Oh, woe is me (I really stink)


We’re only at the midway point of the season and I’m ready to give up, quit, concede — never predict another game this year.

Not only have I lost my mojo, it’s become painfully obvious that I have become a compulsive bad picker. I keep predicting upsets that basically have no chance of happening — and I can’t stop myself.

Last week I picked Florida to beat Alabama, an upset I’d call in the summer. We all know what happened. What happened was 31-6.

Here have been some of my other upset picks so far: Tennessee over Oregon, Florida State over Oklahoma, Miami over Ohio State. And here’s another I made in the office just the other day: South Carolina over Alabama.

See, I can’t stop.

Do you see a pattern here? I do. I’ve lost it.

In 2008 and 2009, when I had some mojo going, I was pretty much right on with my predictions. I even accurately predicted the correct score of the 2008 UF-Hawaii game (56-10). Now, I can’t even predict the right team, much less the score.

So, do I throw in the towel here at midseason, or do I forge ahead and keep making a fool of myself?

Because this is part of my job, I guess I’ll keep doing my thing — and ducking come Saturday.

OK, here we go — LSU vs. Florida predictions:

* Florida will not score in the first quarter. Neither will LSU.

* The Gators will hold Stevan Ridley to less than 100 yards rushing. No UF tailback will rush for 100 either.

* Chas Henry’s towering and well-placed punts will defuse the time bomb that is LSU return man Patrick Peterson.

(Am I sounding like a fool, yet? Don’t answer that)

* Jordan Reed will get a snap or two at quarterback for the Gators.

* The Gators will not have much success running the ball.

* LSU will have some success throwing the ball.

* Florida’s defense will play just a little better than LSU’s.

* The Gators will win the game. Let’s say, 20-12.


  1. My thoughts are that all Florida Gator fans are spoiled with winning every game. I think that is why Steve Spurrier left and if we keep complaining Urban Meyer wiil leave. We should give the coach a break because he is doing the best he can with what he has too work with. I hope we throw the ball deep more for longer yardage with John Brantley and let Trey Burton run the option. I think we will win the game on a interception in the fourth quarter. GO GATORS and beat LSU!!

  2. Mark:

    I’m sorry…but in my job i must PRODUCE year after year or I am out of a paycheck. When coaches get paid in the MILLIONS, then they deserve to be criticized by us, whether we are right or not in our assessment. It doesn’t matter that 4 years ago i got an award from my job, it won’t cut me any extra slack today. I can say the same thing for any coach.

  3. Not a “bad” pick Robbie. I don’t think USC will win this one but you could very well end up being correct. Bama has had to get up sky-high into the rafters emotionally for their last two games and now they’re on the road, at night, at a loud, jam-packed Williams-Bryce Stadium on a Saturday night, against the Evil Genius himself? Bama managed to win their last two games because their opponents turned the ball over a combined seven times. I’ll say this, Bama got away with a huge win against Spur-dog last year when Bama’s DB’s continusouly mugged USC’s WR’s in the endzones on several plays and weren;t called for it. Call those penalties, bama lose, period. I think USC could play the Tide hard and evenly through the first four quarters just as long as Spurrier’s D doesn’t allow Bama to jump up by more than 7 or 8 points at any one time. As long as they can keep it around a one score game throughout, they have a viable chance.

  4. Yeah, I remember a couple of die-hard, Gator boosters buddies of mine back after Ron Zook’s first year talking the same speel… “We’re spoiled” and “we shouldn’t criticize the coaches”. These two guys invest tens of thousands of dollars into UF every year, are former players at UF, etc…. big, big Gator boosters, alumni, and fans. By year#2 under Zook, the grumbling began, and by Year #3, they were some of themost vocal about replacing Zook after our loss @ Miss. State. Nothing wrong with clear, fair criticism of the coaches. The players are, IMO, off-limits because lets face it, they;re amateur football players, but the coaches are fair game as long as the criticism is concise and fair.

  5. Hey, Robbie, do me a favor and past this idea on to Dooley: Get Addazio to be a guest on next week’s The Pat Dooley Show. Then we can hear it straight from the OC. He can tell us what he likes about this year’s offense and what needs work. He can say why Pouncey is better than Robey, and why running an occasional option play with Brantley helps set up the offense. Tell Dooley to call in his markers, sell his soul, do whatever it takes to get this heavy hitter. All of Gator Nation — coaches, players, fans — will be better for it.

  6. I have been with you on the bad picks this year for the most part and I am still with you – USC beats Bama! What do we have to lose its not like credibility matters here we are all simply gator fans including u – followed by (cmon go ahead admit it) – still Spurrier fans deep down inside

  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but I remember many games where we- many of us- screamed and questioned Mullen’s play calling a few years ago too. During the games, I am screaming the same thing, but when the dust settles, there is good balance and you gotta have that to keep the D honest, even if they stop the play. Go Gators.

  8. Well Robbie, at least you remember why you made your picks. A big part of my life is looking for things I just had a minute ago, so I am a tad envious. Since a shower wouldn’t help, you just might as well just keep on picking. Better luck this week. I do feel USC has a good chance for the upset, but am not making any bets.

    Have fun at the game Saturday and hope there is a memorable ending.

  9. No way I believe Meyer is doing the best with what he has, starting with his misuse of Brantley’s strengths. If we want to go option then put Reed/Burton in. I also do not think our play calling has the play going to the right skill player for that particular play. jmo

  10. JOHN, my best guess about Meyer not hiring another OC when Mullen left is that he thought Addazio deserved the chance and he wanted to promote within the staff to keep continuity within. Then came last year’s Bama loss and all the Meyer health controversy. That, and the large coaching staff turnover right after the Sugar Bowl. Lets not forget, Meyer and Addazio are extremely tight. This is just my opinion, but I don’t think Meyer was of the proper frame of mind at the time to seek out another OC as he had handed over the temporary reins of the program to SA and Addazio was busy doing a lot of the footwork on the new staff and allowing Meyer to give the final nod on each. In this, it basically excluded Addazio from job scrutiny and his being retained as OC. I also think his second year at OC was more or less a “thank you” gift from Meyer for having his back during his health issues. This is where complacency comes into play IMO. After this year, SA needs to be demoted back to OL coach and we need to hire an OC that can run Meyer’s style of offense and be adaptable in doing so. SA has absolutely no flexibility, instinct, or “feel” for being an OC, and that’s been proven.

  11. Vic now is that anyway to be? are you a Gator? Urban is a great coach, but still having a warm place for Spurrier is being a Gator. It does not mean anything negative in relation to Urban. But as was mentioned by another without the heavy lifting done by SOS there would never have been an Urban here.

  12. Okay, I’ve complained about the tailback dive. But I’ve had time to reflect since then. 1) Mike Pouncey’s snaps have been no worse than any other top center since the Miami (Ohio) game. But because it was such a story then, all of us focus on every imperfection. We need to relax. His snaps are not the problem now. Be grateful we have Mike Pouncey. 2) Our O-line has been shuffled every game. Only Pouncey has played every game in the same spot. It takes 4-5 games for such a group to “jell” and these guys aren’t there yet but are close. 3) Alex Smith was no Tim Tebow but ran the option well enough at Utah. Johnny Brantley is very similar to Smith. Give him a chance. Once the OL jells, he’ll soar. Let’s find our perspective, hang with these guys and enjoy this ride.

  13. Evan,
    Complain when we don’t produce. Complain when we are not playing 15 true freshman. We have lost 2 games in 2 years. We have won 2 national championships in 5 years. We just landed the #1 recruiting class. Can we come to work with you tomorrow and if you take 3 bathroom breaks can we complain and say you have not produced?
    Good night what is your problem!

    I totally agree with you and it was at the Miami game in 2002 I realized how much we took Spurrier for granted. Last December I wondered if we had done the same thing again. We have the best coach in America and even if we lose 4 games this year that won’t change my mind.

  14. Wileymac: So where does predictable play calling get fixed? Brantley will soar running the option?, the dive play? Maybe v. Vanderbilt. We might be playing ‘Bama in Hotlanta. Will we be ready for them with that play calling? Do you really think so? I disagree. Didn’t you hear, even the ‘Bama safeties know Brantley is not going to run the option. Who doesn’t? Soar? Addazios averages on offense are down from other OCs. Jeff Bowden, anyone? anyone? Hope is not a method of execution. Brantley on the option will not work hoping the other team will believe, against all evidence, that he will run the ball. Funny thing, if Addazio was not the last person to figure the predictable play calling, we’d all be singing his praises! GO GATORS, BEAT LSU and STOMP THE HAT!

  15. Typical Todd. I have found myself on GatorSports.com just to read HHO and Todd’s comments.

    “I’ll say this, Bama got away with a huge win against Spur-dog last year when Bama’s DB’s continusouly mugged USC’s WR’s in the endzones on several plays and weren;t called for it. Call those penalties, bama lose, period.”

    Can you whine anymore Todd? Losers whine. Winners Man up. Like I said, I manned up when UF beat Bama 2 years ago. You have yet to man up….only make excuses…and excuses based on officiating??? Officiating doesn’t make up for a 25 point BLOWOUT! Gators OLine got blown up while McElroy had all day to throw. 63-19! Roll Tide

  16. Addazio should be stripped of his play-calling duties. I personally think Addazio’s play calling is hurting the effectiveness of the Gator offense. The scripted plays at the beginning of games seem to work and then we go right back to Addazio’s predictable plays as soon as those plays are over. Addazio needs to go back to the offensive line only. Let an ex QB or receiver do the play calling. Why would Addazio call an option with Brantley at QB?

  17. First, Meyer is a better coach than SOS and has proven that fact! That doesn’t mean I don’t respect SOS, cause I do. I’m glad he didn’t come back to UF, cause it wouldn’t have worked with Foley here. That’s the real reason he left, he felt he was too good to have a boss! You don’t hear nothing from USC’s AD, and that was the agreement when SOS took the job! Foley is the one who really built our program, by hiring good coaches and SOS needed to respect him as his boss. Meyer was the right hire and if some of you think SOS will come back to UF, you’re crazy! Meyer needs to stay put, until his retirement in 10-15 years. 9 out of 10 UF fans prefer Meyer over SOS anyway! I, personally, lost respect for SOS when he left UF the way he did – not that he left.

    Roll Tide – You Bama fans are the worse about making excuses, which you have done every time you guys have lost a game! Like Bama fans have never complained about officiating! Saban has taught his DB’s to grab receivers’ arms,

  18. … At certain angles and the officials have done a poor job recognizing it. They did it all night against Florida and were only called for it twice. Watch the game! I counted eight times the did it and got away with it, twice, right in front of an official. The coaches need to be sending game tapes in to the SEC Officiating Office and demand they do something about it! And no, that’s not why we lost! We lost because we played like crap, and we lost to a better team, period! I just hate cheaters, just like Saban and his practice of forcing injured players to accept medical scholarships! Any person with a brain knows he has done it and that it has give him an unfair advantage, which should be investigated. Especially, the player that he offered to pay for Grad school! So, roll that up and stuff it, Holmes!

  19. Agree with EVAN’s comments 100%. BTW, read Robbie’s article, A TALE OF TWO HALVES. Robbie supplies stats to prove UF is not a good football, yet. When UF failed to put away Kentucky in the second quarter, knew then we were in trouble for the remainder of the season. A lot of talent on this team but very young, including our qb. With the results so far, maybe it’s time to hit up that ole Gator motto, “Wait Till Next Year!”

  20. How about predicting this for me Robbie: When will Coach Meyer quit making excuses for what happen in Tuscaloosa on Thursday and just admit that our team needs to get tougher. All he talks about is that first drive going down to the 1-yard line… But you didn’t score due mostly to you trying to finesse a power team. Grow some balls and stand up man.

  21. South Carolina doesn’t have the linebackers to contain Bama’s running game and there is always the “Garcia factor”. If the game is close in the 4Q, Garcia will do something inexplicable to put the game away for their oponent. We need to teach that Bama “arm slap” to our dbs. It is effective and difficult for the refs to detect (analogous to the Riley Cooper slingshot move that was caught on tape many times last year). Football is all about how to stretch the rules. We teach our Wrs to be very physical with dbs which is a good counter to all the grabbing, pushing, and arm slaps. If the refs called the game in a conservative way, it wouldn’t be pretty to watch.

  22. Vic, please! If you put the ’95 or ’96 Gator team against any of Urban’s teams, SOS would stomp Meyer like he was wearing a houndstooth visor. Who has 4 straight SEC titles? SOS! Who was responsible for 2 of UF’s 3 Heisman Trophies? SOS! Who won UF’s first MNC? SOS! Who ripped out that hideous artificial turf and coined the nickname, The Swamp? SOS! Who beat Alabama on a regular basis for championships? SOS! I’m sick of you bandwagon fans who probably weren’t even born when UF beat Auburn in ’85, trying to compare Meyer to Coach Spurrier. Spurrier will always be greater than Meyer.

    Everything Meyer is doing is simply building upon the foundation SOS established. Meyer will never own the SEC like SOS did, instead Meyer is owned by Alabama and Nick Saban. SOS would have NEVER let that happen to him when he was coaching the Gators. Nobody dominated us like that when SOS was our coach.

  23. J. Curtis, do a little homework before you go running off at the mouth. Spurrier was hired by Bill Arnsbarger, not Jeremy Foley. You’ve actually got it backwards, it was Spurrier’s success on the field that brought in the money that allowed Foley to upgrade facilities, hire good coaches, etc. Everything begins and ends with football in college athletics. Foley is a great AD, no question. But UF owes where it is today to Coach Spurrier.

    And no, Foley is not the reason SOS didn’t come back. Coach Spurrier has always tried to build something he could put his stamp on. That is why he took the job at USCe. Look at his career, from when he was with the Bandits, to Duke, to Florida, etc., he has always been a builder not a follower.

    You ignorant fans have no idea of the level of success Coach Spurrier brought us to. It was much easier for Meyer to recruit to Florida after SOS established us as a national power. SOS took us from a mediocre, underachieving program and turned us into a national power. Meyer is just putting the icing on the cake that SOS baked.

  24. Here are some facts that will buck the trend. Last year, the Florida offense was more potent than ever before (yards per game). The O coordinator was Steve A. Last year, we also knew what we had with Timmy and what we could do. This year is not unlike 2005 or 2006 with Chris Leak. The personnel are a little bit different, especially the guy running the show. Everyone said Chris Leak was not an NFL QB, and many questioned Timmy as an NFL QB. On the other hand, everyone thinks Johnny is an NFL type QB. Well, the SEC is not the NFL. The key is to figure out what works in the SEC with the great players that we have by using them at what they do best. My guess is that our great coaches will figure that out. Go Gators!

  25. Page the reason Spurrier could not get past Auburn and FSU was because of his disdain for Bobby and Terry. He hated the Bowden’s and they actually got in his head the same way SOS was in Georgia’s head. To another post; SOS actually had wanted to come back and was asked by Foley if he wanted the job. When Machen found out about it, he was furious and told Foley that he had to find out a way of his offer to Spurrier. Foley called Steve and told him that he would have to apply for the position and of course SOS does not apply for jobs. Machen wanted Urban from the beginning because he hired him when he was President at Utah.

  26. looks like a stirred the pot a bit eh? Look all of u knock off the who is better who is not , I meant only to show the respect for Spurrier that is due as a fellow Gator and as the man who built the winning tradition at Florida… Lordy it is not a slight to Urban – He is great too!

    Vic get over it and J Curtis I am guessing u guys are a little young to understand what SOS could have done with Talent and speed at the level we currently have. There would be very very little difference in the number of National cahmpionships or possibly a +1 for Spurrier. Again that is not a slight of Urban he is a great coach, but it is as near a fact as a fact can be. Nobody is asking for the return of Spurrier or the replacement of Meyer by wishing the old ball coach well and hoping he beats Bama…!

  27. If you really can’t understand the significance of Steve Spurrier’s contribution to making the Gators a great football tradition and respect him for it forever as a loyal Gator, then you have got some remedial Gator coursework to do before pinning on your Gator button.

  28. Shut up! Bama called predictable plays and kicked our butts. The team lost that game and we can only hope they put it behind them better than you bunch of whiners! Come on Gators Get up and GO! Play like champions and you’ll have a shot at it.

  29. CURTIS, don;t worry about Rool Tide. I recoignize the “MO” and he’s one of the trolls from Gator Country who try to disrupt at every opportunity. I highly doubt he’s even a Bama fan, just a nolie in disguise. That said, all I can say about Bama is the SEC Offices are located where? Birmingham. Bama went has gone about 12 SEC games without a holding penalty against their OL. In their last 9 1/2 games last year, the only holding call their OL got was in the first half against Texas in the BCSCG. “Tide” fans are extremely sensitive about the refs being called out for protecting their precious Tide. fact is, the turth hurts. 😉

  30. Oh,. and btw, look at the pic on the sports page right now of Bama’s McElroy dropped back to pass and #92 for the Gators being held by #73 on Bama’s OL. The Bama offensive lineman to the side, hand low near the Gator player’s belly with a fist full of jersey. You can see the jersey stretching. The hands have to be up on the chest between the shoulder pads for a legal block. That’s a hold, and if it’s the same play I remember, UF’s #92 was dragged down to his knees by his jersey the Bama lineman, no call.

  31. OK……Maybe I didn’t mean for it to come out that away, I grew up watching SOS. In my opinion I think Urban Meyer is a much better recruiter. I am still a SOS fan, and I even pull for him when they are not playing the gators.GO COCK’S BEAT BAMA!!

  32. Robbie, sounds like you have what it takes to be an OL/OC with all your bad picks. If only your last name was Pouncey you’d grade out a champion. Bottom line these days you don’t have to excel a good hit and miss is now acceptable. Striving for excellence used to be important around here but not anymore. Keep up the good work….

  33. It wasn’t anywhere as much Bowden to Spurrier as it was Mickey Andrews to Spurrier. It was Andrews who basically could red Spurrier like a book. Lets also remember that Spurrier had to play FSU during the ’90’s, the height of the FSU program when the nolis were putting some of the best football teams in the nation on the field every year.

  34. Okay, the game just ended, and somehow we almost pulled it out. I’m listening to Meyer’s post game comments. He said “the offense didn’t hold up their end of the deal.” That from an alleged offensive genius! Hey Coach, stop passing the buck!
    He was asked how he thought the OL performed, and said he’d have to watch the film first. I guess it looks different on a monitor than in person. I watched it on a monitor (live), and AGAIN the Offensive Line was by far the chief offender! Their maturity and experience only makes them more accountable and thus more guilty! They are without excuse – plain and simple!!!
    They couldn’t even give Brantley enough time to throw a hail mary – giving us one final chance to score, however remote!
    Don’t tell me they were tired at the end: were they tired in the middle of the game, or at the beginning?? … for they sucked throughout!
    This team is chock full of problems, but the OL is problem numero uno!!!
    FIX IT NOW (through COACHING), or suffer even more Gator wrath!! CHOMP, CHOMP!

    by quickenedspirit

  35. And by the way, you are wrong about Bama not having holding calls against them for a stretch. They had several. But they were all declined moron. How many holding calls would it have taken to keep from getting thumped 63-19 Todd?

  36. Well any new thoughts on Spurrier as a coach vs the venerable Meyer. If Spurrier had the talent we have does anyone doubt it would have been Gators 50 – LSU 20? Lets simplify things is there any doubt by anyone Spurrier wouldnt take the reigns and demote his OC? How many times have we heard the spread is Myers offense? If it is why doesnt he make the offensive calls instead of the OFENSIVE calls that are being called. Once agin the OC couldnt stand his only moments of success and had to go Dive play following every good or great pass we had. Did anybody see how Spurrier attacked the goal line against Bama (speed to the outside, mis-direction, passes etc…) In short mix it up and it keeps the defense off balance!!!

  37. Gator Nation:

    Do you cry crocodile tears or alligator tears today? Alligator tears doesn’t sound right, but crocodile tears isn’t fitting. So, what is it? What are you crying today?

    For the record, I’m enjoying my Sunday. Jimbo Fisher just marched my Seminoles down to Miami and stomped the Canes. Things are going great for Florida State. We got rid of Bowden and now have the best recruiter in the nation at the helm. Again, things are great. How does it feel in Gainesville today? What’s your losing streak up to?

    Jack the Nole

  38. 76gator:

    Bowden became a selfish egomaniac who had absolutely no business coaching anymore. He didn’t even know the score to the games a halftime and didn’t contribute anything to practive or the game. With that said, I admire Bowden for doing what he did. However, he should have resigned years ago, perhaps in the early 2000s. If he had, your little “run” against us would never have happened. And don’t you dare throw fan loyalty up in my face when I’ve had to suffer under Bowden’s incompetence and nepotism for a decade. Look it Paterno. He is more washed up than Tebow’s NFL career, yet he refuses to acknowledge this. JoePa hasn’t won a championship in 24 years.

    We have Jimbo now. He is a great coach. Get ready. He’s going to bring it. We’re going to bring it. Bowden can tour New York and whine about being fired, but I don’t care: we have Jimbo Fisher and a revised program and we will be bringing it for many, many years to come. You, on the other hand, have a coach who doesn’t even like your program. Urban is no Spurrier. Urban detests the South. He’ll leave–or have a heart attack–before next year.

    Jack the Nole

  39. The Gators never gave up and almost won the LSU game. There are obviously some areas that need to be looked into: the offensive making and/or holding their blocks, Brantley having enough time to throw it downfield; now he is rushed and can only get off short passes consistently; the defensive line consistently putting pressure on the opposing quarterback; the secondary coverage schemes that put two defenders in the same area while other parts of the field are wide open; misreading coverage assignments; arm or bump stops without arms wrapped around the opponent, and a drive them down…These difficulties do not seem to have been successfully addressed.

    The Gators were graded with D’s and D-‘s by another correspondent.
    I would like to make a respectful suggestion if it has not already been done. In education if we had a student who consistently was having problems we looked in great detail: what was the present status, what had been done to help the student, what were all of the possibilities to improve performance, developing an improvement plan, implementing the plan, and monitoring and evaluating progress and changing things as necessary. I’m sure that the Gator coaches have done this in great detail and am wondering how we fans can help. The Gators have really tried in every game. I am wondering what a Gator Improvement Plan would include: a real look Brantley’s talents and what offense would make the best use of them, tough running teams seem to be the rage in SEC play these days, does Florida have a smashmouth tailback who could make those dive plays really work well (Jelani Jenkins was standout tailback at his high school…try him or someone else there on a couple of dive plays couple of dive play, help the offensive linemen in making and holding their blocks and picking up blitzes (too often in the Ala and LSU game the linemen were standing around or laying on the ground watching their assignments getting to Brantley.

    Coach Meyer seems to like attention to detail and that is why I was pondering an improvement plan. Coach Meyer is our Coach and I fully support him no matter how many wins or losses we have. My thought are in no way meant to be disrespectful to the coaches or players but I know that a Pupil (Student) greatly helped all teachers and parents plan, implement, and evaluate the success of our efforts. I know this a difficult time for the players and coaches
    and they have all of my support. We’ll be okay!

  40. a game plan which features the benefits of speed by some misdirection or taking the edge and also stretching the defense more than power up the gut would be a good start, high school teams can do it why cant elite former high school players. Addazio as he was last year as well is out of his element and in over his head. In his case it would be best to assess him as the student and see where his talents are best suited, and then time to see what is behind the curtain as to why the scheme as miserable as it is – is still being supported by those who have the power to address the situation. Teams lose I undesrtand that, but when every game we see the same recurring theme and see it is not working even against bottom feeder teams earlier in the year give us a break and fix it! if it didnt work against miami ohio it is not going to work against good SEC teams. I heard an interview yesterday where a lsu field reported through the 3rd quarter felt he was 80%+ on guessing florida plays… sound familiar?

  41. Florida has the talent, as always.
    What is changing? The SEC has talent that can play the spread Florida uses. The problem protecting the quarterback has always been a problem. For 3 years we had a horse for quarterback that could withstand the defensive pressure with his ability to power up the middle.

    Meyer is our coach for as long as he wants to be. I hope he is developing a stronger commitment to and option B offense when the spread isn’t working.

  42. I would like to make the following respectful suggestions for consideration.

    1) Promote Coach Steve Addazio to Associate/Assistant Head Coach. He was there and served well as defacto head coach while Coach Meyer was on a leave of absence. He worked well with offensive AND defensive players during this time period and reportedly relates well to all of the players. He would also be a good sounding board for other assistants ideas and could take pressure off of Coach Meyer. He would also be Offensive Line Coach

    2) Promote Coach Scott Loeffler to Offensive Coordinator and retain him as also Quarterbacks coach. The offense seems so predicated on who is playing quarterback Coach Loeffler could immediately adjustments according to who was playing. This year’s Gators seem to revolve around the quarterback play.

    3) Give Jordan Reed a short at quarterback for a quarter or a half. 1st quarter or 1st half seems appropriate as the Gators don’t seem to be doing much in those periods anyway. See what he could do and if he is really a dual threat at passing and running.

    Whatcha all think?

  43. What ever the “issues”, its damn painful to watch. I expected a slight drop off/rebuilding this year but never in my wildest imagination thought it would this bad. Had someone told me before the season UF would not score in the 1st quarter in 5 of the first 6 games, would have bet the farm against it….

  44. I AGREEE WITH JUNIOR…This is not the year I envisioned….

    *1st 4 games avg. 38 pts per game (all sored in 2nd half)
    *last 2 games (against quality oppenents): 17 pts.
    *PLAY-CALLING: AWEFUL!!! Coach A…what’s up? Did u see the
    South Carolina game vs. Baba???? That’s how you UTILIZE talent: tall WR, RB up the middle, etc…
    This team has quality players and maybe there is a rift among them and YES, the O-line stinks TOO! Sorry to hit u so hard BUT you are gettn’ PAID!!!! And this IS GAINESVILLE!!!!!!!!
    COME ON , MAN!!! TO: COACH A!!!!!!

    gatorgi70x7 (GREG)