How bad is Brantley hurt?


A relatively quiet day on the Florida football beat took a turn toward the frenetic when the latest betting line came out in the morning. The line (UF favored by seven) was dropped by the Las Vegas oddsmakers for the UF-LSU game. The reason stated was: Florida quarterback questionable.

This came out of nowhere. John Brantley met with the media on Monday and said he was sore from Saturday’s game, but nothing out of the ordinary and he was good-to-go for Saturday night’s game against LSU.

Brantley apparently injured his ribs late in the fourth quarter when he tried desperately to run for a first down on a fourth-down play. Brantley came up just short after being drilled by two Alabama defenders. It took several moments before he could get up and leave the field. But he returned later in the game, and nothing more was thought about it.

During interviews Tuesday, offensive coordinator Steve Addazio was asked if Brantley would be playing against LSU. Addazio said: “He’s doing great.”

Offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert said that Brantley was limited in practice Sunday night, but should be fine.

No. 2 quarterback Trey Burton said he would be ready to run the offense Saturday night if needed, but he won’t have to.

“Brantley is good,” Burton said. “He’s going to be able to play.”

Of course, last Thursday, the word from the football team was that starting place-kicker Caleb Sturgis also was battling through pain after injuring his back a few weeks ago lifting weights. Then it was learned on Friday that Sturgis would not make the trip to Alabama and could miss as many as eight weeks.

Will Brantley be playing Saturday? All indications are he will. But we might have to wait and see.


  1. In the article regarding the support of Pouncey, why are the comments all from Addazio?! Is he now the new face of Gator football? I don’t remember Mullen playing such a speaking role. Not to mention what he said, that Pouncey is staying put, and that Brantley will continue to run the option. This smells of arrogance and denial. Really, the Gators are saying that our team lost because of turnovers. It was far more than that. We could run the table, the East is that bad, but if we play Bama again (and maybe we wouldn’t), does anyone think the results wouldn’t be the same??

  2. Turnovers is what beat us,Igram and Richardson combined for 110 yrds,Mcelroy threw for 71 yrds.If i were a bama fan i’d be a little concerned with my offensesive perfomance.Bama didn’t set the woods on fire,we just did everything we could to lose and we did! Yes i think the outcome will be differnt if we get another shot at them.Bama is not all that if you ask me.A few plays workout here and there and it’s a differnt ballgame!

  3. I’m fine with Addazio taking a more upfront role. I recall that was the plan to take some pressure off the head ball coach. I think many of us are quick to find fault with a young team that’s maybe not jelled offensively yet but may well be on schedule for a remarkable finish to this season. I’d like the running game inside to be more imaginative, but just protecting Brantley would give receiversmore time to get into their routes and enable Johnny B. to utilize his excellent deep passing arm. Let’s hang in there with all these guys.

  4. I think the Gators should ease Addazio back down to just being the O-line coach (which he has done a TERRIBLE job with this year, so far—So, I don’t know if he can even do a good job with just this-)
    The O line cannot even open up many holes against Miami of Ohio defenses, much less against good defenses & all the bad snaps are embarassing–NEVER seen any UF teams have such basic deficiencies before…and all these bad snaps to boot-) If he cannot even master this role, then we need to search out some new asst coaches-

    He is a TOTAL bust as O Coordinator–continues to run silly spread plays which won’t work without Tebow & wastes play after play sending little Jeff Demps up the middle & into 300 lb linemen (I guess he does not care if Demps gets hurt, or not..) Def. need to dump Moody– a real bust–inside or out-
    Brantley has as much downfield passing ability as any QB in the nation (and a stable of 5 star rated receivers, as well, to throw to)-seems to me like a good O Coordinator would make use of this talent—which any other team in the US would covet

  5. Yeah, because anything Steve Addazio says is cast in gold. I mean, lets keep playing on OG at center who can’t consistently snap the ball foir the last five games. Good idea! I suppose as long as we’re running the “dive play offense” 15 plays a game, Brantley should feel protected.

  6. I think we should all sit around a campfire and sing Kumbaya, then maybe we’d all be happy and blissful.
    It makes me sick to hear Gator ‘fans’ run down the players and coaches as if they had a nano-clue as to what it takes to run a football team or execute a complicated offense, or defense for that matter, on the football field at the speed of an SEC game. Sometimes I long for the days before Spurrier, when only true die-hard Gator fans paid any attention to Florida football and all of the johnny-come-lately-sidewalk-alumni-pea brains were all complaining about Notre Dame!

  7. Hey Doug, take it easy! You are going to sprain your arm patting yourself on the back! Lots of folks have been Gator fans for longer than you, and that does not make their opinion any better or worse than yours. The facts is, not every “fan” (as you put it) has to be satisfied with Addazio. With the talent Fla. gets year in and year out, just about any mediocre OC can keep their job for a while. Especially when he seems to be the favored son of Urban. It seems to me our offensive production has gone down, be it average points, yards, or first downs, from previous OCs. Assuming we get the same level of talent as ‘Bama, why are they whipping us pretty good here lately? With a coach that has not been there all that long? Ever heard of Jeff Bowden? Lets see, declining offensive production? Check. Losing big games to the same team? Check. Apparent special (even for football) relationship with the head coach? Check. Add in defiant, and some would say arrogant, press conferences, and it is deja vu all over again. How did all that work out at FSU? Are the mighty Gators getting out coached? I’m just wondering . . . Any how, go Gators, beat LSU!

  8. I’m pretty sure I am one on those Gator fans who has been one longer than the the average. My love affair with the Gators goes back to 1947 when I spent a summer in Gainesville with my sister and her husband who was going to UF on the GI Bill. It never fails to amaze me that the highschool football jocks who didn’t have the talent to make it to the major college level as a player, much less a coach, always seem to know more about what needs to be done than the guys who have won two national championships here.

    Urban is a victim of his own success here. The detractors don’t seem to understand how incredibly difficult it is to win an NC in the best of circumstances. Unfortunately, some of our spoiled fans demand an NC every year; and if there is the inevitable years where a team is rebuilding, can’t seem to get past the feeling of entitlement that they deserve an NC every year.

    Me, I’ll just continue to root for my Gators through good times and bad; and let the coaches do the job they are being paid to do, instead of listening to the incessant whining of the folks who would have a heart attack if they were required to do what our coaching staff does week in and week out, year round.

  9. Though Brantley’s option execution was lacking against Alabama, Addazio said he doesn’t intend on nixing it from his offense scheme.Brantley isn’t a traditional option quarterback, but Addazio said running it with him adds diversity to Florida’s offense. He also said that with Brantley running it, the Gators are averaging 5 yards each play.

    Addazio reacted similarly to a follow-up question about whether Pouncey played better at guard than he is at center.
    We’re talking about a first-round draft pick, the best offensive lineman in America and a phenomenal football player and the leader on this football team. “He’s graded out a champion every week (at center).

    Addazio is clearly off his meds or is so far out of touch with reality he is a danger to himself and others. Meyer needs to Baker Act him for the sake of the team and the season.

  10. John must not have seen Doug Dickey, Gary Darnell etc days. UF was lucky to even find the with some of those guys. I have seen UF football alot worse than it is now. But i am sick of the predictable offense as well.

  11. DOUG, this constant response of “I’m sick of people running down our coaches and players” is playground at best. Offering sincere critique is not running anyone down, it’s absolutely fair when you have coaches making as much money as these do and they they are simply not doing their jobs well. I think the world of Addazio, but lets face it, he simply isn’t the man for the job as OC. He himself touted his senior-laden OL as one of the best in the country before the season, and they’ve drastically underperformed so far. Bama had 10 new starters on D and still work our OL over. His offensive philosohpy is rigidly predictable and tunnel-visioned. It says a lot when Alabama players are saying interviews that they knew everything we were going to do Saturday night! I’ve played football btw, QB, TE, and DE as a matter of fact, so just because someone is playing devil’s advocate doesn;t mean they don;t have a clue either.

  12. I agree with rooferman, Todd, and John. Addazio needs to be moved back to OC. I used to be frustrated by Mullen but would love to have the guy back. We are an extremely predictable offense. There are NO new plays added this year. It is ABSURD to keep using Brantley to run the option. Numerous folks have quoted the coaches that they adjust the scheme to the players talents. Does anyone reading this really believe that Brantley’s talent is running the option? Anyone remember him being caught from behind before he could option the ball.
    Addazio is too close to Meyer for Meyer to stand up and demote him back to OC. Addozio needs to MAN up (just like the offensive line needs to man up and protect Brantley) and admit he is not ready to be the OC for the Gators and demote himself.

  13. Are you kidding me? Addazio has managed as our Offensive Coordinator to produce 1 TD in 2 games against our biggest rival. Its embarassing and he needs to go back to the offensive line. WHY is John Brantley running the option? Why are these coaches so stubborn on keeping Pouncey at center? Is our O-line that bad this year where we cant switch centers and put Pouncey back where he was effective? Addazio said he wants his best player in the middle….well we are 9th in the league in rushing so…..and who wiffed on that alabama defender on that reverse when we had a golf course ahead of us!!!!

  14. We should all be glad we have this forum. Since anyone can post, a lot of idiots do. I appreciate a point of view supported by facts and insightful comments– even if I disagree. Thank you for making this a great Gator discussion. BTW– quit playah hatin’ on Demps and Moody. Do you fools even know the difference between a dive and a quick trap? A powerful running game MUST have some success in the middle, especailly in the speedy SEC.

  15. I read the article about Pouncey with a feeling of total dis-belief. A champion, the best lineman in America, etc., etc. Is Addazio for real????? Pouncey may be a first round draft pick someday, but not as a center …… Anyone who has eyes to see can see that!
    Just how is the grade of champion arrived at anyway? Maybe they just throw darts at a wall with pictures of the players and whereever the dart lands …… CHAMPION!
    With the expectations from the OC/ Line Coach this low it’s no wonder we got the hell beat out of us last Saturday.
    The real question now is how far down do we sink in the mire ……….. this team can only tread water for so long.

  16. after watching addazio’s comments re Pouncy’s bad snaps at the press conference, i would have to say that this man is in complete denial. 3 snaps bad out of 60? which film was he watching? play calling predictability was a complaint last year and is already surfacing this year. if addazio wants to do something positive for the team he should go back to coaching the O line and ask Urban to hire an offensive coordinator who can devote his full attention to the position. there are so many little things wrong with this team that it adds up to questionable coaching. we really need to start taking advantage of johnny b’s talents or recruits will certainly start noticing. then we will really be in decline.

  17. I am tired of listening to Addazio, he should stick to coaching the line and be replaced as offensive cooridinator!!! Running an option with a QB that is limited in running is a joke, and with a line that is ranked one of the best to call tick plays instead of powering it in proves he doesn’t have a clue!!! Urban loyalty only goes so far, Please deal with your head and not your heart!!!

  18. Mike Pouncy may have cost us a touchdown with that wide snap to Burton on the goal line. How does that get a champion grade?
    It’s obvious Addazio is out there on the front line, taking the heat for the team. He’s responding with an “us vs. them” attitude and we, the fans and the press, are “them”.
    Still, that 2005/2006 team looked pretty ugly on offense under Mullen many times. Yet they came up with a National Championship at the end.
    On that basis, I think we need to recognize this season, and maybe next, as a work in progress and give these guys, the players and coaches, the benefit of the doubt. They’ve definitely earned it.

  19. I think just about everyone in Gator Nation is tired Addazio’s predictable play calling. Last year we had an decent O line and we couldn’t run the dive against Bama anddddd guess what?? We did it again this year without success. Seriously I feel like our defense is better than our offense because we have better coaches on defense. And I’m not feeling any real emotions from this years team…maybe Addazio needs to include watching 300 and Rambo before games. lol

  20. When reading the article about Pouncey I cant stop thinking about the reaction Addazio has to the questions. We all know the play of the center this season has been bad, but maybe he is defending his player. Maybe he doesnt want to shatter his confidence by moving him to guard, hell I know I would bust by behind after my coach comes out and sticks his neck out for me the way Addazio has done for Pouncey. Coaches can do so much…players need to excecute.

  21. Ed and others: I am only speculating, but perhaps Addazio talks to the media every Tuesday instead of Meyer as one of the ways to help Meyer step back from certain responsibilities. If thats one thing that is needed to keep Meyer around here for another 6-10 years I’m all for it! But yes, we need a different OC. Or Meyer needs to be more involved, or at least something…cause we are pedestrian at best.

  22. College football coaches are under the most pressure to win than at any other college sport. IMMENSE PRESSURE. some coaches thrive on it and some coaches become anemic. That’s all I’m going to say on that subject.

  23. That’s my point Ed – we’re not paying good money on tickets to watch Addazio be the coach, we’re paying for Meyer. If he can’t do it any longer because of health, that’s understandable, but go get a better coach. Stoops wanted the job, but was going to clean out the staff, and that’s why Meyer came back. I’d take Stoops anyday over Addazio. We want Meyer, but only if he’s 110% all in.

  24. I am not going to beat a dead horse about dive plays, options, etc. If you want to run the option to “keep the defense honest” then so be it. Don’t run it to the short side of the field! Oops, didn’t mean to go there. One of the many things I don’t get, on top of all the other offensive issues, is if we have issues snapping the shotgun snap, and blocking up the middle very well, why are we running the QB up the middle from the shotgun formation when we need a foot for a TD? If you want him to go up the middle, put him under center. I think Burton is athletic enough to jump up and stick the ball out one foot for a touchdown! Why, oh why, are we so stuck on the shotgun formation for short yardage plays??? Even when it’s been successful, I’ve been an opponent of it; whether it’s Tebow or not. A player does not get enough momentum that way, and you’ve lost 4 yards just by snapping the ball when you need to hit the line quickly. IMHO of course 🙂

  25. i love all u people who think the coach is always right because they make a bunch of money well here is the thing, this is florida and we complain even if where winning.and if i sea something that looks to be not only stubborn but stupid im going to say it.BRANTLY CANT RUN PLZ STOP AND DO WHAT HES GOOD AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. This is the first time I have ever criticized a coach – even during the Zook years I protected “my” coach. But, I simply do not believe an O-line coach is what you need calling plays in a high powered passing offense. Last Saturday was the last straw for me when we move the ball uop and down the field between the 5 yard lines bwith a passing game and then we go into the famous dive play offense with a lightweight tailback. You can gain yardage out at the 5o with that play but near the goalline, the defensive line (trhe big boys) is not going to cave for a “dive”. We need a gutsy creative O Co-ordinator.


    PS – I have earned the right to spout off as I have been aGator fan since 1947

  27. I hate to admit it but a lot of you guys are seeing what I am seeing. We are pathetic at running offensive plays. With the amount of talent we have we should have score at least a TD against Bama and we couldn’t. I don’t like when the coaches blame the players on execution. You could tell the Gators played with a lot of heart but it was the coaches that got outplayed. Adazzio is FAILING the grade as a OC coach and he is starting to get defensive with the media. I hope the media steps it up a bit and would ask him the tough questions he wants to ignore and pretend that because we are on a rebuilding year it’s ok to play mediocre and coach mediocre. He basically had a “bad snap” against the reporter that asked him about the posibility to switch Pouncey to guard…talking a bad snap…I see…Adazzio has proven nothing so far since he came to UF, just beating Cincy when we could have played in the NCCG last year.
    Rooferman, your analogy of Adazzio with Jeff Bowden is right on man. Something to think about before this ship sinks any further. Meyer needs to save the program and step up and make the necessary changes. Adazzio can stay as long he is not the OC and every citizen of Gator Nation has the birth right to give his/her opinion on our beloved Alma Matter Team.
    Go Gators!!!

  28. I heard a theory that Meyer never wanted Brantley because Brantley is such a bad fit for Meyer’s Utah option. (Did you see the Bama safety after the game who said he knew Brantley wouldn’t run the ball, so it’s not really an option?)

    So why would Meyer start a QB he didn’t want? Same reason there’s no police report of a Brantley back in 1978 who bashed a guy’s skull at a pool party at The Place Apartments, permanently brain damaging him with a heavy glass beer pitcher. Brantley’s grand-dad is seriously politically connected.

  29. The Gators were the underdog at Alabama and rightly so. The Gators have not looked good this season and most of it stems from three things, An All American moved to center that can either block or hike the ball but not oth at the same time. it might make sense to move him back to his All American position and move a nose tackle to center. Second, you have to decide if you want to revamp the offense to suit Brantley’s style or just leave the offense alone and play Burton since he more closely fits the Gator offense. Third, the Gators need a running back or to at least spread the ball handling around. It gets to be a very long day when everyone knows Burton is getting the ball.

  30. Okay, the game just ended, and somehow we almost pulled it out. I’m listening to Meyer’s post game comments. He said “the offense didn’t hold up their end of the deal.” That from an alleged offensive genius! Hey Coach, stop passing the buck!
    He was asked how he thought the OL performed, and said he’d have to watch the film first. I guess it looks different on a monitor than in person. I watched it on a monitor (live), and AGAIN the Offensive Line was by far the chief offender! Their maturity and experience only makes them more accountable and thus more guilty! They are without excuse – plain and simple!!!
    They couldn’t even give Brantley enough time to throw a hail mary – giving us one final chance to score, however remote!
    Don’t tell me they were tired at the end: were they tired in the middle of the game, or at the beginning?? … for they sucked throughout!
    This team is chock full of problems, but the OL is problem numero uno!!!
    FIX IT NOW (through COACHING), or suffer even more Gator wrath!! CHOMP, CHOMP!

    by quickenedspirit