Georgia prediction time


Some of you have suggested that I should stop picking Florida to win because when I do, they don’t.

OK, time to make the change.

I’m picking Georgia to win this game.

It’s not a hard call, really. The Gators are in a slump and riding a three-game losing streak, while the Dawgs are soaring with a three-game winning streak. I know, I know, Georgia’s three wins have come against Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Kentucky, but those were feel-good victories that have given Georgia something Florida lost several weeks ago — confidence.

Here are some other reasons why I think the ‘Dogs will get it done Saturday:

  • Aaron Murray is hot, and John Brantley is not (and I’m not talking about looks, I’m talking about quarterback play).
  • The Bulldogs are rolling, while the Gators appear stuck in neutral (or maybe even reverse).
  • The Florida  offense has drawn the brunt of the criticism, but the defense has played just as big a role in the three-game losing streak. The Gators can’t get anyone off the field. With Georgia’s balanced attack, the ‘Dogs are going to hog the ball all game long. If the Gators couldn’t stop a one-dimensional Mississippi State offense when it had to in the second half two weeks ago, they will have zero chance to shut down a Georgia offense that has been lighting it up.
  • Everyone has been talking about the changes the Gators made during the bye week. It sounds good, but this team is what it is. An extra week isn’t going to make that much of a difference.
  • Georgia’s secondary has been susceptible at times, but Brantley is not going to have time to exploit the potential weakness. That’s pretty much the way it’s been all season concerning protection for Brantley.
  • The Gators have owned the series over the past 20 years. But this is one of those years where the Bulldogs are simply better — and playing better than the Gators.

It all adds up to this: Georgia 28, Florida 10.


  1. Dang Robbie, earlier in the yr. jumped you for drinking the Gator koolaid.

    Just going off what you wrote during the summer, I believe you had Brantley Gator Orange kool aid to drink. Your not the only one, Frangie over in Jax picked Brantley to win the Hiesman in 11, that pick was made in June of course.

    Everyone had Moody being the next great SEC back as well.

    I think it’s a pickem game b.c of UF’s defense, then again Murray is the next great QB, ironically Brantley before the season was as much of a Rook as Murray was. Never drank the kool aid on Brantley based on the fact of who knows until he faces the real deal, Bama, LSU…. NOT KENTUCKY.

  2. You know, everyone was huge Meyer fans when the gators were winning. But, when down times come they all jump off the wagon? Meyer has something different about him than Zook. He has two championships during his time at Florida.
    Don’t know that Florida will win this weekend, but remember this is a building year.

  3. UGA’s defense is bad. Not just the secondary. They are nowhere near the caliber of the defenses faced in the previous three games. South Carolina beat them by possessing the ball. If UF’s offense doesn’t put points up on them that will be a real statement about how bad this offense really is.

  4. I’ll have to disagree and predict that the Gators win.
    The only problem we have is our preparation for night games dating back to last year. We have come out flat for evening games since before our close game at LSU. You would think the coaching brain trust would realize what they are currently doing is not working. This one ain’t a night game.
    GATORS – 28 (no field goals here)
    UGA – 10

  5. The rest of the nation sees it and are waiting to see how long it takes for Urban to admit it: Adazio has been trying to bang a round block through a square hole. If the Gators come out and show a different look on offense, or switch up personnel to match the offensive scheme then I give it to the Gators. Either way it will be difficult to pull off this late in the season. Given my ties to G-ville, I would love to be wrong and see the Gators get it together and take’em to the wood shed.

    Dawgs 28
    UF 10

  6. Sad to say it but I agree. We are what we are and two weeks is not going to change much. Just look how well some of our drafted players are doing in the NFL. Not having a field goal kicker is really hurting us. Here’s to hoping we pull out a close one or destroy them would be better but unfortunately not realistic.

  7. Florida wins 28-20. If I know Meyer, he’s taken upon himself a renewed larger role like he had before he had his health problems and is back looking over everyone’s shoulders and micro-managing to make sure every T is crossed and I is dotted. Meyer hates losing, and IMO, he’s probably going to hold Addazio’s hand the rest of this season and guide him with the offense. As for UGA, I give them full credit for winning three ina row after a 4 game losing streak, but those games were against SEC cellar-dwellars UT, UK, and Vandy. The Gator D may have had it’s troubles, but it STILL held Bama, LSU, and Miss. St. under their game rushing averages too. The Gator O has to be able to put together at least two, sustained TD scoring drives of 60+ yards and work the clock and TOP on UGA. I think the Gator D and special teams give us a short field on two other drives. If the Gators can score 14 points in the first half, they’re in this game at the half. If they can play solid ball-contol and good field position football, and don’t turn the ball over more than once, they will win this game. If they do this, then 24 points will be enough to win. Most importantly though, we cannot continue to line up in predictable formations with predictable personnel, or waste 10 – 12 snaps on dive plays too.

  8. Gators again without a place kicker, which remains unbelievable in this day. In a relatively even match up, special teams more often than not make the difference. Dawgs have superior kicking. If Gators are to win, it will have to avoid counting on a field goal to get it done.

  9. Robbie, I’m sure it was difficult for you to not only pick the dogs but also have to offer insight into you thinking. Hopefully, tomorrow night you’ll be having humble pie for desert after the main course of crow. Stafford, for all his talent, could only beat the Gators once, and that was due to the terrible Gator defense of 07.

    The Gators have the talent, but will they bring it to Jacksonville? On hell yes. Gators 24-10.

  10. CAROLINA, one other thing I left out in my previous post is probably the MOST IMPORTANT thing UF has to improve on in this game…. good yardage on first downs. We have to start getting those 4 – 6 yards on first downs and creating mangeable 2nd and 3rd down situations. First down is where we have absolutely, TOTALLY stunk this season. It’s where a lot of our three-and-out’s have begun. It’s where many of our drives have died before they began, and what was the most common play on first down? The dive play. Looks at the horrioble statistics we have had on first downs this season so far. Poor FIRST DOWN PRODUCTION is something where we have to stop being predictable and much more imaginative.

  11. Could not agree with your assessment more. Georgia is playing at a high level, and the Gators are not. If UF does not get big plays in this game, they will never beat Georgia in a grind it out type game. Georgia is running the ball well, and their short passing game is clicking. I have a deep sense this will be a real long day for Gator fans, Georgia 49 UF 12

  12. I can remember when I was kid going to Jacksonville in the old Gator Bowl and seeing Georgia dominate the Gators in the 70’s and 80’s. I have not been since 1997. iwill say wiil end our losing streak against Georgia and win it 28-17 because Chris Rainey is bakc and we have some players that have healed up from injuries. GO Gators!!


    30 years ago…..classic! Unbelievable!!!

  14. The outcome not being a foregone conclusion (for a change) could/should make for some exciting football.
    I expect a knockdown, drag-out brawl (maybe literally!), and suspect both teams will pull out all the stops to win THIS one!

  15. what is the story on place kicking. surely there is a student at a school of 50,000 that kicked in high school. we had a guy in my sons hi-school who kicked a 55 yarder and didnt play in college…of course thats in texas. there has to be walk on material at uf.

  16. Tebow is gone. The gators are a multi-player team again that are bumbling goons fed by the foolishness their arrogant fans. Urban Meyer’s narcissistic personality disorder will be on parade in Jacksonville as the sports world watches him demonstrate a melt-down on the field as the bulldogs embarrass his beloved football boys.

  17. @ Gary —
    My point was (BEFORE today’s BIG game) that Zook’s teams won the tough (big, important, & rivalry) games, but lost the “easy” ones (the “should-have-beens”), while this team has been doing the opposite (again,… save today’s).
    True, this “team” has not played up to its talent level (not even today NOR the Kentucky game, IMO), BUT Zook’s teams played AT or ABOVE their talent level against their nemesii (GA, FSU, TN). In fact, one of Zook’s teams was the first in UF history to beat those big three in the same season; PLUS, he beat FSU in Tallahassee for the first time in 20 years or so – something The Ole Ball Coach never could!
    However, they had major let-downs against lesser teams. That’s why his huge, even historic, rivalry wins couldn’t save him in the end – INCONSISTENCY!
    This team is much more consistent (and as such, predictable), but in the bad way!
    That’s all.
    IGTBAG! (It’s Great To Be A Gator!)

  18. One for the history books – in more than one way!
    I missed the 3rd quarter (went to vote), but by game’s end I noted that both teams had played an unusually clean and respectful game.
    However, Georgia’s Head Coach (Richt) sullied this just as Chad Henry’s game-winning FG split the Uprights; the close-up replay of his response showed him expectorate with what I perceived a disdainful countenance. [He must REALLY despise the Gators;… Gooood!!!]
    Anybody else notice it??

  19. I beg to differ-that both teams -PLAYED CLASSY…
    ONLY FLA. played CALSSY…NOTE: Trey Burton getting SHOVED in the BACK…LOTS of PUSHING IN THE BACK OF FLA PLAYERS by georgia players…AND IN THE END – GATORS GOT THAT RAMMA JAMMA!!! ooo-aaahh!!!!!!


  20. Finally!!! The Gators played like men last Saturday! I am so happy for all these guys, they played their guts out there against a tough Georgia Team that would not let go either. Hill, Janoris Jenkins, on defense were huge and on offense, I was so impressed as how John Brantley stood there in the pocket with so much poise and personality and took that many hits. I believe John could win a NC for us next year. He has a lot of heart and lots of physical ability. It was great to see Rainey back and he played with so much heart. Deote’s 3-19 catch was the biggest catch of the night! Burton and Demps played and run hard. Reed also contributed with some tough runs. But the man of the hour has to be Chas Henry for all the great punts he has done for us during his career, his 37 y FG in OT will be remebered as the “Redemption Kick”.
    Kudos for Urban Meyer and his staff for figuring out a way to win this game. I was so impressed at how Coach Meyer made every good decision after another. Like when to kick a FG and when to go on 4th down without demoralizing Henry, I thought that was the key!
    Two more SEC Games, that’s all we need Gators!!! Just play hard 2 more games!!! You are grown men now!!!

  21. Well, my comment on Friday about the Gators needing to be SURE that the outcome would NOT be decided by a field goal proved to be WRONG, and I am happy for Chaz Henry that he proved me wrong. Hit it or miss it, that kid deserves a lot of credit for continuing to try and do what he was not best at, or brought in to do. There is no questioning his heart.
    Also, note to Todd; you are spot on about the first down results being a major part of the problem. Hard to blame the QB when it’s always 3rd and long. Once the game yesterday got moving late in the 1st quarter, I thought the play calling showed more skill and imagination than it has in some time.

  22. So EXJUPITER, where are you now? If you’re going to talk the smack my friend, you need to be able to show back up and eat that crow. Else if you don’t, don’t bother coming back. Enjoy another beating at the hands of the Mighty Gators! Even when we’re down, UGA can’t beat us. LOL!

  23. So Coach Meyer was befuddled by why he didn’t have all 3 quaterbacks working since spring practice doing their individual thing on the field. Nobody has ever seen 3 different quarterbacks rotating like the Gators did on Saturday. What a great concept and it seemed to work. But where does the scheme go from here? Don’t you think that Vandy, S.C. and FSU will notice what the 3 rotating QB’s did to UGA’s defense and be prepared for it? We know that the throwing QB (Brantley) can’t run, but why not let the running/option QB (Burton) throw some? I’m sure he wasn’t just recruited just to run the ball or just hand off. He probably has a great arm and will make his share of good throws. Let Burton and Reed mix it up some. GO GATORS!

  24. I think the Gators will go scoreless again in the first quarter, but have a big 2nd quarter. They’ll jump out to an early half time lead(say 17-3 or 21-7). At halftime, I believe the Bulldogs make adjustments and tie up the game late in the 4th. Possibly with Murray hitting AJ Green for a TD. But UGA will pull some move that gets the Gators riled up(ie, dance, personal foul or mock Gator chomp). In OT, UGA will either miss the FG or have a turnover. Henry becomes the hero in overtime by kicking a long FG for the win. Henry gets carried off the field and all is forgiven. Score will be 38-35 or 34-31 Gators.

  25. Wow Robbie…Georgia 28-10. Remind me not to pay any attention to your predictions. Georgia 28-10? What were you smoking when you came up with that one? Had you actually watched Georgia play? If you had and then made that prediction, you shouldn’t be covering football…maybe late night ESPN poker is more your speed.