Pouncey prefers the tunnel


Senior center Mike Pouncey is a team captain and THE team leader. But don’t expect to see him going to midfield with the other captains for the pregame coin toss again. He did that once this season, in the opener, and he didn’t like it. Saturday night in The Swamp, you’ll see Pouncey making his usual entrance, leading the Gators out of the tunnel.

“I like doing that. I like leading the team out,” he said Monday. “I was trying to figure out why we played so bad that first game (against Miami of Ohio). I went out for the coin toss. I told coach (Urban) ‘Meyer, Don’t never, ever pick me to go out for the coin toss again.’ He said, ‘You got it.’ ”

Pouncey is down to having only two more opportunities to run out of the tunnel at Florida Field. “I won’t be going out for the coin toss,” he said.

Pouncey had a couple other interesting comments during interviews Monday.

On whether the season will be a success or a failure, based on the outcome of Saturday’s game against South Carolina: “It’s a one-game season. Without this game, I guess our season would be a failure. (Either way), it’s been one of the best times of my life, coming back to school for my senior season. It’s been a great run. I’m just glad I have this opportunity to go to the SEC Championship Game (with a win Saturday night).”

On former UF coach Steve Spurrier, who leads the Gamecocks into The Swamp on Saturday night: “Personally, I love Coach Spurrier. He’s one of the only head coaches I wait for that I really like meeting after the game. I try meeting him after every game, just because of his history here at Florida. He’s a great coach and a great guy.”


  1. I hope the old ball coach wears his visor to the game this weekend. It should get plenty of work.
    I figure three visors tossed in the dirt for blocked punts and a field goal, two visors thrown on the field for a QB sack and an IT, one visor thrown at the ref for delay of game, and one visor torn in half at the final score: 44-17 Gators.
    Lakeland GatorNaught

  2. I truely hope and pray that young mister Pouncey can get the “OLine” inspired to play Gator football. This game rests in their HANDS and their HANDS only!! What a huge responsibility for him and the Oline. We can win if they perform to their capabilities. THEY can be Gator great. Love you guys–beat the COCKS.

  3. “I was trying to figure out why we played so bad that first game (against Miami of Ohio). I went out for the coin toss

    Really, you went out for the coin toss, really? What about the 13 snaps that you put on the ground?

  4. Joe, I believe the number of snaps “on the ground” was more like 4, not 13. The commentators kept including snaps that Brantley had to reach for, but not all of them “hit the ground”. Pouncey is a great kid, a fine player, and a true Gator, so no cheap shots, please.

  5. Geez, Joe, you never had a bad game? The question is, how’s Pouncey playing these days. Is he hiking better? Yes. Is the O-line blocking better? Yes. Give the bad hikes a rest, will you. Let the last game and the next game form your impression. If the O-line plays well Saturday, what will you grouse about? Chas Henry? The kids are trying, and I, for one, like the direction they’re going.

  6. Hey Joe how many times have u played center against an sec line. No ones perfect. I am a die hard gator fan in all sports and would never take a jab at any gator player. Check yourself. Unless u could pull your lazy tail out of your computer chair and do a better job than Mike has close your mouth.

  7. im not ready to let pouncy off the hook for his considerable part in the losses this year. gator fans tend to have short memories which is probably a good thing. if 55 and the rest of the line will finish out strong and win the rest of this years games then they will earn the right to go down as a good but not great oline that sucked it up and finished strong. the sad thing about this year is that with a little better play from a handful of players and alot better playcalling early on we could easily be undefeated and once again in the hunt for the nc. other than auburn and oregon the teams in the top 10 this year are a joke and if we really get back on track here and stop overusing the dive play im sure we could take any of them. its going to be sad to be an also ran at the end of the year based on what could have been.

  8. montanagator- I agree our season could have been a lot better, but we got manhandled by Bama. The fact is that this isn’t great but it still has a chance to win the East and the SEC. Forget about what could have been and focus on what is right in front of us!! This team will be a force next year!! Go Gators!! They deserve our support no matter what their record is!!

  9. Joe… well I am sure you got all of that. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGATORS…. I am so hoping this is another step in what I predicted after the Miss State Loss… I said if we finish the season undefeated, and take the Title game, the season would not be a lost after all. I think we can still finish in the top 10 nationally. This is not far fetched, with the way teams are going down left and right… win win win Gators