Some Gators 'drifting away'


Senior center and team leader Mike Pouncey said Monday that the Gators’ four-loss season has revealed that some players are playing harder than others.

“I don’t know what the issue is,” he said. “Obviously, you’ve got players out there who give it their all and want to win. And you have guys that drift away during the course of a game.

“There are people who drift away when things aren’t going right. You look after the game and start realizing it. It is (frustrating). It’s human nature. When things aren’t going people’s way, that’s what happens. The only thing you can do is do your job. That’s what our whole agenda was (this season) — do your job and try to make us a better program, a better team, and give it everything you have.”

Pouncey admitted it has been a disappointing season, but giving up or drifting away has never been an option.

“I bleed orange and blue. I’d never give up on this program, this team,” he said. “We’ve got two or three more games left and that’s what my main focus is on. We want to send the seniors out on the right note, especially for the guys who gave their life to the program.

“It’s tough for me. I felt I gave my all for this program. It sucks to end on a note like this, but I want us to come out strong with a couple of more wins. I’ve learned a lot this year. I’ve been through a lot of adversity, just fighting through it. It’s made me a better person.”

Pouncey was asked if the Gators’ three-game home losing streak would take anything away from Senior Day on Saturday against Appalachian State.

“I think in most people’s aspect it does,” he said. “For a guy who gave his life to this program, it doesn’t. We’ve obviously accomplished a lot in four years. This weekend is going to mean the world to me.”


  1. I would love to believe we are too young but its not that. Addazio is the worst player caller in D1 football and Brantley can’t play QB on this level. Meyer is either too afraid or doesn’t care enough to make changes. How can u quickly blame players but not your sorry OC. Jordan Reed should start but he won’t because Meyer is the only person that can’t see he is scared and can’t throw. I’m a fan till death but I want us to lose to App St. and FSU so he will be forced to make changes or he’s gone. Zook wasn’t this bad. Go Gators!

  2. Boy, that was quite a spanking ole’ Spurrier put on your alligators. However, the Seminole spanking is going to give that Gator tushy a stinging like its never felt before.

    Florida, enjoy playing in the Hopeless Bowl this year.

  3. Robbie, I can’t wait to read your prediction fro the FSU game. If your trend holds–which is you having no idea what you’re talking about and always picking Florida–it will be a great source of entertainment after we dismantle your poor excuse of a football team.

    Also, Florida, welcome to Jimbo Fisher recruiting. We were 7-6 last year but are possibly going to land the number one recruiting class in the country. Yes, that’s an awful reality to swallow. Your coach has two national championships and was 13-1 last year, and yet Jimbo Fisher is dominating the recruiting game. Sucks to be Florida post-Tebow.

  4. Meltdown …..
    I have visited many other teams message boards and forums for the last couple of years. I have never witnessed a meltdown like the one going on now at the Gatorsports forum. Gatorsports is in full meltdown mode and it’s a sight to see. It’s so intense that I’m afraid some fans are starting to foam at the mouth and act very strange….. Scary man, real scary………….

  5. Robbie, thanks for the reporting you and Pat do.

    Concerning today’s blog, it’s past time for Mike to put up or shut up. The example I have seen from him on the field has been consistent poor play in every game, starting with snaps and ending with missed assignments. While he may not see himself as a “drifter”, I certainly do not see him providing either leadership or excellent play.
    It would be a refreshing change to see him and the entire o-line with their heads in the game, instead of offering psycho-babble on the mental state of other players.

    Mike, either lead, follow, or get out of the way.

  6. Time for the real Gators to stick together. I am as frustrated as anybody and have my set of opinions, but these Senior’s and the rest of the team are still OUR team and deserve our support. Let’s give something to them for all they have done for us.

  7. Just read Brantley and Addazio will be back. I will not. Sorry to say after 10 years as Booster, giving over 10K total each year between Basketball and Football, I will not be back at Florida Field. Was a fan starting in the 70’s, even there at 0-10 season, and was there through Galen Hall years, Spurrier, Zook and on and on and our teams have NEVER looked this pathetic and anemic on offense. With Addazio and Brantley announcing they will be back, our Gator Boosters program will drop off.
    Brantley should save himself and leave no while he has 1 year left and find program which will use his talent with blocking back. He is not and never will be an option quarterback. Addazio should just leave,period.
    This was the worse news I have had all season.

  8. RON, then you never saw what it was like when Ron Zook lost that game v.s. Miss. St. All of Gator Nation had pleading with Jeremy Foley to do something about Zook and then that happened. Steve Addazio is just an offensive coordinator version of the Zooker… a man totally and completely over his head as OC and out of his element. No tact, no instinct, no strategy… just a rigidly predictable, unimaginative ideologue. As for MIKE POUNCEY, here’s one of the problems you mentioned… you, Mike, snapping the ball and then stepping aside to let a rusher come through untouched to pressure or nail Brantley three times against USC last night. THAT’S one of the problems son. It’s you still snapping balls wide and making JB fight to catch them and then grip them porperly and make his stance and his throws. Your bad snaps cost him nearly 1 1/2 seconds more to find a reciever. JACK, you’re funny. FSU has been blown out by the only top 10 team they’ve played, and then beaten by two unranked teams, nearly beaten by a BC team with a losing record, and got a miracle win win against a Clemson team off a BS pass iterefernce penalty that gave your kicker just enough range to make the winning FG. Not to mention the pick two FG’s Clemson missed and the pick threw inside the endzone. FSU would presently have about 6 losses playing UF’s schedule, so don’t brag too much. FSU is really no better than UF is. That said, with Addazio at the helm of the UF offense, even FSU’s pitiful defense should have a field day. Funny that nolies only chance of beating UF is when the Gators are way, way down.

  9. I totally agree with what you and Pat Dooley are saying about Steve Adazzio needing to be fired. He cannot coach the offensive line and he is terrible with his play calling because a pee wee football coach could coach better than that!! I think Urban Meyer is stubborn for not wanting to fire Adazzio. I was hoping we could beat South Carolina with the 3 quarterbacks. I can’t understand why John Brantley is playing so much because Trevor Burton and Jordan Reed are playmakers for our offense!! We made a hero out of Steve Spurrier for the South Carolina fans. I hope they get beat 50-0 by Auburn in the championship game!!

  10. I hate to say this, but the UF/FSU game is going to look like a Special Olympics event! That’s no disrespect to the awesome participants in the real Special Olympics, but, I could think of no other level of competition to compare it too! Usually, it looks like UF is playing a Special Olympics team, when playing FSU, but, this year, we are dropping down to their level and Addazio is a Special Olympics participant who is pretending to be a coach! Meyer must get his head out of the clouds and do the right thing for our program – not the right thing in his opinion! His friendship with Addazio has blurred his judgement!

  11. Totally agree that Adazz has got to go. But I do think that UM has too much class to fire him mid season. I know that there will be SERIOUS changes in the offseason. We are a definitely young team but the coaching staff is a problem as well. UM had replaced I believe 5 coaches. Don’t think for a minute that Teryl Austin is not a problem. UF and GA have two new DC that were from the NFL. Not sure all that stuff works in CFB.

  12. The coaching staff of this years version of the Gators has shown it’s inconsistency and lack of imagination on so many levels. The lack of play calling and the offensive line ineffectiveness really shows how inept the OC is and has been throughout the year. This shortcoming started making itself known last year, but the caliber of players (Tebow, Hernandez, Cooper, etc.) outweighed the bad play calling. This years players can’t overcome this poor situation. Meyer’s misguided sense of loyalty to Addazio is lost on the Gator Nation and we all want to know why he won’t entertain making a change, at least after this season is over. Making the announcement that he will bring back Addazio next year says to me and most others that he is already writing off the possibility of returning to Atlanta again next year. The real possibility exists that the Gators will not win another game this year at the current rate of performance.

  13. Once the emotion of Sunday and Monday passes – I may not like it, but I respect it, and feel Coach Meyer is showing class and patience in not making a move on Addazzio right now. Addazio stuck by Urban in his difficulty and then simply handed the reigns back to Urban when Coach came back to full time. I am sure you will see Addazio step aside from OC and return to offensive line and assistant head coach after the season. Think about it Addazzio cant possibly be looking at the aftermath of these games and say deep down inside “I am doing a good job – its the players” or feel good about what is going on. Coach Addazio I am sure is a class stand-up guy who will do the right thing, then if not Urban will make the move after the season as the CEO. Urban does owe him the status quo for now. Next year we will all be once again celebrating Gator wins even more – because we have gone through this year. This year is a valuable motivator for another 3 – 4 year run of greatness!!! Without tasting some setbacks, we as the most demanding fans would simply ride Coach Meyer out of here with our constant need for perfection just like we did Coach Spurrier… Patience for now…

  14. Addazio has been asked to handle two assignments, Offensive Line Coach and Offensive Coordinator. I commend him for his efforts. He’s given it his all. Addazio performed admirably while Meyer was on sabbatical, maintaining our recruiting, and steadying the Gator Nation ship in stormy seas. Perhaps his play calling has fallen below our expectations. But, he’s handling two full time positions when one’s enough for anyone. He’s not at fault. I just never imagined his dual role was because of budgetary considerations. Perhaps we alumni need to donate more so another salaried position can be created…

  15. Meyer apparently refuses to accept reality. He is either 100% engaged or he needs to find another profession. He is a great coach who has done wonders for UF, but he is failing the Gator Nation this year. He needs to accept responsibility for the current embarassing fiasco or move on. He is getting paid a lot of money, but he is not earning it this year. I hope he wakes up. Go Gators!

  16. Adazzio must go, that much is obvious. It was obvious last year when we had the talent to be absolute beasts, and instead needed to depend on our defense to keep us in games. I am assuming Urban knows this, too, and also assume that he has too much class to say that mid-season. Surely, Adazzio will be gone after this season in a manner that befits the class of our program.

    I also assume that the players “drifting away” is caused by them knowing that no matter how hard they play, they will be let down by the play calling. If we notice how predictable and hopeless the play calling is, then they certainly do, too.

    Finally, I am assuming that Jack is a poorly-endowed eight-year-old with two overly-affectionate daddies, and doesn’t realize he should probably wait til his team puts a few decent seasons together before he starts running his mouth.

  17. After listening to Pouncey’s comments about players drifting away and his calling himself a “leader” on this team…I remember back when adversity set it the “leaders” would have a player only meeting and get all out on the table…we have NO LEADERS on this team..and it really started at the first of the year before the season began when there was strife between Pouncy and the new incoming freshman class…and it has never stopped.

  18. Now we see just what Dan Mullen meant to Florida’s offense. I think he understood the spread better than Urban. He knew how to match it against various defensive alignments and how to establish a rhythm between runs and passes. Once you have that you can start mixing in the misdirection plays and trickeration. We haven’t had that for two years. Last year we should have been steamrolling teams. Instead each week was a painful struggle to score. The one exception was the Sugar Bowl. This year, without last year’s talent, has been a disaster. Meyer needs to take a step back and reassess his coaches and his offensive philosophy. It’s time to retool his spread. Defenses have caught on. And he might need another offensive mind to do that.

  19. It’s unfortunate to hear from Coach Meyer that the OC will be back next year. Predictability is what the Gators have become. Even with 3 QB’s, each has his specialty therefore the defense is able to adjust, even on the fly as Burton and Brantley switch positions. Not stretching the field is obviously killing any offensive potential. Addazio may be stubborn but sometimes inflexibility starts at the top. If Meyer isn’t able to make the change then maybe it’s time for another coach. That said, I have a lot of faith in Coach Meyer and hope that he’ll be able to conclude that his OC is unimaginative and predictable and that rotating QB’s is not the answer. As to our supposed youth, your game starts with the O-line, in our case a bunch of seniors, so if they are unable to perform to expectations then they need to either get coached up or move on. If you’re looking for a unit that should share most of the blame for this horrible season, look no further than the Addazio coached O line.

  20. I think Meyer will address the OC situation in the offseason. Addazio produced respectable offensive lines when that was his focus. Whether he stays with demotion is probably up to him. The current offensive situation can win in the next two games and possibly in a lower tier bowl. The issue is that it doesn’t give much of a chance against top flight SEC competition. He can have an open competition for Qb in the spring. That forces Brantley to produce or gracefully step aside.

  21. Gator Fans!!! I am a Gator…I am an alum, season ticket holder, member of Gator Boosters and an avid Gator fan! I do bleed the orange and blue!!!
    But…I am a realist!!! Here is the brutal truth…Urban Meyer is one of the TOP three coaches in America!!!! He has brought us 3 13-1 seasons and the last two were back to back 13-1!! We won 2 National Championships in the last 5 years!!!! He is the ” man”!!!
    We lost so much talent and it is talent not the fact that Urban went dumb!!! Do any of you get that??/
    This team has incredible Talent and it is just too young!!! It will take a while to get an identity!!…
    All of you experts…I ask you the question? Have you won any national championships? Coached the practices? been there through the whole summer of fitness? or done anything except sit on your backsides with your idiotic anaylsis of what is wrong?
    Didnt think so….
    It took SOS 6 years to get carolina to just the SEC east…NOT the SEC championship!!
    Big deal!!!!! We have been to the SEC Championship Game 10 times!!! More than anyone!!!!
    If you doubt my analysis…Then I ask you to look at who played for the National Championship last eyar??? Do you even remember??
    Let me help you!!! Texas(13-0) vs Bama(13-0)…
    What is Texas this year? 4-6!!!! Bama has 2 losses and most likely 3 after the Auburn Game!!!!!!
    Cant win without the players and experience!!!!
    Go circle the wagons and enjoy this year!!!1
    This is the beginning of another run!!!!
    Final Note we went 9-4 with Meyer before winning it all the next year.
    Gosh there are alot of morons out there that dont know this!
    Go Gators……Bob In Jupiter!!!

  22. I agree with everyone here that Coach Meyer knows the problem, but he has too much class to axe the OC at this time. There will be changes after the season. Of note is that after South Carolina got blasted by Arkansas, Coach Spurrier apologized to the Gamecock fans and he took full responsibility. Perhaps Coach Meyer should take note of how Spurrier turn the Gamecocks around after their failure to show up at home against ARK. We have too much talent at UF to get embarrassed like we were last Saturday.
    I am an optimist, and we must all stick together because this will get turned around for the better.

  23. After the FSU-UF game, Urban will be lucky if gets a job fetching juice boxes for Jimbo.

    FSU 52 UF 14 (on the last play of the game, Dustin Hopkins is going to sink a 70-yarder that completely demoralizes the Gator Nation’s spirit.)’

    Jimbo already spanked that Miami tushy. Florida tushy is gonna get it worse!

    Go ‘Noles!

  24. Gator fans were exuberant about Tim Tebow’s record performance in his career but they should realize that his last season (09) was even more phenomenal concerning the “help” he received from the offensive coaches. The fact that he was able to over come their inaptitude and win 12 games was phenomenal. John Brantley may not be the QB everyone thought but he is certainly better than the game plans he was given. Talk of Addazio returning will be a BUZZ KILL over the spring/summer.

  25. It’s clear that Jack graduated from Florida State, because he sounds less educated.

    Yes we miss Mullen, and Tebow. No one has mentioned losing Charlie Strong – what an underappreciated coach Strong was.

    I expected a dip in performance this year, I didn’t imagine dropping four games, although two of those games were absolutely winnable. Would it be better Florida fans if we were 8-2 instead of 6-4 right now?

    We’ve grown accustomed to winning certain games and yes it’s a tough pill to swallow. A few of you did say it correctly about what’s going wrong with the offense such as offensive line woes. I have to admit it was sickening to watch games where the o-line were being beat on simple maneuvers (basically getting juked) and then standing around watching the QB eat it in the dirt.

    That’s just one facet of this thing. The bright spot is the play of the secondary. Yay, we lead the nation in take-aways – nice job out there, Chuck Heater.

    Not sure if anyone read the article but Meyer admitted to going away from the 3-QB play when it the score got up to 7-15. By that point it was clear that we weren’t going to get a win – I watched the game on ESPN and after another 3-out the camera would pan to the crowd and so many people were shaking their heads. I think we were what, 2-14 on 3rd down conversion? ‘SC was 8-16 or something like that. That’s the difference in the game right there – the ability to continue a drive. Time of possession was lopsided, more than a game I can remember, 40 minutes to 20 (for the Gators). That’s also huge. Very difficult to win if you don’t have the ball.

    But… how do we fix it? We can’t fix what has already been done. We go into the next couple of games with a great strategy and pull out all the stops. This year 2010 was definitely the year of adversity. I’ve been a Gator fan since ’76 and yes I remember when things weren’t even nearly as nice as they are today.

    We have a great core of components – Let’s Go Gators – have a great finish to the season and tear it up out there, enjoy it and be great!

    Go Gators

  26. Talk is cheap JACK. You sound just like a few others over here who’ve shown up under various names ragging the Gators before every game they play. 10 year olds seem to have a lot of time on their hands these days. LOL! Just make sure that if UF wins, you show up here and eat your crow, but I wager you’ll vanish into the ether and never be heard of again.

  27. TNG8R, the illusion that Meyer changed all those coaches is just that, an illusion. Addazio interviewed and called these guys and Meyer simply signed off on them. These are “Addazio men”. DC Teryl Austin has never had DC experience either. Meyer had a big falling out with RB’s coach Stan Drayton when he was first here, and now he’s been hired back? I hated that hire btw, because our backs have vastly underperformed this year, despite injuries. Moody is worse regressed and Mack Brown still isn’t ready by Game #10 of the season? Gillislee, our best between-the-tackles runner didn’t even see the field against USC except on special teams. Drayton is a big Addazio buddy too. This is BAD COACHING and BAD ORGANIZATION by the staff. As for FSU, we are playing an Appalachian State team this weekend that is better than FSU IMO, so lets see if Meyer inserts Azzanni back into the offensive mix with Addazio and if we can get this offense moving again for the last two games.

  28. It’s ok. for Myers to be loyal to his coaches to a certain degree, but he has to remember the gator nation and fans come first; being loyal to incompetents can cost you your job and reputation ! In my eyes, your non-offense caused your medical problems, a championship season lost last year including Tebow being deprived of the Heisman; plus a miserable season this year; so who is to blame! Even the T.V. announcers joked around about which plays were coming; if they knew, don’t you think your opponent didn’t; and with all those 4 & 5 star recruits could I do a better job??? NO DOUBT, so could any other football knowledgable fan!

  29. Whoa Nelly – when the team is winning everything is rosey, even if some wins happened more by accident than by design. When a team is not living up to expectations the blame game is in full force! In reality we are young, our best running backs were either injured or suspended, our offiensive line did not gel as expected and we had a lot of new first time starters. In addition we had a new defensive coordinator and an offensive coordinator in his second year but his first without TEBOW. In spite of all that, we were within seven points of picking up two more wins and thus could have been sitting here with eight wins, which would have gotten us to Atanta even with the loss to South Carolina. It is game of inches and what goes around comes around. Remember 2006 – without a blocked FG at the end of the South Carolina game, we are not national champs. Thus give Urban a chance after all he does have two national chanmpionships to his credit. The coaches and and players will learn from this! At least we are not in Texas’ shoes!!

  30. Allow the year to end … coach… we are counting on you to do the right thing. It appears that is … no Addazio at OC anymore. Might be a good thing to do that now. Question is…if you cannot get it together with all the talent you got…how we gonna do it after a big disappointing year. We got # 1 class… but Miami is comin back.. FSU is workin at it… Gators need to step it up. Urban, we are counting on you. We trust you.

  31. You Gatorites need to quit your whining and get with the program. Stop trying to make excuses in light of an old-fashioned whipping by the Gamecocks. Did Spurrier make excuses for their loss to Arkansas? No! In fact, he took much of the blame for not having them better prepared for that game. Also, Lattimore and their starting center were injured during the game but spurrier didn’t use that as an excuse. The Gators got beat by a better team last saturday. And, Seffner Gator, don’t bet the farm on USC loss in Atlanta. Earlier this year they payed well enough for most of the game to get the win, but couldn’t get the job done. See you guys next year in Columbia.

  32. Recruiting update:

    Aaron Lynch = Seminole
    Jordan Prestwood = Seminole

    (And just as a reminder……James Wilder = Seminole)

    That last one stings, does it not? The head coach of a team that was 7-6 last year just stealing your recruits every week.

  33. that was the worst playcalling ive ever seen. not one run around the end, more and more lame dives up the middle with skinny little backs that not only get arm tackled but get finger tackled. get a big durable back for cripes sake r u kidding me that a school like uf hasnt had a decent tailback since earnest graham/taylor while other places have 2 or 3 at a time? moodys a joke and they dont let gillislee play 4 some reason. jbs having a really bad night but u keep calling his #? johnnys a great kid but just not a good fit here. meyer needs to put reed in running the option and pitching to burton or some other quick back around the end who doesnt let a foot sprain keep him out the majority of the season. moodys a joke and they dont let gillislee play 4 some reason. um says he panicked in the 1st 1/2 down 8 points, i cant believe hed even admit to something that pitiful and if its true and not just a cover then hes pretty much washed up unfotunately. addazio must go and if um cant pull the trigger and get some good coaches to call the plays for him and let him focus on recuiting and motivation then foley needs to do it or he can go with the rest of them, anything would b better than watching this pitiful fiasco of lousy play calling and poor management of better than average talent week after week. w/out tim here to cover up the ineptitude were going to need some real coaching skill to get back to elite status. go gators, run the dang option around the end till they stop it, c how u like it. its not rocket science…

  34. Jack are you in grade school? Why is a FSU even in a Gator Forum? O yea I forgot your team sucks and hasn’t played in a Jan bowl in 10 years. With that being said Addazio you have to go and take Brantley with you. Meyer will be just like Jacks bff Bobby Bowden and allow loyalty to get him fired. For all the Gators saying we are too young are fools. Young players get better every game not regress.

  35. Gator fans join me in not going to another game until Addazio is gone. Meyer doesn’t read these forums nor does Fooley we have to stop paying our dues and stop going to games. We are better than this Gator Nation unite to bring down Addazio!

  36. Just chill out for heaven’s sake! Also, for all you FSU fans, my sister went to FSU (I’m sorry to admit) and she is not at all happy with the team or coaches. Quit giving your unsolicited opinion. You need to be concerned about your own program. My sister happens to be the wife of a coach and knows a lot about football and says from what she sees she is not ready to jump on the FSU bandwagon yet. I’m sure that Urban Meyer will do everything possible to get the Gator program back to where it should be. Be a real Gator fan and support our team during this difficult time!

  37. I love this Jack guy. He’s living proof that inbreeding is a way of life in the quaint little Georgia town of Tallahassee. Not to mention third place ACC finishes.

    Agree that we should be patient with Meyer. Agree that he’s loyal. Agree that Adazzio is juggling too many duties, that we’re too young, and that we can’t win ’em all every year. But anyone who watched the games this year knows that changes MUST comes this off-season. And they will.

  38. Goodness, I’m glad alot of you weren’t watching games in the early 80’s, there would be alot of bridge jumpers. We loved our Gators, but we wwent to games on saturdays hoping to win, but not expecting it. Definitely a tough year, believe me i was sitting north endzone surrounded by Cocks! This team lost alot of talent and alot of leadership. Spikes on D and Tebow and Pouncey on offense, now matter what you think talent can be replaced but leaders emerge. This team is lacking that ferocity. A coach can only do so much, a team has to learn to win. This year will not sit well with thes young men, and out of that locker room new leaders will arise and so will the Gators. Go Gators!

  39. You can delegate management and tasks, but you can’t delegate leadership and the overall “plan.” Our void this year is leadership….from players….from coaches and from the boss. Leaders create the idenity….it doesn’t just “happen.” Three ways to do things: 1) watch what happens 2) Wonder what happened or 3) Make things happen. I like # 3 the best!

  40. To jackMR SEMINOLE, How quickly we forget mr tebow taking a knee before halftime in respect of your coach! Yea your better this year so what you still lost to north carolina so you cant be that great? The gators have whipped your a– five years in a row ,so yea i guess you are due to win one!

  41. Gator fans who are blasting Meyer and/or other coaches and players, you need to give Meyer some more credit and trust him that he will right the ship. It has been horrible to see our offense struggle like it has but and I can assure you it eats up Meyer more than anyone posting on this thread. He KNOWS the problems and he is going to address them in the Urban way….it is awesome to see the passion of the Gator nation but please direct it with some reason. To me, it does not seem logical that our offense will successful with JB at QB…not because he is not a great QB but b/c that is not the offense this team knows how to run. The year Leak won the Nat’l Champ…that was our D and pretty much Percy Harvin’s speed that carried that team with Chris managing things…if you reflect, it was oft a painful experience watching our offense that year….the talent is there….but some leadership and chemistry need to emerge…In Urban I trust. Go Gators!!!!!!!

  42. Very disappointing to see some of the Gator fans on this site that want to boycott the games or not pay their alumni dues because you see a few bad years over the last 20??? Then step aside and let true Gators step up to take your place and your seats. There is still a waiting list at UF for seats and I know plenty of folks that are more than happy to take your spot. I would give anything to be able to make it down to more than 2-3 games coming from Atlanta but still have tons of friends and family that want my left over season tickets. BTW I am not an official alumni but my husband is and the best gift he gave me was my own alumni plan to be a true Gator at heart. Gators stick together in all kinds of weather, except fair weather fans. We don’t need you. And yes, I have sat through many heartbreakers and cried after we lost. Have a great day!

  43. Hey Jack, or should I say…Jack_ss! You mentioned that FSU’s going to beat the Gators this year which IF they do, it’s about time!!! FS-who has lost the last 5 or 6 in a row so please, take a fresh glass of shut the h_ll up!!!
    Just like an FS-who fan to have several dissapointing seasons and games againist the Gators, and then go on a website and being talking smack!!! (Nothing new! Oh, and your team is on Probation!!! Perhaps FS-who’s program should focus on that???)

  44. It all starts with attitude and buy-in to the system.
    Ahmad Black and Mike Pouncey have it at the senior level. Trey Burton and Shariff Floyd have it at the freshman level.
    The point is everyone on the team has to have it and the belief that we can win every game. Either your’e on the train or on the tracks. No exceptions. Recruit players with this right attitude. As was the case with Ahmad Black, recruit for attitude then train on skills, not the reverse.
    Next comes coaching. Addazio is a fine O-Line coach. Utilize his talents there. We need an offensive coordinator to complement him. Look towards the highest scoring teams in the NCAA-Oregon, Boise State, etc., and hire that kind of offensive coodinator skilled and tested in the spread offense.
    Recruit players who “fit our system” and energize the team. We are fortunate to have two freshman QB’s who fit our system to a tee, and a recruit on the way who fits it. They have the multi-dimensional skills required for today’s spread offense. Give them the playing time they need to reignite the spark in 2011.
    Go Gators!
    Lakeland GatorNuaght

  45. Jack… until the semiholes actually beat THE University of Florida, you should keep your man pleaser shut. If that team from tallacrappy doesn’t beat this Florida team then you girls might never beat Florida again. This is Florida’s worse team since ’89 & I seriously doubt Free Shoes University even beats them. We’re in your head. We own you girls. Florida will find a way to win and they’ll leave tallacrappy laughing while the pathetic semiholes try to figure out what happened.

  46. Jack… how sad is your life that you don’t spend the amount of time and emotional energy on a sports page devoted to your team. maybe a forum such as this does not exist for your team. in other word’s Jack… you sure spew a lot which is a wonderful First Amendment right and we all have the right to consider you sad and pathetic not only for your choice of schools (did you even go there or can you even spell FSU?) but that you are an uninvited guest in a conversation that is way beyond your intellect. Jack… time to get back on your meds or go play with your little friends that think you are witty and bright.