Boo-birds chirping in The Swamp


Those Florida fans who started booing the play-calling in the second half of the loss to LSU apparently didn’t have much of an impact on the Gator players.

“I had no idea what (the boos) were for,” senior center Mike Pouncey said.

There was even booing on Florida’s late 80-yard touchdown drive that gave the Gators a 29-26 lead with 3:21 left in the game.

“We were going to win the game. I don’t know what they were booing for,” Pouncey said.

When Pouncey was told it was for the offensive play-calling, he quickly came to the defense of offensive coordinator Steve Addazio.

“The play-calling has been good,” Pouncey said. “Coach Addazio is a great coach. He’s calling all the right plays. We’re just not making the plays that are there to be made. Obviously, it looks bad on him, but he’s calling the best plays he can.”

Pouncey said the offense is close to being very good, and once that happens there will be no reason for booing in The Swamp.

“We’re moving the ball. We’re just not making the plays when they’re there to be made,” he said. “Obviously, everyone has to get better. We have to stay together and keep fighting because it’s not over yet. We have to keep working hard.

“You never want to point the finger at any position group or coach. I love this team so much. It’s hard to see us struggling right now. We look on film, and it’s inches away from making a big run, inches away from getting a great pass off. We’ve just got to make the plays that are there to be made.”

Quarterback John Brantley also came to Addazio’s defense Monday, saying he trusted Addazio and his play-calling.


  1. We are going through a major re-building year. I guess we can say we are what we are and our shortcomings are a combination of poor play-calling and bad execution. We are just too young and immature. Brantley needs to arc his throws a little bit more. He has had 4 tip balls in the last 2 games, not to mention interceptions. Moody is SO unreliable at RB, just when he gets a nice sprint, he does what he does best: fumble. Can’t wait to have a real back developed. I think Gilleslie is going to be the man next year as he bulks up a bit more and Mack Brown can also catch up. Our defense was bending…bending… then finally broke in the last LSU drive. The defense kept us in the game in the first half though. Again our offense went on Sabbatical the first half. That’s 5 out of 6 games without scoring in the 1st quarter. Very anemic. The real weakness of this team is the OL. I think the future is bright for the Gators if Brantley cna learn to throw the deep routes and evade the blitzes. He is very athletic, tough and a humble awesome guy. I still believe he could get us a National Championship next year. Hope he stays healthy and mature at his position.
    The NC is out of reach but the SECCG is still well in sight.
    Go Gators!!!

  2. I don’t know why journalists even bother interviewing college athletes, it’s always the same ho-hum responses: we’ve just got to get better, Coach so-and-so is a great coach, I trust Coach so-and-so.

    What do you expect these kids to say? Coach so-and-so is incompetent and I can’t stand him!!!!

  3. I am seeing a problem in the play calling this year. The offense is moving the ball down the field but cannot score from the red zone. I went to the game and thought things would be better this week but had enough after three quarters and left. I missed the faked field goal by LSU and saw it back at my hotel room. I cannot believe the coaches and players were not ready for it knowing Les Miles always has a trick up his sleeve late in the games played.I think we can still get to Atlanta because I think South Carolina will lose again before they play us. GO GATORS!!

  4. I love this year’s Gator team. They are having a hard time getting consistent performance results but I really respect their spirit and never give up attitude. I understand those who are frustrated to the point of booing but these are 18, 19, and 20 year olds with a never give up attitude. I have been in personally tough situations and resilience has always gotten me through although I have been battered and banged at times. This is a time when the players really need our support.
    We will all get through this okay. I believe that strongly.

  5. The problem is the predictability. It seems like they are trying to make the players fit the system instead of the system fitting the players. Yes exectuion of these plays would help a lot. The talent is there. They just got to tap into it and utilize it better. And dont forget Tebow lost 5 games his first year as a starter. This team is going to be fine. ITS GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR!!!

  6. I think most Gator fans are befuddled by the lack of a cohesive offensive unit this year. Coming into this season, most of us felt comfortable because we had a lot of starters returning on the OL and a very seasoned QB with a very good arm, and frankly most of us felt very good about the receiving corps. Where we had concerns was on the defensive side of the ball, and to be honest, the defense has performed well up until the LSU game. I’m not sure why in this game we felt like we had to blitz almost every passing down, leaving the secondary exposed. The big plays in this game for LSU all came when we blitzed and didn’t get to the QB. In the end though, the reason we lost this game and the Alabama game is the OL play. Most Gator fans thought the OL would be our strongest, most experienced component, but the OL play has been terrible, from tackle to tackle. No one saw this coming, including Coach Meyer. The receivers, in my opinion have played well. The RB’s have been O.K., considering that there is never a hole to run through…Moody seems to have lost a step or two, he’s not as fast as he once was. We really missed Demps in the LSU game. Oh well, as the Gators of years past have been known to say….”Wait ’til next year”.

  7. Now i am not a coach but i can figure out what offense the Gators are going to run. If Brantly rund the option he is going to pass it off. Brantly throws the ball. The other two guys are just going to run it. My feeling is our offensive is boring. There is no excitement to it. I think we need a different Offensive Coordinator then Steve. Last year our Offensive struggled too and we had great players then. What is up with hurrying up to the line and then looking over for the play. I love the gators and always will but we need a better offensive Coordinator. Tebow played with great fire in him. He had the passion to keep the team pumped up. I dont see it this year from anyone of our players. Where is the heart.

  8. I say let the boo birds chirp! Rose colored glasses? Please. The UAA is a VERY big business and these coaches need thick skins. I say, be good or be gone! Addazio? Just Jeff Bowden with a chrome dome to me, the sooner he is demoted and our misery has a chance of ending, the better. I personally do not boo at Gator games, but I do not bash those who do: some of these alum pay THOUSANDS of dollars for the “right” to sit in the stands. You want to close practices and give BS non-answers at pressers? How do you expect folks to voice their displeasure? No, time to put on the big boy pants in live with the booing, no matter who is booed. Rah, rah, sis boom ba? Please. Frankly, I wish I was allowed in to practice and barred from the games. Grading out as a “Champion” does not mean what it used to. LSU is #2 in time of possession in the SEC, Mississippi State is #1. Who dat say? Anyhow, Go Gators, beat MSU!

  9. Another concern with the booing is the impact that it may have on the 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star potential recruits that were in attendance at Saturday’s game. Many coaches go to the extent of blaring in the recruits name (made a sack, scored a touchdown…), crowd cheering noises, the fight song erupting, to give the recruit a flavor of what it would it would be like to star for “our team.” What memories do you think the recruits came away with as many in the crowd booed as the Gators struggled down the field to score the go ahead touchdown. “Come here and get booed?” Please think about the impact on recruiting. Also the coaches need to work on fixing the things that need fixing. I do understand the frustration.

  10. The boo-birds are frustrating to say the least. It can be taken as boo-ing at the players themselves even though it was directed at the coaches… but people who may not be experienced “recruitniks” should understand it isn;t some booing fans that will affect their commitments, it’s the immediate playing time that’s the #1 factor to them. Now, lets get to the core of the booing… the incredible mess this Gator offense has been reduced to. By game’s #3 and #4, the Gator offense showed signs of gradually improving v.s. UT and UK. Realistically, Uk should have finally been the turning point for this offense, but in the last two games, it’s worsened. 65 total yards in the first half v.s. LSU’s 244? No points in the first quarter again? One offensive scoring drive of over 20 yards? Lets face it folks, LSU’s own mistakes actually prevented this game from being another ugly Bama-style blow out of the Gators. I myself am not going to be diverted by this “boo-bird” comnspiracy but will stay on track… this offense will continue to suffer and bungle it’s way through games while Steve Addazio is in charge of it. Addazio OL has devolved into a total mess of a unit. He has been incessantly trying to pound a square peg into a round hole by forcing a pro-set QB in John Brantley run an option-heavy O scheme. A dozen or more plays are wasted for no-gain on useless dive plays. Against LSU, our first six possessions had the first down play go for more than zero or negative yardage once. We are literally autographing everything we’re going to do to opposing defenses. How easy do you think MSU’s Dan Mullen, who helped WRITE our playbook, will have scheming his defense for us this week? It’s time for Coach Meyer to realize this is a business and friendships must play second-fiddle at times. He should either make Scot Loeffler co-DC to help Addazio or outright OC altogether and move SA back to full-time OL coach.

  11. Hated the orange jerseys, they should be banned. Like Dooley says, why go back to the awful 80s?! And Spurrier said once upon a time, they look like Clemson. As for booing, I have no problem when tix are expensive to voice displeasure at the playcalling. How many times can Brantley be asked to bailout the offense on 3rd and long? That sets him up to fail. And the o-line was supposed to be a strength, been a major disappointment. Yet, the coaches sugarcoat it, saying its just redzone problems. Come on, we’re intelligent, no need for insults. As far as the players backing Addazio, of course, they’re not going to diss their coach in the press.

  12. First, we are eleventh in O in the SEC. Only vandy stands behind. We could bearly muster 5O yards vs Miami of Ohio, we had what 60 vs lsu in the first half. Our signiture win this year vs uk, whoopdy doo. We have played cream puff teams and still remain horrible on O. Yes our red zone O was good vs cupcake teams. How good is it vs the big boys?? We had one, count it one long drive vs lsu. The other scores came from excellent field postion from turnovers and a kick return.
    Now if CM and the team wants to spritz perfume on poop then fine. But the results show different. What else are the key players going to say, Yeah our OC sucks. This has to be one of the worse uf offenses I’ve seen in a long while and I’ve seen plenty that were real stinkers. I hope we keep those orange jerseys because it fits how we play, like the 80s teams.

  13. Keep fighting Gators! Those who boo don’t understand the game and show no class. Ignore them. We are proud of your hard work. “In all kinds of weather…” remember that Gator fans!

    To Jeremy Foley: please – for the love of everything decent and sacred – no more uniform gimicks. We are not a second rate program that needs marketing schlock to gain attention. And never again with the orange jerseys – way too many bad memories!

  14. It’s too bad it had to come to this. As loyal fans we have felt like unwanted step children. Banned from practice, never given any news about team, left to wonder what the hell is going on behind the curtain. We finally felt like we had to voice our concerns so that they are heard by the staff …. booing is not something we would choose to do given other options. Our only other option was to either cheer, be silent in our discontent, or start following another team. (None of those choices are appealing to the Gator Faithful) Face it, the play calling and performance of the offense has been awful ……… if the only way we can get that message thru to the ears that need to hear it is booing so be it. Boo On …….

  15. that was a tuff loss, so close, who didnt see the fake field goal coming from miles other than the coaching staff? we need taller corners, #8 tries hard but is too short for the better, taller recievers. #10 needs to sit down also, again, moody needs to be benched forever. if that nose tackle who keeps jumping offsides cant get right then bench him also, start playing some younger guys instead of these upperclassmen who should no better by now. brantley has to throw the ball higher, its going across the dline at helmet level on a bunch of passes. if adazio is going to continue and insist on running dive plays up the middle out of the wildcat at least let reed do it as hes stronger than burton and let burton stick to the outside stuff. i havnt seen burton get stopped going around the corner yet but why keep running a play that works, thats not tricky enuf for adazio who thinks he can outsmart everybody. they need to realize they have a really really average oline and call plays accordingly. heres a thought, dont recruit just the biggest olineman u can get, try and get one with some smarts to go with the size. it also looks like burton has a hard time faking the dive or handoffs and should just be cut loose to find a seam, it just slows his progress and isnt slowing down the d anyway. i dont agree with booing at the stadium but those guys paid the ticket price and who can regulate it. obviously it shows how a lot of people feel about adazio and i cant remember the last time i heard boos at a home game. its very frustrating to watch what could be a pretty good offense be shut down by bad playcalling and the apparent lack of proper motivation from the coaches or leadership from the seniors. hopefully we get something going before msu… Go Gators,,

  16. I know I’m beating a dead hose because I’ve said it before but I want to float this idea again at this time. With the injuries and instability of the offensive backfield I would urge the coaching staff to look at a player already on the team who might contribute greatly as a tailback. He has the speed, 4.4 in the 40 yard dash, was a standout in track, and as a high school junior running back rushed for 791 yards and 16 touchdowns; as a high school senior he ran for 22 touchdowns on 87 carries. Sound a little like Demps? Only difference is that he is 6’1” and weighs 223 pounds. If the Gators want to continue to run dive plays and the offensive line can open some holes think of what he could do if he could get into the defensive secondary. With our depleted backfield now is the time to look at Jelani Jenkins as running back, and as a diversion for Omar Hunter’s reverses. Tailback not fullback. Could help.

  17. An offense without Demps and Rainey is going to be somewhat limited, but I forget that all the know-it-alls have actually been the ones that won the 2 NCs, not Meyer. Let’s hope we can end the immature booing and not do anything stupid like chanting, “We want Mullin,” Sat. nite. Perhaps we can start to change the national perception of Gator fans as a bunch of spoiled, know-it-all prima donnas.

  18. You are not entitled to anything. Fans may think that booing is the only way to show your displeasure because they are upset someone has locked them in the room and banned them from playing outside with all the other kids. Fans think they are entitled to watch practice. They think you are entitled to get straight talk from a coach. Just because a person bought toothpaste doesn’t mean he/she has the right to attend a shareholder meeting and voice their displeasure with the flavor of it or get upset because they can’t walk right into a manufacturing line and watch how it’s made. Quit booing 18-21 year olds that are here to get an education and are trying to figure out why spoiled fans are booing when they are giving it all on the field.

  19. Some of us “know it alls” ahve actually played or coached the game of football Barry, and it gets old listening to those who talk to us like we can’t fathom a single concept about the game. Bobby Bowden was a legend at FSU but was forced out because his program became complacent. Blind, undying loyalty is for lemmings, but it’s fair game to express reasonable, fair criticism when it’s deserved.

  20. Gator fans are very supportive. When you hear Gators booing, you better take notice, because it means something is VERY wrong.
    It looks to me that fans are tired of every play being run into the teeth of the defense. The spread used to keep teams off balance, but now no matter where we run a play, it seems that half the defense is there waiting for it.
    The only reason for that is we must be telegraphing our plays. Heck, I know we are. I know what we are going to run at least 25% of the time, I’ll bet the guys who study film all week know what it will be 75% of the time.
    None of this is a shot at the spread, or Meyer, or even Addazio. But we have an open week after MSU, and we need to create some different formations, even if we run the same plays out of them, we need to dig deeper in the playbook to find some plays other teams aren’t used to seeing, and most importantly, someone needs to chart theplays we call compared to down distance, and area of the field and look for patterns, so that we can figure out what is keying opponents, and make changes.
    This is why the fans are booing. How can we know this stuff when evidently the coaches don’t?

  21. 1. How did Urban fall for yet another patented Les Miles fake FG? Did we think Les was going to ice his own kicker by calling a TO first? Where were the coaches pantomiming, hands waiving and warning of a fake a la Kirby Smart?

    2. The offensive line play is terrible, but I suppose at that point is obvious to all by now. I don’t think we’re doing any favors with Pouncey at center. Wouldn’t it make more sense to get Robey some PT in our “rebuilding year”? If Robey isn’t ready, they should just say so. The coaches have no problem using that line for Debose.

    3. Brantley just isn’t there yet. I agree with the arc comment above. And he doesn’t have that internal clock yet telling him when to get rid of the ball. Example: When it’s 3rd and 7 from your own end zone you have to know as a QB that you’ve got exactly 2-3 seconds to throw, tops. But I’m okay with that. I can deal with Brantley just being young.

    4. Addazio isn’t doing Brantley any favors with predictable short yardage plays on 1st and 2nd downs putting Brantley in difficult 3rd and longs. Again, coaching.

    5. The first boo in the LSU game came on the first play, because he used Moody on a sweep play. Moody, when he isn’t fumbling, is a between the tackles guy. Sure it’s knee-jerk crowd reaction. But the play calling through 6 games has earned this.

    6. Re: booing. It’s becoming more knee-jerk now as it’s often done when not deserved, but that’s behavior that can be changed with plays designed around Brantley, not trying to design Brantley around plays.

    7. The impact of booing on recruits is minuscule compared to the impact of an anemic offense that can’t score in the first half. Don’t take my word for it, read Ed Ashcroft’s article on Mike Bellamy (Oct. 11, Big Target on hand for UF-LSU), who reportedly left at halftime because he was “bored” with the offense.

    8. I can get behind “rebuilding year.” I get that. But it’s frustrating because it doesn’t have to be this bad. Play selection is a major factor, and it’s the second year in a row of it. Go vertical. We have receivers, use them. If Dubose doesn’t get the playbook then just tell him to “run full speed to the pylon.” At least take the opponents fastest corner out of the play. The game plan difference between the Sugar Bowl and all the games in 2010 was huge as well. Addazio and Meyer showed in the Sugar Bowl (given: Tebow, Hernandez were just better) how much they can accomplish when they let it all hang out. They’re conservative to a fault. We now have 2 losses. Let it all hang out. I can deal with losing. I can’t deal with hamstringing your own potential.

  22. Hey Montanagator-I TOTALLY agree!! As soon as UF stopped them on 3rd & short I was SCREAMING at the tv to watch the fake. As dumb as Les Miles is I figured the dummy would try a fake & he did. WHY even try to block the fg attempt?!?! There was a very good chance that he would’ve missed a 53 yarder anyway but Jenkins crashes down & the kicker goes right by him. What a humiliating loss. Outcoached by the court jester of college football, Lester Miles. So NOW Coach Meyer realizes that he needs to get Debose involved?!?! Took you 6 games to figure that out!??! Why have all of these players & then you don’t use them?!? I see 6’5″ Stephen Alli on the sideline. Use HIM in the redzone. Ever heard of a fade route?!?! Mack Brown-he can’t be any worse than Moody-he suxx & should be benched for good. Mix in a damn SCREEN PASS & not that stupid tight end screen either. FSU ran screen plays ALL DAY on Miami. They WORK, Addazio!! Try them once in awhile. Have Burton throw the abll once in a while. As soon as he comes in the defense knows he’s gonna run the ball. This season is lost & it shouldn’t have been. Look forward to next year fans & unless Urb makes changes it’ll be the same frustrating crap as this year.

  23. And another thing-wth wasn’t Janoris covering Tolliver instead of Jeremy Brown!? I thought you put your best cover guy on the best receiver but seeing how Tolliver was abusing him all night I guess they had no choice. A little over the top help would’ve prevented long gains by him late in the game on those over the middle slants. I would also bench Will Hill. He stinks & needs to be relegated to kickoff coverage where he’s an All American but a scrub as a safety. He constantly misses tackles, always seems to be out of place, & is never where he’s supposed to be. This team is mind numbing & has the very real possibility of losing to Mullen’s dogs this weekend. I hope the fans come out w/ signs asking him to come back. We need him!

  24. Hmmm, Paul says we need to move one of the best CB’s in the entire country to tailback and run Omar Hunter on reverses. That may be the most hilarious comment I have ever read on any blog. Also, Jelani Jenkins is currently developing into a big time LB and was rated coming out of high school as the #1 OLB (not RB) in the country, so I think the coaches know what they are doing in his regard. I agree and support your other two commnets, but I’m assuming these were meant to be “tongue in cheek” and not to be taken seriously. Correct? ☺

  25. Paul, my bad. I went back and read your comment again and read Jelani when I thought I had read Janoris, so forget what I wrote about moving our best CB. However, moving Jelani is not a good idea either in my opinion. There are a lot of kids that are playing out of position in high school because they are the best athlete’s on thier respective tems and do so out of need, but that does not necessarily mean they would be better playing that particular position at the next level.

  26. We need to run more plays and the offense needs to attack. Pick up the tempo of the game…keep the D off balance. Oklahoma offense in 2008….need I say more. Brantley can do everything Bradford did….same kind of QB. Get over the ball, snap the darn thing and run the play….don’t give them time to adjust and think about what’s coming. I’m just saying….

  27. There are always going to be ups and downs from year to year, but this is not that situation. This is a totally confused offense with no idea of what they are and what they do well. That my friends is a coaching issue. Players do what they are instructed to do, and they have done a great job. The BOOs are not directed at the players (as they almost never are). If it isnt clear that the BOOs are for the coaches then they really are lost. I pretty much agree with much of the things people listed, how could they not know there was a possibility of a fake? Will Hill needs to be benched and relegated to special teams only, cleary he does not have the instincts to play safety. He is usually in the right position as per the defensive playcall, but never makes the play.Brantly needs to be working on putting some arc in his throws. I cant understand why his throws look flat come game time, but in warmups and practices they are perfect.Anyone think MSU will be trying to batt balls down??? Call a spade a spade, the Oline is at best average, realize that and adjust accordingly. Pouncey isnt mauling anyone, he is getting beat time after time by real NFL talent. Moody does look slower this year, and yes we really need Demps, the one bright spot in a season so far of dark. He has really improved this year. There now i feel better

  28. The offense is at its best when the ball is spread around to many different players. This has held true for the past 20 years of Florida football. When the people in the stands (who aren’t paid) know where the ball is going, where do the people on the opposing sidelines (who are paid) think the ball is going?

    Additionally Les Miles is perhaps the dumbest coach in America and he just out-smarted our coaching staff and players on that fake. The Gators have now given up a fake in 4 out of 6 games. That just falls into the category of “Wow”.

  29. Hey 60sdcgator!

    Glad you’re back. Actually I am searching for answers on how we can get the backfield to be productive. Under 200 pound tailbacks on dive plays doesn’t seem to be working. And a lot of the coaches, including “Fun ‘n Gun” Steve Spurrier, see the need for hard hitting running backs. We just don’t seem to have them. If you look at linebacker players on Gator Football bios you’ll see that a lot of them played both ways in high school, including starring at running back. Do you agree that at least one Big back would help, one over 210 pounds? And I am thrilled that I can provide some humor in your day. What do you think would help the Gator running game? ;o}

  30. And 60sdcgator I want to apologize to you for anything that I might have blogged previously that might have been inappropriate. You certainly have a right to your opinion, I respect what you say, and we are all Gator fans after all.

  31. “but he’s calling the best plays he can”

    That says it all. It’s time to find someone new. If Luck Miles was able to out coach us, a Dan Mullen team is something to be very scared of. Our play calling is the most predictable it has ever been and a Ron Zook offense was more exciting to watch – at least he let his Quarterback throw it down field and I think Brantley is a better QB than Grossman was.

  32. Few things I have noticed are the lack of tempo/flow/rhythm on offense. Slow to the line,and wait until 2 seconds are left on the playclock before they snap it. Get the play called, get to the line and run it. The tv timeouts already slow the tempo and rhythm, but the slow play calling and the get set, then whole team look at the bench for 5 or 6 seconds to run the same play is useless.

    I am also curious as to how many more times this year JB is going to turn to the bench and throw both hands in the air because SA has killed 25 seconds of the play clock and still no play? How many more timeout’s are going to be wasted because of this and then have to many men in the huddle?

  33. I’m waiting for Robbie to scold us bad gator fans for being so negative and bitching. I guess everything we’ve posted is nonsense or that we don’t have a right to be critical. I suppose fsu fans had no right to be critical of BB after all the good he did. It’s a shame fsu is rolling with a changes in place. Without the fans who insisted on better they could have had BB this year. It’s fans who give a crap that has reasonable expectations of a quality team playing up or close to their potential. This TEAM is no where near that. I remember the zook years, I guess we should have just shut our mouths then too, you know give him time to fix things. Yes I know CM has brought 2 NC’s and BB did wonderful as well, but let’s not forget CM gets compensated very well for what he does and that is win. Most of us could see a train wreck coming with the kind of O these coaches have put forth. But then again, what do we know we’re just dumb old fans.

  34. I read the article today where Meyer’s say he never ran the reverse before because he “never had to”? But its in the play book now. Are you kidding me. We have gone from leading the conference in Offense almost yearly to putting the reverse in the playbook because we didn’t need it before? I have agreed with everything on this blog and it seems friendships in the coaching staff has gotten more important that winning games.

  35. The fans are booing the players. They are booing the play calling. If I can predict the play that will be called, why wouldn’t a seasoned opposition coach or player. How many times are you going to run Demps or Moody up the middle for 1 yard before you try something else. And why, when you have some momentum going, do you then call a time out, to figure out a brainstormer, of yes, once again, run it up the middle. Don’t they think by now that if Trey is in the game with short yardage, taking the snap, that he is going to run it? Also, when Janoris gets us a 15 yard penalty which leads to a touchdown and smiles all the way across the field to the bench and no one gets in his face? Something is wrong with that lack of reaction.

  36. Lot’s of folks calling for a more exciting offense. More variety, more screens, downfield passing, etc. While all these are valid, the real goal should be an EFFECTIVE offense. That is what is lacking with this team. Erict Rhett was not the fastest or most exciting runner at UF, but he sure was effective. Same to be said of Earnest Graham.
    If 1st down dives up the middle are working, keep pounding them. Problem is, they are not, and actually were not last year either. At the end of the day, it should not matter how flashy, sexy or awe inspiring the offense is. Just make it effective. That usually translates to winning.

  37. I also wasn’t booing, but I think it was clear after about the 50th run up the middle for no gain or 2 yards when we need 15 yards just who the booing was for.

    I never boo, but I certainly am not going to say it isn’t called for. It is called for on the coaches’ side of things. NEVER boo the players! They’re just kids.

    But I think it was quite obvious they weren’t booing the kids.

  38. Either way, this is the Sports Section of the Gainesville Sun not the editorial page of the mullet wrapper that actually pays you. Get busy, actually do some work, research something, and write an in depth article about FOOTBALL and quit taking the easy road. Earn your paycheck.

  39. Why cant we boo. We paid for the tickets. If we see malarky from the coaches we will and should boo. Not because we dislike the Gators but because we like them and know they can do better, and so they know what they are doing is not working. We cant exactly go into the Athletic dpet and bend Addazio’s ear for a few.
    Proof this is working is how we are all discussing it. You know the players know its not about them..THings get around school.

  40. I have to trust Meyer’s judgement on this though it is very frustrating. It just seems like in 2006, UB (or Dan M) adjusted the play calling for the athletes. Leak was no option guy but the plays were based more on the player’s strengths and talents.
    But, I really thought this would be an 8 win season an, even though I got my hopes up with all the pre season hype, next year I believe will be worth waiting for.

    Just beat Georgia again, to keep the world in the proper balance, and i will be good until then.

    Go Gators!

  41. Addazio is spread too thin to call plays and coach the offensive line during the game. Meyer should start calling the plays and let Addazio focus on the line. I appalud to players for their determination and coming from behind so many times this season. GO GATORS !

  42. I truly believe Myers is one of the greatest coaches in the nation. After our disastrously poor offensive output last year, I really thought the offensive coach would either get the picture or step aside. The inept offense this year is a further example of the offensive coach not doing his job. I watched him during the LSU pounding. He kept his eyes on his play cheat sheet. Never saw him look at the defense. I don’t see us getting better until the offensive coach leaves. Reminds me of the Bowden problem years ago.

  43. I’m an old Gator fan (VERY old!) from upstate New York. Just want to say “hello” to all the posters and Gator fans. I enjoy reading all the comments. I feel very proud and privileged to be a part of Gator Nation. GO GATORS!!!

  44. Why doesn’t Robbie Andreu write a column on why neither he, nor Pat Dooley, has the guts to grill Urban Meyer for that travesty of a fake FG. Based on the left side’s positioning on that play, there is absolutely NO WAY that they had been coached, prepared, or even so much as told during the time out, to stay put on the outside in the event of a fake. The LSU kicker managed to gain ELEVEN yards (5 yds. behind the line/6 yds. to get first down) after he scooped up the ball. And, all Meyer, the special teams “mastermind” could do was argue that it was an incomplete pass. PATHETIC. Meyer should be held accountable for this disgrace.

  45. I agree the dive play doesn’t work ALL the time. And I agree the play calling has been pretty terrible fore the last 2 years. I have said so more than once (including Mullen until we’d lose a game, then he’d change what he was doing). But, it’s the play and coaching of the O-line that has been the worst part of our team. That still falls on Addazio.
    The dive play is run in hopes of the speedy back breaking through the initial wave of players, and then having space to make a big play. It has worked a couple times this year, and several times in the past. But you can’t run it ALL the time.
    The play calling has been predictable and atrocious for a majority of this year as well. However, when the line can’t open a hole to run in, you’re going to be left with long down and distance to go many times when this happens. When Brantley drops back to pass, he has someone about to hit him before he can even look at a second receiver. So, yes, the play calling is conservative b/c that’s all we have time to do.
    Is Addazio to Blame? Yes! Not entirely as OC, but more as the O-line coach. He is wearing too many hats: OC, OL coach, assistant head coach, recruiter, doing speaking engagements, etc. He obviously can’t do it all, and do them all well. Just like they said they need to take something off of Burton’s plate, the same should be said for Addazio.
    Also, the poor coaching on special teams shows Meyer might need to take that responsibility back. Two successful fake FGs against us this year, and the one against LSU was a duplicate from a few years ago they ran against us. THAT is pathetic coaching!!
    I support Meyer, but something is amiss with the staff this year.
    Go Gators and make us proud at homecoming this week 🙂

  46. Paul, I agree that we are all in this thing together…through all kinds of weather. I think that once we get both Demps & Gillislee back 100% healthy our running game may step it up a little. Demps is a solid 190 pounder that can run inside as well as outside. I have also heard that Mack Brown has been getting a lot of reps in practice this week and may play more, but I’ll believe that when I see it with my own eyes in the Swamp this Saturday night. It all starts up front however and until our OL starts getting a push, it would not matter who or what size back you run in there right now. The one guy that I personally think we miss more than anticipated is Patchen. He can be a beast with a tough guy mentatllity and could even play a little TE if needed after playing there some during the spring. At least when he lines up as the extra OL, the opponants defense could not just key on a certain running play everytime.

  47. I am just stunned that we have fans that boo the same man who created 2/3rds of our National Championships!!!! Who REALLY thought we could lose the number of players we have to the NFL (many underclassmen) and still put as team on the field that could compete for the SEC title? This years team is all about preparing for next years title run and while i am just as frustrated as anyone THIS YEAR, i bleed orange and blue and truely believe that “in all kinds of weather WE all stick together for F-L-O-R-I-D-A!!!”

  48. Booing the Gators is NEVER acceptable and totally classless. These are college kids and not professional athletes, save the booing for pro games. I am as frustrated with our offense as anyone and have very little confidence in Steve Adazio but it is completely classless to boo your alma mata. IMHO, we need to adjust the offense to fit the strengths of our QB or adjust who is QB to fit our offense.

  49. Go Gators beat Georgia! I still believe we can win the East if we stick together has fans. There are many areas that are in need of improvement and I believe the staffing will spend the bye week working on those areas. We as fans just need to stand behind our awesome Gators. Please remember that these are young men playing the game they love. May God bless all Gators everywhere.

  50. First, Gator fans should not boo. That is not the UF way. But having said that, the big problems stems from our terrible offensive coaching. I am sure Adazio is a great guy but he is not a top rated offensive coordinator and I don’t think he is even a good offensive coordinator.

    The problem did not begin this year, this has been going on for a couple of years now. Even last year with Tebow we were so predictable. We have all of these incredible athletes and we don’t utilize any of them. Why did it take so long to get Dubose to play this year? How many other superstars do we have that simply have not gotten the chance?

    We have a passing quarterback that we are trying to turn into an option quarterback. When we have tried a vertical passing game at different points this year, the results have been good.

    There is no imagination with the play calling. Hell, this is UF. We expect imagination and excitement with our offense. When Spurrier ran the show we had receivers flying open all over the field. I really do not believe that Adazio is up to this job. We need to bring in a top offensive coordinator and rebuild the offense from the ground up. In the mean time, we need to scrap the dive play and spread the field both vertically and horizontally and we should never ask Brantley to run the option again. We also need to forget the illusion that we have a great offensive line. We just don’t and the offense needs to adjust to that. We need to give some new players a chance to make something happen.

  51. Bad memories with Orange jerseys from the 80’s????? You mean bad memories like the first 2 “on the field” SEC Championships in Gator history? (84 & 85) The best team in the country in ’84, named No 1 by Sporting News & New York Times. Great, great players such as Kerwin Bell, Lomas Brown, Rickey Nattiel, 3 no. 1 draft choices in the same backfield(Neil Anderson, Johnell Williams, Lorenzo Hampton), the best O-line in college football ( The Great Wall of Florida), beating USC and Miami back to back at home to open ’82 season, Wilbur Marshall destroying USC….those “bad memories in orange jerseys”????…as for this year, what in Steve Addazio’s background as a career O-lineman and O-line coach prepare him to be OC of a top 10 level program? It was obvious last year this guy was incompetent, only Tim Tebows greatness bailed him and CM out last year. Now wo Tebow, Addazio is exposed…..if he’s such a great administrator, let him be an Asst. AD or something…he’s not a competent OC….one more thing, why are all the print media types working so hard to defend this guy????…..because he’s obviously a 1st Class Schmoozer, that’s why …..

  52. i think you have a right to boo a coaching staff that allows a fake goal from 53 yards out.And if they happened to try it,all that can happen is you tie or win. not lose.Let him try,but no fakes.Never boo the players but this has become a poor coaching staff. Tough decisions at end of this season.Urban might just have had it. He and his teams always play at 110%.Not this year. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is in big time college football,and maybe Urb can’t do it anymore.Understandable.