Not following the plan


It didn’t take Urban Meyer long Monday to describe how the Gators followed their weekly plan to win in the 31-6 loss to Alabama on Saturday night.

“We failed miserably,” he said.

UF’s plan to win is pretty much the following: Play great defense, score in the red zone, don’t turn the ball over and play sound special teams.

The Gators failed in all categories.

They played OK on defense, but the Gators were 1-for-4 in the red zone (including two turnovers inside the Alabama 2-yard line), turned the ball over four times (to Alabama’s none) and gave up a long punt return to Julio Jones.

“It shows if you don’t follow our plan, you get your tail kicked in,” Meyer said at his weekly news conference. “After six years, there have been one or two games where we looked like we did (Saturday night). We can’t have that against a good team. We’ve looked like that against some not great teams that crushed us. Against a team like that (Alabama), in that environment, it’s going to be a bad day for you.”

Meyer said failure in the red zone was killer.

“If we’d had success in the red zone, we’re in that thing,” Meyer said. “That was a major negative.”

Meyer said he elected to go for a touchdown on the first drive (instead of kicking a chip-shot field goal) because he wasn’t sure how punter Chas Henry would do in the first field-goal attempt of his UF career and he figured points were going to be hard to come by against a tough Tide defense. The Gators went on fourth-and-goal from the two and Trey Burton’s jump pass was intercepted in the end zone.

On the bright side Saturday night, the defense missed only six tackles (compared to 22 in last season’s SEC Championship Game), defensive end/outside linebacker DukeLemmens had the best game of his career, and the Gators out-gained the Tide in total yards (especially in the second half).

Meyer said some subtle changes on the offense will be considered this week in practice.

One thing we might see, Meyer said, is tight end Jordan Reed playing quarterback in the wildcat package. Reed has a tremendous arm, Meyer said, and could add the throwing dimension to what has has basically been all-run with Burton at QB in the wildcat.

Meyer said he did not expect any significant lineup changes this week, with perhaps the exception on special teams (especially punt cover).


  1. Am I the only one thinking (and seeing) that Mike Pouncey needs to move back to guard? I saw at least 4 poor snaps in the Bama game, with one of the bad snaps probably causing Burton not to score from the wildcat on 3rd down. You can’t have bad snaps in that situation, and you never know with Pouncey when a bad snap is coming….and they do come…unfortunately for the Gators…at a very bad time in the Bama game.

  2. I give Meyer credit for going for the TD, on 4th down, on the opening drive. HOWEVER, the jump pass was an awful play call and needs to be retired. All that told me, and the BAMA D, was that Meyer felt his squad could not knock BAMA off the line for the TD. I think that sent a message to our players that we needed a gimmick to score, and we were going to need more of those gimmicks throughout the night to have any chance to win. BAMA played smash mouth ball to our finesse approach to football…and whipped our @sses!!!! Credit to the Tide…Meyer, come on, recruit guys to run your Spread!!! If you have pro-style pleyers (QB Brantley), then help the kid out and give him a pro-style offense to run. Being from Ocala, I love Johnny Brantley!!! It pains me to say it, but he would probably have a more successful career at Texas, and Texas would be kicking @ss right now. We are pulling for you Johnny B!!!!!

  3. @tampagator

    You’re not the only one. I think about 90% of the gator nation thinks pouncey should be playing guard. Maybe it is the sweat, because I can see him dripping sweat from his facemask onto the ball throughout…but probably not the sweat, because all the other center are probably sweating just as much.

    He might just be a natural guard…and a damn good one at that…but not a center.

  4. Get another OC and OL coach. Addazio has now had 19 games experience calling plays and it looks like the same stuff has carried over from last year. While not having Tebow’s will to win is a big loss, an even bigger loss was the departure of Dan Mullen. He knew how to attack the weak spots in opposing defenses. Heck, I could shave my head and stand on the sideline using a Ouija Board to call plays and win as many games as Addazio with the athletic talent he has on hand.

  5. No, but Addazio either doesn’t see it or doesnt think Robey would be any better. I had us at 5 poor snaps and agree on the Burton snap. We keep hearing how this offense line is the strength – haven’t seen it yet. Also always hear how “we adapt our approach to the players we have” – this doesn’t appear to be even close. Brantley running an option continues to be ludicrous.

  6. Grumpy Old Gator: I tried the Ouija Board earlier in my career but gave it up due to the excessive delay of game penalties we got because Ouija was pretty slow. I have since refined my approach with a more scientific method. I take what I think are our 18 best plays and give each a number of 1 through 18. Then I use 3 dice and a Yahtzee cup. Shake, rattle, and roll – there’s our next play! And it only takes a few seconds.

  7. No, TampaGator, you are not the only one. He needs to move to a place where he can be a major contributor and not a problem. The snap issue is obviously a head thing, and something that he has not been able to beat after 5 games. If we want to honor Mike Pouncey, we should move him.

  8. Hey guys, one positive from this – Duke Lemmons is really good. Before the season when i heard he was gonna start i figured Ronald Powell would overtake him in time, but Duke is one of our best players, and hes here to stay.

  9. that is the worst offense ive ever seen THE DIVE play needs to be taken out of the play book. the offensive line needs to learn how to run block . if they do not hire a real offensive coach this is what the offense is going to be for quite a while . Ive never seen such a poorly prepaird team such as the Gtors

  10. Is Meyer oblivious to the poor play calling or is he defending his buddy, at the expense of our success? Addazio needs to be a man and step up to Meyer and take a demotion back to OL Coach. So, we’re going to put Reed in at QB and the opponent will still know that a dive play is coming. With the way our OL is playing, we can’t step up there and dare a defense to stop us, cause they will stuff it every time! Saban and his coaches made our coaching staff look like chimps and that’s bad, because Meyer is capable of beating Saban. The difference is Saban’s Asst Coaches! Now, we are in good shape with our Def. coordinator, but, he is about it. He
    just needs to find a fix for our LB issues. Is Bostic the best LB we have for the middle? If so, we are in trouble! I watched the game several times and he looked like a Pop Warner kid, playing a college team!

    If we don’t get some controlled and effective pass rush LSU will beat us too! Our offense will have to put at least 30 points on the board, if hope to win and I don’t see that happening. It’s all on our defense to get us to Atlanta!

  11. Why is freaking Meyer so stubborn that he refuses to admit that John Brantley running the option will never work. I thought he learned that with Chris Leak. That is the problem with coaches making millions per year, they believe that their offense works no matter what the talent is. I bet Brantley’s parents wishes he had stayed at Texas.

  12. Speaking of noticing, did anyone else notice that on the Gators 1st drive, with the 3rd and goal at the one, Burton faked the inside handoff to a back, can’t recall who it was, who walked into the end zone. Burton meanwhile was swarmed over by defenders as he tried to run outside. Alabama no doubt watched film from last week, where Burton kept the ball every time. Of course, he scored every time, but that was Kentucky. Point being that the Tide defense was sitting and waiting, and the Gators played right into their hands. The same holds true with Brantley running the “option”, when everyone knows he’ll pitch it. One common complaint from last year was that the offense was too predictable. Tebow may be gone, but predictability seems to be hanging on. Brantley will be a fine QB if the coaches will call plays that fit his skill set, and Burton actually looks at the defense before deciding to run every time. The SEC East is still theirs for the taking, so the coming weeks will tell if they are learning enough to grab it.

  13. It’s not that we lack talent, commitment or effort. Play calling is pedestrian and, once again, Saban and his crew outcoached our guys, and it wasn’t even close. What about a toss sweep with Demps trailing, or Brantley on a sweep with a moving pocket? do we have any inside running plays in our plans besides the “tailback dive”? How will our offense planning stack up against Steve Spurrier’s best S. Carolina outfit? I’m sold on Urban Meyer and am confident he’ll right the ship.

  14. I agree with Carolina Gator, play calling and offensive strategy is probably the single-biggest issue with our offense this year (though there are others of course). Trying to force a wonderful dropback passer who runs poorly to run spread option plays is just ludicrous. Its obvious that even the weak defenses aren’t concerned with Brantley running in the least, those are wasted plays in my opinion. Running Demps up the middle is another waste, he’s lightning fast in space, but goes down with a strong wind. This square-peg/round-hole strategy is getting very tiring and its obvious opposing coaches are more than on to the approach, they are stopping it every week. Demps is scoring from sweeps and counters, Brantley is hitting open receivers when given time, and Burton is a nice Tebow-lite option to have in your back pocket.

  15. Clean up a few mistakes (perhaps move Pouncey to guard where he can add the most value), and stop asking our players to do things they can’t. Players can only change their natural abilities so much, then it is up to the coaches to be flexible in their play-calling strategy to highlight the skills they have… with a few of these changes, we could have a very nice offense.

  16. Simple Truths: 1) Johnny throws the ball down the field really well. 2) Demps is the fastest guy in football, he’s not Mike Alstott. 3) Carl Moore is taller than anyone who will cover him and has great hands and can jump. 4) Mike Pouncey is an All-American guard. 5) Deonte is faster than anyone who will cover him. 6) Dubose is great in space. 7) There are options in an option (handing off, pitching and passing are three of them). 8) OH can not be covered by a linebacker 9) Duke L. would be a great middle-linebacker. 10) If they don’t know what’s coming, they can;t stop it. If they do, they will. 11) “Do what we do” is based on who is doing it. I love our team and coaches. Go Gators!

  17. Play calling, Pouncey’s struggles at center … these are touchy areas. (I wonder if Robbie or anyone asked Meyer specifically about these issues. Doubt it. He’d bite your head off.) Meyer loves the option; Pouncey’s a team leader. But as head coach, Meyer must act on these problems. Why not try Robey at center for a game? Why not call for more play action and less option, at least when Brantley’s in? C’mon, Coach. Shake it up a bit.

  18. To QOP Gator…all excellent points, but if the coaches don’t see them and use them to our advantage, then they are simply mute points. One “truth” you failed to mention…Brantley is not a Spread QB. Our ability to be a productive offense GREATLY depends on that. I love our team also, but I hate to tell you, we are staring at this type of non-productivity for the remainder of this season and next…unless Meyer modifies the offense to play to Brantley’s strengths.

  19. “The Plan” Saturday night was not just players not executing, it was a prime indicator of a serious problem of complacency that has set into this coaching staff. I love our coaches, but they are riding the talent instead instead of using it to it’s full potentail. If you watched the Alabama staff, they are much like the UF staff was back in 2006 – 2008; they work together well, they’re focused and hungry, and that mentality is pressed into their players. Our staff is still implementing Steve Addazio as offensive coordinator when it’s quite obvious he a rigidly predictable and conservative OC. Addazio has also failed to address the Pouncey snapping issue. Let’s face it, Gator Nation love the Punceys, but Mike P doesn’t have the skill set t be a C! Any competent OL coach would have fixed this issue by now. Then there’s Meyer, who sees these problems going on and doesn;t seem to be in any hurry to take measures to address them. Right now, Addazio needs to be moved to the press box, and a co-OC who will exlcusively handle red zone play-calling be assigned to him. After this season, Meyer needs to seriously look at moving Addazio back to full-time OL coach and bringing in a new OC. Oh, and btw, I, a fan sitting at home watching the Bama game on t.v., saw the jump pass coming as soon as we lined up for the snap.

  20. BTW, nothing wrong with the spread option in and of itself, in fact I think it would be great to mix it in ala Chris Leak (another great passer/poor runner) & Tim Tebow. Burton and Reed can probably both run it and present a viable run/throw/pitch threat on an occasional basis. Please let Brantley do what he does best, and mix it up with other talented players. Moody and Gilleslee are viable up-the-gut runners, so let them at least keep defenses honest while we get Demps open in space to make incredible plays. Love the effort all of the gators are giving each week, just need to get them into plays that highlight their skills.

  21. Watched the game a second time and I feel so much better about this team. They really dominated the second half. When Johnny throws it (ala Arkansas), it doesn’t give the Bama defense a whole lot of options. They can’t just over power us. Then all of a sudden the runs started to happen (. I think if Urban goes with the pass and play action (ala Spurrier), you’ll see Johnny get even better along with our receivers. We could be hitting a major stride by SECCG. Then watch out Bama. No more predictability.

  22. The first drive goes down to the two, 3rd and goal, right? WRONG! We line up like we still have Tebow so it’s really 3rd and 5 because, for whatever reason, the coaching staff thinks we’ll be able to get momentum to crash on through for a TD. It drives me insane. Why not, FOR A CHANGE, just put the QB under center, let him turn right or left and handoff to a hard-charging FB or HB and let THEM crash through. Am I the only one thinking this way? Oh, on 4th down? Same alignment, and still thinking like we have TT…——–AARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  23. How about we bring in Mike Leach as a new offensive coordinator!!! Our offensive sets and gameplan(s) are downright OFFENSIVE to watch and have to frustrate our players as well. Let’s have some fun again, score points, and use the talent we so luckily have. MIKE LEACH would chomp at the bit for a chance to coach this team. Addazio is a great line coach but he is simply NOT a playcaller.

  24. It official, Saban now is the best head ball coach in the SEC, possible the nation…but he’s still a liar/hypocrite. When UF failed to put away kentucky in the 2nd quarter, knew then we were in trouble for the remainder of the season. Thought about this the Sunday after kentucky game, so I’ll ask you peeps you thoughts…my gut tells me, no matter if we win out, Meyer calls it quits, comments?

  25. Am I the only one that’s notice how many crybabies there are on this blog.

    If there was a better center than Pouncy, he’d be playing. The play calling isn’t the issue, the execution is the issue. Guy wins two Titles and has a fantastic 5 years, and you’re going to cry about what he didn’t do right. LOL….come on man. I tell you what…IF we go the way of LSU, where we are so inconsistant year after year, game after game, I’ll say I’m wrong but we’re not there yet.

    This is going to be a rough year. Get over it.

  26. Saban’s staff is way ahead of meyer’s staff–that is the key difference. Meyer has an offensive coordinator who is also assistant head coach and offensive line coach—that will not work. But, due to his loyalty to staff, he will make no changes anytime soon.

  27. Coach Meyer could do us all a favor by directing the offense. Many of the Addazio calls seemed to be designed to lose yardage with the players we have. For a major university to take a beating like we took on national television, well, this is not going to be helpful in recruiting better players. Since the season began, the Coaches Poll has been moving us out of the Top Ten. The loss on Saturday removed all doubt as to where we stand with our peers. Don’t see things getting any better next year either. We are being out recruited and out coached.

  28. Thoughts? Comments? OK—after a loss, the complaining and bitterness increases about 300%. You shortsighted bunch of whining nancy-boys need to pull on your big girl panties and deal with it. We love our team, and a resounding defeat hurts. Try to take a season-long view. We still have a good chance at a rematch. Anyone who says they looked at a couple failures in games 1-4 and “saw this coming” is just kicking the team when it’s down. We will have a great season and the new players will mature. It’s the coaching that is a deeper concern. Why are we having issues with the snap this late in the season? Why is our offensive coordinator so ineffective? I don’t care who it is or what the problem may be… Urban needs to fix it. This goes beyond a win or a loss. I worry that stubbornness or denial (at the top?) may be holding us back. This loss is a cold bucket of water in the face—and I hope it wakes this program up. BTW, after seeing LSU struggle at home against the Vols, I expect us to spank them good at our place. GO GATORS.

  29. (This is no way a criticism of the current regime.)
    Was I the only one who say us throw the ball all over Bama and think that if this were back in the days of the OBC we would have put up 40-50 points easy?
    It was the Spurrier offense that forced SEC teams to stop playing 50’s-style football. I remember a couple of beatings we gave Bama that left their fans in disbelief, because they had teams exactly like this one and got it handed to them.
    I like Meyer and this crew, two titles in four years says something is being done right, but I do miss those days. We didn’t win them all, but we struck fear in everyone we played. Can’t really say the same today.

  30. PS– If Pouncey is too good to move, then put Brantley under center and run the Power I. Which is it, Urban? Have you fallen more deeply in love with the player or with your system? Better decide, because having it both ways is causing problems.

  31. Why the hack doesn’t Coach Meyer call more screen passes? I believe that Florida is the only team in the nation that doesn’t have a screen in their offense. You have all of these playmakers then get them the damn ball in space. I’m sick of the dive left, dive right, then the bail out throw on 3rd down. Take out 4 plays in that game and it’s at least 24-21 or even tied at 24. Bama is not the 2nd coming of the ’78 Steelers even though the media makes them out to be. As for LSU-I’m not the least bit worried about them. Their offense stinks and their coach is a bumbling idiot who throws his players under the bus because he can’t make decisions on how to manage a game. Memo to Stevie Addazio-PLEASE mix in a screen pass or a tight end drag. Why even have a tight end if you don’t use him & not for that stupid underneath shovel pass either.

  32. You recruit the best players in the country. You promise them they will be playing for championships. Then YOU let THEM down by not hiring assistant coaches that are as elite as the players. There is no shame in Addazio being moved down, or out. We are at he very tippy-top of the pyramid. Not everyone can be the very best at what they do, and we are not a program that needs to settle for anything less than the very best. Afterall, Hoosiers need coaches, too.

    There may be fine points that a layman like me may not appreciate. Perhaps there are reasons some of my observations are invalid, and I simply don’t know enough to know it. BUT, where is the grey area in insisting on using an athlete at center that cannot consistantly snap the ball properly? Am I too poorly informed to understand why that’s actually a brilliant move? Obstinance is not a virtue, it’s a weakness, and last Saturday that’s exactly how we looked: WEAK.

  33. I am sick of hearing abouot poor execution. For the second year in a row, Alabama has had the perfect game plan for us. There was actually pretty good execution sans the turnovers, which wouldn’t of happened if the players had been put in position to execute well. I think every single person watching this game called the jump pass. It really scares me that our staff refuses to plan for what the opposing defense will do. Meyer said it himself, he didn’t quit because he realized 60 or so peoples families would have been affected. He will never fire anyone on his staff. We are stuck with old steve addazio whose two responsibilities continue to be the weakest links of the team. I love the players on this team, These guys are going to be really good, lets hope the coaches figure out how to use them.

  34. I agree with you guys on the play calling. With the ball on the goal line, why line up in a bunch formation and then run that read option. Why not spread the defense out and then run a quaterback sneak with Burton. That will help with the numbers and make it a quick play.

    Also, the two turnovers ont he goal line were preceeded by touchdowns. They were close calls, and could have gone either way. But if Florida gets those calls, that is a different game. Alabama played great int he first half, but that might have given us a chance. GO GATORS!

  35. The old refrain about players not executing is starting to get really old. When Steve S. was the coach and things went wrong he would say “well I guess I didn’t coach em’ up good enough”. Meyer always seems to blame the players for the problems of execution, etc. Never once have I heard him admit that there are problems with the coaching and preperation the player are receiving.
    The whole Gator nation is starting to gag from the smell of our play calling and many other things that can be laid right at the feet of the coaching staff. I wish Meyer would man-up just once and admit what most Gator fans are well aware of ……… This coaching staff is failing the players.

  36. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that thinks Pouncey could help us more if he were back at guard. In addition it seems that we run the dive play on three of every four first down attempts. If I can see this I know the team we are playing must be tickled to death.

  37. Its good to see how much love there is for the gators and the UF program, players and coaches in general, we all want to see them do better against better teams.

    Seems like coaches that are paid $4M/yr ought to be flexible enough to setup their players in formations and plays that highlight their abilities, rather than tie one hand around their back. There’s nothing wrong with establishing the pass and then the run, the important thing is the balance, not the order. Balance forces defenses to stay honest and protect against several options, becoming one-dimensional and predictable makes a def coord’s life much easier.

    We already have all of the plays and the playmakers we need to compete with Alabama, in fact, if not for a few mistakes in the red zone, that game was much, much closer. Those mistakes could have happened under any coach and any system, I don’t blame the play-calling and strategy for those (though I suppose everything eventually comes back to coaching). But many of the other opportunities were wasted due to forcing the current guys to do things they’re not really good at and stubbornly refusing to let them do more of what they are good at.

    We had some decent success in the first 4 games, as well as some against Alabama, so all is not lost and just a few significant adjustments would right the ship and put us in a position to legitimately contend for the SEC & BCS.

  38. On the gator’s first drive with 3rd down and about a foot to score, everybody watching the game knew what the play would be. What’s wrong with taking a snap from under center and running an old-fashioned QB sneak instaed of starting three yards behing the line of scrimmage? Running behinf Pouncey and Johnson should always be good for a foot.

  39. I agree with Ron….We have more talent stacked up than most SEC schools…They can’t all be busts…which leads back to the coaches not “Coaching em up”. Please stop calling plays for a QB who has graduated.

  40. Ron,I fully agree with you.Meyer should own up and be a man and admit he’s not doing what he should to have this team ready.For example,Andre DuBose should have been ready when the season started.We know he had to have time to heal from the surgery.But Meyer and the C. staff could have been doing what they’re paid to do and teach DuBose the spread and our play calls during his recovery.There’s no excuse.Meyer is full of crap when he tells us that DuBose is not quite there yet,BullS**t.Do your job Meyer and Addazio needs to split the scene and bring back Mullen and Strong.Pouncey needs to go back to guard and get Robey to Center.We all like Pouncey,but he needs to be moved back.He knows the guard position best.GO GATORS

  41. I feel our coaches seem a little bit lethargic and somehow conformists with what’s expected for this team. I don’t see a fire in them when they talk and there is not a single player in the team that you can single out as a leader. In the past we had Tebow as leader of the offense and Spikes on defense.
    The coaches need to come out fired up more than the players to win the games. We need a spark and that starts with the coaches.
    I cannot believe we let Alabama walk all over us in every phase of the game. My expectations were that even in a loss, the Gators were going to show some bite, make it a close game, but instead they got dominated. I have seen this movie twice already were we are down by a bunch and the ball is not launch deep down field. Are we the only team in America from Division I that cannot throw the ball deep?

  42. Also, What’s up with Rainey? We are getting thin at the RB position. Everybody needs a second chance. Didn’t you get a second chance to come back to coach the Florida Gators Coach Meyer? Bring Rainey back please. He is a good player and played hard last season. He deserves a chance, charges have being dropped and he made a stupid mistake but nobody is hurt.
    I think Rainey can learn from this lesson. We are all human!

  43. Rainey needs to stay right where he is-away from the team. He was not a good receiver nor a good running back. He goes down way too easily and he has no juke whatsoever in the open field. And that breakaway speed? Where is it? He’s gotten caught from behind everytime he’s gotten free. Florida needs big backs along with someone who can make people miss. I hope the tweaks are coming-the LSU honks here in town are actually thinking they can win. Can’t win if you can’t score, which LSU can’t do. No matter-Lester will bungle it up if it comes down to it. Please mix in some screens and tight end drags.

  44. One major problem is the complete lack of any running game against good defenses. Emanuel Moody has proven to be a weak runner who cannot break many tackles & is not even very fast… Sending Jeff Demps up the middle (which the Gators do on nearly all drives) is ridiculous, wasteful of a down/momentum & dangerous to him. Moody should be shelved & Gillislie & Brown given more of an oppurtunity-
    Also, those spread plays should not be used with Brantley in the game—total waste- He is a good downfield passer (with huge potential) and this is the direction the Gators should head with him- He has a good O line for pass protection & plenty of skilled receivers–

    Kind of crazy & annoying every time I see those silly dive plays up the middle—which rarely gain even a yard w/Demps or Moody-even against Miami of Ohio!
    Actually, I do see that Gillislie can usually squirm & dart his way for 4+ yards up the middle even with poor blocking-and perhaps Brown is capable of same— But, Demps, Rainey & Moody are not— Moody should be benched & Demps used for sweeps & slot type runs & special teams- GO GATORS!!!!

  45. Robbie, when are you and other members of the media going to start asking some hard questions during interviews?

    I think we as Gator alumni and fans, are growing very tired of the coach speak. Every interview I read has Coach Meyer saying the game plan was good and the players did not execute. I am waiting for one of the media to ask how that conclusion is drawn when Saban and staff completely outcoached the Gator staff.

  46. I am getting tired of everyone wishing Mullen was still here because the offense was better. I dislike Addazio as head coach as well, but it’s Meyer who is in charge. He listens to all the play calls through his head phones and can dictate changes. Mullen was horrible in our last NC year up through the loss. After that, he finally opened the offense and became effective. Last year it was Addazio’s turn to be predictable and conservative until we lost, then we lit it up in the Sugar Bowl (yes I know the opponent had something to do with it, but the play calls were more aggressive). Now, here we go again: crappy play calling until we lose. Will we change again this year? One can only hope, but it’s up to Meyer.
    I agree with most on here, that Pouncey needs to go back to guard and give Robey a try; he can’t be worse. They talked about him playing as a freshman because he practiced so well. Maybe it’s his turn. And Addazio needs to go back to the OL coaching assignment only. They were good when he could concentrate on “coaching ’em up.” Now, they are THE weak link!
    Turn it around Meyer, and let’s Go Gators!!

  47. I really wish the reporters in Gainesville asked TOUGH questions. questions regarding play calling and COACH accountability. I wish Urban would just admit they were OUTCOACHED at Bama instead of speaking of followinga plan….SHEESH…SOME PLAN…score in the redzonea and don’t turn it over. No wonder he is the best coach ever…i’m sure other teams never thought of such a thing. How about asking the question: Was poor goal line play calling part of your plan? CMON…..BE A JOURNALIST!

  48. To touch on everyones points. Play calling is not the problem, the problem is ball control. When there are 4 turnovers and 2 on the 2 yd line, it drastically changes the momentum of the game. Granted, the jump pass everyone claims they saw coming, but you know you wouldve hailed him if it worked. Snaps have been an in issue, but they are improving with every game, my thoughts are, if there was someone better to try, the coaches wouldve been trying him out in previous games. So, I take the 2 time National Champion coaches expertise in this item. Also, with the oline garnering a lot of the blame – as any o-line when thigns are going great offensively, a lot of times – if you truly understand the offense and schemes, you will see that it goes a lot deeper than just the line. for instance, the WRs don’t get open, RB misses blocking assignment or does not perform fake properly, QB holds the ball too long. There were a lot of positives in that game, even though it was ugly to watch. Lets see if the team grew up a little bit to take on LSU. Go Gators!

  49. Wow. If I follow Kyle’s logic and point out that in my opinion there is a problem with play calling, then, as he put it, I do not “truly understand the offense and schemes.” Oh, I get it, Brantley on the option, Brantley on the dive play, it is a matter of schemes I do not understand. At least I am in good company, the ‘Bama safety quoted as saying they knew Brantley would not run the ball must not have understood either. Gosh darn it. Kyle, I’d rather you call me a fool and an idiot, as others have, than to have you tell me I do not understand what I am seeing. By the way, nice sly compliment to yourself, you must understand everything! I do agree with you on this: We don’t handle the ball well, either. How many bobbles from bad snaps? Oh wait, I probably do not understand snaps either . . .sigh. Oh well, GO Gators, Beat LSU. (No one should ever lose to Less is more Miles.)