South Carolina prediction time


For a team that was struggling so mightily less than a month ago, things are now setting up almost too perfectly for the Florida Gators.

Florida is on a roll, South Carolina is on a slide, coming off a 21-point loss at home to Arkansas.

The Gators are healthy and playing at home, the Gamecocks are banged up and playing on the road.

Florida has confidence and momentum, South Carolina has some self-doubt after a shaky four weeks that included two losses, one to Kentucky.

It’s almost too perfect for Florida. Which makes me wonder: Is Steve Spurrier going to unleash something totally unexpected on the Gators and find a way to win this game and take the Gamecocks to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game for the first time in school history? Let’s put it this way, it would not shock me.

Listening to Spurrier on the SEC coaches teleconference earlier this week, I can sense that Spurrier really likes his chances in this game. This is the most talented team he’s had at USC and the Gamecocks have already beaten a team (Alabama) that embarrassed the Gators 31-6 earlier in the season. So, Spurrier and the Gamecocks know they can win this game, no matter how much USC has struggled recently, especially last Saturday against Arkansas.

I know everyone is worried that Spurrier is going to drop some trick plays on the Gators. He might, but I think his priority is going to be controlling the clock and the tempo of the game with tailback Marcus Lattimore and the underneath passing game of quarterback Stephen Garcia. Hog the ball. That’s how Spurrier beat Florida in 2005 – and how he almost beat the Gators in 2006 in The Swamp. Ball control and defense. It doesn’t sound like Spurrier, but this is what he has become.

The Gators, of course, will try to force USC into some obvious passing situations, then try to pressure Garcia into some bad plays. But pressuring the quarterback has not exactly been a UF strength this season. The bottom line, though, is try to make Garcia beat you instead of Lattimore. The goal will be to slow down Lattimore and put the game in Garcia’s hands – and take your chances from there.

Offensively, the Gators will try to stay on their three-quarterback roll and make some big things happen against a struggling USC secondary.

First prediction: The Gators will actually finally get off to a fast start and the Swamp will be rocking and rolling.

Second prediction: Florida 35, South Carolina 21.


  1. I like both predictions. I think Florida can roll USC right outta here too. The discovery of who can move this offense last week surely will boost Gator confidence. I like the defensive chances loading the box and shutting down Lattimore. Good thing the Cocks don’t have Brantley. Garcia won’t be able to get it done through the air.

  2. I couldn’t agreed more with your prediction Robbie! I think this game is going to be electrifying and the atmosphere at The Swamp will be awesome! I do have a feeling the Gators will come out steaming from the get-go and the offense will put points in the first quarter.
    Go Gators, Time to Feast on Some Poultry!!!

  3. I totally agree if they play Reed and Burton and limit Brantley. If Brantley starts it will not be a fast first quarter but another 3 and out first quarter. I can see why Urban( a great coach would play John to keep up the team momentum, but if he is the major qb we will loose and big. They have a great pass rush and John is the master sack taker.

  4. Wow Robbie, I picked UF to win 34 – 20, so our scores are very close. When USC beat bama, the Tide was coming off an emotional high of beating UF the week before, and lets face it… USC played WAY over their heads in their victory over Bama and the Tide played very average. It was the law of averages that Bama would have a bad game, and they just happened to have it @ USC. I think USC deserves respect, but they haven;t been the best road team this year with a loss @ Kentucky and an ugly win @ Vanderbilt. This Saturday night’s game is Florida’s to lose IMO.

  5. I think Coach Zack Azzani will have HIS hurry up offense jacked and ready to go! We will win!
    However, it the offense reverts back to Addazio’s control, well, it might be Katey bar the door.
    Go Gators, beat the Ole Ball Coach!

  6. If Meyer HAS truly made adjustments to both the offense and who is in charge of getting it ready, we’ll see further development, elaboration and complexity and things could turn out well as y’all seem so certain of.
    If not, if we back slide or try to once again force things that haven’t worked all year, then things like the hurry-up will just be half-measures that give the ball back to the Gamecocks too quickly and end up wearing out OUR defense, instead of theirs–and we’ll lose. I’m hoping on the former, of course, but this is the game where we find out for sure how deep is the commitment to change, and where this team is really headed: up or down.
    More than EVER, then, I give a deeply heartfelt “GO GATORS!”

  7. Everyone is overlooking what is happening on the Gator’s D.

    Vanderbilt game
    Player of the Game: Sharrif Floyd

    If Floyd has really stepped up his game it’s going to allow some great athletes to take the Gator D to another level.

  8. @ g growl: I would be cautious using the Vanderbilt game as a measure of anything but a horrible team getting thumped by a mediocre, yet improving, team. If beating Vanderbilt is your idea of “another level” how will you describe beating a team with a winning record? Be careful about what you might be overlooking . . .

  9. Despite all the bravado, the jury is still out on UF’s offense. UGA and Vandy both sport terrible defenses. Early in the season South Carolina’s defense played very well peaking in the Bama game. And they have Ellis Johnson. But their safety play has been terrible as of late – they also had trouble covering the edge in the Auburn game. It is going to take a well planned, mistake free effort to beat these guys. If Lattimore wasn’t playing on one leg, this would be a tough game for UF to win.

  10. The three headed Monster is hungry and needs feeding.
    Look for our revamped up tempo, hi-powered offense to run around, through and over the over-matched and banged up Gamecocks. Brantley and Reed should have a field day with the limited SC secondary. Gators run up 475 yards of total offense.
    The Gator D, led by Shariff Floyd, and our senior corps, will play their best game of the season stopping the run.
    Gators hold SC to 275 yards of total offense.
    Gators bask in the Blue-Out: 44- 17.
    Lakeland GatorNaught

  11. ALC, Georgia’s defense is not “terrible”. As a matter of fact, they had the SEC’s best rush defense when UF played them. Though I agree Vandy is not a major determining factor for our team, lets also understand that after that huge emotional OT win against arch-rival UGA, there was no let-down in the Gators’ road game v.s. Vandy. If I remember correctly, last week a number of people in Gator Nation were expressing their fears of a “Vandy hangover”? Also, anyone calling UF “mediocre” is just pure flame-baiting IMO. So USC beat Bama? Well, UK beat USC and the Gators blew UK out. I think UF has plenty to be hopeful about in this game.

  12. Not so fast my fellow Gators ….

    (1) QB comp – Garcia is better than Brantley. Wildcard – Jordan Reed. Will Urban use him a lot or not??? SC defense will be able to stop Trey B. I am very concerned w/ Urban’s comments this which I just read – “Jordan’s future is at TE”. That is just plain wierd. Why make that comment at all when Reed has played great at QB. And why make that comment now before the most important game of the year for the SEC East??? How is that good for Reed’s psyche???

    (2) RB comp – Lattimore is healthy and he is certainly one of the top 3 RB’s in the USA. FLA RB’s are average. Their speed is great but that doesn’t translate into great running game as we have seen.

    (3) OL comp – FLA OL has allowed many more sacks than SC. My guess is that Addazio can’t devote the time & energy into coaching up the OL b/c he focused more on playcalling (which is also why we scored a whopping 7 points (13 points if you add in the 2 missed FG’s) against MSU.

    (4) Defense – I don’t know the stats but it seems that SC DL puts a lot more pressure on the QB. Otherwise, pretty even.

    (5) Best Win – SC pounded #1 team in USA that hadn’t lost in a long long time.

  13. Finishing up w/ my comments:

    (5) Best Win continued …
    SC best win vs AL is impressive.
    FL best win is ??? GA (not impressive at all).

    Score predict: SC 33 FL 17

    Note: I love my GATORS and I am Alumni, but I am also realistic.

  14. Florida is not beating USC. The reason is this team is terrible. We will lose tomorrow. For one a blue out. USC did that black out thing when Spurrier was UF coach and he beat them 51-10. Now he’s there coach and Meyers doing a blue out. Conquence. I bet Spurrier is laughing all the way to Atlanta. And John Brantley is terrible. I bet tomorrow is first past be picked off. He is the first QB we ever had that can’t score in the first quater. He’s horrible. The defense suck. Lattimore is going to have a field day. Our 3rd loss in the swamp, will happen. SC 35-Uf 14. And watch Meyer coward behimd Steve Azzadio and don’t do the Sunday show. FL will not win tomorrow. They are a terrible team. I wish it wasn’t so but its true. Still a gator fan but the truth hurts. BENCH BRANTLEY is the only good thing will happen tomorrow. A 3rd loss in the swamp even Ron Zook didn’t do that. Go Gators.

  15. That Gator D’.

    No one doubts Shariff has the physical tools. Everyone also expected he would need a learning curve to get his game to an SEC level. Looks like he has made great strides.
    Next, Ronnie Powell has a longer learning curve now that he seems to be finding a home at linebacker. Floyd’s progress, along with the rest of the defense, will give Powell some room to use his physical talent.
    This is the time of year for freshmen to start looking like sophomores and adding a lot more to team play. I think we are seeing it. South Carolina is going to tell us a lot about how the defense will end the season.

    Should be fun to watch the Gator D in this game.

  16. Todd – UK put 450+ yards on UGA’s defense. Your point is well taken however. You can’t draw straight line comparisons from game to game. I am more concerned about Lattimore. USC’s website comments that he is healthy as does SI’s Stewart Mandel (Mandel picks USC to win the game).Their chance to win is to control clock with Lattimore.

  17. The reality of Lattimore: The true freshman has been ridden hard by USC this year, and he’s starting to wear down. He may be healthy int he idea that he will play and wasn’t limited in practice, but he did tweak his knee last week and is probably at 80-85%.
    Add in the fact that he has at least one starting O-lineman out this week, and possibly two, plus the return of Jaye Howard, and I really think we can limit his effectiveness.
    All year, UF has come out tentative to start the game. Tomorrow, I think we come out with very high energy and guns blazing. A couple of early stops and some uncharacteristic 1st quarter offensive success, and USC will go one dimensional, and we will eat their lunch.

  18. LIZARD makes a good point. Just as with our own #1 RB Demps, USC’s Lattimore is getting bit by the injury bug because he’s being used so much. He’s a great back, no doubt, but our defensive game-plan will be about containing Lattimore and making Garcis beat us with his arm. Two can play the ball-control game if necessary, and UF has the better ability to do that with the up-tempo style and a bigger variety of RB’s (including Reed and Burton).

  19. I love the matter what i will stay true to the ORANGE AND BLUE..yeah the Gators has had some bad luck…but the games that we lost was not but by a few pts..besides the Bama game…I think THE GATORS are ready to take take on the O ball coach and his cocks!! MEYER is a Winner and he will find a way to win games..and i think the offense has found its explosion its been looking for and i think the defense will shut down the cocks..GO GATORS !!! GATORS 36 COCKS 24

  20. I think somewhere in this game The Gators find themselves down two scores. Then I think the torch at QB gets passed to Jordan Reed and we get down to the business of playing the best guys for our system. Gators go down 10-0 early but win going away…37-20.

  21. @Jim —
    Very interesting. Doesn’t hurt to dream!…
    …but I believe it would take much more than a two score deficit for Meyer to bench Brantley. Probably four scores, but even then it would depend on how/why SC achieved such a lead,… and when (how far into the game)!
    For instance, if it was due to our defense not being able to stop them, or a bunch of Special Team miscues, then Meyer would likely keep Brantley in the mix.
    If, however, it was due to a sputtering offense BETWEEN the 20’s that could not respond in kind to an SC offense that was grinding it out like clockwork, especially on the ground, even then Meyer would probably simply increase Reed’s QB participation.
    It would no doubt further require a couple-few Brantley interceptions/fumbles in said game setting for Meyer to pull the plug on him (in THAT game; if he improved in practice, he’d probably be back in the next game).
    That said, I don’t expect that it would ever reach this point. Indeed, I fully expect (unfortunately) Brantley to be the starter through his Senior season next year.
    After that, who knows; who cares! It can only improve!!!

  22. GATORS need 2 be GATORS! STEVE KNOWS -THAT in of itself -is WORTH 10 pts!!! GO GATORS WORK ‘EM SILLY!!!!
    ~ AND THAT IS WHAT YOUR’E AFRRAID OF!!! end in a preposition!


  23. fl will lose today at the swamp. no ofense and the defense is terrible. brantley need to be bench. and start fresh with reed and burton. he is the worse qb fl ever had. sc 34 fl 17. no defense. no offense in the first quater nothing changed. a terrible team. spurrier first trip to atlanta with sc.

  24. FL will lose today in the swamp. This is the worse team since slice bread. John Brantley is horrible. The defense can’t stop a flea. Spurrier will beat Meyer today. Sc 34-FL17. No offense, no defense a miserable team. And a 3rd loss in the swamp. Brantley need to be on the bench. He ‘s awful. And UF will lose.Count on it.

  25. NOTE: see “BREAKING NEWS” (above) —
    Apparently this website,, did not reset their clocks last week, because their post times are (still) one hour ahead.
    The listed 10:03 pm post time should read 9:03 pm.

  26. So this is it? Back to the Steve Addazio dive play-throw-underneath offense? After everything we’ve accomplished in improving this offense the last three weaks and we go back to Addazio basics? NO ONE saw this coming tonight. ONE: Brantley isn’t the reason we’re down 16 – 8 at the half, it’s the play-calling and scheming. USC is reading EVERYTHING the offense is going to do, and that is… we’re trying to run at the nation’s 11th best run-D and not trying to pass on their pass-D which isn’t even in the nation’s top 100! Now, first, I will admit Brantley cannot run this offense tonight so it’s time to bench him and start Reed and play him the rest of the game and happen what may. JB is totally rattled and off his game and it’s time to recognize it. Secondly, hand the OC headphones over to ether Azzanni or Loeffler, or even Meyer, but get them the heck away from Addazio! Third, and finally, one more bad snap or whiff on a block by Pouncey and I’d bench him, or at least move him over to OG. He’s allowed Brantley to get punished on several snaps tonight. TWO FIRST DOWNS IN THE ENTIRE FIRST HALF?! THIS IS THE SEC EAST TITLE ON THE LINE PEOPLE! You’re kidding, right? All this “we had a great practice week” and “we’re ready to play” and “lets ‘blue out’ The Swamp” and this is what we get? Steve Addazio dive-play offense again? This would be the last game Steve Addazio ever wore the OC headphones IMO. It’s amiracle we’re only down by 8 at the half. Our D should be commended because they’ve managed to carry the load for our non-existant offense.

  27. I’ve said it before, and I say it again:
    it’s painfully obvious – to me, as well as our opponents – that we don’t know how to execute the screen (or short dump-off) pass, nor defend against it. Period!
    PS: “Boo-birds” are breaking out (3rd quarter; 9:23 pm). Brantley still at the helm.

  28. BREAKING —
    3:15 remaining in the 3rd Quarter —
    Gators apparently not aware it takes 10 yards for 1st downs.
    Also: having difficulty shutting down the rush of “great spread-option” QB, Garcia.
    AND, superlative QB, John Brantley, inexplicably being shut down.
    It’s official: we’ve entered into Bizarro World

  29. The coaches need to apologize to the fans for this horrible performance! SEC Championship berth on the line and the Gators looked like a high school team, going back to playing soft like against Miami (OH). But I can hear Coach Meyer blame it on the players as usual. Bottom line Meyer and Addazzio went against one of the greatest minds in the CFB world and got outplayed!!! We the fans know that. It is not John Brantley’s fault, this guy is being battered the whole season, it is the OL whom is laying a mayor egg on every important game this season and letting the QB get hit so many times. Time for some changes and the first one is the replacing of Addazzio as OC!!! We have had enough!!! We can’t compete with the elite anymore it seems…

  30. I meant to say this about 10 -15 minutes ago.
    Meyer AGAIN made a recurring error (of late) by opting to go for it on 4th down in the Red Zone instead of kicking the FG.
    Like father, like son; like Coach like team.
    Meyer plays the Red Zone like he doesn’t expect to be back there. Sends the wrong message to the players.
    ALWAYS (99%) take the points (FG)!
    Again,… PERIOD!
    PS: INCREDIBLE – The Legacy, I mean Brantley, is back in (~6:00 min. left)!!!

  31. This season is really about bad management. The expansiveness of the offense is really a lack decisiveness about philosophy and direction. To some extent that probably evolved from trying to please too many players who don’t have the ability to handle what they want to do. Teams that are really good have a strong alignment around a clear set of manageable goals at the task level where the players are willing to selflessly perform the roles they are good at.

    If players are really going to get better they will need to be confronted with about what they can do well and accept their roles based on that. It would be insane for Deonte Thompson to be a go to receiver or Emanuel Moody to be a productive runner. Would you vote for Mike Pouncey as an All-American or even an All-SEC player at the center? There are a lot of good centers in the SEC who block really well on a consistent basis (Auburn, Alabama, UGA, …). Putting players into a position where they are likely to be mediocre or fail is just bad management (coaching).

  32. Post Game Press Conference —
    Reporter: Coach, what do you see as being the main problem?
    Meyer: “Execution.” (translation: my players [Blue-chippers] suck!].
    OMG! The Buck stops… THERE?!?!?
    ALL is NOT well in Gatorville!
    “COACH ‘EM UP,” Urban, or risk becoming a Legend (prematurely)!…
    …that is, your OWN “execution!”
    Peace, Out.

  33. @HHO —
    I concur.
    You read my mind, ney – ALL of our minds, with your “high school” description!
    A couple of caveats, though:
    1) when Brantley does has time, he’s still not good! (PERIOD!)
    2) we ARE “the elite” (this is why UM’s excuses are wearing thin!).
    PS: Being an Alum, I know the standard phrasing is “It’s Great To Be A FLORIDA Gator,” but “IGTBAG!” is my abbreviation of Tim Tebow’s spoken sentiment to Coach Meyer while he was still laid-out on Florida Field after that frightening sack in the Kentucky game last year.
    According to Coach Meyer, he went out onto the field, kneeled down to check upon his Star player, and when Tebow “came to” (recall, he was momentarily unconcious), Tebow first asked if he had held onto the ball (or, if he had fumbled), then said, while still on the ground, “IT’S GREAT TO BE A GATOR!”
    Besides, how many “GATORS” are there? ONLY ONE! (that is, of any consequence to college sports in general, and Gator Nation in particular).

  34. We are lucky Lame Kitten is not coaching UT, because UF would have lost that game too and he would have laughed at how pathetic we are on offense. This season is a disaster and for as much as I like Coach Meyer, I disrespect the fact the he just blames the players again for “poor execution”. That excuse is getting as lame as Kitten itself. Our running game consists in overworking our QB’s. Even Tebow during his prime in 2007 got his hand broken for so much abuse on beating the same horse. Our running backs are so fragile they seem to bounce off the line of scrimmage every time they carry the ball. What ever happened to Gilleslie? I did not see him carrying the ball at all. He is the best back we have IMHO. Time for Foley to advise Meyer the school cannot afford having an inept OC as Steve Addazzio. His coaching performance today was pitiful. Time to move Addazzio out of OC duties…and to think this is the guy that was supposed to be the Interim Head Coach for UF…what a disaster!
    @quickenedspirit – Thanks for the definition of IGTBAG.
    Little chump…

  35. I am not going to say I was “right,” or predicted anything, but Addazio’s offense showed up Saturday and it WAS “Katey bar the door.” If she had, maybe Lattimore does not run all over us, thereby letting Garcia, Garcia!, make us look bad. Will Hill got trucked at the goal line by Garcia! I warned against using Vandy as a yardstick for ANYTHING besides a horrible team getting beat by a mediocre, and now no longer improving, team. This season is kaput. Meyer HAS to decide what he is going to do in the future. The only thing that sounds plausible to me is Jordon Reed at QB. Meyer says all the right things, but he appears incapable of adapting his offense to his players. Poor Johnny, he made a bad choice. Reed looks the best suited for what Meyer insists on doing. Hard to admit it, but Spurrier has demonstrated a better ability to adapt his offense to the talent he finds himself with. Even with Reed at the helm, we will not be surprising or sneaking up on any teams nest year. The spread is no longer the next big thing, it is the status quo, something most teams prepare for. Last- It is WAY past time for Addazio to go. From now on, it is just “AMG”: Addazio must go!

  36. AMG!!!
    SEE YA STEVE AND STEVE! FLA ‘s OC must go!!!
    Coach Meyer -that is the best you can do with JEFF DEMPS? 2 PLAYS in first half…HARDLY UTILIZING RAINEY-who has been OUTSTANDING of late…
    The COOL -OFFENSE in J’VILLE just mysteriously disappeared!!!
    Thanks for the run Addazio, but your HISTORY!

  37. Some observations —
    1) Meyer said in the post game press conference that Jordan Reed is “not functional at everything yet at quarterback.”
    That’s very enlightening. Let me see if I understand: Reed only “APPEARS” to be completely functional at QB, but he’s actually not, and Brantley only “appears” to NOT be completely functional at QB, but he actually is.
    So, we should not believe our lying eyes. Reed’s good performance and Brantley’s poor performance are both illusions. Got it!
    2) I watched the “Breakfast With The Gators” (BWTG) re-broadcast. The commentators made several telling critiques during the game (including disecting video replays):
    For example, Gator defenders “not staying in their lanes,” over-committing (prematurely “biting” on fakes, or jukes), LB’s prematurely retreating (turning their backs) on non-run plays that turn out to be screens, QB (Brantley) not reading obvious blitz packages, et al.
    This would seem to corroborate Meyer’s lament of lack of execution (BUT, this all goes back to COACHING!).
    3) Curse of a sponsor?!?: Lowes is one of the sponsors of “BWTG.” The Red Zone is called “Lowes Scoring Zone.”
    Brilliant! Might want to swap them out, Einsteins!
    4) Appalachian State IS a (formerly Div. 2A) perennial national powerhouse. While we may see them as Gatorbait; they no doubt see us as “Michigan II.”
    5) Spurrier’s post game quips (retooled):
    “God smiled on the [Gamecocks] tonight,”… and
    “apparently, ‘[Gamecocks] get out alive’ too!”
    PS: Congrats to the Ole Ball Coach! Good luck in Atlanta! This Gator will be rooting for you!

  38. I’ve been following the Gators since ’62 and although I love him as a human being and as a person, the fact remains that John Brantley is the least talented qb I’ve ever seen at Florida! The fans all have figured this out, along with the fact that it’s not the “execution” but the very predictable play calling as to why we’re making opposing defenses look all world against us. Urban, a little tip here, pick either Burton or Reed and give them the reps in practice this week along with simple routes for the likes of DeBose or it won’t just be Adazzio’s job on the chopping block at the end of the season, these fans will want you gone as well.

  39. What I find funny about these Gator blogs is how delusional the fans are. You guys just don’t realize how far you’ve fallen, and how far you will keep falling. Teblow was your everything. But now he’s off embarrassing himself in the NFL.

    Your little alligators are finished. Quit these ridiculous predictions. You just embarrass yourselves every week. So delusional that it really is pathetic. Quit making excuses. Brantley is a backwater hillbilly who is absolutely clueless out there and your defense is nothing but a bunch of idiots running around everywhere.

    Jack the ‘Nole

  40. Also, you guys are the most unloyal bunch of bottom feeders I’ve ever seen. If a coach loses one game, you want to fire him. Urban Meyer has won two national championships in five years and yet you are questioning his coaching. You boo your Championship-winning coach and your quarterback.

    Gator Nation = sad, sad people

  41. I’m not a psychologist. I’m just playing one on
    It’s almost as though once Meyer completed his leave of absence following his “retirement” debacle last year, he returned in body, but not in spirit – to a degree. Something has been missing, or diminished.
    I wonder if what we’re witnessing is not a manifestation of his heart not being “all in.” Hmmm?!
    His inordinat call for the gimmicky “blue-out” was like an earnest plea for the assistance of a twelfth-man. An admission that his team, OR HIM, was lacking. A cry for help, if you will.
    I’m just sayin’.

  42. It’s pretty obvious that the rumors of Loeffler calling the offense in the Sugar Bowl were right on true. That was not Steve Addazio offense. The same as our seven games before UGA… you can watch them and tell by the very personality of the scheming and play-calls who was game-planning and calling the offense. then, enter Georgia and Vandy, where WR’s coach Zach Azzanni installs the up tempo/fast break O and suddenly the Gator O is a machine averaging over 440 yards and 37.5 points a game, and then it’s back to Addazio last night with a grand total of 67 yards, 21 plays, and 3 first downs total in the first three quarters. Azzanni was helpin g with the O the last 2 games, it’s painfully obvious, and what happened is Addazio felt the problems were fixed and put ZA back over to WR’s and told him “he’s got it on his own now”. At least that’s what I’ve been told by a little birdie who tweets in my ear a few times a year. He also told me this is Addazio’s last year at UF and he will be putting his name up for another job elsewhere after 2010. This little birdie is almost always right on and I for one hope he is this time, because Steve Addazio is a disaster as an OC. He has managed to wreck in one night everything Azzanni fixed and improved the last few weeks.

  43. Todd, the disaster is not Adazio. The disaster is the Florida fan base. You guys are as delusional as Alabama fans. Your team is not that great. Just accept it and move on. You have a hack quarterback and a bunch of muppet baby clowns on defense.

    Gator Nation = sad, sad people

  44. Jack, just out of curiousity what bottom-feeding, envious, has-been-or-never-was, second-rate, sick-of-looking-at-the-Gators-tail lights, redneck, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, poorly educated, jealous, useless bunch of meat puppets do you cheer for on Saturdays? Seriously, the adults are trying to have a discussion here. Go away.

  45. I understand that in Football the Head Coach is not always the OC, but it seems that it would be best if he were.
    Are there any other sports wherein the Head Coach/Manager does not have real-time control of the offensive play-calling?
    Regardless, would it not be best for Meyer to retake the reigns of his Spread offense?

  46. said all along Addazio was bailed out of his pathetic calls by Tebow last year – we are offense predicated on spreading the field horizontally only, which means all teams have to do is stack the box and wait for the completely predictable play calls (Dive, flat left, flat right, then throw 5 to 7 yards every now and again… All the while all the gators had to do was show early in games they were willing and going to mix in vertical to threaten to stretch the field. Predictabilty and compact horizontal or dive play calling killed what was a very talented team! The defense having faced nothing but three or four and outs from our guys had no chance – as they were burnt emotionally and physically exhausted. If I were the defensive coach i would have quit behind this pathetic excuse of elementary school offensive concept!!! Fire Addazzio or move him back to the o-line (who also obviously needs primary coaching attention for their own good although its not their fault with such predictable play calling and no threat of spreading the field either). Addazio situation was obvious and should have been dealt with last year, all the signs were there then!

  47. The one thing I admire the most about Coach Steve Spurrier besides his competitive spirit was his ability to take full reponsibility for every game the Gators lost during his tenure. Meyer says he is not here to point fingers (at the coaches he means) but find solutions, however he is quick to blame the players on poor execution. I wish Coach Meyer would stop being all about himself and would take the blame like a man if he doesn’t think Addazzio did a poor job calling the offensive plays.
    Little very Little Chump here…

  48. Obviously, the weakest part of this team is the OL. Seemingly, this should be inexplicable considering their individual talent and extensive experience as a unit.
    Imagine if this team had an OL equivalent to the “Great Wall of Florida” (1984 & 1985). We’d be at least 8-2; probably 9-1.
    Their sub-par performance is not inexplicable, though, for the OL coach is none other than Addazio!

  49. Too bad Gator fans…..have fun ‘watching’ the SEC championship game!
    You have overconfident, cocky (ironic huh?) and arrogant fans at Florida. As a lifelong Gamecock fan, I am enjoying our season, the up’s and downs of it. But next year will be no different, because the inside scoop says we will get Clowney. We live in the same town and my daughter is a high school senior. He talks to his friends and luckily my daughter is one of them.
    Get used to losing…..I will enjoy watching it. You deserve it with the classless fans you have down there. Karma sucks huh?
    Go Gamecocks!