldn’t get a plan going that we felt great about,” Addazio said. “We could never get it going (because we could not convert third downs). That’s it in a nutshell. In the second half we went to more of a throwing game.”

Addazio pointed out that the Florida offense ran only 19 plays in the first half. That’s what happens when an offense goes three-and-out most of the time. “You can’t get your tempo going,” Addazio said.

Addazio had one other interesting thing to say Tuesday, about star senior center Mike Pouncey.

“He’s at the pinnacle of his game right now and he projects to be a top-10 pick (in the NFL Draft). He’s playing lights out,” Addazio said.


  1. We have had NO offense since Mullen left, except for against nobodies. Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl was a great offensive show, but I’m pretty sure Addazio did not call plays for that one. Can anyone clear that up? Either way, he needs to go.

  2. I hate to be calling for anybody’s head, hate ragging on someone who is obviousy committed to the program, someone who held the team together during the spring…. BUT, the more video I watch of this guy the less I like him personally. His personality off the field is infinitely more aggressive than his personality on the field. The only thing worse than a mediocre talent is an aggressively mediocre talent. Please make him go away… please?

  3. So let me get this straight, two penalties ruined your entire offensive game plan? You had a great game plan but it didn’t work because you couldn’t get first downs and this ruined your rhythm? Are you kidding me? I’ve watched his interviews online (Addazio) and this man doesn’t have a clue. If he comes back as OC we are doomed!

  4. To paraphrase Princess Leah from Star Wars Episode IV, “The more you tighten your grip on the offensive coordinator job, Addazio, the more victories and Gator fans will slip through your fingers.”
    I am personally going to look away the rest of this season and hope for a change come January.

  5. If I had as much success in year 2 of my current job as Addazio has had the CEO would have had secutity had me clean out my desk & would have escorted me to the front door. He is not even a good oline coach without mentioning the OC debacle. The worst offense since the 79 season considering the talent. I love Urban but another year of this crap & he will go the way of the Zooker. Sad state of affairs.

  6. I by no means think I am qualified to outcoach almost any of the professional coaches on the staff for Coach Meyer. I do however think that Off. line coach, Asst. Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator is too much for anyone.

  7. Seems like a really great guy, history of putting O-linemen in the NFL, committed to UF it would appear. Nobody has ever questioned his character that I know of. But UF has faced rebuilding years plenty of times, and the talent is there except at place kicker. So what other problem could it be besides coaching?

    There are two things that make fans more forgiving when their team struggles: a technical explanation of what’s wrong and what the plan is to fix it, or noticable steady improvement week to week. Either way, it’s confidence in the future. But this team really hasn’t gotten better, and there’s been nothing except coachspeak to explain it.

    When a team is winning, coachspeak comes off as shrewd and sometimes humorous. It gives people the impression that valuable strategy is being guarded. But it’s the opposite when a team is struggling. People think you can’t answer questions because you don’t know the answer. This isn’t a good time for coachspeak.

    I really want him to stay… as the O-line coach. If Meyer wants to make it easy, make him an assistant head coach as well as O-line. Or if the problem is position coaching, make the changes there. But this clearly isn’t working. We knew it back in September, and nothing has really changed.

  8. Meyer may change his mind, or he may feel some pressure to change his mind about Addazio. Or, this could be the most precipitous tumble I’ve ever seen in a head coach. It’s as if the man, so recently atop the coaching pantheon, has crumbled. He seems to have lost his mojo.

  9. Two BCS NC’s earns Meyer years and years of “grace” but that does not include an obviously completely ineffective OC who hasn’t done a damn thing in his two years as OC. Bill Oliver, well known former DC at UA and AU, said on Finebaum’s program today that UF’s performance this year is so bad it re-emphasizes how truly great Tebow was. Of course, the inclusion of all those NFL draftees from that senior class is assumed.

    Meyer apparently is as hard-headed as Saban ever thought about being!

  10. Meyer is a f****** fool to bring this clown back. He is the worst OC in D1 football! Gator fans we can’t stand for this everyone join me in not going to another football game as long as Addazio is around. Meyer wants to be stupid let’s show him how quick Gators fans can turn on a man that’s doing everything he can to ruin our program! Please fans this is the only way our voice will be heard, STOP GOING TO GAMES!!!!!!!

  11. Brantley is playing poorly because he is getting too much pressure because the O-line is not protecting him well enough. Whose in charge of the O-line? Another reason is that even though Addazio had all summer to build a new offense around Brantley, he did not. He keeps trying to make Brantley be something he is not. Everyone knew from the beginning that Brantley is a pocket passer….they had all the time in the world to design a new program utilizing Brantley’s talents OR to make someone else their starting QB. It is a shame what they are doing to Brantley. Only an insane person keeps doing the exact same thing over and over and expects a different outcome. Time for Addazio to go.

  12. that last comment about Mike Pouncey shows Addazio has his head up his a$$ this year. So Mike Pouncey is going to get drafted HIGHER than his brother did? Seriously??? After this craptastic season when the offensive line is reason #1 why the offense can’t get a rhythm, Addazio still has his blinders on and thinks that someone on his line is draftable before the third round. Pouncey made a mistake coming back, being center hasn’t helped his stock at all, and is a FAR cry from being at the “pinnacle” of his game.

  13. Imagine Jordan Reed behind center, Debose in the slot, Hammonds out wide and Moore on the other end. Demps and Rainey and Gillislee splitting time and Hines playing Tight end on passing down situations. That’s one heck of an offense to stop with the RIGHT play calling. Urby cut out this Good Ole Boy stuff w/ Addazio and Brantley and get Florida football back where it belongs w/ all this talent!!! It saddens me to see us playing this way when w/ the talent we have there is no way we shouldn’t atleast be plainy for the SEC Crown. For the lame FSU fan…we are glad not to have James Wilder. Did you see what our guy Mike Blakely did to him on national television? with out your on and off QB Ponder you guys are nothing and good luck next year when he’s gone.GO GATORS Whip EM ALL!!!!

  14. Meyer is saying publically what he should be saying about his staff with 2 games left in the season. But when Addazio walks into Urban’s office and he says “Shut the Door” the speech had better be very different. If it’s not then it would be a shame if Foley has to step in. But Meyer is being paid handsomely for results, not for
    good intentions. That is what Foley needs to reinforce.
    As for not going to games???. Come on, be a Gator through thick and thin. I go to support the players and my school. If you don’t go please donate those tickets to the Boys club or something worthy. Every young man on that field deserves that.
    And Finebaum??? He was a Gator hater when his articles appeared in The Sun twenty-some years ago. Avoid him, he’s poison.
    P. S. Too bad Brian Schottenheimer already has a great OC gig.

  15. Addazio SOUNDS clueless, and LOOKS like a dear in headlights;
    a defensive one, at that (pardon the pun)!
    I kinda feel sorry for him though. Who knew such a sexy job – coaching a major college football power – would be SO difficult?!?
    I know he’s trying and means well. Maybe Urban could find a more suitable coaching niche for him (like, insert one-liners here, aay), but not OC, and for the love of G-d, man, keep him away from the OL!!!

  16. I am praying that Meyer will find exactly where we know this void it. The OC and DC. You want lights out, high tempo, and all players buying in. Well get some coaches that make good decisions and someone they will go all out for. These guys played differently for Charlie Strong! No Doubt. About Adazz, well Tebow was here last year. Still remember some bone headed call then too. If not for Tim it could have been a whole lot worse. Its painful to watch a team where an OC cannot recognize what he should do and to get the ball in the hands of the playmakers, as UM would put it. Its pretty sad when I can detect what Adazz is going to do. HMMMM Brantley in we’ll rush 5-6 and bring the blitz. Burton, OK 8 in the box and hope we can tackle. If you leave Brantley you gotta put him in an I once in a while for some play action and let some of our backs take the heat off. If not he gotta go to the bench. Hope it does not get any worse.

  17. Urban Meyer/Steve Addazio scenario reminds me of Bobby Bowden/Jeff Bowden scenario in which a program deteriorated for years while the HC was in denial about the problems. The words STUBBORN and ARROGANCE comes to mind. The AD and Booster’s had to step in to remove Jeff and it is likely the same scenario will have to occur here for change. It is very sad Addazio is so smug with his comments…Truly a “legend in his own mind”. Please make him go away. The UF Alumni, Gator Nation and Students deserve better than a bumbling, stumbling, mediocre excuse for an OC. While we are at it Teryl Austin and McCarney should be on a short leash as well. No excuse for coaching DE’s to pinch 3 times in a row and allow Lattimore to continuously cut back (breaking containment) for huge gains. What were they watching from the sideline. Unbelievable!!! Go Gators!!!

  18. This guy is killing the program with his dumbfounded play calling and his lack of speaking ability. To watch a press conference or an interview with him is frustrating. From his earlier in the year “There is nothing wrong with our blocking schemes”, “they all graded out as champions”, “there are no snap issues” to now with his defensive posture for every question he is asked. He needs to have a PR guy fix his holier than thou pressence. We had a number of big time recruits there this weekend and I can only imagine what they thought watching that train wreck. I have been a Gator since birth in 1968 and I can remember the 0-10-1 year and the constant “wait ’til next year” battle cry. I have lived through what most consider the worst of Gator Football years. Back then we didn’t have the roster we have now of 4 and 5 star recruits. If I was an offensive blue chip recruit, why would I wanna sign with UF and play in the Dazzlers “chinese fire drill” offense? Would any of you? Coach Meyer has erned my ttrust as the steward of our football program. Please fix this coach!

  19. I’m personally rooting for Appalchian State and FSU. It appears that the bottom has to completely fall out before Urban Meyer will admit that things are fundamentally wrong. I hope he’s just giving us “coach speak” until after the season but I’m afraid he means it when he says Addazio’s job is safe. I think Meyer is too nice of a guy to be effective when things are going backward. Spurrier would benchinng people, firing coaches, punting on 3rd down…anything to shake things up. Meyer, it seems, goes into a fetal position.

  20. Don’t know about that Al. Can’t root against our boys. Plus, Meyer is a great football coach as evidenced by his success. Having said that, if we go up to Tallahassee and display the same ineptitude and incompetence we did against S.C. – and then refuse to make mid-game adjustments – FSU is going to hang a dozen sacks and a loss on us anyway.

  21. I never like to jump on the back of the OC, never did it with mullen. But I have got to say, honestly he must go, or stick to coaching the o-line only. I beleive him to be way in over his head, and he says the most ascenine statements. His interview came off as a smarmy arrogant jerk.

  22. Totally agree with all posts here. For Addazio to blame a poor game plan on penalties is a copout. If third and one all of a sudden goes to 3rd and 6, then you don’t throw the same 1 yard screen you planned for third and 1. So. Car. was in the same position and guess what they did…..threw a 6 yard pass!! Hello, McFly!! I have been to FIVE games this year, FIVE, and bleed orange and blue. No more this year, and next year had better be different or I won’t go to any. Meyer himself said it, Gator Football is and has always been about big plays. Long runs, passes down the field, big play talent. We have that but not the plays to showcase it.

  23. I wonder why Steve never looks at anyone without rolling his eyes? Why does Steve tell the exact opposite of what occurred in the games? How can Steve say this is his best offensive line ever? How can he say Mike Pouncey plays lights out while I watch Mike miss block after block and stand around and watch people get smeared. I guess I nicked named Addazio moon-pie for a reason. He is a moon-pie with a terrible offensive line that can not block. Steve is a play caller with no imagination that the entire SEC knows his plays and formations. Excuse me except Georgia and Vanderbilt. A quarterback that is talented for pixie league ball and good players that are not utilized at all. Thanks moon-pie and Urban for a year full of head rubbing fun, sic.

  24. I like and trust Coach Meyer’s judgement; therefore, I firmly believe his current stance on the OC is to try to keep the team from imploding. However, sitting in the Swamp this past Saturday I came to the realization that none of Zook’s teams at UF were coached as poorly as this one, and we have the worst offense in Div. 1A (or whatever they call it today). I recommend we trust Jeremy Foley to weigh in on the coaching staff nonsense with Coach Meyer after the season in a private setting. Coach Meyer deserves a chance to fix it. Our OC is not the only guy who is under achieving. What about our QB, Receivers and Line backer Coaches? Plus Meyer needs to take back “total” control of the Special Teams.
    Go Gators!

  25. I am one of those blue and orange bleeders! Steve addazio, must go! The offense is lost, and this guy coaches the line too. Urban is gonna let this situation get so far out of hand we will start losing players and recruits! No one fears us anymore, and the rest of the east is on the rise! ADDAZIO HAS GOT TO GO!

  26. This year most of the football team and 100% of the coaching staff are playing the blame game, even thou they said they’re not into placing blame ” It’s the other teams scheme, it’s the other guy’s fault, it’s poor practice sessions. It’s not me ……. it’s the other guy who caused this train wreck. They just sent to many on the blitz for us to block, we didn’t expect it and we didn’t practice for it. Some players are not far enough along to be allowed to play, they don’t know the playbook yet …………… and on and on, etc.
    The problems will never get fixed until the real problems are acknowleded …. somebody take the blame and we’ll start from there. It might be painful, but what the hell.
    I’d take the blame if I thought it would do any good…. somebody needs to step up and put a face on the problem.

  27. It is astonishing to me that Urban Meyer cannot pull the trigger on Addazio. We are presently a 9 – 1 team at least without Addazio wearing the OC headphones. His predictable “dive play offense” is an embarrassment to our high talent level. Opposing defensive coordinators read Addazio like a book because he runs the same half-dozen plays over and over again every game. It’s quite obvious that he did not call last year’s Sugar Bowl and Loeffler did. It’s quite obvious Zach Azzanni had a lot of influence in the offense for both UGA and Vandy and then it was all Addazio in the USC loss again. Please, don’t tell me otherwise, because look at the play-calling and then the results. MIss. St, less than 200 yards of offense and 1 TD in the fourth quarter. Then we averaged 37.5 offensive points and nearly 440 yards per game against UGA and Vandy with Azzanni’s up-tempo, and then we’re back to 167 total yards and 1 TD against USC again. Urban Meyer’s commitment to loyalty is commendable, but the thing he needs to understand is that college football IS A BUSINESS, and Addazio is an incompetent, under-performing employee. Meyer is paid $4 million a year to make the tough decisions, and right now, he’s avoided doing that because he’s best buddies with Addazio. This isn’t about having his buddy’s back in a bar fight or helping him put an engine in his car, this a multi-million dollar business and Addazio’s presense on this team is hurting that. This is so much like Bobby and Jeff Bowden at FSU it’s disturbing. Yet, I am still convinced Addazio will move on after this season and find his head coaching job at another, lesser program.

  28. And one more thing, just like Barak Obama is totally out of touch with the American people, Steve Addazio is so out of touch with Gator Nation it’s pitiful. For him to say Mike Pouncey is playing “lights out” and is at the “pinnacle” of his game right now is borderline insane IMO. Addazio is incapable of taking blame upon himself for his ineptness. A realistic man sees and knows his limitations, and Addazio’s arrogance prevents him for doing that.

  29. This is all coach speak. I am confident Addazio will not be the OC next year. Whether he “leaves” on his own, gets fired or just goes back to coaching the O-line, he will NOT be the OC. Meyer is just trying to keep things together for the rest of the season. Look for something to happen after the FSU game.

  30. This pretty much sums it up Gator fans …. Addazio is the problem.

    Addazio joined Meyer’s staff as tight ends coach in 2005 and has steadily increased his role in the offense. He became offensive line coach in 2007, assistant head coach in 2008, then took over play-calling duties last season, (2009).
    The Gators (11/13/2010) are 6-4, 4-4 Southeastern Conference, and haven’t been the same since.
    In 2007, Florida averaged 38.1 points and 436.5 yards a game in conference play. In 2008, scoring increased to 44.9 points while yards dropped slightly to 429 yards a game.
    With Tim Tebow returning for his senior season and Addazio taking over the offense in 2009, the Gators averaged 27.6 points and 375 yards.
    Although the points are about the same this season, yards are down more than 20 a game.

  31. Scott, Todd, quickenedspirit, et. al., I totally agree with all of your observations. Pride and arrogance is the beginning of self-destruction and Addazzio is one arrogant jerk. I stopped watching his interviews video clips. I cannot stand his defiant attitude and aggressiviness when he is interviewed. I wish he would used all that energy to focus in winning, but God gives some of us different gifts and talents and Addazzio’s only talent is his “dive plays”!
    Meyer is a class act coach (with the exception of always blaming his losses to the players and not having the guts to admit that failure came upon his own decisions) but I hope he will consider that having Steve Addazzio as his OC job is not only hurting his record as a coach but also his own job.
    Thanks God is basketball season and we can turn to a proven winner that is not slow at pulling the trigger and making tough decisions: Billy Donovan!
    Extremelly little chump here…no more energy to say Go Gators…if Addazio stays one more year…I will have not more choice than turn 100% to European soccer!

  32. Please keep in mind that Coach Urban Meyer does not want to present turmoil amongst the coaches. In particular, Caoch Addazzio. You will lose recruits as a result. In fact, Prestwood and Lynch committed to FSU soon after their visit to Florida. I am speculating that they were not impressed with the booing and lack of support from the fans in the third quarter. I agree. Steve Addazzio is a great offensive line coach but he is a miserable offensive coordinator. I saw the writing on the wall last year even though the Gators were 13-1. Even with Tim Tebow, they struggled against Miss State, LSU, Tennessee, Arkansas. Our defense carried the team throughout the year except for the Alabama game. People said it was because of Harvin leaving early. No, it was Addazzio. The Gators losing Dan Mullen hurt more. Mullen knew how to design a offense around the quaterback at hand. Just ask Chris Leak in 2006. Anyway, I saw it coming but I did not antcipate how bad Coach Addazzio really is. Remember, our strength was the offensive line. Look what happened to them. The other problem we have is the frienship or bond that Meyer has with Addazzio. I hope that does not get in the way after the season. If Coach Meyer does not bring in another offensive coordinator, then be prepared for another 4 to 5 game loss season next year.

  33. What an absolutely classless fan base. Urban Meyer has led your team to 2 National Championships in four or five years and yet you guys have all the answers. You lose some games one year and then you want the coaching staff fired,or at least the offensive coordinator, someone Urban apparently has a lot of faith in. We let our legend embarrass us for ten years before firing him, yet your legend is getting questioned after winning the championship two seasons ago. This is why we’re taking all your recruits, Gator Nation. No one wants to play for a university that boos their players and coaches. In Ponder’s first game back at Doak after the NC State game, we cheered for him, fumble or no fumble. Yes, we cheered for him. We cheered for him and Jimbo because they are our leaders, people we trust week in and week out. But you guys boo your starting quarterback and coaching staff over a few losses.

    Gator Nation = sad, sad people

  34. Hey Jack go back to FSU where you belong no one cares about your thoughts. Adazio is horrible and has no right being in the position he is. It’s sad that Urban wont demote him back to his orginal position in OL coach. This will get messy if something is not done.

  35. Fire Addazio if for no other reason than his totally insane news conference! Pouncey is playing his best ball? He will be a top ten pick??? Our Offense would have been fine if not for the penalties and we could not establish a tempo???

  36. Ah, it’s Jackwagon with his pearls of trolldom.

    Anyway, I think Meyer is just holding off until after the season to make any changes in staff. There wouldn’t be much point to doing it now. I suppose he could shift some play-calling responsibilities internally, but that will never be mentioned publically. I’ll be very surprised if Steve Addazio is our OC next year.

  37. Here’s a prefect solution. Leave Addazio as OC. Make his responsibilities the O-Line only. Let Leoffler play call each game AND work with the offense to practice new and innovative plays with the talent we have. That way no one is demoted or fired and Meyer can stay loyal. Don’t change any titles. Just change resposiblites.

  38. “Yes, we cheered for him. We cheered for him and Jimbo because they are our leaders, people we trust week in and week out. But you guys boo your starting quarterback and coaching staff over a few losses.

    Gator Nation = sad, sad people

    by Jack

    LOL…yea Jack, all 30,000 of your fans at Dink Cambell stadium. Please, UCF has larger crowds at home games than Florida Second Rate University!

    Addazzio need to go as OC, & just be OL coach. Get a new real aggressive, creative OC…I say go outside the team.

  39. I bleed orange and blue, but this years offense is a total embarrsment! Steve addazio has got to go!!! This guy came from indiana, what more needs to be said. The sec is a big boy football league, and Mr addazio is not mentally equipted to make adjustments , pick up blitzes or even game plan! Do us a favor and step down, and the o line has sucked all year too. Oh i forgot, you coach that too!

  40. Addazio has no clue how to make adjustments and the same could be said of Teryl Austin who got the job because Meyer needed an African American to replace Charlie Strong who was a great coach. The other problem is Brantley’s coach, Loefler. Loeflers claim to fame was coaching Tom Brady at Michigan. A closer look however and one finds that the great Tom Brady was not drafted until the 6th round (199th player) so obviously he was not coached well in college.

  41. Boy, you guys are in disarray. It’s going to be even worse, though, when you get that Seminole spanking. The streak ends in less than two weeks. It’s been a great ride, I’m sure, for Gator Nation, but it’s over. Jimbo is going to convert Urban into his personal prison mistress. I can’t wait to see those crazy muppet babies on your defense running around all over the field, confused as ever. You know, Florida State stayed in the top five for 14 straight years. That’s staying power. Florida is a hack football team that got lucky with Zook’s last recruiting year and then with Timmy. The party’s over. Go watch basketball. Oh, wait, they are losers too. Well, go watch baseball. Oh, wait, they got knocked out by the ‘Noles last year. Well, go watch whatever team of yours isn’t pathetic, if there is one.

    Jack the Excited ‘Nole

  42. Jack – 14 years of what? 2 national championships is pathetic. Go back to clown town and wait for the beating that will come to the criminoles in 2 weeks. Even at our worst, the Gators will still embarass Bimbo and the clown nation.

  43. Reality check JACK… FSU was significant for just ONE DECADE in their entire program’s existance… the ’90’s. That’s it. 14 years in the top 5? Because FSU only had to be good enough to play two games a year, against Miami and UF while playing a patsie ACC cupcake schedule. You’re living in the past. I also seem to recall their first MNC being financed through a local tally Footlocker affiliate and their second won via “Warsaw Rules” “felonies to misdemeanors”. lol If you want to flame here, guve us something original btw. You’re broken record nole-troll. Same-o, same-o.

  44. If Addazio is still here next year…which I seriously doubt. He will be on such a short leash I think he might be yanked within the first three games. I can’t imagine Foley tolerating this for long.
    But seriously I agree with whoever said a move might be made after the FSU game.

  45. oops I retract my comments regarding Addazio in the south carolina prediction story comments I hope he is gone tomorrow – also “Pouncey is playin lights out” “pinnacle of his career” delusional absolutely off of his rocker… Stunning!

  46. 86, you keep believing that iberal mianstream media spin. 70% of the public never openly rebelled against what either Bush did, which was create over 15 million jobs combined, kept consumer confidence strong, and taxes and unemployment low. They weren;t perfect, but they were, BY FAR, better than the Obama’s plan to turn this great country into a govt. dependent welfare state.

  47. looks like we need alot of new coaches, adaxedio #1, dc, not sure but cant believe meyer let him backsass him on ntl tv like he did. whats up w/ our receivers and that coach, havent had a dependable wr since dallas baker (not counting harvin) and apparently they cant block either. rb coach no good etc. its fine to blame all these guys individually but it all comes back to meyer and foley in the end. in todays fast paced produce now reality i dont know how much credit anyone gets for past performance (like your mutual fund prospectus says its no guarantee of future results) so a ridiculour drop off of this magnitude cant be ignored. it seems like once a team starts going backwards it gets bad for a long time ie halfassu and unvrsty of cuba at miami. so i say give um one more year as a thanks for the memories bonus and if he doesnt turn it around in 2011 away he goes and we throw our megamillions at whoever is hot, boise state, oregon, tcu whoever and repeat constantly having a coach whos at the top of his game and not someone whose achieved success and starts resting on his laurels and making huge bank for so so performances. go gators

  48. Now you clowns are talking politics. Have you already given up on football? Is it that awful of a year? At least wait unti the Seminole spanking. After that go talk about Republicans and Democrats. But until then, show Urban a little respect. I understand Meyer’s frustration. He’s got a bunch of hack fans who, delusionally now, think he should win a championship every year.

    But yeah, crisscross over politics. Obama’s a war criminal and Bush is a Muslim, right?

  49. You first have to admit there is a problem before you can fix the problem. UM and SA have laid all blame on the players, yet we were told we had the best rated class in the country coming in to play for UofF. We were told we were going to “spread the field”, plays would be tailored to the talents of the new players – what happened to those ideas? If the coaches show the same personalities to the players that they show on interviews I can’t imagine anyone wanting to play for them. The play calling is dull, boring and repetitive. There is no imagination and no ability to adjust to results on the field. This game requires quick thinking and surprise plays, something that it appears this staff is incapable of doing. SA is confrontational and UM appears medicated. Someone who can make a decision, needs to do so now! Go Gators

  50. Let me see…. a “great game plan” was the one that produced 3 first downs in 3 quarters of a football game on your home turf. Well heck, as long as we’ve now been assured that the “plan” was great, then we should stop being concerned about the actual results. Reminds me of that famous philosopher from Saturday Night Live, Fernando, who said “it’s better to look good than to feel good, and you look marvelous”. I think that’s what Urban must be saying to Addazio, since he plans to keep him around. Sounds like another “great plan”.

  51. I have to disagree with most of the posts at least somewhat. I am not sure that play calling is the problem. Look at the problems with the offensive line. This should have been a great offensive line but it hasn’t even been average. This is not due to the play calling and its not due to the players. We have seen what they could do in previous years. This is coaching. Maybe Addazio is an adequate O line coach when that is his only responsibility, but clearly the job has not been done this year and the same can be said regarding his role as offensive coordinator. I am not so sure about the defense.

  52. Todd! Let look at G.W. Bush record of 8 years to Obama’s 2 years!
    Bush record:
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    4. was dronk all the time.
    5. His tow girls were dronks.
    6. Left the courtry in a depresstion when he left the seat.
    7. Wall street and the banks out of control.

  53. President Obama’s record:
    1. health care reform, after 40 years of trying!/ if you want it or not. he got it done!
    2. Stemulet money to start the econony/ if you want it or not. No one has return the money!
    3. Money for junker cars/ go green!
    4.Money to the big 3 car companies!/ to keep them going for the job they have.
    5 Bank reform./ try to get refore for wall street.
    6. Tax cut for the poor not the rich, who do not need it.

  54. On another note Florida should look at playing Jordan Reed more. When he does get a chance his play is great! Brantley strengths are just what we see on Sundays, an in the pocket passer, and someone who can handoff to quality running backs; in essence a pro football player playing spread option college ball. Waiting another year didn’t help Chris Leak who is now playing in the Canadian Football League. John is good but just isn’t a spread option quarterback. He will do great in a traditional pro style playing team. When Cam Newton was here I argued many times that Cam and Tim should be in the backfield at the same time. What a two headed monster that would have been! Now we have Jordan Reed who looks like a Tebow clone. When Jeff Driskol gets here think of a backfield with Reed and Driskol in at the same time, or alternating drives…keep them fresh and let them observe the other teams strategies. And with Burton in the mix momentum will be a beast.

  55. I’m sure there are other venues to debate whose President was better than the other guy’s. This is a blog about the Gator sports programs, so please, let’s keep it to that. The colors in this should be orange and blue, not red and blue, or black and white for that matter. This should be for fun.

  56. the blue and orange nation is pathetc….. you guys are the laughing stock of every other state that is not florida….. tebow is not coming back…. neither is Zook…. nobody wants to tag along on your embaressing slide into the SEC basement. The whole world thinks it is hilarious that Spurrier clinched his first SEC east crown on your home turf…. you guys are so sad ……

  57. AMG! AMG! AMG! AMG! AMG!

    We fools have let Steve Addazio on this blog, under an assumed name, to direct the conversation to Presidential politics. Do not be misled! Take the politics elsewhere. Leave this blog pristine and untrammeled.
    Repeat after me: AMG : Addazio Must Go!


  58. Offensively we took a step back last year with Tebow. This year there was no Tebow to mask our poor coordination of offense. There is no excuse for revamping your offense every three games when you had this team all off season. That’s a tell-tale sign of poor problem solving (not smart coaching) and poor talent use. Addazio needs to go. Meyer needs to step-up again.

  59. I like non-OC Addazio just fine.

    When he was just coaching the line, that group was solid.

    As a recruiter, he’s top notch.

    Total loyalty to Meyer and UF.

    Just need to have his duties changed.
    BUT, I question the QB coach. He came from Michigan and the NFL, after all, and what does he know about the spread? Nothing.

    So I say, bump Daz back to OL and Asst head coach, dismiss the QB coach, and bring in a OC/QB coach with an option spread background. Lots of small school run a similar system to ours, so there should be plenty of willing and able candidates.

  60. Get a dedicated offensive line coach at least. It was suppose to be a team strength – but it wasn’t.

    My biggest disappointment was (besides the offensive line): how in the heck did they miss the fake filed goal coverage in the LSU game? It was freakin’ so obvious and the best LSU could do if we let them kick and cover the fake was to tie the game with a 52 yard field goal. I was screaming from the couch: cover the fake (I’ll yell loader next time).

  61. A friend told me earlier in the season that Meyers is only as good as his assistant coaches. If they aren’t good, the season will be bad.

    Definitely the worst season I have seen both offensively and defensively. Maybe Meyers needs to look for some stronger assistant coaches so Florida can get back to winning “as usual” and — it wouldn’t hurt Meyers image to be seen as a winner instead of “helpless”.

  62. I have been to almost all the games this year, even the lost in Tallahassee. I have seen this team dismantle themselves. I blame the coaches for not taking leadership in this team and telling these kids they have to dig deeper and show them how. Thats why they call them coaches. I hope that the coaches take a step back and look at what needs to be done and get it done. We will rise again but, it just might take more effort. As a great player once said” And GOD BLess” Once a Gator always a Gator. GO GATORS

  63. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** Brantly should not be the starting QB at florida****************************************************************************until the coaching staff change this, get ready for some more of what we got down in T-Town******************************you see Miami made changes, why not us*************** Addazio must go and take Brantly with him**********************